Where To Get Free Images From – Free Non Copyrighted Images

Ever heard the expressions – A picture tells a thousand words – A picture tells a story?

This is certainly true for websites and Social Media. Notice how the likes of Pinterest and Instagram are becoming ever more popular; it’s purely images that draw people’s attention, enticing visitors into their websites.

These apps are not only visual by nature, they are becoming the most popular apps for socialising. Anyone creating a blog has to take notice.


There’s no doubt that content is the bee’s knees in creating a website. Descriptive content full of informative and helpful information regarding your niche is top priority. But is that enough?

A blog consisting of a mass block of words may provide pure quality content but has an appearance lacking in interest, an unimaginative look. We need to captivate our audience.

The problem today is the fact most of us have the attention span of a gnat. The creation of beautifully designed exciting blog posts will keep visitors reading. If you can engage visitors to read all of your content you will create an affluent website.

A post designed with quality content consisting of plenty of white space broken up with descriptive headers, small paragraphs and stunning pictures will keep visitors interested. Before you know it, they’ve read all the way to the bottom of your delightfully created post.

Happy days, you have caught their attention and created a successful blog.

Images make Stunning Website Design for all Devices


How to find Royalty Free images

When constructing a website with blog posts we have the choice of purchasing images or searching where to get free images from – A source of free non copyrighted images with the authority to use on any website.

As time goes by from starting out, websites mature and increase in size due to the amount of newly created web posts. This can become expensive in purchasing relevant imagery for every written document – not ideal for those of us just starting out, especially if purchasing 3 or 4 images per post.

Fortunately there is a free way, a source that allows the use of free images on our websites without any repercussions for using them.

Where to get Royalty Free Images from:

  • Pictures taken from your camera / mobile phone
  • Screenshots taken from your computer
  • Product images through your associate program
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Pixabay.com
  • Freeimages.com
  • Free Google Images
  • There are many more free sources on the web

Use your camera / mobile phone

Most of us have a camera or mobile to capture images of their relevant topic but most fail to use them in marketing campaigns, yet this is a fab way to get images onto your blog posts.

Not only can one leverage pictures of their niche, you have the ability to leverage yourself with these pictures giving the author a trust worthy association with their written post.

Mobile Camera Free Images

Picture yourself going into a store or a gym for example, taking an image of yourself with the product or equipment associated with your written post. This shows you have product knowledge and you are doing the research for this subject. A great way of gaining trust with your audience.

Utilise your camera and use it to your benefit, it’s an effective way to incorporate images into your site. You own this image – leverage it, your potential is huge. It’s a great idea to always have your camera / mobile with you – use it to your advantage, there’s no excuse not to.

Using Screen shots

There are 2 ways with Windows:

  1. Print Screen
  2. Windows Snipping Tool

Print Screen

Pressing print screen, usually next to the F12 key will capture an image of your entire screen.

Print Screen

You can then go into an application like Word, PowerPoint or Paint for example and paste your capture.

Use the crop tool to crop your screen capture to your desired size.

Windows Snipping Tool

Windows Snipping ToolThis is my favourite way to capture images and it’s so easy to use.

This tool allows you to drag your cursor around your image for example: the cropped print screen capture in the above example or for any royalty free image on the web.

Once you have dragged the cursor around the image, save it as a JPEG or PNG file in your picture documents.

To utilise the Windows Snipping Tool:

Click Start – Search for ‘Snipping Tool’ in the ‘Search Programs and Files’ box.

Product Images within your Affiliate Program

When I first started in Affiliate Marketing I created a website geared around my niche – Plastic Sheds for the garden.Keter Oakland Shed

I joined the Amazon Associate program to earn revenue by linking my promoted sheds within my blog posts via affiliate links within the Amazon store. When someone purchases via my link, I earn revenue.

As a member of an Affiliate Program such as Amazon you have the authority to use these images for the products you are promoting.

This gives anyone a huge advantage for creating stunning posts with professional photos. Couple that with quality content, you are well on your way to creating a very successful website.

Royalty Free Images on the Web:

These are just a few examples I use frequently. There are plenty more free sources on the Web.

They all follow similar procedures. Here’s an example of using Pixabay:

Go to Pixabay.com


Type in for example: ‘Lose Weight’ into the search box and press Enter.

This search resulted in 26 free images you could incorporate into a Lose Weight niche.


The pictures at the top of the page are watermarked and are copyrighted. These images have to be purchased in order to use.

The ones presented below are free to use on your website.

I always make sure it’s Royalty Free by clicking the image. Here you are presented with a larger image; to the right is the rights of usage.

royalty-free imagesNotice how it says:

  • Free For Commercial Use
  • No Attribution Required

This means you are free to use the image in your blog post. It’s a non copyrighted image without any royalties associated with it.

You have the option of downloading the picture and saving. I tend to use the Snipping Tool for these images.

I drag my cursor around the image and save into my folder.

Using Free Google Images:

Google images are a great source for finding Free Images but you have to make sure these are Free by going into the advanced settings. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Go into Google.com
  • Search for ‘Making Money’ for example or whatever images you are searching for
  • Click Images (under the search bar)


  • Click the Options Box next to Safe Search at the top right of the screen
  • Select Advanced Search


  • At the bottom of the page you are presented with ‘Usage Rights’
  • By Default – Not Filtered By License – Click to alter


  • Select: ‘free to use, share, even commercially’
  • Click the blue Advanced Search button


  • Here you are presented with all the Royalty Free Images

Click on your choice of Image. You are presented with ‘Visit Page’ or ‘View Image’

Personally I find it easier to use the Snipping Tool rather than visiting the page to download.

  • I just select the Tool
  • Drag my cursor around the image
  • Save it to my folder.

This Gadget saves so much time.

Here’s the Free Image I chose


All the images displayed in this post are from Free sources as described above.

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6 thoughts on “Where To Get Free Images From – Free Non Copyrighted Images”

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      You can’t beat freebies where images are concerned and the web’s full of them.

      I always use these sources for finding images suitable for my posts. It’s just a matter of finding the most relevant picture for what your written article is about.

      A post that incorporates appropriate images not only makes a post design look more professional, it breaks the text up into smaller chunks resulting in visitors reading the entirety of the article.

      There’s a lot for designing pages this way, all to increase a blog’s success. This post gives more idea for designing the layout of a written blog post.

      Thanks again Andrew,

  1. Simon, I really love this article. I love images. Even when I was going to school I was drawing my lessons and remembering as a photography. That’s really something I am looking for. Images 🙂
    Thanks for this, I knew for some of those free sources but not for all of them.

    I have one question. Do you check all the images on the Pixabay if they are Royalty free or you just wanted to show the procedure for making sure if they are? Because I thought that all the images from Pixabay.com are for free (except the ones with watermarks)

    I hope that I don’t have to check all that I have used until now. Please tell me that they all (under the watermarked ones) are Royalty free 🙂


    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for taking the time to read.
      Yeah, images can the the most powerful part of any website after quality content. They can make any blog look professionally designed and eye catching.

      Like most things today, there is always a free way around receiving such a valuable source and the web certainly helps you out with powerful pictures at no cost to you.
      Whenever I write an article I search all these methods above to source my photos and they always deliver.

      When I started with Wealthy Affiliate one of their lessons was showing me these ways and the watermarked ones on Pixabay are obvious to the eye that these have to be purchased.

      I agree with you, all the others are all free but I was taught to check the royalty information on the right hand side for peace of mind as shown above.
      It just gives you the confidence you are allowed to use them, that’s all. So it is best to check for your own peace of mind – The information is right there before you download, save or snip.

      Thanks again,

  2. Really appreciate the tips on where to find free to use images for my website. But the tidbit that was like gold to me was the snipping tool that is already on my computer. Who knew? Well, you did, as I’m sure do lots of other people. And now so do I. Pinned it to my task bar and will be making use of it over and over again.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Barb,
      Thanks for taking your time reading. I’m glad you have found the Snipping Tool useful.

      I was shown this tool quite a while ago now by another WA member and I use it every day with my selected free images.

      This is the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate. We all help each other succeed. If anyone finds something useful or a strategy that works for them we all share with each other as I’m doing here.
      It all helps each other succeed.

      Thanks again,

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