What is the Wealthy Affiliate Scam? Read This!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

I’m going to let you work out Wealthy Affiliates legitimacy credentials yourself!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Scam
Wealthy Affiliate University

Can you name another company that offers the following?

A genuine Try Before You Buy affiliate marketing program.

Two free websites with free hosting and free starter training are offered for anyone who would like to learn the ropes to making money online through a website simply by inserting affiliate links into their created posts.

No offers of making oceans of money overnight are offered as attaining traffic into a website takes time.

Two types of membership:  Free or Premium – No upsells!

What’s Your Ambition?

These justifiable principles offer anyone globally an open door into the world of affiliate marketing. Providing the most detailed step by step training guide to show members how to accomplish a genuine online business that earns revenue through affiliate links. Whether your ambitions are $10, £100, $1000 or more per day, the opportunities to generate your desired income stream are taught.

This opportunity requires determination, willing to put in the effort to implement each step shown in the training program into your own website to embed your foundations on the web and drive traffic into your blog. The premise of the program is to accomplish the high ranking echelon with your web posts, attracting visitors organically through the Search Engines results pages.

Over time as you increase the delivery of quality written content, higher rankings come your way. Once first page status on behalf of the Search Engines results pages is accomplished, earning revenue starts to run automatically – The bloggers incentive.

The Wealthy Affiliate training program has acclaimed to a 98% positive approval rate, bouncing their membership levels way over the 800,000 mark.

Once you complete the free starter course it’s then time to decide whether you wish to upgrade to premium membership and take your business to the next level. This is how Wealthy Affiliate have increased their membership levels as it provides anyone interested to take a full inspection of their services prior to going premium.

You can cancel at any time. There are no ties

Getting Started
Level 1 – Getting Started

What would you like to promote?

Wealthy Affiliate ask you to bring whatever you are passionate about onto their platform, then comes the exciting part:

You are shown how to earn an income from your niche by joining a free Affiliate Program such as Amazon, simply by inserting affiliate links within posts, commissions are generated when a purchase is made via your link.

The course is split up into 5 levels, each level contains 10 modules. Members are asked to complete each step and implement into their own website what’s shown pertaining to their chosen niche.

You start off by narrowing your niche down towards a targeted audience. I chose garden sheds to market as my niche and and narrowed my niche down into the plastic sheds alcove. The reason you concentrate on a smaller avenue is to simplify the attraction of visitors into your website to earn an income.

I only target people looking for the various styles and sizes of plastic sheds.

Here’s the website I created:

What’s your niche?

Level 2 - Generating Traffic
Level 2 – Generating Traffic

Show your passion to the world

You are shown through the starter training how to build a website around your passion – Believe me, this is pure fun and simplified thanks to WordPress’s straightforward user interface.

Llorix One Lite Website Theme
Llorix One Lite Website Theme

Everything associated with building a website is delivered through the training:

Creating pages and posts, inserting images, embedding videos, creating menus, adding widgets, inserting banners and affiliate links – You name it, everything regarding the dynamics of website creation is taught.

How to write quality content is shown in detail – This is what the Search Engines rank websites with. Those who provide quality content on a regular basis achieve the higher rankings accolade.

Presentation is key as your incentive is to produce articles that will be read – This leads to conversions – A bloggers aspirations.

Surrounding your quality content you are shown how to add images and embed videos that create your blog posts into bodacious style. Delightfully presented posts are accomplished throughout the training.

Well spaced out articles with catchy headings throughout your written blogs creates posts into first-class reading articles resulting in visitors reading your entire content – This is how to accomplish a conversion hot seat.

Members are quite taken aback with their creations

Website Themes
WordPress Website Themes

Get plugged into to the Search Engines ranking algorithm

Setting up your website with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin is shown. You reciprocate the training by implementing the procedure into your website to start the ranking procedure with all the major players like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Attracting traffic is a bloggers main priority and this is taught in exceptional detail.

Secure your posts success with the Search Engines

Imagine creating titles for your blog posts out of the same words people are searching for in the Search Engines?

Wealthy Affiliate have made this possible with their potent Keyword Tool. The success generated with their masterpiece design spurred them on to develop Jaaxy, a Keyword Tool anyone outside the Wealthy Affiliate platform can join however members use the WA Keyword Tool for free.

Type into the Keyword Tool what you think would make a great title for your post and you will be presented with an abundance of alternative suggestions. These alternative suggestions are keywords regularly typed into the Search Bar on a monthly basis.

Simply cherry pick the best keywords to create the title of your post making sure they are relevant to your content. Choose those with high monthly traffic figures yet low competition from other website using the same as this provides the gateway into the Search Engines results page when someone types in those keywords in the future.

Here you are uncovering the most powerful tools experienced bloggers will never provide the information about.

Level 3 - How to Make Money from Your Website
Level 3 – How to Make Money from Your Website

Get Noticed using the power of Social Media

How to effectively engage on Social Media to provide links to your wonderful creations takes precedence for every written post you create as this starts the traffic ball rolling.

How to join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ etc, etc and link your posts respectfully to gain attraction for your creations. Befriending Google+ by registering your website on their platform helps boost your ranking achievements. Everything is taught.

Want Even Higher Rankings?  Provide Interaction

Members are welcomed onto Wealthy Affiliates interacting platform where members interact on each others posts in a pure give and take thread. You comment on their post and the favour is returned on yours.

Why is this so important? Engaging posts achieve higher rankings – This is another pivotal ranking step to implement and interact with.

Wealthy Affiliate show you how to turn your website into the most dynamic home based interactive studio. The presence you create with a plethora of comments not only instigates your post must be read, your engaging presence is noticed by the likes of Google. The favour is returned through an increase in rankings.

Level 4 - Getting to grips with Social Media
Level 4 – Getting to grips with Social Media

Help & Support every step of the way

Live help and support is offered in so many ways:

Under every training step is your place to ask questions and receive answers for that particular step.

The live chat box is excellent for instant answers.

More detailed questions can be written out for the whole community – You’ll be amazed with how many members jump on board to help you out. Yep, even the founder members are actively helping members daily.

Explore their full library. Everything blogging related and for running an online business is expressed through training.

Watch seminars either live or recorded on everything associated with blogging and affiliate marketing.

Level 5 - The Business of Content
Level 5 – The Business of Content

So, back to my question – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

I’m sure you’ve worked the answer out.

Just to repeat:

It’s free to start – This gains your trust in Wealthy Affiliate and provides a full insight into their training program.

To take your business to the level of success requires joining Premium. You will now have a clear understanding of what’s involved, how legitimate and how straightforward the learning process is.

You can cancel at anytime

My #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing Program:

Wealthy Affiliate

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for reading.

Any questions you have regarding Wealthy Affiliate please ask in the comment section below. Glad to help.

Thanks again,



8 thoughts on “What is the Wealthy Affiliate Scam? Read This!”

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

      I have tried to relay all the information required for anyone wishing to learn the genuine way to affiliate marketing.

      The course is split up into 5 levels, each containing 10 steps. The training is video based, simply watch, pause and implement into your own website what’s shown yet pertaining to the niche you have chosen to write articles about.

      I am still on my journey through this course, uncovering all the blogging secrets as my journey progresses. You won’t find a more legit service on the web regarding Affiliate Marketing and it’s great fun to do.

      Thanks again Chris,

  1. Hi Simon,

    Wealthy Affiliate seems definitely a legit program and to start with.

    I have googled around and I must say that almost every review on this program is good.

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. Hi Nam,
      It’s a catchy heading that stirs up some interest.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is as legit as they come. This is why they have opened their doors for new members to try for free without using any bank details or ties. This gives anyone the opportunity to fully evaluate what’s involved in affiliate marketing and how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate are. It’s a case of doing your own review whilst you take part.

      Yeah, 800,000 members with a positive review rate says it all really.

      Thanks again Nam,

  2. A detailed and informative article, with each benefit of Wealthy Affiliate well written, spaced out and easy to read.

    Great Job 🙂

    1. Hi Ishan,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      I’m glad you found my review informative, I have tried to provide all the steps in the detailed step by step affiliate marketing program.
      Happy too, you found the post easy to read as this is my objective.

      Thanks again Ishan,

  3. Hi Simon, great review of Wealthy Affiliate! I’m a member too, a premium one at that, but what I like most is you can get started for free and see if Wealthy Affiliate is for you. Hope you keep enjoying it. Thanks Sean

    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Yeah, a 98% positive review rate with 800,000 members plus their free starter package is what drew me into Wealthy Affiliate and I couldn’t be any happier with this Affiliate Marketing role. I really enjoy it.

      This free starter membership is an open door for anyone contemplating building a website around their passion and earning money online. Only your name and email address is required to get rolling. No bank details. No ties.

      This gives anyone the chance to check out what’s involved and fully inspect Wealthy Affiliate credentials to see how legitimate they are, then consider Premium if you are happy as I did.
      This free membership has escalated enrollments.

      Thanks again for stopping by Sean and keep up your great work.,

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