What Is The Best Keyword Ranking Tool? – WA & Jaaxy

If you’re searching the web wondering what is the best keyword ranking tool, trying to pinpoint the cadillac of gadgets to boost your posts to the higher echelon within the Search Engines results page, you’re certainly going to find the answer here.

What Is The Best Keyword Ranking ToolThe two Keyword Tools you’re about to be introduced to have been purposely designed by Wealthy Affiliate university specifically for members to reach the pinnacle for the top spots in their niche marketing.

When you become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Marketing step by step program, their potent keyword gizmo is free to use however not to leave out the most discerning of bloggers who know the ropes where blogging and Affiliate Marketing are concerned, Jaaxy, a Keyword Tool with advanced features is certainly worth inspecting.

Jaaxy – The Most Advanced Keyword Tool On The Web

Wealthy Affiliates Keyword Tool Throws Up Equivalent Results

Typical of Wealthy Affiliate where honesty and legitimacy shines through they offer a genuine Try before you Buy approach for Jaxxy as they do for their WA Affiliate Marketing program. Here you can try the Tool with 30 free searches as a proof to how powerful this gizmo is, they know you’ll adore it’s potential, hence the free trial.

What are Keywords?

For those unsure of the term keywords, they are simply the words we type into the Search Bar when searching for stuff in the Search Engines.

Search Engines scour the web pages once we press Search and present web pages containing the words we type in.

Although Search Engines rank all words in a blog, the most powerful solution is to create your post titles out of the chosen keywords represented from the Keyword Tool making sure they are in the same order and placed somewhere in the first two paragraphs.

The rest of the post should be written naturally rather than keyword stuffing as this can not only make a post unreadable, it can downgrade a post through rankings.

Why use a Keyword Tool?

You can spend all day writing the most informative post, helpful beyond words and presented in delectable style but if Search Engines aint gonna find your marvel, a wasted opportunity has arisen.

An accurate tool will represent you with the specific data to accomplish getting found by the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

Choose Powerful Keywords
The Gateway into the Search Engines

Those who can effectively connect with people through the Search Engines accomplish conversions. This tool provides the gateway into the Search Engines results pages and the solution for achieving high rankings.

You will be represented with how many Searches there are per month through the Search Engines, how good the article power is and how much competition there is from other websites using the same words in their blog posts.

Type into the Tool what you think would make a suitable title for your post and press Enter. This throws up an abundance of alternative suggestions. It’s very rare that your first thoughts are the perfect keywords to use once you see the results.

Simply delve through the alternative results and cherry pick the words with a high traffic monthly count yet with low competition from other websites using the same, making sure the words are relevant to your article, have good article power and they make sense.

Congratulations, in future with regular written content, rankings will increase and your posts will be heading towards the first page of Search Results. Get ready for conversions and exponential website traffic growth.

Here’s how I chose the title for this post:

The first particular I think about regarding creating a title is what does this article relate to: Keyword Tools

I type these words into the gadget and press Search for Keywords.

Finding The Perfect Keywords
Finding The Perfect Keywords

The search provides me with a whole plethora of alternative suggestions each time I type in different phrases. Now comes the exciting part of finding the perfect words to create my title.

1st Result:

Let’s take a look at the first result presented here: Keyword Tool.

The first column shows the fab traffic count of 3186 searches per month with an average potential of 542 visits per month represented in the 2nd column when you manage to reach first page Search Results status.

I always prefer an Article Power between 8 and 10 so 7.3 isn’t too good but let’s take a look at the competition:

Keyword Tool Competition
Keyword Tool Competition

This is a classic example where most struggling bloggers get things wrong. So many people are trying to target the most popular keywords for their post, this is the wrong approach.

353 websites at present using these words as the title of their blog post not to forget how many times these words appear within the content of web posts.

Using these words for your title will probably get you nowhere, there’s far too much competition leaving the majority of bloggers way down the Search Results pages leaving them unnoticed with very few visitors rolling in.

2nd Result:

Let’s Check the next:  Keyword Search Tool

Keyword Search Tool Competition
Keyword Search Tool Competition

859 searches per month, 147 potential visits once first page status is reached and an article power of 8.1.

So far so good but look at the competition, 402 other web posts containing these words in their blog post title. Again, competition is far too fierce.

3rd Result:

Next one on the list:  Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool Competition
Keyword Suggestion Tool Competition

679 Searches per month, 116 potential visits per month once the post reaches the first page of Search Results, Article Power of 7.8 which isn’t too good yet the competition figure of 328 competing pages is far too high. Let’s move on.

4th Result

Best Keyword Research Tool sounds like a very relevant title for this post:

Best Keyword Research Tool Competition
Best Keyword Research Tool Competition

What a shame, 355 competing websites is far too many again.

The 384 Search count is ideal, 66 potential visits from the first Search Results page and an Article power of 8.2 would have been superb however there’s far too many other blog posts using these words. Moving on:

5th Result:

What Is The Best Keyword Ranking Tool really will make a fab title for this post. It’s the most relevant set of keywords describing this post so far. Here’s the competition:

What Is The Best Keyword Ranking Tool Competition
What Is The Best Keyword Ranking Tool Competition


What a fantastic result. Hope this reads with excitement, it’s certainly put a spring in my step.

I am represented here with only 5 other competing web posts using the same keywords for their title. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

There are 338 searches per month, typing these words in this order into the Search Engines.

I have the potential of attaining on average, 58 monthly visitors once I reach the first page of Search Results.

Article Power of 8.6 is superb.

The words are specifically relevant to my subject.

I have created the title out of these keywords and placed them in the first paragraph making sure I have typed the words in the exact order the Keyword Tool represents.

It’s also worth noting when you use longtailed keywords like this result you will be ranked for various words too, such as:

  • What is the best keyword ranking tool
  • best keyword ranking tool
  • keyword ranking tool
  • keyword ranking
  • ranking tool

Hope this provides inspiration how powerful this technique is, there’s so many ways in which posts can become ranked.

Let’s Dream for a minute

The whole purpose of Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is to achieve conversions. Without traffic entering into your website conversions ain’t gonna to come your way.

Applying this very simple technique for the creation of blog post titles to accompany quality content is the definitive solution for ranking with the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Uncover the secrets to making money onlineThe process is wholly dependant on becoming registered with the Search Engines. Registering your website with the SEO Plugin, Google Analytics and Google+ are the key ingredients to achieving the high ranking status.

To promote your website into the top league, it’s paramount a Social Media schedule is set up to share different posts daily to become noticed to the world whilst acquiring an abundance of comments at the bottom of posts is a sure fire way to increase rankings.

This whole procedure can be learned and attained on the Wealthy Affiliate platform where you can accomplish your own high ranking dynamic home-based website.

Writing 2 or 3 blog posts per week using these powerful techniques is how to build solid business foundations on the web. The potential is huge whatever the niche.

Why do the WA and Jaaxy Keyword Tools Produce Accurate Results?

Jaaxy is a more advanced Keyword Tool than the Wealthy Affiliate’s version, it’s quicker, more streamlined and produces results for finding available domains from keywords however they are both developed by Wealthy Affiliate university for their members niche research marketing. Both tools produce equivalent results.

What Jaaxy and the WA Tool do not succumb to are:

  • The Tool doesn’t require downloading and installing
  • It doesn’t guess PPC campaign words
  • Doesn’t just provide results from a few Search Engines
  • Doesn’t take a few searches to perform one task
  • Doesn’t use Alexa when deducing competition results

These poor services are why most Keyword Tools on the web fail to produce accurate results.

The advantages of using either of these tools are:

  • Both tools have been developed by Wealthy Affiliate university
  • Specifically designed for members niche research marketing
  • Keyword research is an integral part of their business model
  • It’s up to date whenever it’s used
  • Results are extremely accurate

What about you?

Are you creating accurate searchable titles for you wonderful creations or are you relishing the prospect of getting involved blogging to build up solid foundations for your own home-based business by developing a website around your passion?

If you’re tripping along just fine yet relish the prospect of using Jaaxy, you’re quite welcome to give it a try for free. 30 free searches is more than enough to provide a full insight into how professional the service Jaaxy delivers.

There’s a training tab at the top of the page once you’re logged in where Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate takes you through the process of how to research the perfect Keywords for your niche, just like this video below.

Select the link below, only your name and email address is required to see the potential this suite has to offer:

Jaaxy – The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Niche Research Video

Jaaxy Niche Research Video
This takes you to watch on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Alternatively, start from scratch or join as an experienced blogger to learn the ropes to affiliate marketing and use their Keyword Tool to accomplish high rankings.

5 levels, each containing 10 steps requiring members to implement into their own website what’s shown to accomplish becoming proficient in affiliate marketing and building the solid foundations for business success.

Upon joining you are given 2 free hosted WordPress websites and free starter training to find out whether this role floats your boat.

No experience whatsoever is required as training starts off right from step one. You’ll be amazed with what you accomplish here taking the steps one at a time.

Take a look at my website: Quality Plastic Sheds. This has all been created by following on through the Wealthy Affiliate training steps. I use the keyword tool for every web post title I create and earn revenue through affiliate marketing.

This is a genuine Try before you Buy approach. Only your name and email address entitles you to inspect Wealthy Affiliates legitimacy credentials and prove to you why over 800,000 members have already enrolled.

98% Positive Review Rate

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for reading.

I hope I have provided you with some powerful inspiration here. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section below.

Thanks again,




10 thoughts on “What Is The Best Keyword Ranking Tool? – WA & Jaaxy”

  1. Hey Simon,
    that was a wonderfully produced, informative article and it’s very exciting to see your actual keyword “hunting process” in action!
    I agree, finding a good headline is one of the two main ingredients to get your post out there – the other being quality, genuinely helpful content of course.
    As you describe it, the WA keyword tool easily satisfies your everyday posting needs, but what about Jaaxy?
    I understand it’s a very advanced tool, what would be the main advantage of using Jaaxy over WA Keyword Tool for an everyday blogger like me?
    Thanks & Keep up the great work,

    1. Hi JT,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      I love searching for keywords for my post. It’s like looking into the future where low competition and high traffic is concerned. I do get a real buzz out of delving through the prime keywords.

      Yeah, you are right. Quality content is #1 priority yet equally as important is finding the searchable keywords so that people can find your posts. The keyword tool provides so many choices, relevant to your subject that are currently being searched on a regular basis. Exciting stuff!

      Yes, I wanted to provide the example using the free premium members Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool to show visitors how powerful this is. Then I decided to link a Jaaxy video where you can watch how Kyle the expert finds powerful keywords.

      Jaaxy is more streamlined, produces faster results with different saving options and advanced features including finding available domains. The WA keyword too provides the same results but has less features than Jaaxy. You can quite easily carry on with the WA tool, I do all the time as I always have the Wealthy Affiliate platform open and it’s easily accessible for me.

      Thanks a lot JT and keep up your great work,

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

      I’m glad you have found this post inspirational. Choosing the right keywords is the important step of getting your posts ranked, choosing the ones which are popularly searched yet with low competition is the real benefit for anyone wishing to attract visitors as this does provide the gateway into the search engines. Powerful stuff.

      Thanks again Andrew,

  2. Hi Simon,
    Jaaxy is by far the best keyword research tool I have come across.
    Far too few bloggers realise the importance of keyword research. People tend to think that simply creating good content is all that is needed to get recognised on the internet. When they don’t succeed they have no idea why.
    Quality content is crucial to search engine rankings but it is the use of keywords that get the content found in the first place.
    I took a long time to realise the importance of this topic and only wish I had come across a blog such as yours about two years ago.
    I would highly recommend Jaaxy to any bloggers out there. It can be the difference between success and failure.

    1. Hi Eddie,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      Yeah choosing the right keywords makes sure you have chosen the exact phrases people are searching for in the search engines. Choosing the correct ones to me is as equally as important as providing quality content. It’s a great feeling when you choose really low competition keywords that have good traffic counts and article power and you are usually able to attain them.

      You are right, by not providing the correct keywords or simply choosing the most popular is the wrong approach and this is why many bloggers fail, wondering why they aren’t receiving higher rankings. Their competition is far too strong. You’re much better choosing a small traffic count with hardly any competition and then you’ll be receiving visitors. The more post you write, the more traffic you will accomplish.

      Jaaxy is a super slick keyword tool, described as the most advanced on the web however Wealthy Affiliates keyword tool throws up the same results as I have shown here and I use it every day when creating my posts.

      Thanks again Eddie,

  3. Hi Simon,
    thanks for this great, educating article! It’s very well written and easy to grasp. You touched base on all important topics, and I love how you gave us visual examples of your searches. Also, not only 2 examples, but several to make us understand how to read out the competition and the best keywords to use.

    You certainly refreshed my mind on how important it is to use a good ranking tool to search for the least competitive keywords phrases for your posts. I have forgotten this aspect a bit when getting lost into my blogging, so thanks again for reminding me! From now on, I hope to improve my rankings.
    Great website with awesome content!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Stina,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a message.

      I’m glad you find this post inspirational. Keywords are the second most important part to secure rankings with the Search Engines after supplying quality content. Without choosing the right keywords leaves you guessing whether or not people are searching the words that make up your title through the Search Engines.

      All I do first is think what my post is about, what would make a suitable title and can I imagine someone typing these words into the search bar in order to find my post. Then I simply write that phrase into the keyword tool and press enter.

      It’s very rare the words I have chosen end up as the words for my title as the keyword tool throws up a load of alternative suggestions. It’s a case of wading through and cherry picking the best of the bunch.

      Usually takes me on average of about 10 minutes to choose the words for my title but do make sure you type them in the same order as the Keyword tool presents.

      Thanks again Stina,

  4. Hi Simon,
    Yes, it is really an inspirational post. The fact that you have managed to earn affiliate revenue by building your own website – providing information about quality plastic shed – by using the training courses at Wealthy Affiliate and the Jaaxy Keyword Tool is amazing, to say the least. Please inspire us more by showing us how you find the most targeted keywords. That will be exciting for us even more. I will be visiting your site regularly to learn about your progress. This is one way I intend to improve my knowledge about online marketing.

    1. Hi Kipps,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      I’m glad I have inspired you, thanks so much. Yes I am slowly building my website out and earning revenue. It’s no where near where I want to be however this will only come in time as you keep supplying quality content.

      Whenever I am creating content I use the keyword tool for searchers to find my posts and accomplish higher rankings which I am achieving, I provide interaction on the WA platform as search engines rank engaging posts plus I have a Social Media schedule set up promoting my website daily world wide. It’s all about getting noticed and does required determination to administer the process yet anyone can achieve this if they are willing to put in the effort.

      All I do Kipps when choosing keywords is think what would make a suitable title for my post. Can I imagine people searching these keywords in the search bar. If yes, type them into the keyword tool and press enter.
      This throws up a whole host of alternative suggestions relative to your keywords you’ve typed in and these are popular phrases searched on a regular basis in the search engines. It just a case of going through them, choosing the ones with high traffic and low competition making sure they are specifically relevant to your post and make sense.

      It’s a 10 minute job yet so powerful.

      Thank again Kipps,

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