What Is The Best Keyword Ranking Tool – Here’s Proof

Envious how the most successful bloggers keep stamping their mark on the top spots of the Search Engines? This post describes how you too can join the high ranking division and prosperity dominant bloggers behold.

What Is The Best Keyword Ranking Tool
The Most Powerful Keyword Tool On The Web

If you’re dredging through the internet puzzled with the answers to your very straightforward question: What is the best keyword ranking tool on the web? only to find a domination of answers promising the best Keyword Tools to provide overnight fortunes and others promising tomorrow’s top spot positions yet no proof to the pudding – Gimmicks are all that spring to mind.

Jaaxy is the most powerful Keyword Tool on the web, a subsidiary of Wealthy Affiliate University. I joined Wealthy Affiliate to uncover the successful secrets to running my own Affiliate Marketing business purely by achieving high rankings through the powerful armoury of their Keyword Tool.

I’m going to show you proof of my achievements so far but please have respect as these are very early days in my blogging career. I have only been involved for less than 6 months as I write this post yet this is how powerful Jaaxy has accomplished ranks for a few of my posts so early on.

6 Months In – First page of Yahoo Search

When I opened the doors into the Wealthy Affiliate platform I had no experience whatsoever in running an online business nor had I ever tried to build a website, so to reach the first page of the Search Engines results in about 5 months was one heck of a pat on the back, I’m sure you’ll agree.

My journey on the Wealthy Affiliate platform describes my learning curve when I first walked through their doors.

I’m not going to kid you on here, it takes time to build up enough content for the Search Engines to take notice that your website’s transforming into something special. Once a website starts to flourish, trust and authority is gained whilst a return of favour through increased rankings is reciprocated by the Search Engines.

Here’s my proof!

First Page in Yahoo Search

First Page Of Yahoo Search
Money Making Niche

You can’t run before you can walk!

When I enrolled on their Getting Started course I was quite taken aback with their confidence for how high rankings are achievable for any newbie if they follow their system to the tee. Wealthy Affiliate are experts in running online business – Who was I to judge!

I proceeded, being shown how to set-up my niche websites – Quality Plastic Sheds and a Making Money niche website, surprised to find the most user friendly experience I could have ever imagined, thanks to WordPress. The whole process is so straightforward nowadays, no technical coding involved and no previous experience required – It’s a ‘Once Shown, You’re Away’ process.

Following this procedure, getting your website ranked with all the major Search Engines took precedence. Shown how to set-up the SEO Plugin, registering with Google Analytics and becoming a member with Google+ and registering my website with their platform certainly put a spring in my step. Once a website is fully registered with all the major players like Google, Bing and Yahoo, the ranking process begins.

First Page of Bing

First Page of Bing
Money Making Niche

What’s required for high rankings?

To achieve the eminent position of high rankings you must first effectuate the correct procedure and this does involve a bit of elbow grease.

Providing high quality content is the key component to increase your status in the web search echelon and Wealthy Affiliate showed me exactly how to provide the quality Search Engines rank.

An approximation of 1,500 words certainly sent a blow to my stomach yet once you’ve experienced writing a few posts the prior nightmare soon becomes an enjoyable dream. It’s a far easier process than many lead you to believe. 1,500 words swiftly goes by nowadays.

Coming across with a natural style like having a friendly conversation in written form, presenting descriptive and informative articles whilst being helpful is a sure fire way to gain trust with an audience and authority with the likes of google, providing the gateway to prosperity down the lucrative bloggers avenue.

Delectable detail furnished with powerful imagery provides admiration from an audience. A stunning display of professional images surrounding quality content can quite easily generate conversions to another level whilst embedding a video to exhibit your subject in motion can place a post in the land of prosperity.

I progressed through their course learning their expertise and put my new learned knowledge into action. Then came the infamous Keyword Tool – Jaaxy to help get my posts to the top of the mountain and exposed to the world.

The power of Jaaxy and sharing a link on Google+

Google+ Link to a created post
Google+ Link on the first page of Google below

First Page of Google with this Google+ Link

First Page of Google with Google+ Links
Quality Plastic Sheds Niche

Providing quality content in delectable detail

These posts were witten by applying knowledge learnt from the Wealthy Affiliate course whilst the potent Jaaxy Keyword Tool provided keywords for my post titles equipping my website with the armoury to reach the glorious first page of Search results.

My articles regard writing in my natural style offering informative and descriptive information. A typical plastic shed post will relate to the manufacture and low maintenance benefits whilst incorporating helpful particulars through feedback and reviews. Quite honestly these posts could have been twice the length regarding the information I received through QA’s and reviews, there’s no shortage of writing ideas regarding any niche.

Here’s a typical Quality Plastic Shed post

After providing the pros and cons of a particular shed and it’s assembly, I proceed to wrap my quality content with professional imagery taken from my Affiliate Program and embed the manufacturers video to show the particular shed in motion. Quite a bodacious display is accomplished, you’ll be surprised how straightforward this is to accomplish. Like anything, once you’ve done a few posts, you’re away.

Another Google+ Link with the power of Jaaxy

Google+ Link on the first page of Google
Google+ Link on the first page of Google below

This Google+ Link arrives on the First Page too

First Page of Google with Google+ Links
Quality Plastic Sheds Niche

How do you land your posts on the potent first page?

Welcome to Jaaxy, the powerful easy to use Keyword Tool.

You first think of what would someone type into the Search Bar to find your post. The words are known as Keywords. Type the keywords into Jaaxy and press ‘Find Keywords’ and you’ll be presented with a plethora of alternative keywords in relation to what you typed in. These alternatives are popular keyword phrases typed into the Search Engines on a monthly basis. The idea is to cherry pick the best keywords to use for your title.

You are presented with how much traffic is searched per month, I usually try and find around the 100 mark.

How many visits on average you can expect landing on the first page.

The competition you’re up against from other websites using the same keywords in their titles, I usually choose somewhere in the teens.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) power, choosing as close to 100 as possible represents very good search power.

Make sure the KQI (Keyword Quality Index) is green as this means excellent quality.

Here’s how I chose my title ‘Honest Review About Wealthy Affiliate’

  1. Ave Searches of 104
  2. QSR – Only 19 competing web pages
  3. KQI – Green
  4. SEO – 96
Jaaxy - Finding Powerful Keywords
Jaaxy – Finding Powerful Keywords

The process really is this straightforward, sometimes it’s amazing how much traffic yet low competition some keyword phrases have. I have already chosen some powerful titles for my posts, noticing quite a few posts jump up the ranks recently, many on pages 2, 3, 4 and 5, others further behind.

As my quality content increases on my website, trust and authority is increasing with the Search Engines, so in time I’m hoping to see a few page 1’s just around the corner.

Why is Jaaxy trumpeted as the best Keyword Tool on the Web?

In a nutshell, Jaaxy is up to date, extremely accurate and developed for Wealthy Affiliate university members and the Founders. Keyword research is an integral part of their business model – Niche research marketing.

Essentially Jaaxy doesn’t involve downloading and installing, doesn’t guess PPC campaign keywords, doesn’t deduce competition results from Alexa yet importantly Jaaxy finds results from all the major Search Engines in one single search. You can even find available keyword dot coms with this powerful gadget.

Take a look at this 

Before I got introduced with Jaaxy and the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool, the process of how to write quality content took precedence so the titles I gave my posts in the first place were not designed with potent keywords. However, these posts I initially wrote below have also landed on the first page and what’s more in regards to Wealthy Affiliate’s training I have managed to accomplish the first page with image results too, so roll on the future with the Jaaxy potent touch.

These posts below are NOT good ranking keywords yet show how I’m increasing my web search presence:

Google First Page

No 1 Spot In Google Search
No 1 Spot In Google Search

Bing First Page

Top Spot Below The Adds In MSN
Top Spot Below The Ads In BING

Yahoo First Page

First Page Of Yahoo
First Page Of Yahoo

Happy with my progress so far

For 6 months in I’m extremely happy with my progress considering I had absolutely no experience in this field whatsoever.

Content is king these days and Wealthy Affiliate show you exactly how to produce it.

The whole idea behind the ranking process as far as the Search Engines are concerned is for bloggers to write regularly and deliver a quality standard, in return you are returned with the favour of higher rankings.

Once you accomplish the stage of high acclaim, where your website is receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines, commissions from purchases via your affiliate links are going to run on autopilot.

Every blog post you pour quality content into has the potential to earn revenue for years into the future, some for a lifetime dependant on the niche, so your creation is worth the time and effort in the long run.

I try and write 3 quality posts per week using the power of Jaaxy for the titles, provide links via Social Media and receive interaction within the comment section as this is adored by the Search Engines. Engaging posts receive higher rankings and the Wealthy Affiliate platform provides the opportunity for members to take advantage on their give and take thread where members interact on each others posts.

Give Jaaxy a Try – 30 Free Searches

Try Jaaxy for yourself with 30 Free Searches here – Click on the Jaaxy Image at the top of the page to enter into the Free trial. Try before you buy.

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Get trained how to effectively connect your website with people searching and earn money legitimately through affiliate links.

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Try before you Buy is a Proof of Legitimacy

98% Positive Review Rate    100% Legit

SimonThanks for dropping by and reading.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Write them in the comments section below, always happy to help.

Thanks again,



14 thoughts on “What Is The Best Keyword Ranking Tool – Here’s Proof”

  1. Congratulations on your amazing progress so far! Omg! I love it!!!
    You have done a great job with ranking and that’s definitely what you get when you use JAaxy. I love Jaaxy too and am using it myself as well 🙂

    I am so happy for you!!! Wow!
    Love it!


    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for reading.

      Jaaxy is a powerful gadget and will bring traffic to your door so much quicker as you are choosing high traffic keywords with little competition from your opposition. All you do is create your blog post title out of the term of words making sure they are in the same order.

      What better way than choosing keywords that are popular search terms through the Search Engines for the title of your post.

      I’m slowly improving as I’m sure you are too Sunny and we haven’t been blogging for too long. What will a year produce?

      Keep up your good work and thanks again,

  2. Hi Simon and thank you so much for sharing this information with the public.
    I too am a member at Wealthy affiliate, and I am loving every step of it. You escribed it very accurately.

    I two will be using the Jaaxy tool for my blogging. And yes blogging is scary at first but like you said, it becomes second nature after a few tries.

    I want to congratulate you on your progress in the search engines. And wats great about this post is that you are showing everyone else how they can be there too!

    From my experience when writing a post, the best thing you can do is simply talk what’s on your mind just like you would talk to a friend of yours face to face. I get the feeling that you are doing the same in this post.

    I also found this post very informative and educating. Since I am in the blogging business too I love reading about it and watching other people’s approach on things. We must not learn only from our mentors but also from out colleges.

    Keep up the good work.

    Shlomo J

    1. Hi Shlomo,
      Thanks for reading and interacting.

      Yeah, I was completely new to this field and had never written for a career but as bloggers say: writing naturally is key and not to come across as though you are some kind of selling portal, rather quite the reverse, come over helpful and you will gain trust. This is the huge tip for anyone new into this role, it’s more straightforward than you may think.

      Jaaxy is great. If you can give your posts a title with the exact same keywords as people are searching for and choose high traffic with low competition keywords others are using, you’re on the rung of the ranking ladder. All you require then is some interaction to make them engaging and to write regularly to lead you onto the successful path.

      I think the best way is to show, then you’re not hiding anything. These are early days but it does show Jaaxy works. You are so right regarding communicating and getting ideas from members and this is why Wealthy Affiliate have set-up their interacting platform. Members help each other out and this is key.

      Thanks again Shlomo and keep up your great work,

  3. This is a splendid, professional post, adequately describing just why you deserve your success. I certainly agree with about Jaaxy and the importance of great keywords.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      If I can show visitors that there’s no magical theory to this and literally anyone is capable of doing the same, this will give others confidence that they can create a business out of their passion too. It’s all I have done. Just by following steps that Wealthy Affiliate teach and using their Keyword Tool certainly opens the web search doors to get posts noticed.

      Once you have visitors flowing through your website doors, the making money part becomes automatic. This is why Wealthy Affiliate concentrate on attracting visitors. This #1 priority creates prosperity and they show exactly how it’s done.

      Thanks again John,

  4. This provides excellent information for beginners like myself. It shows that with the right tools and a little know how, you can increase your presence on web searches. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I never knew the importance of what this Keyword Tool can turn your posts into before I started on this course either.

      To have the ability to choose the keywords that people type into the Search Engines on a regular basis provides the gateway into the Search Engines.

      With Jaaxy you can then choose high traffic keywords yet with low competition from other websites using the same, so by choosing the keywords not many other websites have chosen certainly sends your posts up quite a few rungs of the ladder in the beginning.

      Thanks again Sean,

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for visiting and having a read.

      Green is excellent, Yellow is good and red is poor. Just look for the green light and choose those keywords Chris.

      Jaaxy is such an easy Keyword Tool to use. Fast, efficient, accurate and up to date is the essential requirement for choosing keywords for web post titles.

      Choosing high traffic keywords with low competition is really like taking the shortcut into the search engines for searchers to find your posts.

      First thing I look at is a green light, then move onto the next credentials. I usually pick traffic of around 100, competition somewhere in the teens and SEO as near as 100 as possible making sure the keywords are relevant to my blog post. And that’s it – It’s a formidable gadget.

      Thanks again Chris,

  5. Hi Simon,

    This is an excellent article on Jaaxy, and its purpose – finding the right keywords to get sites ranked, and, most importantly, to get sites in the best position for valuable traffic. I have worked with Jaaxy and am a firm believer in its power and usefulness. In addition to getting good keywords for your websites, it is also very good at helping you pick appropriate Domains – either for creating content, or for Domain flipping.

    Thank you for the great insight and information.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for getting in touch regarding the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

      There’s no point choosing too competitive keywords or keywords with little traffic and this is the beauty of Jaaxy. I like the way is provides so many alternative suggestions. All you have to do is make sure it’s relevant to your post and then check the credentials regarding traffic and competition and make these the title of your post.

      Yes you are right, next to the data on the right hand side it shows whether domains are available too. Choosing a domain that’s well searched through the search engines can make a website rank extremely high. Powerful stuff!

      Thanks again Paul,

  6. I absolutely love the Jaaxy keyword tool as well. I have tried several other keyword tools in the past that have cost me around $100 a month with nowhere near the power of the Jaaxy keyword tool.

    They often gave me irrelevant data information and were quite confusing to figure out. I love that Jaaxy is easy to use, affordable and provides the essential data that I need to be a successful blogger.

    Great review

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks for commenting on the Jaaxy review.

      I never new Keyword Tools were so expensive, wow. There’s no wonder Jaaxy has so many users. Wealthy Affiliate trumpet this as the best Keyword tool on the web. They should know as they built it and is a necessity for niche keyword research for university members and the Founders.

      Affordability and ease of use is essential, I agree. Powerful bit of kit to get your posts ranked quick in the Search Engines. It’s certainly helping you and I.

      Thanks again for getting in touch,

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