What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners ?

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For BeginnersScouring through the web looking for an idyllic home-based business opportunity where working from the comfort of your armchair takes precedence in your endeavours to create the perfect lifestyle –  Making money online through affiliate links has the potential to turn those dreams into reality.

The potential lies solely on your determination to aspire. If you are willing to roll your sleeves up, learn and put into practice what’s been taught you are halfway there. Literally anyone can get involved and expose their passion to the world by turning their latent potential, hidden deep within us – out into the open and into fruition.

You have arrived at this page eagerly trying to source the answers to – What is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners?  Answer – Wealthy Affiliate.

Work From Home
Work From Home With Wealthy Affiliate

You are receiving insiders knowledge regarding this program. I am a member, becoming more experienced as the days flow by.

Wealthy Affiliate simply ask you to bring whatever you are passionate about into their platform and they will show you how to build a website around it, exposing your hobbyhorse in delectable detail to the world, attracting searchers through your doors and earning revenue through the insertion of affiliate links in your posts by virtue of joining Free Associate Programs. Exciting stuff – Hey!

This is your own business, you are taught through a series of very straightforward steps how to upscale it to affluent levels.

10 Years Of Helping People Succeed

When was Wealthy Affiliate established?

The company was established in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, now firmly embedded on the web as the best online training platform in the world for showing any would-be entrepreneurs how to successfully run their own online business.

Kyle and Carson
Kyle and Carson

Prior to establishing their company both founders were at university dipping their feet into the web to accomplish a revenue stream. Things certainly took off, way beyond their wildest dreams to find themselves earning more money than their lecturers towards their final year.

They joined forces to combine their knowledge regarding affiliate marketing expertise in creating an online platform to show others exactly how it’s done, resulting in the most formidable online training platform, bar none – Wealthy Affiliate University.

Membership levels have soared over their established 10 years + through exponential growth resulting in well over 800,000 members at today’s count. Their 98% positive review rate speaks volumes, blossoming their legitimacy and genuine credentials.

WA Community

The creation of a successful community

An impossible solution for running a vibrant platform 24/7/365 would be for the founders to operate their platform by themselves. Teamwork had to be created through their members whilst providing incentives for helping.

Support and help is WA’s no1 priority for every member, without this paramount importance set in stone and delivered how else would the inexperienced run up the successful path. Wealthy Affiliate is well known for trumpeting out their message – Anyone without any previous experience can create their own flourishing web based business, they only require the know-how, help and support.

Training had to be delivered to a whole new level, uncovering all the successful secrets to running an online business to which members could learn, implement into their own business to accomplish their prosperity whilst reciprocating their knowledge back to the newcomers in order to help them succeed.

Incentives are handed out through Ambassadorships where rewards are received for interaction, help and training as you become more experienced supporting new members get their feet on the ladder, resulting in an ever growing presence of affluent bloggers.

Success is Happening

Destroying the popular niche myth

The founders invite you to bring your passion into their platform to show you how to transform it into something special, an earning machine.

A niche is merely something you have an interest in, are passionate about. A sport perhaps or a pastime, maybe it’s a subject or something you enjoy doing, messing around with, helping others with, teaching, showing your knowhow to others, a hobby. The list is endless.

My Niche - Quality Plastic Sheds
My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds

Destroying the myth only popular niches have earning potential, quite the opposite materialises. Literally any niche can be developed by yourself into a thriving business simply by targeting a specific group of people.

On their starting out platform members have a discussion regarding their niche where you are helped by the experienced to drive your hobby down towards targeting a specific group of people interested in the same thing you are.

Wealthy Affiliate’s targeted niche is helping people build a prosperous home-based business online.

I chose Garden Sheds and with Wealthy Affiliate’s help, narrowed my niche down into Quality Plastic Sheds due to their low maintenance benefits.

Targeting a small group of people within an alcove in the market has the advantages of becoming an authority in your chosen niche, writing regularly within your narrow avenue builds up trust with visitors and the Search Engines where high rankings are returned as a favour for all your hard work within a fraction of the time a main niche will take to accomplish.

Targeting a niche this way is one of the secrets many bloggers fail to understand, left stood on the sidelines struggling receiving visitors simply because their niche is too broad, trying to target too many people at once.

Take a look at my website: Quality Plastic Sheds. All I have done is implement the steps in the program.

Expert training delivered to every member

Training is broken down into modules, starting off with the bare bones of choosing a website name, a stunning website theme and creating your own website.

Training is video based and can only be described as exceptional – You simply watch the Wealthy Affiliate expert build his website from scratch and implement the same procedures into your website creation pertaining to your niche.

Does it cost to purchase your own website? – Nope!  Wealthy Affiliate want to make this opportunity available to everyone, so they include 2 free hosted WordPress websites run on their SiteRubix platform for new members to take advantage of. They simply want to prove to you how legitimate and genuine they are and this opportunity is, whilst delivering their free starter training proves that anyone is quite capable of achieving success.

To take your business to the land of prosperity you will have to go premium but there is no better way than a free way to get started and show how straightforward this training program is yet they do offer a 59% discount on your first month if you join premium within your first 7 days. There are NO ties.

Building a business with these credentials takes time, there’s no doubt, secure foundations are required rather than some sort of pop up premises to create a business of this magnitude.

Starter Course teaches How To Make Money Online At Home

Training starts off right from the basics, choosing a niche, building a beautiful website to show your passion with delightful presentation, attracting visitors on the web and earning revenue through Affiliate Links. You basically follow every step whilst implementing the same procedure into your creation. Nothing is hidden or left to chance, everything is explained in detail.

At the bottom of each step of the course is the ability for asking any questions you may have where experts help you on your way. These are purely community members who have done the program, ascended to ambassadorship levels reciprocating their knowledge by helping newcomers accomplish each step. It really is the most well thought out, potent platform for training, help and support you will ever come across.

The founders want you to become the next success story, becoming an expert in your own right. Your determination only requires implementing the training.

Powerful tools to accompany your success

The essential ingredient to attract visitors is held within each member, skills you probably never thought you had until you are taught how to accomplish them throughout the training.

#1 Priority Is Content
#1 Priority Is Content

Simply by creating crafty content regarding your chosen niche on a regular basis, surrounded by stunning imagery will embed the foundations of an authoritative power where trust is gained by guests and the Search Engines to increase rankings and web search presence.

Those who provide content that’s read place their posts onto the conversion hot seat. Convertible posts make money, members are taught the entirety of the process.

You are taught how to blog, through the process of writing naturally, placing your own spin on things, offering helpful and informative posts. By pacing yourself in the visitors shoes and helping is the effective way to connect with people rather than placing emphasis on selling. A huge successful blogging tip, taught in detail and works.

Here’s a post I have created, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s training: Suncast Glidetop Shed 

Powerful training using the Keyword Tool makes the titles of your posts the exact same keywords people are typing into the Search Bar when searching. This is another critical step of the process and provides the avenue into the Search Engines with remarkable success. This is the bloggers potent tool, designed and created by Wealthy Affiliate for members to use, it’s fast, up to date and accurate. You’ll never write a post without using it.

The Keyword Tool is the most remarkable invention – Those who effectively connect with people earn revenue and this is your armoury for achieving first page web search presence.

A thriving platform masters results

If you can parade your website in front of Google and show your posts are engaging, by means of visitors providing comments, this tells the Search Engines one thing, your website’s interactive. Favours are returned through increased rankings, another important step of the ranking procedure where Wealthy Affiliate have purposely designed their platform for members to instigate their own highly interactive website.

The platform is a pure give and take thread where members interact on each others posts by providing comments. If you ever enter into a website to find a plethora of comments you instantly think this is engaging and worth reading and this does lead to conversions. Couple this with an increase in rankings, I’m sure you can see the potential.

98% Positive Review Rate
98% Positive Review Rate

You are presented with this platform to take advantage of receiving comments on your posts. Simply provide them for others and turn every post into the most engaging presence, creating that aura of authority whilst receiving higher rankings throughout the process. It’s a win, win, win situation. You only have to put in the work to achieve it, everything is catered for.

Help, Support and training gone wild

Every member is helped and supported every step of the way throughout training and beyond. There are no quick fixes in the web world to gain traffic, a lesson learnt for all members, they simply do not exist contrary to the web’s dominant adverts.

Providing quality content with stunning presentation on a regular basis is the #1 priority with the powerful aids of the Keyword Tool, interaction and linking via Social Media. Emphasis is wholly concentrated on receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines as this is the potent piece to finishing the jigsaw.

Those who can effectively connect with people become expertise within the blogging world where prosperity comes their way.

Seminars and community training are held on allsorts of valuable topics – everything blogging related to help members succeed.

Whether it’s instant help you require through the live chat box or more detailed answers to written out questions for the whole community, help and support is always supplied, you’ll be quite take aback with the amount of responses you receive.

Make Today Your Good Day

Has your question been answered?

Back to your question:

Q: What is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners?

A: Wealthy Affiliate.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here: or join this thriving community below:

Turn your passion into prosperity by implementing what’s shown. I hope I have provided the inspiration for getting involved. Hope to see you on the inside.

100% Legit – Try for yourself with their free starter package and let them prove to you why 800,000+ other members have joined.

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for reading,

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section below as I’m always happy to help.

Thanks again,



8 thoughts on “What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners ?”

  1. Wow! You have a really thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you that it’s the best there is compared to all sorts of scams out there.
    The niche part is certainly right. I didn’t know you have to narrow it down but it makes perfect sense. And the fact that members can get opinions on the niche they’re thinking of is just wonderful. Just imagine a newbie trying to find out whether the niche is ok or not, or what kind of niche would be better. If there was no discussion on this, I think people can just simply fail. Having people to help you out the first time is really important and at Wealthy Affiliate, this is what you get. Lots of people to try to help you out. You’re always advised not to get stuck! I hope many other will find WA too. Because it would have been great if I had found it much sooner. 🙂

    1. Hi Snow White,
      Thanks for calling in and reading my Wealthy Affiliate review.

      I have never come across anything that comes anywhere near what Wealthy Affiliate offer. You are simply shown all the steps to create your own business success. It’s just down to you to implement all the steps in the training into your website. Determination is all what’s required.

      Yes, if you narrow a niche down towards a targeted audience you are only concentrating on attracting visitors down your narrow avenue. The web is infinitely big so don’t think a narrow niche is small. Millions of people are searching within each alcove of the market daily.

      The idea is to become authoritative within your niche where trust is gained from the Search Engines and your visitors. Once you accomplish the trust part, conversions will come your way.

      Take my niche plastic sheds for instance. I am only concentrating attracting visitors looking for all the various styles and sizes of plastic sheds, that’s it. It’s so much easier to attract those visitors on the web rather than choose my main niche garden sheds as I would be trying to attract people looking for wooden, metal and plastic sheds making the process much harder to attract as there’s too many different avenues to concentrate on.

      It’s quite straightforward really and Wealthy Affiliate let you bring your passion onto their platform where you can discuss with them and members to make sure you start off on the right footing.

      All what’s required then is to build a website around your niche and drive traffic into your blog. You’re shown exactly how it’s done, just follow the process and implement what’s shown.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

  2. There is no doubt that the best affiliate marketing course for beginners is the Wealthy Affiliate! I am also a member and I recommend this course to everyone. Even to those who have never been into an online marketing. I wasn’t too and I never thought I would start an online business, but now I am happy with this huge surprise life gave me 🙂

    I wish you much success, and yes, dear visitors of Simon’s site, go for it and sign up, you have nothing to lose! And you will get much more you can even imagine!

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      I too joined as a complete newbie and this is what Wealthy Affiliate have specifically designed their training program around.

      There’s no technical jargon involved, it’s plain speaking and up to date and that’s what impresses me the most. All you have to do is work through the steps one at a time and implement what’s shown into your own website pertaining to the niche you chose.

      It takes time but the training does too as it’s very detailed yet straightforward. As you work through the steps applying what’s shown you find your rankings start to improve slowly and this is what the training teaches – To get high rankings with the Search Engines, as once you receive this you receive visitors who are looking for what you are writing about and this leads to conversions. Powerful stuff.

      Thanks again Sunny and keep up your great work with WA too,

  3. Everything you said about Wealthy Affiliate is true… and then some! The best of all the online programs I have seen. After 5 minutes I was hooked and the premium membership was a no-brainer! The best community and atmosphere for learning with more training than you can shake a stick at!!

    I especially enjoyed the “Destroying the Popular Niche Myth”

    Take care and wish you all the best!


    1. Hi Stacey,
      I don’t think there’s anything online for training how to run an online business through a niche website that comes anywhere near close to what the Wealthy Affiliate program offers.

      The way they have set-up their platform where members help each other succeed is way beyond my expectations. It takes an interactive community for members to achieve success and they certainly deliver on this. Help and support is their #1 priority for every member and there’s oceans of it available, just ask the community and someone is always there to help you out.

      Narrowing a niche down towards a targeted audience is the most important part of blogging and this is where the training starts to ensure members start off on the right footing.

      Most people presume to go for the most profitable niche where everyone is involved and wonder why their website receives so few visitors. There’s simply too much competition and you’ll never get a foot in the door. Most think a narrow niche will not be profitable but the web is infinitely huge. A targeted niche is so much easier to attract visitors because of less competition and each narrow avenue is vast.

      All the best to you too Stacey and thanks for calling in,

  4. Hi Simon,

    Your site is turning out great. Your indepth knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate are impressing.

    I do agree to all of the information mention on this site. There is no better Affiliate Marketing course online with this caliber.

    Through the training, classrooms, support and a great community. All in one place, you don’t leave any room to fail. If you fail, it’s not the course’s fault, it’s your own. Nothing comes for free, you have to work for it!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Nam,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the most structured, organised and up to date training program that teaches people to run their own online business.

      Every training step includes a QA platform below where you can ask and receive answers. Receive instant answers through live chat or write out more detailed answers to the community. Help and support is their #1 priority and they certainly deliver it. The community and the way WA have organised their platform around this business is quite extraordinary.

      You are so right, everything is on the platform to help you succeed. Only your determination and willing to put in the effort will bring about results.

      Thanks again Nam,

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