What Is Digital Altitude About – Is It Legit?

This review represents my own thoughts, views and understanding of how Digital Altitude operate when I fantasised climbing their money mountain to earn the highly inflated earnings documented in their brochure.

What Is Digital Altitude About
Upsells Upsells Upsells

Digital Altitude – I Dreamed and Joined

Name:  Digital Altitude

Website:  www.digitalaltitude.co

Price To Join:  $1 + Plenty of Upsells

Owner:  Michael Force

Is It A Scam?  Depends what YOU think


What is this DA product all about?

Digital Altitude is purely a MLM scheme where members enrol and earn revenue by enrolling other members into their fold.

Michael Force is the Founder of DA, setting this company up after the demise of Empower Network, to which he was a top performer with. Empower was described by many as a pyramid scheme which imploded resulting in members losing significant amounts of money.

There’s no doubt about the internet marketing skills the former U.S. Marine Michael Force beholds, seen as an internet guru across the world, a sell-out speaker for many venues regarding internet marketing and a family man at heart. His life story is well documented throughout his promotional video, the slickest most professionally created video designed to lure money dreamers into his fold.

When a client enrolls as a member with DA they become an Affiliate. This Affiliate role is easy to describe albeit a complex earning structure but implementing one’s own powerful network is another thing altogether.

Each Affiliate creates their own network by enrolling new members. Every time a new member joins, commissions start to be earned but you have to be one heck of a good internet marketeer, an internet guru yourself to increase your own network and emulate the earning figures their brochure describes.

Who’s this role intended for?

The program is purely designed to lure money dreamers into the DA flock, those people who want to earn vast amounts of wonga, I was attracted into their community through their powerful promotional video, dreaming one day…………….

WA are quite clear what type of people they are looking for to join and help make a fortune: Moms, Dads, High School graduates, College dropouts, Waitresses, etc. But their brochure clearly states their program is NOT designed for Business people – Why?

If you enjoy networking on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and other Social Media platforms and relish taking your networking skills to a whole new level you may be tempted to get involved.

When I first rolled through their doors I was presented with a Coach, Ash who created positive thinking podcasts. A nice guy who briefly explained the Affiliate role. When I cut to the chase and asked the most efficient way to target potential dreamers, an explanation of mass Social Media networking and advertising through Facebook seemed to be their top priority marketing skills to become successful.

I spent two weeks to make the most of my $1 start-up fee before the monthly membership fee materialised. This is a mindset course intended for positive thinking proclaiming YOU can do this. All I watched were well presented videos of Michael Force describe the role very briefly concentrating mainly on what car I will be buying in the future, what style of home I will be able to purchase and where’s best to invest and hide all the money I will soon be earning. To be honest, this did put me off.

How does this DA Program work?

This program rolls through an MLM scheme where earnings are simply derived from your downline – You earn commissions from people who you enroll and others they enroll into the DA membership. This is my understanding how it works:

Each member climbs the DA money mountain in these stages:

  1. Aspire
  2. Base
  3. Rise
  4. Ascend
  5. Peak
  6. Apex

Each stage is split up into 3 separate Tiers. These are the people you and your downline enroll. You earn a different % of commissions dependant on what Tier you and your downline is on.

Tier 1: is the people you enroll, Tier 2: is the people Tier 1 enrolls and Tier 3: is the people Tier 2 enrolls. Once you climb up the Tiers your % of commissions increase:

  • Tier 1: Earnings = 40%
  • Tier 2: Earnings = 50%
  • Tier 3:  Earnings = 60%

Cost of DA and their payment structure

When you join Aspire a monthly membership payment is required in order to receive commissions from your downline and the % of commissions increase as you and your downline climb the Tiers:

  • Tier 1: Costs $37 month – Earnings = 40%
  • Tier 2: Costs $67 month – Earnings = 50%
  • Tier 3:  Costs $127 month – Earnings = 60%

All the stages have to be purchased in order to earn commissions from your downline reaching these stages, for example:

To receive commissions from your downline purchasing Base, it’s imperative you purchase Base to entitle yourself as a Base member, your commissions will be passed to your upline if you fail to purchase each stage.

Yep, it’s all designed to keep you spending as you climb the money mountain to keep your commissions rolling in. The separate stages cost:

  1. Aspire – $127 month on-going for Tier 3
  2. Base – $597  One time payment
  3. Rise – $1,997  One time payment
  4. Ascend – $9,997  One time payment
  5. Peak – $16,997  One time payment
  6. Apex – $27,997  One time payment

A lot of money – Hey?

The % in the tiers are paid to you when your downline reach and purchase each stage of the mountain, as long as you have purchased that particular stage.

You should see the earning potential once you reach Apex, a phenomenal figure is represented in their brochure but this earning potential estimates you will have 5,000 people in your downline once you reach Tier 3 on Apex. Quite honestly, this is one mighty fine dream for me.

You are wholly dependant on your downlines results here and this did put me off.

Money Money Money

Tools, Training and Support

You seem to be supported exceptionally well but I never walked through Aspire’s doors to find out more. What I do understand however, each stage is split up into training modules which are video based, taught by Michael Force and his team of players. It’s a case of working your way through each stage of the training modules climbing your way up the money mountain.

I did become a member of their Facebook group where questions and answers are provided by the community, so they do support outside of their platform too.

My short amount of training briefly touched on networking within Facebook, creating promotional DA videos on YouTube and advertising through Social Media, an enticement learning program designed to attract the utopian fantasist.

In among their training modules are add on products which they expect you to purchase to accomplish success. These create more income streams as you receive commissions from purchases in your downline.

These add on products are basically additional upsells which include Basic, intermediate to Experienced courses on:

  • Branding and Social
  • Content and Blog
  • Traffic and Funnel

Digital Altitude boast 48 add-on products resulting in 60 potential income streams.

You are also entitled for the company to close potential sales on your behalf but they take a cut from the commissions you receive – Kind !

So hats off to support here but it will cost you !

Pros and Cons of Digital Altitude


  • Excellent Training
  • Well Supported
  • Slickest introductory video on the web
  • Highly impressive website platform
  • Reach Apex – Congratulations


  • How deep are your advertising pockets?
  • Each stage must be purchased in order to receive commissions from your downline reaching that particular stage
  • Suitable for an experienced networker
  • You are only selling pipe-dreams
  • Far too many add-ons / Upsells
  • Expensive to purchase each stage
  • Wholly reliant upon how your downline performs
  • Their brochure earnings figures are way too inflated in my view

Final Verdict

Ok, Michael Force is probably one of the most experienced marketeers on the web and he is teaching the successful route to success if you have the determination to aspire but you are wholly dependant to how your downline performs as these people are paying your commissions. I therefore do not consider this a scam but is it a fair opportunity for the inexperienced?

Personally, I wasn’t happy with the thought of luring inexperienced dreamers into a business. The thought of the unanswerable question – how deep do my pockets have to be for advertising frightened me. The cost of all the stages and add-on products essential to be purchased to achieve commissions certainly put me off.

Another concern is the crackdown Google placed on companies such as Empower Network as they were found to be supporting ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, resulting in de-ranking them leading to members losing substantially. Empower seemed to have remodelled yet Pinterest has already cracked down on affiliate links, will other Social Media platforms follow and how will the future determine this type of advertising?

There are people making money, their Facebook page predominantly advertises these individuals yet the role does require a thick skinned natural ability to coax inexperienced fantasists whilst relying on their ability to earn revenue.

Not for me! I think the only way forward to run an online business is to have a website delivering high quality content rather than leading dreamers to capture pages.

What about you?

How about this:

  • Expert training on how to legitimately run an online business
  • How to build a website around your niche
  • How to promote your niche effectively on the web
  • Earn revenue genuinely through your website
  • Help and Support every step of the way
  • Over 600,000 members and counting
  • 98% Positive Review Rate

My #1 Recommendation 

SimonThanks for reading.

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments section below. I will be happy to help,


24 thoughts on “What Is Digital Altitude About – Is It Legit?”

  1. Wow, did I read it right?
    “demise of Empower Network” – That place is/was shameful, if not one of the dirtiest MLM’s out there.
    Their site is still up & running tho..

    Can you imagine that.. Empower Network affiliates have actually suggested new members to take bank loans to reach their $5000 levels – It’s outrageous by most internet marketer standards.

    If the founder itself is a “fat-cat” from EN, then we pretty much already can suspect right off the bat what DA will be – It’s the same old thing, with the same old sleazy MLM scheme tactics BUT it’s simply recycled stuff – It just carries different label, operates under different name..
    Yeah, that’s the way how known scammers operate.
    & as I keep reading, there’s the same old “dream card” ticket that they try to sell to desperate, lazy, less educated, mentally weaker or naive people..

    ..as I keep reading even more – Yeah, you are forced to buy the products in order to promote the products – Exactly the same as EN, but even much more expensive!

    In my opinion MLM is about creating a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself – To get yourself out of the debt that has been forced on you, by buying their products.. you have to throw that curse to another person, & another.. to get rid of it yourself.
    It keeps repeating itself, over & over again.

    I think you’re a very nice person to not call it a scam.. I see a complete ripoff here
    These people don’t care about ethics – They care only about money

    1. Hi Henry,
      Thanks for reading and commenting with such enthusiasm, I appreciate this.

      To take bank loans out to reach any level in an MLM scheme is pure dirty advice, especially when they pumped, dumped and disappeared only to come back later. Wow, a lot of members lost large amounts of money through this.

      Apparently Mr Force was the highest earner through Empower, is what I’ve heard. He is one heck of an online marketeer and yes you are right, this is all recycled stuff skating on very thin ice in my view.

      You have to purchase the upsells as you climb the so called mountain stages and these get more expensive the higher you climb. If you fail to purchase these upsells then your commissions go to your upline as your downline reaches that level.

      It’s all a vicious repeating cycle and a dangerous game to me. I’m not here to slate anyone, it can’t be classed as a scam because it skates around the ice somehow and there are some people making money. How many make money and is it ethical are the big questions.

      Thanks again Henry for your input,

  2. Hi Simon! Great review on Digital Altitude. I had a Digital Altitude account, but I never got started with it I felt it had too many upsales, you have to spend too much money before you make any.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Thanks for reading and leaving your valuable message.

      I’m not alone here, you too joined the $1 start up with Digital Altitude.

      You are so right in what you say. The way their capture video entices you to join is the well presented ease in in which their video portrays in attracting fellow members into your fold. You really do think it’s a doddle until you walk through their doors and find out that this really isn’t the case for any newbies wishing to get involved.

      Expensive upsells all the way up the mountain. If you don’t purchase them your commissions go to your upline. I didn’t fancy hanging around on Facebook all day either, trying to entice would be dreamers like myself.

      When I asked my coach Ash, he suggested the best way to attract was through advertising on Facebook and this just sent shivers down my spine – How deep will my pockets have to be here. I jumped ship just like you.

      Thanks again Sam for your input,

  3. Hi Simon,
    I like the MLM marketing, and I used to be a very successful Oriflame marketer (their system is MLM). And yes, it’s all about positive thinking. Also, it’s excellent because to be successful you as a manager are very interested in your colleague’s success! I loved that part!
    However by the time I started enjoying more being independent and on my own if you know what I mean.
    As we are in the WA.
    But I recommend trying MLM if nothing, for the sake of getting great tips to success 🙂

    Thanks for a great review! I’ve never heard about DA before. I might check it out one day! 🙂


    1. Hi sunny,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      I find the only problem with MLM is that you are wholly dependant on your downline and these are people you don’t know but were fortunate to enroll. But if they don’t perform neither do you and this is what puts me off.

      Like you say it’s a team effort and you certainly should be concerned in helping your downline and yep, positive thinking is a biggy, DA use positive thinking, in fact Ash who set me on creates positive thinking podcasts.

      Keep up your great work and thanks again,

  4. Hi, Simon.
    Very informative and detailed review. I tread lightly with companies that have “digital products”. Like in this case of Digital Altitude, is a higher position really a products? To me it looks like paying money to make money and then you start moving towards a pyramid scheme.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Elmien,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      Exactly, you’ve hit the name on the head. They call all the stages digital products as with all their upsells. It’s very much like a pyramid scheme, couldn’t be any closer yet they get round this with calling their stages and upsells digital products.

      Michael Force is certainly the master when it comes to downline building and creating funnels etc but is it ethical and can a newbie really create the dreams to what’s publicised.

      Some members have created an unbelievable amount of conversions and money etc but you never hear of the ones who haven’t got rolling yet, those who can’t get off the ground. How many strugglers have we got?

      Thanks again Elmien,

  5. Very nice site here, Simon, and solid reviews. I appreciate the way you unravel the mystery behind some of the offers that appear so enticing to the greed glands, but offer little chance of success for the little guy.

    1. Hi Gregory,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Yeah, Digital Altitude may be a great plan for a few extremely experienced marketers and this is well documented through Facebook but I do have to question is it really as easy as they suggest through their promotional adverts and video.

      Not for the faint hearted in my view and I do worry about the future for this kind of business. Will Social Media and the Search Engines start clamping down on companies like this. Only the future will decide.

      Thanks again Gregory,

  6. Have heard of MLM but not of this product. Am always mindful when it comes to issues of MLM because of their hidden upsells and exorbitant prices.
    However, the product might be suitable for online experts who must have made some money in the internet business.
    ON the contrary, the product is good for beginners with little budget.
    In my opinion, the product is legit and also a scam when it comes to beginners as they are the major target.
    Thanks for the review, it will save the unsuspecting beginner from falling victim. All the best, God bless you.

    1. Hi Edemekaye Richard,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Digital Altitude is another kettle of fish when you mention hidden up-sells and exorbitant prices.

      The prices really do increase as you climb the various steps up the mountain. But you have to purchase them to receive commissions from your down-line as they move onto the stages. If you fail to do this your commissions move to your up-line. A real catch 22 here.

      Yeah, I agree about the scam part. It cannot be classed as a scam as they are selling digital products – These are your mountain stages and up-sells. But is it fair for the inexperienced?

      There is no doubt that Michael Force is the #1 marketeer for this kind of system but their projected figures, I find purely laughable for the inexperienced like myself.

      Thanks again for calling in,

  7. This is the first time I hear about the product, Im a wealthy Affiliate member right now and I enjoy life here, I will check out Digital Altitude and see what is all about. thanks for this detailed review! 🙂

    1. Hi Anis,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes take a look and see what you find with D.A. I just didn’t want to hang around Facebook, spend money on advertising and the cost of the upsells frightened the life out of me.

      I’m in Affiliate marketing too and find it such a nice and quiet role, enjoyable too.I just bide my time providing quality content for my niche and attract visitors to my website to earn revenue. It’s a fun role to do.

      Thanks again Anis,

    1. Hi Chris,
      I haven’t heard of Juice Plus and I am the first to say I have no idea regarding operating an MLM business online.

      But I can read figures and tell if things seem exaggerated and in my view this is what I found.

      Affiliate marketing has no pressure associated with it at all. Notice my website title, that name was purely derived from my stint in Forex. I loved it but what a stressful job. Glad I’m out of that.

      Yeah, you stick to affiliate marketing Chris and I’ll stick there with you.
      Thanks again,

  8. Hi Simon!

    Nice review and it’s great that you have some personal experience to share about this online business.

    It’s important to have reviews like this so everyone who searching for business opportunities online have better chances to make well informed decision before they join any online business.

    Regards, Jan

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thanks for reading and taking your time to comment.

      Yes, I did walk through their doors as I got seduced with their predicted money mountain – lol – My greed!

      Once inside and talking to my coach, Ash, I became aware of how their marketing campaign conducted. You can blog and email etc but that seemed to come further down the line.

      According to Ash, how he ran his business was basically Facebook and advertising like crazy. He seemed to have started ok but he was experienced. I just didn’t want to hang around on Facebook and potentially waste a load of money on advertising so I ran for the hills. Everyone has a different perspective on running a business.

      Thanks again Jan,

  9. Hello great job, I am sure that your viewers will find this informatiom most useful. One thing you may want to do and that is in you top menu you may want to make the second line a drop down menu. All the best to you and have a good day.

    1. Hi Norman,
      Thanks for taking your time to comment.

      Useful maybe but aware is what I am trying to get across.
      If you love hanging around on Facebook and don’t mind spending money on advertising then maybe give it a try but don’t get burnt.

      There are people earning significant amounts of money which is well publicised on their Facebook page but I do beg the question How many haven’t got going with it.

      Thanks for you advice regarding my menu, I’ll take a look at that.
      Thanks again Norman,

  10. Hi Simon

    I have never heard of Digital Altitude, I have always been weary of MLM because I have been burnt so many times, thanks for review on this.


    1. Hi Laurie,
      Yeah, I must admit I was so weary regarding their projected figures. Once you reach Tier 3 on Apax they estimate you to have 5000 members in your downline. Wow!

      Another reason is why don’t they want business people in their community. Is there something we should be aware of because Micael Force is certain;y a business person – A good one at that!

      Thanks Laurie – Don’t get burnt,

  11. Hi there! Amazing review on Digital Altitude.
    Speaking from personal experience with an MLM (not Digital Altitude by the way), you would expect that at least they would have some products tied to the program. I don’t seem to see this. That means that the amount of money used to enroll and your monthly subscriptions are what the Company uses to pay your up-lines.
    It may be a legit Company but the whole robbing Peter to pay Paul idea is a total put off for me.
    Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes they do have products tied to the program, 48 in all with a potential of 60 income streams.

      Their digital products are the stages: Aspire, Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, Apex.
      And their add-ons: Branding and Social, Content and Blog, Traffic and Funnel. There’s about 6 in each of these titles.

      I can’t call it a scam, this guy Michael Force is the bees knees in internet marketing for systems like this and is well known for it.
      Having digital products like this though gets around the laws somewhat.

      Personally my view is you have got to be one heck of a good marketeer to enroll like the brochure indicates.
      It’s just not for me and I have to question the morals really but that is only my view.

      Thanks again Stephen,

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