Webtalk – Transforming The Way We Network

Transforming Social Media, Webtalk’s SMART user-friendly interface manages YOUR Business, Profession & Personal relationships on the same Social Network and puts YOU in control of the news you see and share.

Webtalk - Transforming the way we networkNot sure about you, but I find organising my work-network alongside my personal-network challenging & time-consuming. Choosing the best Social Media platform to network from has created too much confusion whilst frustratingly, they’re all too restrictive in the way they operate.

Currently, I network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Although I like their many features, none of these Social platforms authorises me to take control over how I communicate.

Although early days, Webtalk have provided me with the solution to network both my business & personal relationships alongside each other. I’m sure you’ll love Webtalk’s effective user-friendliness too.

Webtalk’s mission is for members to syndicate all of their posts across the many social media platforms, which conveniently means you never have to leave Webtalk.

The Future of Webtalk


The Benefits of Webtalk

Webtalk incorporates all the features we appreciate from Social Media in conjunction to embracing communication, collaboration and how we network together onto one community platform, to help members communicate more efficiently and save time.

To become a member of Webtalk, you have to be invited by someone who is already a member, like me.

Here’s YOUR Invitation to join:

Sign-up is FREE & EASY, comprising your name, email address & password, just like Facebook & Twitter.

Membership provides the option of informing members: About yourself, your interests, languages, experience & education, if you wish to do so. Then you decide who sees what.

This video describes Webtalk’s revolutionary design and how they want to pay you for inviting your friends to follow – a pretty cool way of growing a Social Media platform.

Explore Webtalk’s User-Friendly Features


The Webtalk Qualities I’ve embraced

The platform helps energise your relationships with targeted & visual communication in order to strengthen your credibility. Webtalk’s cloud-based hub helps conduct business more efficiently by organising personal, professional and business life into easy-to-manage categories.

For instance, when someone follows me, I have the choice of whether they can access my PROFESSIONAL data and/or access my PERSONAL information which is further categorised into FRIENDS, FAMILY or ACQUAINTANCE.

I find it great for sharing messages & photos with just family members or personal friends but not my business associates and vice-versa. Additionally, you can send personal messages. It’s streamlined & quick.

Webtalk - The smart way to network

Managing who sees what & when is a real bonus thanks to Webtalk’s innovative design, overcoming the social awkwardness of adding business colleagues, friends & family to the same online network.

Managing communication for business at Webtalk starts by organising contacts into categories when they connect. The connection procedure facilitates by labelling your connections based on real-life relationships.

For example: You can label professional connections as a work colleague, a prospective contact for sales, an investment opportunity, an employment position or as a business contact etc, by using Webtalk’s integrated group & sub-group categories. This feature additionally caters for adding tags, keywords & descriptions to help find individuals at a later date, courtesy of your Contact Management Directory.

Integrating Public, Professional & Personal Networks onto one Social Network helps organise your online world just like we build and maintain credibility in real life.


Promote Yourself – Your Business – Your Services

Soon, Webtalk will empower you like LinkedIn – You’ll be able to present your skills through your personal Virtual Resume & Media Gallery and exhibit your Professional Portfolio with images & videos alongside qualifications, certifications and degrees.

Webtalk will enable businesses to showcase products & services alongside ratings & reviews on your unique business page to help build trust, authority and attract new customers.

Coming soon, Webtalk will provide a Marketplace Search feature to assist users in finding products & services offered by Webtalk members across their global networking platform.


Your Invitation to Webtalk

Webtalk is captivating huge interest from all Social media channels, especially Facebook & LinkedIn for the reasons personal and business networks efficiently run alongside each other.

The term SMART best describes Webtalk’s revolutionary design in my view, courtesy of the innovative way in which You control Your network to manage Your relationships.

It’s certainly got my thumbs up.

Here’s YOUR Invitation to join Webtalk:

Webtalk is currently beta testing and introducing advanced features daily. They want to be Social Media’s no1 in 5 years. Exciting times ahead.

Give it a try, it’s hassle free & doesn’t cost a dime.

Connect with me when you join.

If you have any queries about Webtalk, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box below; I’ll do my best to answer.

All the best,


This video, produced by Webtalk’s founder, RJ Garbowicz demonstrates Webtalk’s long-term vision:


8 thoughts on “Webtalk – Transforming The Way We Network”

  1. Hi Simon, this Webtalk seems to be the talk of tje town. I think what I love the most is the integration of everything in one place, as i really find it difficult managing my social media accounts and running my business at tje same time. The idea of also being able to control the streamlining of information in my own way sounds terrific too. I think this is the real deal and will consider trying it out. Thanks

    1. Hey Queen, thanks for stopping by.
      Webtalk is certainly captivating interest. Like you, I spend ages on various Social Media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter daily.

      Scrolling through timelines is very time-consuming as I like to occasionally share my follower’s posts to help spread the word about their promotions. In Webtalk you assign followers into categories, then filter your news-feed to view just the information from that specific group as well as share stuff just to them.

      Custom networking is a pioneering design and saves an incredible amount of time. It’s got my thumbs up.
      Follow me if you decide to join, all the best,

  2. Hi Simon, I have heard a lot about WebTalk recently and have also heard people say how good it is for increasing website traffic. The fact that it rolls a bit of all the social media platforms into one sounds great!
    I worked out that you have to put your date of birth in the American way round! Jeez, maybe you should mention that in the post for all us Brits.
    Thanks for the review, very well done.

    1. Hi Stefanie, great to connect with you inside Webtalk and you are right, the platform delivers convenience. They say in the short term future, you will never have to leave the Webtalk platform, you will be able to network from webtalk to all Social media.

      As we network together on various Social Media platforms and interact on Wealthy Affiliate’s community platform providing comments for each other, I will write you a unique recommendation with pleasure, mentioning your website and how we network.

      It’s only 3 weeks ago since I signed up and I’ve forgotten putting in my date of birth, to be honest – a Great tip here for everyone – place your date of birth the American Way round, not as we do in the UK.

      I haven’t concentrated too much on using the Webtalk platform to drive traffic to my website, my aim is to help all my invites get their profiles to 100% and be part of the SocialCPX Affiliate program. Driving website traffic will come later for me.

      Thanks again Stefanie – any issues, please let me know,

  3. Oh my , Simon, this may be just what I need!!

    I’ve really struggled with the social media aspect of my online business. I cannot bear to have my business interests mixed up with my personal  things. I’ve even gone so far as to use different platforms for different purposes. And that doesn’t help me in the long run.

    Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.Stella 🙂

    1. Hi Stella, I can see Webtalk being my only Social Platform I network from in the future once this platform’s evolved – I think this network design will transform the way we work.

      You are a Wealthy Affiliate member just like me, this is how I network: 

      When someone follows me on Webtalk, I assign them as either a Family member, Friend, Acquaintance or Business contact which can be further divided into sub categories by creating tags. 

      I have created a tag for #WealthyAffiliate, another for #Referrals, then I select to see the information each sub category is sharing as well as sharing news with them.

      Alongside networking serious information with my business connections, I can easily share funny stuff with just my family members, then share daft news with just my friends. It’s super efficient.

      Like you, I am a member of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Communicating on all these 4 platforms daily takes too much time – the network design Webtalk have created is to deliver efficiency in the way we network.

      Thanks again Stella, I’ll follow you back when you join,


  4. I keep hearing about Webtalk – seems like it’s going to be the next big thing. I tend to very much shy away from social media just because I can’t do it ALL and would rather keep adding content to my site which has good organic presence. But I do realise there is benefit to social media, so I’m curious if I should be looking into Webtalk.
    Just wondering if Webtalk is monetized? For ads, or otherwise? I know it’s a free invite, but are there ways for income building through it?

    1. Hi Marlaine, thanks for messaging about Webtalk.

      I think Webtalk will make a transformation in the way we network. Like you say most of simply can’t network on all the Social Media channels, there’s far too many and it is time consuming – this is the reason Webtalk has been designed.

      If you imagine Facebook merging with LinkedIn whereby you network your profession, business and personal networks alongside each other – this describes webtalk, it effectively saves time.

      Webtalk will be monetised for ads but because it’s still in beta mode, I’m not sure where they will display; they could appear in among or down either side of your timeline.

      If you join during beta testing stage, members have the choice of referring to their friends and earning through what Webtalk term as a Social CPX Referral Program. 

      In order to get Webtalk up & running, they had the choice of either raising money by venture capital funding or asking beta members to refer the platform and earn commissions at a later date. The reason they opted for the latter is Webtalk’s founders want to keep control of their network design,

      The video up above explains how Social CPX works, however, networking business, profession and personal networks along side each other caught my attention to enable working more efficiently, this benefit is captivating interest..

      It’s free and easy to join Marlaine, just like any other Social Media,

      Thanks again,


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