The How To Of SEO For WordPress – The All In One SEO Plugin

The most important aspect of running an online business is to have a website. This is the fundamental foundations paramount for any web-based business success.

The How To of SEO for WordPressTo achieve success, a business requires visitors to accomplish making money online, just like a high street shop requires customers to make a living. It’s basically the same thing.

In order to attain visitors rolling through a website’s doors, a website must be registered and indexed with the Search Engines. This enables Google to find a website’s post and this is where Search Engine Optimisation comes into fruition.

It’s the first step any web based business should implement after setting up a website in order to accomplish a revenue stream. Don’t skip this. These instructions describe ‘The How To of SEO for WordPress’ by implementing  the all in One SEO Plugin to index websites with the Search Engines.

So, In a Nutshell:

  • SEO Plugin leads to Search Engine rankings
  • High rankings leads to traffic
  • Traffic leads to revenue

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this plugin is required to register a website with the Search Engines. Complicated stuff – Right?

Well, No. It’s actually very straightforward to implement. I’m sure the Search Engines algorithm is the most complex structure around but it’s all hidden behind the scenes leaving bloggers to get on with their role while the Search Engines do theirs.

But, what’s it for and how does it work?

When you and I look for stuff in the Search Engines we are presented with a list of results – Relevant web pages to what we’ve searched for.

These websites are optimised with this plugin through a registration with the search Engines in order for the likes of Google to find their posts.

Let’s take my example for instance:

Once I had set up my website and activated this plugin my site was registered with the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

My niche is Plastic Sheds for the garden.

Whenever I create a post, for example: promoting plastic or resin sheds, I use keywords in my title in order for people searching to find my posts.

Keywords are simply the words you and I type into the search bar when searching.

I created a post, titled Outdoor Resin Storage Sheds

This post is specifically designed to attract people typing into Google, these keywords: Outdoor Resin Storage Sheds

Thanks to this plugin, the Search Engines now have the ability to find my post because I have placed the exact same keywords in the same order for my title that people search for.

Outdoor Resin Storage Sheds

Optimise For Success

In order to achieve a prosperous online business you need a website, optimised with the Search Engines to achieve high rankings through this plugin, create quality posts targeting a specific audience by using the same keywords people are searching for.

This is by no means a Get Rich Quick scheme. It takes time to achieve high rankings with the Search Engines. Providing quality Content is the key here but by learning the basic steps of blogging, conveying in a professional manor and activating this plugin can lead to a very affluent business model.

Fortunately, I am a member with Wealthy Affiliate, a university that teaches blogging from start-up through the success. Once I had set up my WordPress website through their training I was presented with a Search Engine Optimisation plugin, already installed on my website ready to activate. They teach the simple steps required to activate it.

Search EnginesThe main purpose of installing this plugin is to get ranked in the top 3 Search Engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Google is the biggie, ⅔ of search traffic and 95% of mobile traffic goes through Google. That’s a lot of traffic when you consider billions of people search online per day.

This plugin made my website’s code friendly towards the Search Engines. You’re not aware of all the complex stuff, this goes on behind the scenes, you’re completely unaware of it. This Plugin provides indexing with the Search Engines to achieve high rankings with them. Powerful stuff, to get all your website’s pages, posts, meta tags etc ranked.

Search Engine Rankings
Search Engine Rankings

How to Set-Up this Powerful Plugin

All I did was follow what they show:

Login to your website’s back office and go to Plugins in left hand menu:

Select Plugins
Select Plugins

Activate: All in One SEO Pack and Exclude Pages From Navigation

Activate the SEO Plugin
Activate the SEO Plugin

The All in One SEO link will now appear at the top of the side menu. Go to General Settings in the All in One SEO (in the side menu):

General Settings
General Settings

This is the page to set-up the SEO pack to optimize your website with the Search Engines:

SEO Plugin Page
SEO Plugin Page

Write in your Home Title.

You can customise this the way you want, make sure it’s relevant to your niche, what you are promoting and make it captivating to your audience.

Here’s my Home Title:

Quality Plastic Sheds Home Title Description
Quality Plastic Sheds Home Page Description

Add a Home Description.

This is to describe your niche, what your website’s about. Again, make this captivating and interesting to read. This will be displayed in Google under the website/Home title, make it enticing to attract visitors attention.

Here’s my Home Description:

Quality Plastic Sheds Home Description
Quality Plastic Sheds Home Page Description

When Google re-indexes websites and ranks them again, this information is updated to reflect the new settings

These two processes describe how your website will be displayed when they get indexed and ranked in the Search Engines results page.

From the ‘Page Title Format’ down to the ‘Search Title Format’ change the pipes to dashes as I have done.

Alter pipes to dashes
Alter pipes to dashes

Do not alter the ‘Home Page Title Format’ or any underscores as this will cause issues. Only alter the pipes.

A post looks far better and cleaner with a dash rather than a pipe in the results page of the Search Engines.

Cleaner look with dashes
Cleaner look with dashes

Once this is done it’s time to update options at the bottom or top of the page. These are the basics for becoming optimised with the Search Engines.

This plugin shall be utilised at a later date for such applications like: implementing Google Webmaster Tools with the website, various third party applications and other features that can connect through this plugin but this is enough to start the indexing process to produce rankings.

Update Options
Update Options

This is the Free Version SEO Plugin and is adequate for a website like mine to rank high. There is no need for upgrading to the Pro Version.

It’s a very powerful plugin that can extend the functionality of a website on top of optimising it for Search Engine Optimisation.

The Site manager at Wealthy Affiliate, where all your websites are stored, shows you are indexed. This means that Google has found your website.

You can the copy your website address and paste it into Google’s search bar, hit enter, your website should be displayed at the top of the results page. A proof of index.

It takes around 7 to 14 days for websites to initially get indexed in Google

As more content is created, the quicker websites posts are indexed. This can be within minutes of publishing but this is all down to establishment, authority and high rankings

Watch the journey to Google rankings:

A lesson with Wealthy Affiliate – How to install for Search Engine Optimisation.

The journey to Google Rankings

Getting Started will show how you too can make money online and turn any passion you have into a thriving online business.

No experience is necessary. Wealthy Affiliate University teach all the successful bloggers secrets. You’ll be amazed with their simplistic approach to teaching.

SimonFree to start and 100% legit.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section below. I will be happy to answer any queries.

Thanks for reading,



4 thoughts on “The How To Of SEO For WordPress – The All In One SEO Plugin”

    1. Hi Miles,
      Thanks for looking.

      SEO is the most important part of your website after the quality content you create.

      There’s no point in creating all this content if you aren’t going to receive any visitors.

      Registering your website with the Search Engines through the SEO plugin will make your website rank with them. The more posts you create, the higher your rankings.

      There is another important aspect to this is to provide high traffic / low competition keyword for your posts titles. This is like the gateway into the search engines at a much faster pace:

      Thanks again for your time,

  1. Excellent post about the use of SEO to achieve search engine rankings. This has led me to take another look at the plug in and make sure I have optimised everything correctly.

    Thanks for such a concise and informative article.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your comment and your time.

      Yeah, this was the part I was dreading when I first came into Wealthy Affiliate as a new member.

      I thought it would be so technical and be left with a load of problems to deal with but No!
      The process is so straightforward these days. WordPress have made the entire process seamless.

      Best thing to do is watch the video, Kyle explains the process so well, just follow the steps and you’re there. It doesn’t take long.

      Thanks again,

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