The How To Of Affiliate Marketing

Inserting affiliate links into written posts to earn an income online sounds pretty basic stuff right? – And it is, if you’re determined to sustain the writing on a weekly basis.

The How To Of Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is a gem of a job. You have no stock to purchase or hold, no packaging duties, no postage costs and no returns to deal with either. This provides you with all the time to maintain building your business.

You have arrived at this page to understand the How To Of Affiliate Marketing. I’ll provide a full outline to what’s involved so you can work out for yourself whether this is something you would like to become involved in.

What’s Involved?

Please be aware, we are not creating a pop up shop here, rather a serious business opportunity destined for success.

The role involves building a website around whatever interests you. Your website is your machine, the fuel that makes your engine run is content. Writing quality content on a consistent basis creates a lean, mean running machine.

Create Your Business Foundations
Create Your Business Foundations

Attracting visitors to view your marvels is the name of the game. Those that can effectively connect with people accomplish conversions.

Conversions are simply produced when visitors click on your affiliate links, are directed to the online store and purchase products you promote. You earn commissions through the process.

Forget making money overnight, this doesn’t happen. You will be creating solid business foundations rather than mud huts, become authoritative within your chosen niche by creating an engaging presence on the web.

In time your presence will be right next door to the big boys on the web’s high street. This is where it becomes exciting. Hitting the first page of Search Results for your posts may sound far fetched.  Believe me, this is entirely possible.

Once your blog landings reach this echelon, making money starts to run automatically. But who teaches all this stuff ?

Wealthy Affiliate

The first step to undertake is finding a legitimate company that teaches the successful route into affiliate marketing. I found Wealthy Affiliate who are experts in marketing online.

They have designed the most comprehensive training program online bar none, specifically geared around affiliate marketing.

Join Wealthy Affiliate's Earn While You Learn Program
Earn While You Learn Program

To prove their legitimacy, an open door welcomes anyone wishing to partake learning & earning money in affiliate marketing. You are provided with 2 free hosted websites and free starter training. Do your own review at no cost, that’s what I did. I joined Premium the following week.

They have accomplished in excess of over 800,000 members and a 98% positive review rate. Many members have become successful in their own right thanks to this powerful training.

No experience in either building a website nor marketing online is required as their training starts from scratch, from choosing a niche through to earning an income. Members simply work their way through the step by step training.

You uncover all the successful bloggers secrets through the Wealthy Affiliate Program, secrets affluent bloggers would never reveal.

How Does The Training Work?

The training is divided up into 5 levels. Each level has 10 modules.

Receive The Proper Training
Receive The Proper Training

The process starts from choosing your niche to market, building a stunning website to exhibit your promotions in delectable style, attracting visitors to read your quality articles whilst earning revenue through the process. An earn as you learn program.

You are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert. Each step you are asked to implement what’s shown into your website pertaining to your chosen niche. Basic stuff, yes, but this does take time.

If you are determined to accomplish each step of the training, implementing what’s shown into your website, over time your website builds out to create solid foundations whilst creating a presence on the web.

As time goes by you are becoming more and more authoritative within your niche, the exciting part of making money starts to come into fruition.

What’s Your Niche?

You choose something you are interested in, have a particular passion for, what floats your boat. This maybe a hobby, a pastime, something you are interested in. I am particularly fond of Garden Sheds, this is my passion.

My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds
My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds

The next step is to narrow your niche down towards a targeted audience. This process simplifies attracting visitors, this is the name of the game.

I narrowed my main niche Garden Sheds down into Plastic Sheds. I only concentrate on attracting visitors looking for the various styles and sizes of Plastic Sheds, that’s my niche. What’s your niche?

Once you have narrowed your niche down towards a targeted audience, ask yourself whether you are willing to write about your passion regularly and communicate with it. If you answers yes, hop onboard.

Construct Your Niche Website

Your free website will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform:

Further down the line if you become a Premium Member, you can transfer this website into your own domain and Wealthy Affiliate do all the hosting for you. Mine cost $13.99 year.

Everything regarding setting up your website is shown. You are taught how to write quality content, displayed in bodacious style by adding powerful imagery and embedding videos to portray your niche to it’s full potential.

You will be quite taken aback with how professional your creations display.

Take a look at a recent post I created. This is how Wealthy Affiliate have shown me how to create and display quality content. While you take a gander, bear in mind I had no experience whatsoever in marketing online nor building websites. I have been taught right from the bare bones.

Lifetime 8 x 12.5ft Shed

Notice how I write naturally towards my audience, you are taught to come across helpful rather than having a selling approach, offer pros and cons, nothing’s perfect in life, relay this information for your visitors. Thanks are appreciated for your trustworthy article, this leads to conversions.

Create trust whilst ditching the sales mentality. Powerful stuff – It works!

Every post you create has the potential to earn revenue for years to come in the future. You only have to attract your visitors.

Choose Your WordPress Theme
Choose Your WordPress Theme

Entice Visitors Into Your Blog

If you haven’t got an audience to read your creations, conversions will not come your way. Attracting visitors really is the final piece of the jigsaw. Once attained, making money starts to run pretty much automatically.

How do we accomplish our conversion hotseat?

  • You are shown how to register your website through a Search Engine Plugin to optimise your website with all the major players
  • Register your website with Google Analytics to inspect how many visitors you achieve per day / in real time
  • Register your website & become a member with Google+

Becoming registered this way, in addition to writing quality content on a regular basis is the solution to achieve high rankings with the Search Engines, this is the benchmark for a successful online business.

How To Expose Your Articles To The World

You’re registered with all the major players and your delivering quality written articles regularly. You are shown how to reveal your blogs worldwide in these ways:

  • Use the most powerful keyword tool
  • Create an engaging presence
  • Share your creations on Social Media

The Power of using the Keyword Tool

Ever wondered how successful bloggers accomplish first page results status?  They use an up to date Keyword Tool to create their post titles out of the same words people are searching for in the Search Engines.

Get Registered with the Search Engines
Get Registered with the Search Engines

Keywords are the words we type into the search bar when searching for stuff.

Simply think, what would make a suitable title for your post and type these words into the Keyword Tool and press enter.

You are provided with a plethora of alternative suggestions, these are phrases regularly searched in the Search Engines.

Cherry pick the high monthly traffic keywords with low competition from other websites using the same whilst making sure the words are specifically relevant to your written article.

This is how successful bloggers sneak onto the first page of Search Results. This Keyword tool is provided, you can do the same.

Make your blogs interactive

The comment section at the bottom of posts is the most overlooked part of affiliate marketing in my mind and in Wealthy Affiliate’s view.

Make Your Website Interactive
Make Your Website Interactive

Search Engines rank engaging content, therefore deliver it. Notice how the prosperous bloggers have an overabundance of comments on their web posts, creating their engaging presence. You can accomplish their success on the Wealthy Affiliate interactive platform.

This is a pure give and take thread where members interact on each others posts. You provide a comment for a member and they reciprocate the favour on yours. Every member at Wealthy Affiliate helps each other succeed, it’s a powerful community.

Social Media Sharing

The most powerful solution to get the traffic ball rolling is to share links to your newly created posts on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ Etc.

Linking Via Social Media
Linking Via Social Media

Linking via Social Media is where making money starts to flourish although the main focus is to generate Search Engine presence.

This is how your authority within your chosen niche gains momentum. It’s all about creating your presence, enticing visitors to read your quality blogs.

Setting up a schedule to post different links daily on Social Media becomes second nature. Tolerance levels are not high on Social Media, posting the same link over and over becomes disregarded. The beauty here is that you are generating an abundance of posts. Sharing different links daily is the solution to get noticed.

Help and Support is #1 Priority

The reason I like Wealthy Affiliate to coincide with their expert training and powerful interactive platform is the way they help and support every member. This certainly helped my in my early days.

  • There’s an opportunity to ask questions under every training module
  • Receive instant answers through their live chat box
  • Write out more detailed questions to the whole community
  • Ask the founders questions as they are present daily
  • Explore their full library covering everything blogging related
  • Watch live/recorded seminars on allsorts of helpful topics

What about you?

I hope this has given you inspiration and provided the knowledge that success in affiliate marketing is entirely possible for any newbie. I’m proof, only determination stands in your way.

Get started today and turn your niche into prosperity. It’s completely free to start, just your name & email address required. No silly contracts or bank details required.

Wealthy Affiliate want to prove to you how legitimate they are – Do your own review at no cost.

If you enjoy the process and want to accomplish your own conversion hotseat, consider joining Premium. That’s what I did.

Hope to see you on the inside – Enjoy!

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

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6 thoughts on “The How To Of Affiliate Marketing”

  1. What? You mean I can’t give someone my money and push a button, sit back, and make money in my sleep? Sarcasm at its finest. I definitely think “how to” videos are important, along with a good support system. Thanks for the info.


    1. Hi Ed,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Ha! Yeah, you are right Ed yet the amount of people looking for something where they can sit back and have all the work done for them is phenomenal. Just look at the ways all these scam companies promote their business, you think there’s a wad of money for doing diddly squat the way they promote.

      I have found videos so beneficial for my shed website. There’s the glossy videos promoting the advantageous properties and the how to assemble videos too which do accomplish conversions so if you have a niche that can incorporate them, it’s a good idea to embed them into your blog. This really has worked for me, you can’t beat watching a promotion in motion.

      Thanks again Ed,

  2. Wow!! I have never seem Wealthy Affiliate broken down so well, great job! Everything here is absolute truth! I also knew nothing about marketing before joining WA and it really is simple as long as you understand that it is a process not a get rich quick scheme. Everyone looking to earn an income from home needs Wealthy Affiliate!

    1. Hi Nathan,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      You sound like myself when I joined. I was a complete newbie to this kind of work but it is great fun building your solid foundations. It definitely not a get rich quick scheme as it takes time to build up authority and trust with the Search Engines and your visitors.

      Once you reach capturing their trust you are returned with the favour of higher rankings and this is where conversions start to run automatically. Happy days. This only requires determination to put the work in, to succeed yet Wealthy Affiliate show you exactly how to accomplish it.

      Thanks again Nathan, all the best,

  3. Hey Simon,
    This is a superb post from you.

    You covered a lot of things in just one post and you still make every single point very clear. It’s really informative especially for people who just want to get started.

    Being a Wealthy Affiliate Member myself, I agree with whatever you said. To all the newbies, Wealthy Affiliate is legit and it works. Give it a try for Free.

    Anyway, I’ve a good point to share. When you are just getting started, instead of asking “How do I make money online?”, the right question to ask is “How am I going to be of VALUE in the Digital Economy?” With this mindset, together with the training in Wealthy Affiliate, you will succeed.

    Thanks again for this awesome post Simon 🙂

    1. Hi Jerry,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      You are right, Wealthy Affiliate is legit. This is the reason they have opened their doors to a free membership for anyone who is interested in making money from a website. This gives anyone the opportunity to check them out and see for themselves how legitimate they are.

      I too was a newbie when I joined and couldn’t have asked for anymore help. The way they have designed their platform around the members is very impressive. Everyone helps each other succeed.

      Hey I do like your mindset: How am I going to be of VALUE in the Digital Economy – Excellent!

      Thanks again Jerry for stopping by,

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