The Best Ways To Make Residual Income Online

The best ways to make residual income online – Create a Search-Engine-friendly website around your promotions and configure each uniquely written blog-post specific to the search terms people are using.

The Best Ways To Make Residual Income Online - Wealthy AffiliateThe techniques that actually MAKE MONEY online is to draw attention to those searchers interested in what YOU are promoting.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches marketing beginners across the world to become Super Affiliates, courtesy of their comprehensive affiliate marketing training course, exposing the secrets for online success.

Turn your passion into your livelihood & earn revenue by affiliate linking to products in online stores such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, etc.

Promote your own products – Champion another service – Endorse an Affiliate Program or Refer Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program.

Whichever avenue you decide upon, Wealthy Affiliate cleverly combine their secure website hosting, training, tools and community spirit to accomplish YOUR online success.

Attracting people probing the Search Engines for what YOU are promoting by producing informative, honest & helpful articles, gains trust & respect with visitors which inevitably leads to conversions – Crack this code and you’re rolling.

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How Much Does Membership cost?

Unlike any other Affiliate Program, Wealthy Affiliate welcomes anyone across the world to trial their course at NO COST, including 2 FREE websites.

They want to prove to you first, how legitimate and ethical they operate and how straightforward their training is.

Then you can truly work out for yourself whether online marketing suits your style of working.

  • Starter Membership – Free
  • All inclusive Premium Membership – $49 month
  • There are NO up-sells
  • You can cancel at any time

In course 2, members are advised to purchase their own domain for the reasons Search Engines rank ownership higher. Website hosting is inclusive of the Premium membership.

  • My domain website costs $13.99 year


Free Starter & Premium Membership Levels


Have your conversions dried-up?

The issue concerning the earning’s growth flaunted by many Affiliate Programs is UNREALISTIC – There is no system in place to attract people interested to either purchase or become involved. In reality, they’re just dreamy income figures.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you build a WordPress website promoting YOUR particular interest then proceed to configure each article to specifically target people searching in the Search Engines for the reasons, this is where research takes place.

On account of WA’s Million+ membership, I connect with many disillusioned online marketers enrolling daily. Their dismal conversion rates spurred them to discover how to create targeted blog-posts that ATTRACT visitors.

Wealthy Affiliate focuses their training on the 2 words most Affiliate Programs dare not mention. It takes TIME and WORK to attain high earnings online and this can only be accomplished through a website that produces targeted blog-posts.

The beauty is, this organic way costs nothing but work & time.

Wealthy Affiliate University


The demise of Scams & Spam

Social Media platforms and Search Engines have taken strict action to eradicate scams, resulting in Search engines de-ranking duplicate content to make certain Done-For-You operations, Copy & Paste systems and Duplicate Affiliate Websites do not appear in Search results.

Social Media is slowly following suit – spamming affiliate links is deemed unethical. Many Facebook pages operating spam have been shut down, Pinterest is not allowing affiliate links whilst Google+ suspend you for violating their terms.

Moving forward, the ethical way to affiliate marketing on Social media is to link back to a website to where your affiliate links lie whilst incorporating duplicate content will seriously harm a website’s survival rate in the Search results.

This is GREAT news for respectable bloggers who operate honourably.

There is nothing wrong with affiliate links as long as they are used correctly & contained within a website – this is how Search Engines and Social Media want you to conduct. Spamming makes a bad user experience for everyone.


Are you advertising? – Consider this

Many people promoting affiliate products or a service, resort to advertising; Facebook and the Search Engines being the most widely used.

BUT do these adverts really work?

The problem with advertising – you’re merely speculating. Visitors will view your promotional ads, end up on the company’s website and be presented with all the advantages the product or service has to offer.

We may think this is the best thing since sliced bread but what do YOU do next?

We’re all getting quite savvy nowadays, most of us don’t judge a book by its cover and when we’re confronted with just the benefits, we think it sounds too good to be true therefore it probably is. Most of us head off to do some research in the Search Engines to find out the TRUTH.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate members blog-posts are located – their affiliate link then takes precedence.


Do you have to be an accomplished writer?

The prerequisite to attaining conversions is to come across naturally with conversational style writing, just like you would promote something to a friend.

Seriously, If you produce scientific documents, you’ll bore the pants off your readers – blogging does not require you to be an Author.

Visitors are looking for TRUTHFUL and HELPFUL information – What inspires you – How your promotion will benefit the user – Point out the good points AND the downsides – Honesty captures trust.

Readers prefer a SHOW not tell blog, Training demonstrates how to insert images, capture screenshots and embed videos.

The biggest tip – DON’T try & sell anything – people prefer to make their OWN mind up – They hate being sold to.


First-Class Training AND Help

Online marketing changes fast, however, Wealthy Affiliate are at the forefront of all the changes – they live & breathe affiliate marketing.

This online marketing training platform is renowned as the best in the world; consequently, their membership level exceeds a million global members.

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1

Educating how to effectively advertise is covered, however, the heart of the training focuses on the techniques of landing blog-posts on the first page of Search results.

The course is structured out into 5 phases, each phase comprises 10 lessons – totalling 50 lessons. Each lesson is video based whereby the marketing expert shows members how to complete each task.

Any questions – just ask under each lesson – Expert help is all around you.

Members implement each stage of the training, tick the completed tasks, then proceed to the next lesson. As you progress through the course your website scales out & establishes.

Getting Started - Level 1

Additionally, live training is broadcast & recorded on a Friday, covering every aspect of online marketing; furthermore, experienced affiliates produce their own training, including what’s working well for them.

The platform is best described as the encyclopedia of online marketing.

Members can write out highly detailed questions to all members, receive quick support via live chat or search the help bar – failing that, ask the founders.

The platform is ingeniously designed – everybody helps one-another regardless of experience; members flourish each other’s websites with comments & feedback in order to succeed.


Search Engine-Friendly Websites AND Hosting

The key to obtaining top positions in Search Results is to ensure websites are Search Engine-friendly.

Wealthy Affiliate supply & teach how to create stunning WordPress websites; there are huggings of themes to suit any niche – these can be switched on the fly.

Combining WordPress’s user-friendly interface with WealthyAffiliate’s straightforward training, you’ll find the procedure great fun & highly impressed with what you create. You don’t need any techie experience here, that’s for sure.

Websites are hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s powerfully secure SiteRubix platform, assuring ultra spam protection.

Members are unaware of what’s going on behind the hosting scenes. Each website is geared-up to deliver top-notch site speed, configured to load super fast & efficient on mobiles and contain the SSL encryption service – the green padlock in the address bar.

Accompanying these features, an image optimization plugin is pre-loaded and just requires activating alongside the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin. Training demonstrates how to configure your website with Google Analytics to enable getting ranked in the Search Engines.


Lawful Websites Receive Search Engine Respect

To obtain respect by the Search Engines, it’s imperative Affiliate Websites disclose earnings are made from affiliate links, a privacy policy page contains contact information & how visitor cookies are dealt with besides complying with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in collecting & processing visitor information.

Don’t be anxious, operating lawfully is made straightforward, everything is explained.

Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure templates are provided. These require filling in with your information. Importantly, making certain Search Engines do not follow these posts is crucial as this is duplicate content.

GDPR is controlled by a plugin which asks visitors to tick the box if they agree with your website handling their data before leaving a comment or joining an email list etc.

Another significant duty is to write an About me page to tell visitors what inspired you to create your website. If you’re willing to display your photo, this oozes trust with visitors.


Best Ways To Make Residual Income Online


The Tools & Tips for Search Engine Success


The power of keywords

Keywords are the phrases we type into the search bar when researching.

Members are taught how to create blog titles out of the phrases commonly typed into the Search bar, by cherry-picking the best of the bunch from the keyword tool – Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is developed by Wealthy Affiliate & formulated to provide results specific to searches, NOT advertising.

There are various ways to use Jaaxy, however, I generally think what would someone type into the search bar to find my blog-post.

After typing these keywords into Jaaxy, it presents various alternative phrases that are regularly typed in.

Simply choose the keyword phrase that shows a good amount of monthly traffic & has low competition. Swaying your decision is aided by the QSR results, providing a percentage prediction of landing posts on the first page of Search results – I usually select those showing around 95%.

This keyword tool is superb for titling Pinterest boards too.


The Ultimate Writing Platform

Members are advised to write out blog-posts using the Content platform which examines your writing to highlight sentence structure, spelling and grammar mistakes. Furthermore, it scrutinizes the article for duplicate content when you publish the post on your website.

I never write out articles from my website’s back office nowadays, every post is written out using this Content Creator. You’ll raise a smile when it remarks you have started 3 sentences the same way – “We suggest changing the sentence structure.”

Search Engines only rank unique content, therefore, utilizing this tool provides peace of mind knowing your article contains no duplicate content.


Make YOUR website interesting & sharing

Search Engines respect bloggers who share information from other websites with their visitors, therefore members insert an external link to some other website’s post.

An interesting website improves rankings, therefore to make websites interesting, insert at least one internal link leading to a previous post.


Leverage the Community Spirit


Interaction improves website rankings

Comment interaction at the base of blog-posts proves to the Search Engines – your blog’s informative, helpful and visitors are engaging. Their response is to rank engaging web-posts higher for others to see your information.

Providing comments and returning the favour is where WA’s community thrives. Members flourish each other’s websites to achieve success, the reason everyone gets help.

A thriving blog post comprising a boatload of comments is possible to achieve for every article if you are willing to provide comments for others. These threads are a hive of activity due to Wealthy Affiliate’s large membership.

Additionally, an interactive blog-post captivates visitors to take note of what you’re presenting.


Socially share your blogs

Spreading the word by sharing each created article on Social Media is a great way to get your message across. Socially sharing trustworthy blog-posts can inspire visitors to view your promotions and take action.

Best not to socially spam affiliate links though; the honourable way is to link back to your website.

You have the ability to generate a huge following on all Social Media platforms on account of Wealthy Affiliate’s immense membership – we all follow each other.


Earn Residual Income While You Learn

The principles of successfully marketing online are to befriend the Search Engines by regularly writing posts containing the steps described in the last two sections.

Over the course of 6 months, by applying these techniques, members usually find their business scales out, higher Search Engine positions are achieved, increased visitor numbers and subsequently conversions.

Passive income is generated automatically as visitor numbers increase.

If you choose to affiliate market your passion, training demonstrates how to join FREE Affiliate Programs such as Shopify, eBay, Etsy & Amazon etc. And how to incorporate your unique affiliate link.

When a visitor purchases via your link, you earn revenue, it’s as straightforward as that – just like the comparison websites operate.


Trial the Course for FREE

You’re welcome to inspect for yourself how legitimate and ethical Wealthy Affiliate operate and whether this type of opportunity satisfies your way of working.

The starter membership includes 2 FREE websites and the entire affiliate marketing course 1 – On the house.

If you wish to take your business to the next level, you’ll have the confidence to join Premium with the added benefit, you can cancel at any time.

My affiliate link below earns revenue in the same way yours will work for you. Mine’s unique to me – yours will be unique to you.

Trial the FREE Starter Course Including 2 FREE Websites
Trial the FREE Starter Course Including 2 FREE Websites

Discover how successful affiliate marketing works with Wealthy Affiliate’s stepped out training course.

Hope to see you on the inside,


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