The Best Residual Income Opportunity – This Program Oozes Trust

Flourish your marketing career by promoting the innovator of affiliate marketing. Described as the best residual income opportunity online; it’s ethically friendly with the Search Engines and fair.

The Best Residual Income Opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate radiates legitimacy and despises spam. They welcome anyone across the world interested in affiliate marketing to trial their first 10 lessons with 2 free websites on the house, to see whether this opportunity suits your style of working.

If you decide to join Premium to take your business to the next level, there’s peace of mind you can cancel at any time.

This website promotes Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program for those looking to earn recurring income by referring this business opportunity – You can do the same.

Designed with integrity, these moral standards captured my attention:

  • Genuine try before you buy Starter Membership
  • You can cancel at any time
  • Every member is paid equally
  • This is NOT an MLM scheme
  • No up-lines – No down-lines
  • All inclusive Premium membership package
  • You are NOT subject to up-sells
  • Thorough affiliate marketing training
  • Help & support takes precedence

We’re not gonna fill this post with dreamy cars, wondrous homes & the yachting lifestyle, however, there is no ceiling to earnings if you’re determined to put in the effort to make things work, like WA’s Super Affiliates have realized.

Accumulating income, recurring on a monthly & yearly basis can transform lifestyles yet is achievable to those who master attracting website visitors through the Search Engines.

Intriguingly, Wealthy Affiliate has developed the tools & techniques to master Search Engine traffic.

Interested? Let’s check em out!

The Best Residual Income Opportunity - Wealthy Affiliate


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing with a website works by linking visitors to products or services and earning commissions through their purchases.


What sets Wealthy Affiliate apart?

Wealthy Affiliate is the industry leader in the affiliate marketing space, their entire operation is focused on affiliate marketing.

Established in 2005, they created an advanced online marketing platform, combining website hosting with a comprehensive affiliate marketing training course meantime prioritize help & support for every member through their interactive community.

The core of the training focuses on organically attracting website visitors through the Search Engines. In contrast to advertising, this free-method progresses into a long-term sustainable business.

Every member builds their own unique business, no websites are the same.


You’re provided with these options:

Learn how to create a website around your interest and earn commissions using affiliate links, by promoting products through Associate programs such as Amazon.

You can promote your own products or another service,

Or you can promote Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program like I do; simply by referring visitors through your unique affiliate link.

What differentiates this Affiliate Program from the competition is: Wealthy Affiliate ARE affiliates, they UNDERSTAND & RESPECT affiliates.


Uncapped earnings potential

Motivating most members to become a part of this Affiliate Program is the fairness of the pricing structure besides having no cap on earnings.

You’re not working for up-lines and there are no down-lines. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or an expert marketer, payments are equal across the board.

When a referral signs up for Premium membership, Wealthy Affiliate shares their membership payment with you.

Earnings recur on a monthly or yearly basis, conditional to how your referral pays:

$23.50 recurring month by month


$175 recurring year by year

Apart from the first-month special offer, this is how clear the payment structure is.

This recurring income continues-on for the lifetime of your referrals Premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Premium members are encouragingly provided with two incentives:

Refer 300 Premium members in a year – receive an all expenses paid trip to the Casino capital of the world – Las Vegas and hang out with the community’s Super Affiliates.

Refer 3,000 Premium members in a year – the Bentley Challenge treats you like Royalty in Las Vegas.

Doing the math of 300 and 3,000 referrals multiplied by $23.50 monthly becomes life-changing, especially considering these keep on recurring.

These are Canadian $ – Convert into your own currency.


Running this Business – Less than $2 per day

Only 2 types of membership exist, either a free trial or all-inclusive – there are NO up-sells.

Premium membership costs $49 per month

My own domain website costs $13.99 per year.

It’s a low-cost entry to running a fully fledged business considering the significant earnings potential.


Free Starter & Premium Membership Levels


Is it easy to Promote?

I generally write a few blog posts per week, share my links to social media and interact with members on the platform.

Writing blog posts I explain who Wealthy Affiliate is, how ethical their Affiliate Program operates and the lucrative earnings potential there is derived from recurring income.

I then leverage the Free Starter course for visitors to explore whether working from home suits their lifestyle; this typifies trust, it’s an easy program to refer.

Wealthy Affiliate then introduces your referrals to the world of affiliate marketing on your behalf.


How quick can you make money?

Training focuses on the free-way of attracting visitors organically through the Search Engines.

The downside – it usually takes 6 months+ to achieve generating decent visitor numbers.

The upside – conversions occur automatically once you achieve top Search positions – hence the saying earn while you sleep.

There are no ‘overnight’ fortunes & no one’s going to work for you. Writing posts regularly is required to improve Search Engine rankings, there are no shortcuts.

Advertising on Social Media and the likes of Google & Bing is taught but is purely an option. This may quicken-up conversions but not Search Engine rankings.

I have never advertised, so I can’t comment on how this works.

You are shown how to share posts without spamming on various Social Media platforms including Google+, Facebook & Twitter etc. Many Affiliates start earning commissions referring this way.

My last niche website accomplished 200-300 daily visits with Wealthy Affiliate’s training, it’s surprising how many conversions they generated. These numbers are minuscule compared to the potential this trustworthy Affiliate Program is able to attract.


First Class Training – Unmatched Help & Support

Wealthy Affiliate has pulled off a masterstroke designing their platform because to succeed in this game, Search Engines rank interaction. Members comment on each other’s websites to flourish their businesses.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether your a Super Affiliate or a newbie starting out, everybody needs each other to succeed, the reason help and support is provided for everyone.

You can ask questions under each course, receive immediate answers through live chat, get help from the founder members, use the help search bar or write out highly detailed questions to all members.

The training is video-based, split up into 10 lessons per course and comprises 7 courses. Simply watch & implement what’s shown. As you move through the steps, your website scales out and becomes more established.

The purpose of this training is to turn newbies into Super Affiliates.


Website hosting support:

Whenever I have had issues with my website, I raise a support ticket. So far, issues have been dealt with & sorted in under 15 minutes.

Training, help & website support can only be described as exceptional.

The Best Residual Income Opportunity


How do you promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program

  • Brand your business
  • Create an Authority website
  • Attract Search Engine visitors
  • Refer Wealthy Affiliate to make money

Attracting Search Engine visitors describes the regular work.


Brand your business

The money making niche is far too competitive; instead, you brand your business on one particular segment of this market. By doing so, the process of achieving top Search Engine positions becomes attainable.

There’s an endless list of targeted niches within the money making sector, suchlike:

Residual income Seekers – Work from home opportunities – Affiliate Marketing programs – Pensioners / Veterans seeking income – Disabled people looking a home business – Minimum wage & short-term contract workers – Online Surveys Takers – Article Marketers – Those looking to dodge the scams – Affiliate Marketing training courses – The list keeps rolling.

Almost ANYONE is a potential referral due to the way this ethically operated, lucrative business model runs.


Create an Authority website

You don’t have to be technical to build a website, WordPress has designed their interface user-friendly; you’ll grasp the procedures straight away throughout the video training.

Members websites are hosted on WA’s industry-leading SteRubix platform, comprising top security, spam protection, ultra-fast site speed configured for mobiles whilst they include the green padlock HTTPS encryption service.

Everything is taught to produce a stunning website. Widgets to images, videos to plugins and menus for navigation is demonstrated meanwhile there are thousands of themes to choose from, these can be switched on the fly.

Personally, I chose a basic theme and decided not to display flashy images. I’m not here to convince, I just want visitors to get a detailed understanding of the program, including a free trial if they like the sound of this opportunity.

Although the free trial provides 2 free websites, you’re advised to purchase your own domain because Search Engines rank ownership higher. Mine costs $13.99 per year. Your free starter website transfers over at the click of a button.


Complying with Affiliate Marketing laws

As a consequence of all the scam & spammy operations dominating the web, new laws insist affiliate marketing websites are law-abiding, upfront and disclose earnings are made by affiliate links.

I know this is red tape, however, it’s a one-off procedure, straightforward to implement and to be honest, a breath of fresh air for our concerns. Members are shown exactly how to comply.

These include:

An About-Me page is also advised, to show visitors & Search Engines you’re a real person and nothing’s hidden.

Attract Visitors


Attract Search Engine visitors

Firstly, you’re provided with an SEO Plugin. Training demonstrates how to configure it to Google Analytics – another one-off procedure. This initiates Search Engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is not complex, there’s far too much confusion on the web, members are advised to take no notice.

If you write natural content using these following tools & methods you’ll befriend the Search Engines and results will follow:

  • Jaaxy Keyword Tool
  • The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Interaction with the Community
  • Social Sharing


Jaaxy Keyword tool

Keywords are the search terms we type into the search bar when searching for stuff. The best title to give your posts – the same phrases people are searching with.

I type these phrases/keywords into Jaaxy (the keyword tool) and it presents a boatload of alternative suggestions that are also commonly typed in.

I cherry pick the keywords that make sense, have high monthly traffic counts & low competition from other websites using the same. Additionally, there’s a percentage prediction for landing posts on the first page of Google, I choose 95% upwards – how cool is that.

Additionally, place the keywords somewhere in the first 2 paragraphs making sure the sentence makes sense. After that, write your post naturally.

Wealthy Affiliate has specifically developed Jaaxy for marketing online, it’s accuracy provides a huge boost.


The Ultimate writing platform

Copy & paste systems and duplicate content will lead to a huge reduction in Search Engine ranks, these strict rules are making life increasingly more difficult to operate scam systems online.

Escaping the confusion of what Search Engines class as duplicate content, Wealthy Affiliate has developed a Site Content platform to which members write out and publish their blog-posts from.

Besides highlighting spelling, sentence structure, punctuation and grammar mistakes, Site Content checks for duplicate content when you publish the post into your website.

You DO NOT have to be writing expert to promote this Affiliate Program

By using conversational style writing, being informative, opinionated, what inspires you, the benefits, the cons whilst having the main emphasis on being helpful, gains trust with your audience – basic but true.

The Biggest tip – people get turned off with pushy & salesy writing – just be natural.


Interaction with the Community

Search Engines rank engaging websites, therefore, Wealthy Affiliate has developed their platform interactive whereby members comment on each other’s posts – the give & take thread.

Owing to Wealthy Affiliate’s huge membership base, these give & take threads are buzzing.

You’ll never be stuck for a plethora of comments if you’re willing to interact; they make blog-posts look so much more engaging too.


Social sharing

Stringent measures are currently being introduced by Social Media to remove spammers.

Training demonstrates how to ETHICALLY share posts on Social Media without spamming. In other words, members link back to their websites containing affiliate links instead of using them socially.

Befriending Google+ along with Facebook and Twitter are favourite Social platforms for referring this Affiliate Program meanwhile Pinterest & Instagram are additional favourites, especially for members promoting their own passion.


Additionally, by inserting an internal & external link shows Search Engines your website’s interesting and sharing; this furthermore improves rankings.

Over time, using these techniques for every published post is the way WA members achieve top Search Engine positions.


Refer Wealthy Affiliate to make money

The money-making side of things runs automatically once you’ve attracted visitors, the reason training focuses on how to land posts on the first page of Search Results – As rankings increase, visitor numbers increase.

Lessons teach how to insert affiliate links into text, images and banners. Simply refer visitors to check out the genuine try before you buy starter membership.

Wealthy Affiliate then introduces your referrals to this business opportunity on your behalf, provide 2 free websites and welcome them to take part in the Affiliate Marketing Course 1 – on the house.

This introduction oozes trust.


Get Started in the Best Residual Income Opportunity Online

If you’re eager to recur income for the lifetime of your referrals memberships, try out Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter course to see if this opportunity suits your way of working.

Your unique affiliate link will work the same way as mine, inserted into this banner below.

When a visitor clicks your link, they’re taken to Wealthy Affiliate. If they decide to join Premium, you earn recurring commissions.

Learn to become a Super Affiliate
Learn to become a Super Affiliate

If you have any queries regarding Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program, drop them in the comment box below – a pleasure to help,


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