Is Webtalk The Best FREE Online Affiliate Program?

Webtalk – the NEW Social Media platform could be the best FREE online affiliate program to hit the web considering this innovative network design has real potential to reach the dizzy heights of Facebook. Having the ability to run your business and personal relationships alongside each other delivers so much convenience.

All you have to do is join for FREE and refer to EARN to help Webtalk grow, however, you’ve gotta be quick.

This is a come today, gone tomorrow BETA membership, therefore, you’ve got to sign-up early to enable earning from the program.

Invite YOUR friends before they invite YOU.

You have to be amongst the first 1,000,000 members to sign up and help grow Webtalk’s community by simply referring. In return, members receive a 50% revenue share for LIFE

Becoming a member is by invitation only – Here’s my invitation to YOU:

The Future of Webtalk

Although the platform is public, it’s presently in Beta testing stage; providing Beta users with a genuine FREE LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to share in Webtalk’s PROSPERITY in a BIG WAY!

The idea of progressively evolving the platform by means of referral marketing is to bypass raising venture capital to fund the process. As a consequence, they keep control of their mission – changing the way Social networking operates.

Apparently, Facebook generated $40 BILLION in profits from the likes of advertising, premium upgrades & transaction fees last year. When Webtalk reaches this level, they could be paying their BETA USERS $20 BILLION in referral fees EVERY YEAR.

This Affiliate Referral Program is termed Social CPX whereby their compensation plan pays out 5 tiers with your 1st pro customer referral. Earnings are derived from a similar source of revenue Facebook generates – The difference, Webtalk shares their revenue with YOU if you join up as a BETA tester.

Personally, I’m not a fan of MLM schemes because the majority of Affiliates never make it past level one. Maybe Webtalk’s Social CPX system has the fairness, growth & earnings potential to overcome this inherent issue. I’m not sure, only time will tell – albeit, this is Social Media.

For my sakes, I like the way Webtalk runs your business, profession and personal networks alongside each other, the innovative features AND because it’s FREE – that’s why I joined. If I end up receiving future earnings for getting in early & referring the platform to my friends, it’s a win-win.

Here’s the first Mainstream News review of Webtalk: 

Explore Webtalk

Check out the video for a demonstration of the features – the compensation plan is described half-way through:


As you’re probably aware, Social Networking can exponentially grow at a rapid pace – it won’t be long before this BETA 1,000,000 membership level is fully subscribed.   I decided to join-up quick to see if I could inspire my friends to follow me.

After joining-up, I was presented with my unique referral links:

My homepage:

A landing page:

I tend to share my unique landing page link & type ‘Follow me on Webtalk’ via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

You don’t have to change any of your daily routines to refer. I’m sure many of you are members of alternative Social Media platforms too.

Okay, it’s early days for me and the rest of the BETA users but we all seem to like what we’re seeing so far, I’m sure YOU will too.

Webtalk have united all the BEST features we’re fond of using on Social Media and incorporated them onto one platform, resulting in a SUPERIOR user-friendly Social Networking interface.

I describe Webtalk as merging Facebook with LinkedIn because it efficiently runs all your work & personal networks on the same platform, therefore, saves time.

I like the way you can organize your data, manage the news you share and what comes onto your timeline. I think these features will captivate YOUR interest too.

Anyways, I could go on but my aim is to quickly introduce you to Webtalk’s benefits before the BETA referral membership runs out. The video, up above, showcases the features, explains the earnings procedure & provides additional information.

They say, the more people you refer now – the better chances you have of making a Life changing future – Here’s hoping!

Follow me on Webtalk:

You’ve nothing to lose but there’s everything to gain – Good Luck!

Webtalk's Free Membership to Passive Income

UPDATE – Time is limited to join Webtalk’s Social CPX Referral Program. Webtalk now have in excess of 1,000,000 members, however, they have decided to keep the beta membership open until they go live.

In order to receive Webtalk’s 50% Lifetime revenue share, members are required to fully complete their profile which must include an image of yourself, a brief description about yourself, your interests, languages, experiences, education and a recommendation.

This profile stipulation is purely to generate trust and stop Scammers spamming the platform. A recommendation can only be written once the profile sections are completed, however, all these details can be hidden from public view.

Additionally, beta testers require 10 connections which simply means your Webtalk followers follow you back.

If you network / follow-me on Social Media or Wealthy Affiliate, I will write a recommendation for you with pleasure. Contact me as soon as you become a member and have completed your profile.

Once Webtalk goes live, the beta membership stops – members with completed profiles & Webtalk interaction will be involved in the 50% Lifetime revenue share.

Invite your friends before they invite you.


Here’s a passionate overview of Webtalk’s vision by RJ Garbowicz – the creation of a social platform that puts YOU in control, combining trust with convenience:


60 thoughts on “Is Webtalk The Best FREE Online Affiliate Program?”

  1. Hi Simon,
    I have been hearing a lot about this platform lately. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.
    With all the issues Facebook is having, and the constant changes to the other social media sites, having everything wrapped up on one platform could be a real game changer.
    Thanks for this great information,

    1. Hi Suzanne, thanks for stopping by.
      Webtalk certainly created a buzz when it first launched. They are currently in beta testing stage, therefore, features are rather limited at the moment whilst they test everything works correctly before they launch live.

      The way their platform enables creating your own networks along with integrating all the best features we use from Social Media, such as social networks, email, collaboration tools, newsletters, CRMs, content marketplaces, chat, blogs, websites, etc, etc; Webtalk are saying we’ll never require another communication tool again.

      Their main intention is to create trust, this is what Webtalk is all about meanwhile they have assured us that all the scams & spammers will be removed – sounds great to me and like you mention, Webtalk could be a real social game changer.
      All the best Suzanne,

  2. Interesting article. This is the first I heard of this. What do you think is the most important thing that Webtalk offers that other major social media companies don’t that will allow Webtalk to grow as big as some of the other giants like Facebook?

    1. Hey Brody, thanks for stopping by.
      The most important feature for me regards Webtalk’s network design that allows you to run your business and personal networks alongside each other. Sharing serious business stuff together with the daft stuff we share with friends & family has always created awkwardness for my concerns. This is something that clearly separates Webtalk from the current Social Media platforms.

      Having the ability to create your own networks and share specific information with certain groups is a real game-changer. In the future, Webtalk’s mission is for members to syndicate all their posts across many of the Social Media platforms which not only delivers convenience, it’s going to save people like me loads of time.

      Aspiring to the dizzy heights of Facebook & Twitter is a huge mountain to climb, granted, however, Webtalk’s ambition is to be the no1 Social Media platform in 5 years. Only time will tell.
      All the best Brody,

  3. Interesting. In the face of so much Facebook and Twitter controversy I can see how competing social networking sites are going to prosper and do so in a very short order.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will surely return and spend some more time looking into this.

    Best Regards,
    Tim Singleton

    1. Hey Tim, thanks for exploring Webtalk’s innovative network design and their free to join SocialCPX Affiliate program.

      I like the way Webtalk gives you full control over the news you see and share and the way you can set private networks up to communicate with specific groups of people.

      The key is to assign your followers into categories when they connect with you to follow. After that, simply filter your news-feed within the custom section in order to communicate privately with just that group of people, it’s convenient & fast.

      Connect with me when you join, I will assign you to my Wealthy Affiliate category.
      All the best,

  4. I’ve been looking for a social networking platform that can incorporate some sort of commission based structure.

    Webtalk seems to be the real deal. I wonder if social media companies are pressured into incorporating an income incentive these days, to even stand a chance of catching up to major social networking sites like Facebook, Google +, Pinterest.

    I really like the idea of being able to categorize who you network with. Family in one spot, friends in another and business related melodrama in a section of its own.

    Benjamin Ward

    1. Hi Benjamin, the way Webtalk have developed their custom-designed network grasped my initial attention, being able to control who sees what & when and filter the news you want to see including sharing information to specific groups of people is ground-breaking.

      I understand why they have designed their SocialCPX Affiliate program. If they raised money through venture capital funding, the institutions would start dictating how their business runs yet Webtalk’s mission is to give users full control of their networks. I think this is their only solution to solve this problem and we all know how fast Social Media spreads the word to build-up a membership base if there’s an incentive.

      Having the ability to share fun stuff with family & friends, then switch over immediately to communicate serious stuff with your business colleagues will probably transform Social Media.

      All the best Benjamin, connect with me if you decide to join,

  5. Thanks for the information. I had never even heard of Webtalk before. I am struggling to keep up with all the different forms of social media so having a one-stop shop so to speak sounds like a great idea. I will look at it in more detail.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I had never heard of Webtalk until a month ago either – a friend introduced me to them.

      I discovered how you can create personal, professional and business networks on the Webtalk platform, this intrigued me. I like the way you manage your newsfeed and the way you control the news you see and share is so convenient and saves loads of time.

      It’s early days for Webtalk, they are still beta testing, however, so far, I like the features whilst their future’s looking rosy – Exciting times.
      All the best,

    1. Hi Dinh, you’re welcome – I have just connected with you inside and written you a recommendation. Hope it’s okay, let me know if you would like it worded any differently.

      I’ve provided a few video links to help you navigate your way around the platform. It’s very straightforward once you’ve been shown.

      Let me know if you need any help completing your profile to 100%,

  6. Hi Simon, that was a good review of Webtalk in Beta Testing.
    I have already signed up 2 weeks back and had not thought of writing a review like this.

    Thank you for touching the ins and outs of the Social Media and your explanation has certainly added more optimism about the platform.

    I wish that members who have not signed up follow you and benefit together.
    All the best in the venture

    1. Hey Phomrong, thanks for reading my review of Webtalk and giving me the thumbs-up. I will search for you and connect.

      This video at the base of the page, produced by Webtalk’s founder, RJ Garbowicz captivated me. Their plans to revolutionize Social Media in the way we network by providing the convenience of interacting on all Social media from within the Webtalk platform – sounds fab and will save a boatload of time for my sakes.

      I have found the way you manage the news you want to see and how you can network with just your family or friends or business associates by the click of a mouse, superb. All you have to do is assign your connections to the required group you wish to communicate with.

      I hope you enjoy Webtalk as much as I have since my invitation to join.
      All the best,

  7. Waow never heard anything about webtalk before, it sounds pretty interesting. I mean the 50% commision as an affiliate seems really attractive. I will have to check it out further and probably sign up as its a free membership. But I would also like to know if this is open to every other country, or do they have limitations?

    1. Hi Queen, thanks for stopping by.
      Webtalk allows you to manage the news you want to see and share. You can network your personal, profession and business relationships alongside each other on the same platform with the added benefit of providing all the features we like & use from the various Social Media channels, rolled onto the same platform – I really like Webtalk’s innovative creation.

      I’m not a lover of MLM schemes, to be honest, most of us fail because we’re not expert online marketers, however, although Webtalk’s SocialCPX Referal Program follows the same pattern, I can see it working down 5 levels due to the exponential growth potential Social Media platforms have. Webtalk’s ambition is to be no1 in 5 years.

      It’s free to join, just like Facebook. You have to fill out your profile 100% and follow 10 Webtalk members who follow you back – 10 connections, to accomplish your beta membership. Then go and invite your friends to join and follow you.

      The reason I joined was that it’s free, It’s simple & not time-consuming to ask your friends to join & follow and the Social CPX Referal plan has earnings potential.

      Webtalk is based in St Petersburg, Florida and is open worldwide – just like Facebook and Twitter. I’m not aware of any limitations. I would presume where Facebook & Twitter are available, Webtalk will be too.

      Hope this helps,

  8. Great tip there. Since Google plus is to be shut down I actually need a new social media anyway.
    I have never joined one in an early stage like this and will today add my account under your link.
    I think it’s not just because the affiliate pays chances but social media, in general, are a very big part of business life these days.
    Is it like Facebook, where I can open a page or a group?
    Well, I’ll soon see, thanks for the great info, see you 🙂

    1. Hey Stefan, Google+ closing down came as a real shock to me too. I’m looking forward to Webtalk rolling out all the features we’re fond of using on Social media to accompany the way their network allows you to manage many relationships on the same platform – it’s a clever design that captivated my initial interest.

      Looking forward to connecting with you inside Webtalk Stefan. As we are Wealthy Affiliate members I can write you a Recommendation with pleasure if you wish. Let me know when you have completed all your profile sections. Profiles have to be 100% complete to accomplish being a beta member. Also, you require following 10 Webtalk members who follow you back – 10 connections. Then go and invite your friends.

      Businesses pages will be part of Webtalk but I can’t provide any information because they haven’t been introduced yet, Webtalk is presently in beta testing stage.

      Looking forward to connecting Stefan,

  9. Wow, this looks really interesting. I struggle with the multiple social media applications and feel overwhelmed at times. It would really be great to get a better handle over this and who sees what by keeping your groups better organised. It is so important to keep up to date with what is new coming out onto the market with social media. I have children and I need to know what their future media uses are and how to connect with them and also for my own business. The video explains this really well too. Thank you so much for introducing me to something new! I will definitely be joining Webtalks affiliate program.

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for calling in to explore the many features Webtalk are set to roll out.

      Webtalk’s ambition is to give users full control over the news we want to see and from whom as well as delivering the ability to share information to just the people we want.

      When someone follows you, you assign them as a friend, a family member, a club you’re involved in, your business contacts, etc, etc.
      Sharing news with specific groups is easy. Write your post, include your video/photo, caption etc and send it to just your family or business associates.
      Also, you can select to see the news flow from just your friends or the club you are involved in – it’s very convenient.
      Additionally, there are loads of features currently being developed & will be introduced over the coming years.

      The reason Webtalk has developed their SocialCPX referral program, where we invite our friends, is to keep complete control over their network design – Why? – because this also gives users full control. If they grew the business through venture capital funding, Institutions then start dictating how their network is used – Sad but true. Instead, Webtalk developed this fair system.

      All the best Mary. Connect with me when you join,

  10. I’m glad I got to read this article as I joined Webtalk last week, but am pretty fuzzy on how it works.

    I’ll work on completing my profile today. Does everyone need a recommendation?

    Thanks for the great post Simon. I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Hi Holly, like anything new, Social Media platforms take a few days to get used to, however, I have found creating networks by assigning followers into specific groups straightforward once I watched the video of how it’s done.
      After you have assigned connections to a particular group, you can view and share information with just those people which delivers so much convenience.

      In order to qualify as a beta member, you have to complete your profile 100%. Every section can be hidden from public view. Completing your profile opens up the recommendation box which goes towards your profile’s 100%. The only thing to do after that is to follow 10 Webtalk members who follow you back – 10 connections and you’re done. Then invite your friends.

      I will write a recommendation for you if you wish Holly as we network together on the Wealthy Affiliate platform – Let me know.
      All the best,

  11. Hey Simon!

    This looks very interesting! I have never heard of Webtalk before! Once I get off work this is something I will be looking into more!

    Thanks for sharing! This is something that could definitely be the future of Social Media!

    All the Best,


    1. Hey Chris, when I entered Webtalk and started discovering how convenient their networking design is, I was captivated.

      You can set up Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Business, Profession and Additional networks plus you can manage the news you wish to see as well as send messages to specific networks, it’s a cleverly designed and makes networking super-efficient.

      Here’s a Mainstream News review of Webtalk, published by ‘Bold Business’ this morning:

      I think Webtalk is set to change how we network together, they are providing us, the user, full control of what we see and share.

      All the best Chris, connect with me if you decide to join,
      It’s FREE by the way, just like Facebook.

  12. Hi Simon,

    Great post. Sorry but Mary beat you to the punch there. I just signed up with her sorry! Hopefully I am a downline for you. Sounds really interesting.

    To be as big as Facebook would be a monumental effort but if it works who knows. You explain it really well and definitely not a scam. Sorry again mate and lets hope we can cash in haha!


    1. Hey Kev, thanks for calling in to explore the convenience of networking business & personal relationships on Webtalk’s Social Media platform and their SocialCPX Referral program. I hope your business is flourishing too.

      Yeah, I introduced Mary like Chris introduced me, she was as captivated as I was regarding the features Webtalk is set to roll out, their future is quite awe-inspiring.

      Great to see you in Webtalk Kev, Wealthy Affiliate members will be networking together and sharing blog-posts on the platform to help prosper our website’s promotions.
      All the best, enjoy,

  13. I have never heard of webtalk. It certainly does sound very interesting. I was confused as what it was. Your article did a great job explaining what webtalk is. I have a much better understanding of it right now. Since it’s free, I will definitely have to check it out. There is nothing to lose when something is offered for free. Thank you for sharing. It was a great read.

    1. Hi Hong, I hadn’t heard of Webtalk either until about 3 weeks ago when Chris, a Wealthy Affiliate member introduced me.

      Heck, I was captivated because they are introducing all the features we like on Social Media but giving us complete control over the news we see and share AND with the added benefit you can network your personal relationships alongside your business connections.

      In a nutshell, Webtalk is streamlining Social networking and making it convenient.

      Webtalk is completely free to join, just like Facebook, however, like LinkedIn, members have to fill out their profile sections explained above. This stipulation is purely to generate trust & put scammers off joining Webtalk to spam because they ain’t gonna tolerate spam – great news. Once you have completed the profile sections you can hide your information from Public view.

      Connect with me when you decide to join Hong, thanks again,

  14. Hi Simon, Great review.Thanks for sharing about this new affiliate program. I am fascinated by Webtalk. I am excited to join. I hope this will help me to earn in the future!

    1. Hi Kavitha, great to connect with you today on the Webtalk platform.

      I agree, let’s hope Webtalk delivers beta members lucrative earnings in the future.

      As I mentioned in the review, I’m not a fan of MLM schemes and this SocialCPX system does follow a similar format, however, the exponential growth potential Webtalk’s innovative Social Media platform is set to deliver, makes earning through 5 levels highly achievable for those who are willing to refer the program to their friends and followers, especially when joining before the platform goes live.

      Enjoy your journey & happy Webtalking Kavitha,

  15. Hello Simon,
    Wow! I’ve come across with Webtalk yesterday and I’m considering to join but a bit in doubt.
    Thanks for your review. I already signed up. Thanks for the invitation.

    Best regards,

    1. Hey Che, thanks for inspecting Webtalk’s innovative features and Social CPX referral Program. Great to connect & network with you today on the Webtalk platform.

      Mainstream News reviews are starting to explore the potential Webtalk is set to deliver to the Social Media world, I’m liking what I’ve been introduced to so far whilst their future is simply mind-blowing.

      Check out the ‘Bold Business’ review of Webtalk:

      Thanks again Che, happy networking and Webtalking,

    1. Hey Dave, thanks for stopping by to read about Webtalk’s convenient & innovative network design, enabling you to network many relationships on the same platform, the many features and their Free online affiliate program, named SocialCPX.
      Hope to see you on the inside, thank you,

    1. Hey Deraj, thanks for reading about the advantages of Webtalk and the SocialCPX Referral Program.

      New additions are being incorporated daily on the platform, however, the convenience of creating your own personal and business networks to run alongside each other is superb whereas being able to earn revenue by simply asking your friends to follow in order to help Webtalk grow – What’s there to lose when it’s a free sign-up?

      Go Webtalk – thanks again,

    1. Hi Maurice, Webtalk is a Social Media platform with a difference, it enables you to network your business and personal relationships alongside each other. When someone follows you, you assign them as a Family Member, Friend, Acquaintance, or Business Contact which can be further divided into subcategories, therefore, enables managing the news you would like to see and share – it’s efficient and saves time.

      For a website business, for example, you simply share your blog-posts as you do on Facebook & Twitter to achieve gaining visitors and conversions etc.

      Webtalk wants to be the future’s top Social Media platform – the next Facebook. They are integrating all the best bits we like from Social Media, alongside their innovative network design.

      As opposed to going to the Stock Market for funding to help grow their business, Webtalk has created a Social CPX Referral Program whereby members help grow Webtalk by referring their friends & Social Media followers to join for free and follow them.

      In the future when Webtalk starts earning revenue from advertisements and business transactions, as Facebook does, they will divide their earnings with beta members for helping grow their business – a 50% lifetime share.

      Hope this has answered your query; it’s simply a new Social Media platform that needs us to help grow their business.

  16. I’ve never heard of this network but it’s something that’s worth looking into. Are you allowed to say how much percentage do they pay per referral and if there is a cap? I’ve seen other programs that are in BETA and they say that the first x amount of people will get it for free but for the most part it’s just a marketing tactic to get people to sign up. So I wonder if this is the same thing.

    1. Hey Victor, Webtalk was new to me a few weeks ago, however, their growth potential has certainly inspired Wealthy Affiliate members to join.

      How the program works is by members asking their friends and Social Media followers to join Weblink and follow, it’s that straightforward.

      Those members who join Webtalk while they are in beta testing stage and help grow Webtalk will receive a 50% share for life from earnings, these include business transactions, advertisements & upgrades etc, just like Facebook earns their revenue.

      The people you refer are level 1. the people your referrers refer are level 2, etc which goes down 5 levels. Beta members receive 10% earnings per level which expands through 5 tiers – It’s like multi level marketing but termed as a Social CPX Referral Program.

      The platform is entirely free to join. I think the upgrades depend on how many followers you can connect with, your type of business, your company size, etc, etc. 

      What I like about the platform is that it delivers convenience in networking your personal relationships alongside your business networks, it’s highly efficient. You control the news you see and share.

      For instance, you could create a network to just see the news and communicate with those people you referred to Wealthy Affiliate, then communicate with all Wealthy Affiliate members, then read what your family members are posting, then your friends & so on. 

      When people connect with you, you assign tags to them, therefore, you can create multiple networks on the same platform, it’s clever – the reason they decided not to get funding to grow their business in fear of losing control of their network design.

      Hope I have answered your concerns Victor: My view – it’s free to join and straightforward to refer – if it produces earnings in the future, happy days.


  17. Hi Simon,
    I never heard about Webtalk before. You say it’s free, so probably nothing to lose if I try it out.
    From there, we’ll need to see how it goes.
    Did you get any money from them already? I guess some type of payment proof would increase your referrals amount.

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for reading about Webtalk, they have been working on their platform and network design for the last 8 years. Now has come the time for them to grow their business by Socially Referring instead of applying for Venture Funding through the Stock Market. It’s impressive to see 50,000 members joining daily.

      The beta membership is free to join, our role is to ask our friends to follow us at Webtalk. In return for referring, Webtalk will share 50% of earnings for life with beta members, this way they keep full control of their network as opposed to being dictated by the market.

      No money will flow through yet Mary – once Webtalk starts earning revenue through business transactions, upgrades and advertisements as Facebook earns revenue, is the time they will share earnings between beta members.

      The only way to describe any start-up business is speculation, however, when you understand how their patent-pending network design works, you understand their confidence in reaching the no1 Social Media platform in the future.
      Hope this helps,

  18. Great information about WebTalk. I haven’t heard it before but it seems to be a platform worth to try. I joined and filled up my bio. I’m grateful if you will add your recommendations to WebTalk.

    1. Hey Kari, great to connect with you on Webtalk, thanks for following.

      I saw your profile and wrote out a recommendation for you, hope it’s okay. Let me know if you would like it worded any differently.

      Yeah, I thought exactly the same as you, it’s worth a try. Many Wealthy Affiliate members have connected with me on the Webtalk platform, you’ll find Wealthy Affiliate members an easy referral as we all trust each other. How I get on referring the program with followers on Social Media remains to be seen, however, there’s nothing complex asking friends to follow & it’s free, you’ve nothing to lose.

      Some people impressively refer, it’s incredible to see their levels exponentially accumulate.
      Thanks again Kari,

  19. Hi Simon,

    This looks a good scheme and would certainly be worth the time invested if the return was high enough. I don’t see it exploding like Bitcoin did when it first came out and investors ended up 100x-ing their initial outlay.
    Would you say this is worth it for someone with little or no time to invest and a lot to lose? Or is it penny stock?


    1. Hey Robert, thanks for stopping by.
      I am always sceptical at Multi-Level Marketing schemes – most of us are not online marketing experts, the reason most of us never climb the ladder.

      No, this is a completely different kettle of fish to Bitcoin. Webtalk is merely asking beta members to help grow their business instead of going down the venture capital funding route for the reason they want to keep control of the way their networks independently run alongside each other.

      In return for helping grow their business through the early stages, Webtalk will pay beta members a 50% lifetime earnings share for referring.

      The way I see this Robert: I like the way you can run all your personal and business relationships on the same platform, it’s efficient and very convenient. If I can earn future revenue by simply asking my friends to follow when it’s free to join, there’s nothing to lose.

      In a nutshell, is free and maybe lucrative, depending on how many referrals follow you and follow them and so on.
      Maybe see you on the inside, all the best,

  20. I was drawn to your site to learn more of this awesome Social Media platform called Webtalk, that I have already become part of. Your thorough rundown of the company, the business and how it all works with the Beta referral program, is all so interesting. The research I’ve done on it already left some questions in my mind. But, after reading your information, I now understand all the ins and outs! Great read!

    1. Thanks for visiting to read about Webtalk’s new style of business opportunity called the Social CPX Referral Program.

      Webtalk had the choice to grow their Social Media platform by means of applying the stock market for Venture Capital funding or socially referring with beta members before the platform goes fully live. 

      The return of favour is a 50% lifetime share of future earnings with beta members for helping grow their platform.

      The reason Webtalk chose this method was to keep complete control of their network design, because this is what makes Webtalk unique, providing members the ability to run many networks on the same platform. 

      I find networking with friends, family and business colleagues on Webtalk effective & streamlined, it’s very efficient.

      Connect with me when you’re next in Webtalk, thanks for commenting,


  21. Hi Simon, this is the first time I’ve heard of Webtalk as well and I must admit, it sounds fantastic! Nothing to lose and everything to gain as you mentioned.

    I’m still quite new to the online business world but I’ll most definitely be taking a look into this, thank you for sharing this, lets make it work!

    1. Hey Nadia, thanks for calling in to explore Webtalk’s leisurely business opportunity.

      Yeah, it’s free to join & easy to ask your friends to follow you when you’re networking on Social Media.

      I know quite a few Wealthy Affiliate members getting involved with Weblink because it’s an easy referral program that’s not time-consuming meanwhile complements our affiliate marketing businesses a treat whilst we share blog-post links on Social Media.

      As we network together at Wealthy Affiliate Nadia, I can write you a recommendation with pleasure, please ask as soon as you fill out your profile sections because time is strictly limited to secure our place as beta members.

      Let’s make it work and help each other complete our profiles 100%.
      See you on the inside,

  22. Amazing!
    I never heard before about Webtalk and it looks like a really good opportunity.
    Is a win-win process!

    So, if I understood you correctly, I will have to write a recommendation to all my guests?

    Could you explain why they need a recommendation to join the platform?

    1. Hi Anatolie, thanks for calling in to read about the benefits of joining Webtalk while it’s in the beta testing stage.

      It’s a free and easy sign-up but you have to fill in your profile 100% which includes About yourself, interests, education, experience & language – these can be hidden from view, however, members have to insert a profile image of themselves and acquire a recommendation from someone they network with – like me because I network with you on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      The profile stipulation and recommendation requirement are purely to generate trust for Webtalk and cut back on scam and spam.

      As a gesture, I am saying if we network together, I will provide a recommendation for you to help you quickly complete your profile because this 1,000,000 membership is strictly limited and could run out any day now. Providing recommendations is purely a gesture, not a requirement.
      Hope this helps,

  23. Webtalk seems like a very interesting idea. I have tried MLM in the past and have decided it is not for me, but I know there are people who make money using MLM. From what I can tell they get in, make their money and get out. Generally, MLM doesn’t last long before it collapses. The main difference here seems to be the social network aspect.

    This could be the edge that redefines MLM as we know it because there is something useful on the other end. I will keep my eyes open.

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by to read about Webtalk’s Social CPX Affiliate Program.

      I understand exactly why you don’t like MLM schemes, I’m with you all the way. Rarely do members get passed level 1, the reason most of us fail. You have to be an experienced online marketer to be successful at Multi Level Marketing, there’s no doubt.

      Weblink’s Social CPX Affiliate Program is a lifetime business opportunity if you join as a beta member and help grow their platform by referring new members – your friends. In return, when Weblink start earning revenue from advertisements and business transaction etc like Facebook does, they will share 50% revenue for life with their beta members.

      The alternative option to grow Webtalk was to apply for venture capital funding but instead, they decided to grow by socially referring in order to keep control of their network design.

      I love the platform and I like the business opportunity. Whether I can easily acquire followers on Social Media & make huge bucks in the future remains to be seen, however, I have referred quite a few Wealthy Affiliate members because we all follow each other plus this is an easy referral as we all trust each other.

      Don’t leave it too long before the beta membership reaches 1,000,000 members, membership is becoming limited as I write.

      All the best,


  24. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for sharing this. Never heard of Webtalk before, but looks promising. I would certainly be interested to join the beta. Doesn’t seem to cost me anything and potential is huge.
    I’ll send you a PM and maybe you can recommend me to the program.
    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hey Wei, thanks for stopping by to read about Webtalk’s Social CPX Affiliate Program – exciting times ahead.

      Personally, I’m not one for Multi-Level Marketing for the reasons most of us don’t get passed level 1, however, the growth potential a Social Media platform such as Webtalk’s design in changing the way we network online, spurred my interest.

      It’s free to join and easy to ask your friends to join & follow. In return, there’s scope to make lucrative earnings as your levels move down the 5 tiers. I love the way you can run all your personal, business, friends, acquaintances and family networks alongside each other – if I can refer the platform to friends & earn in the process – happy days.

      We both network together on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, therefore, I can write you a recommendation with pleasure – let me know as soon as your profile is written out – beta time is limited, let’s try and make all our profiles 100% complete.

      All the best Wei – see you in Weblink,

  25. Hello,
    It’s the first time that I hear about Webtalk. This sounds like a good opportunity to promote this social media platform before it gets saturated.
    I have a question: you get a 50% revenue share. Do the people who you have invited have to buy something in order to quality as a referral or just sign up for free?

    1. Hi dreamgirl193, Webtalk has just got started but is rapidly growing as you can probably imagine with a Social Media enterprise flaunting these credentials.

      Webtalk had the choice of either growing their company by means of raising venture capital funding or providing an affiliate program for members to refer the platform. 

      Weblink created the Social CPX Referral Program in order to keep complete control of the way their network is designed because you can network your business, profession and personal relationships alongside each other here – it’s like rolling all the Social Media platforms into one and then some.

      You have to be invited by someone who is already a member, like me.

      The platform is entirely free to join, just like Facebook. Your profile must contain your personal photo, a brief description about yourself, hobbies, education etc and a recommendation from someone who networks with you. I can provide a recommendation if you either follow me on Social Media or Wealthy Affiliate because we network together.

      The profile stipulation is to ensure a trustworthy Social network is formed and just like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc, it’s completely free. 

      In the future Weblink will gain their revenue from advertisements and business transactions just like Facebook does, however, 50% of the revenue will be shared out to their referrers who join whilst the platform is in beta testing stage.

      Time is limited if you wish to get on board.

      Hope I have answered your queries, thanks again,


  26. Great review for Webtalk. I have never heard about Webtalk. It’s quite interesting about member receive a 50% revenues share for life. As an affiliate marketer, users 20 billion in referral fees every year is really attractive.

    I think Webtalk may become the next wave of bringing a big change to the social media market. If it really did, Webtalk can bring me a chance to make a life change.

    I’m so excited now. You bring me such a useful information.

    Thanks for you sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and messaging about Webtalk’s Social media service & free online affiliate program.

      To be honest CT, I joined because I like the features especially the way to can manage the information you see and share. Webtalk have presented such a user-friendly way of social networking where you are able to communicate with your personal life whilst networking with your work life – it’s great.

      How multi-level marketing works 5 levels with this Social CPX Referral Program, I have no idea, however, the exponential growth potential a social media platform has once the word is spread is quite incredible if you can get your message across to your friends, so maybe there is a chance to make a lucrative business in the long run.

      The way I see things here – If you like the features this platform provides as I do and you can earn whilst simply referring friends to join-up for free – you have nothing to lose yet everything to gain.

      All the best CT, connect with me when you join, I’ll follow you back,

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