The Beginners Guide To Making Money Online

The beginners guide to making money online is brought to you by Wealthy Affiliate, courtesy of their in-depth affiliate marketing training course.

Wealthy Affiliate - The Beginners Guide to Making Money OnlineEarn while you learn – members implement each procedure as they work their way through the course structure.

Best described as an online marketing school, Wealthy Affiliate provides & hosts members websites, delivers comprehensive training and embraces help & support through their advanced interactive platform.

Members brand their business, create a website to showcase their promotions and configure each blog-post to target specific searchers probing the Search Engines to what they are writing about, in order to earn residual income.

What can you promote?

Any particular interest you have – members partake in the Online Entrepreneur Certification


Promote Wealthy Affiliate by enrolling on the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Both choices are proven to work:

The Beginners Guide To Making Money Online


Online Entrepreneur Certification

You can build a website around your passion, such as a pastime, hobby or general interest. Members earn revenue by joining the countless free Affiliate Programs such as Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc, etc.

The plan of action is to blog about your passion whilst incorporating the odd affiliate link that leads visitors to purchase products you are promoting. Commissions are earned when purchases are made from your affiliate link.

Additionally, this course accommodates people wishing to promote their own products & services online or those wishing to attract people to join Affiliate Programs they are currently involved in.

Throughout my years of membership, I’ve interacted with members promoting various Affiliate Programs, from Forex to herbal remedies.

Most Affiliate Programs bypass the most important aspect of running a business online – attracting visitors that accomplish conversions, leaving members either spamming Social Media, advertising like crazy, leaving or searching for an ethical solution to master building an income stream.

The reasons this course has exceeded a million members is because it teaches how to configure each particular blog post to target those people searching the Search Engines for the information YOU are promoting.

Promote something you are passionate about:


Affiliate Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate earns their revenue courtesy of Starter Members joining their Premium Membership, an all-inclusive package which includes website hosting, expert training, help, support and their groundbreaking interactive community platform.

Premium membership includes Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program. Members are each provided with a unique affiliate link. The role requires referring people to trial the FREE Starter Membership.

This genuine FREE trial takes all the hassles out of referring. Your visitors are able to scrutinize Wealthy Affiliate’s ethical way of online marketing and the professionalism their training delivers, for themselves.

When a referral joins Premium, Wealthy Affiliate shares their membership payment with you – $23.50 recurring month by month.

Unlike MLM schemes, every member is paid equally here. Revenue is simply driven by how much work YOU are willing to put in – there’s no cap to earnings.

Members are further motivated to accomplish 2 yearly goals by referring 300 then 3,000 members. Heck, these figures take some digesting when they keep recurring month on month. Besides the earnings, both Las Vegas trips for achieving are certainly worth working towards.

Encouragingly, Super Affiliates that previously had no online experience are achieving these goals.

Promote Wealthy Affiliate:

Referral Income


How long does it take before earnings flourish?

Okay, this business requires motivation to achieve high ranks in the Search Engines, however, in sharp contrast to the misinformation scaremongering top search positions can’t be achieved – they’re clearly wrong.

I commenced affiliate marketing a few years back as a complete novice. Plugging away writing blog-posts regularly, eventually attains the Google ranks we’re all striving for, irrespective of what niche you are promoting.

Understanding & implementing Wealthy Affiliate’s successful marketing techniques and mastering the process of keyword research for blog-titles flourishes websites in the Search Engines.

Achieving first page Search positions is when website visitor numbers start to multiply, after which, conversions become automated.

Members usually suggest you start noticing results after you’ve been blogging away for 3 months. Not for me; it took about 6 months for income to dribble in and about a year before income started to stream in on a regular basis.


Free Starter Membership delivers a Full-Insight

Having the ability to trial the membership at no cost delivers a thorough understanding of what online marketing entails besides scrutinizing how genuine this opportunity truly is.

Included with this freebie, you can partake in the first 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the first 10 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp.

2 Free websites are included so you can grasp how straightforward & fun the techniques of building a WordPress website around both opportunities is.

All the lessons are video-based, simply watch how it’s done, then implement the process into your website.

There’s enough information here for you to make an informed decision to either stay & upgrade to Premium or leave if this opportunity’s not for you.

Does this sound like a scam to you?

Promote something you are interested in:


Promote Wealthy Affiliate:


How much does Premium Membership REALLY cost?

Apart from my yearly website cost of $13.99, Premium membership costs $49 per month.

Savings can be made by paying a yearly subscription, whereas Black Friday deals usually provide additional annual savings.

Advertising is taught but is purely an option. I have never paid for advertising, so I can’t comment how effective this is.

Reasons being, training focuses on landing blog-posts in the top positions of Search Engines because over time, this is where making money becomes automated.

Encouragingly, there are no up-sells & no contracts, members can cancel at any time.

Wealthy Affiliate's Free Starter & Premium Membership


What makes THIS Guide to Making Money Online SUPERIOR?


Help is essential for every newbie, it’s provided within every training step and many ways across WA’s interactive platform, including live-chat. Members assist each other to progress.

The question on everyone’s lips – Why do members take their time to help each other?

Members reciprocate comments on each other’s websites for the purpose of making blogs interactive. Engaging websites befriend Search Engines; in return, they improve website rankings.

Comment interaction makes these give & take threads lively, consequential to members helping each other to progress; it’s cleverly designed.

Immediate Website Support

Another huge concern is website hosting support.

Whenever I have encountered a website glitch, the issue has been resolved in under 15 minutes after raising a support ticket.

If this support can be beaten, we’re nitpicking.

The secrets to MAKING Conversions

Generating ongoing conversions are derived from targeted traffic. The optimal way to accomplish – titling blog posts with the search terms people are typing into the search bar seeking information to what YOU are promoting.

On account of blog posts being configured this way, Search Engines know where to locate your blog-post. It’s just a matter of time & work before you notice many are reaching the first page of results.

Utilizing Wealthy Affiliate’s purposely designed keyword tool – Jaaxy, crucially provides members with search engine results – NOT Pay-Per-Click and advertising results.

Training educates how to select ‘low-competition’ keyword phrases with decent monthly traffic counts from Jaaxy’s results page.

Using the chosen keyword phrase for your blog title, additionally place the phrase somewhere in the first couple of paragraphs and for the alt tag of your featured image.

After that, just write naturally.

Once you realize the potential of keyword research, it becomes evident how any blogger can master search engine traffic due to the limitless search terms we use daily within every niche. I find Jaaxy fab for titling Pinterest boards too.

Writing unique & natural content

Getting chummy with Search Engines by writing unique blog-posts improves website ranks significantly whereas coming across conversationally captivates interest; sure beats the boredom of school-day writing.

I must admit, my initial worries were not having enough writing experience. Seriously, you don’t have to be an Author here. Keep it honest, plain & simple and get your message across HELPFUL – this way gains trust.

Training provides loads of advice and nothing’s complex. Embrace the tips and after half a dozen posts, you’ll perfect your own style.

The Biggest tip I’ve taken on-board is not to try & sell anything – visitors soon disappear if you’re pushy, let people make their own mind up.

Members utilize the ‘Ultimate Writing Platform’ for creating blog-posts. It provides spell-check, inspects grammar mistakes & scrutinizes sentence structure, however, most importantly examines for duplicate content when publishing to your website.

Members find this hidden help improves writing standards significantly, meantime, delivers contentment knowing your article’s unique, therefore, Search Engine friendly.

Operating ethically on Social Media works

Members have the opportunity to develop a substantial Social Media following because members follow each other & we’re all targeting different types of traffic.

Likes & shares improve Search Engine ranks meantime members are advised to link back to their website to befriend the likes of Facebook, rather than spam affiliate links.

The University of Online Marketing


Will Advertising quicken the process?

Advertising is a huge misconception yet is favoured by nearly every Affiliate Program out there. What they don’t want you to hear is the truth:

YOUR online success requires EFFORT – Ouch!

This puts most people off joining yet is the reason most people fail.

Advertising can be costly yet is merely speculation, hoping to inspire someone to click your link, whereupon, visitors are taken to the company website and confronted with all the advantages the service or product has to offer.

Yeah, we may think this is the bee’s knees, crackerjack, a humdinger – but what do we do next?

We type phrases into the search bar looking for trustworthy reviews that reveal the pros & cons.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate members blog-posts are located due to being configured with the same search terms to land there; after which, their affiliate link converts.

Okay, top Search positions take time & demand work but this free-way not only automates conversions, it’s also highly achievable to anyone who’s determined to put in the effort; the reason WA’s membership now exceeds a million members.

Promote something you are passionate about:


Promote Wealthy Affiliate:

Hope you’ve found Wealthy Affiliate’s guide to making money online informative, honest & legit.

Drop any related queries in the comment box below, a pleasure to assist.

Hope to see you on the inside,


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