Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Guide

The potential to make money online is quite astonishing, a never ending rise in purchases acquired through web stores is the prefered option many undertake due to time restraints and ease of shopping.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Guide
Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Guide

A bloggers dream dawns, generating a clear path for prospective prosperity to materialize through a website simply by writing on a regular basis about ones passion. Money is earned simply by incorporating links within written articles. When someone clicks the link to purchase, the author makes commission.

Consider joining this most powerful blogging guild – Wealthy Affiliate. A platform set up to derive your slice of the pie simply by watching and implementing the most potent step by step affiliate marketing guide to turn your aspirational dreams into fruition.

A pleasurable learn while you earn program is delivered here through high spirits uncovering all the secrets to successfully run your own business online. The secrets blogging experts don’t want you to know.

Wealthy Affiliate ask you to bring your passion onto their platform and they will show you how to earn revenue from it. Your niche is simply something you are interested in, willing to write articles about and happy to communicate with. The priority to engender success from a niche is to target a specific group of people looking within a particular segment in the market. For instance:

I chose Garden Sheds and narrowed my niche down to Plastic Sheds. I only concentrate on attracting visitors looking for the resin style of shed. This is my niche, a system that’s easier to attract visitors, easier to make a presence, become authoritative and gain trust with an audience and the Search Engines. Popular niches like the main niche – Garden Sheds are too vast, make gaining market share more difficult and harder to attract.

What’s Your Niche?

It’s quite staggering to realise there’s over 590,000 targeted niches ready to tap into. There’s room for EVERYONE to be involved.

Uncover The Blogging SecretsWhat experience is required? – Absolutely none.

This training program starts off right from the basics through to advanced level. Training is video based, watch the video and implement the strategy into your website, working your way through the steps one at a time.

The 4 Steps

The 4 main steps to the program are as follows:

  1. Choose a targeted niche
  2. Build a website around your passion
  3. Attract people from the web
  4. Make money from your effort

The Promises

The #1 priority for any newbies like myself when I got rolling are receiving support every step of the way throughout the training, a daunting prospect for any inexperienced blogger. Wealthy Affiliate promise these 3 essentials:

  1. Step by Step training for creating your niche website
  2. Expert training attracting visitors without any technical jargon
  3. Help & Support for EVERY Member

Help Help And More Help

They deliver their 3 principles way beyond every members expectations. Their platform ensures help and support for every member, a clever design where all members (including the founder members) help each other succeed as you work your way up the steps in the training course. Help is delivered in these ways:

  • Ask questions under each training module
  • Receive instant answers through live chat
  • Write more detailed questions for the whole community
  • A library full of everything blogging related
  • Live & Recorded Seminars on all blogging solutions

All you have to do is ask, members will rally round ensuring support, helping you fully understand each step you implement.

Level 1 – Getting Started in the Online World

Getting Started

This level 1 course is split up into 10 lessons, teaching how to choose a targeted niche, build a stunning website around it whilst creating quality content designed in bodacious detail.

This is a bloggers world, writing naturally is key suiting authors and audiences alike. Providing helpful articles promoting your passion oozes confidence with visitors, this is the way forward and the most potent solution in capturing interest that leads to conversions.

This is how to make money online. Don’t be mystified, Wealthy Affiliate will show you exactly how to produce wondrous articles that entice visitors to come back for more.

Writing regularly is the way forward to accomplish high rankings with the Search Engines and this is predominantly what this course teaches. It does take time to reach the echelon of first page Search results status there’s no doubt but once achievement is attained, making money starts to run automatically, the rationale of running affluency within an online business.

These 10 lessons complete your foundation:

  1. Introduction to the WA platform
  2. How earning money online works
  3. Choosing a targeted niche
  4. Start the process of building your niche website
  5. Setting up your website
  6. Installing the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugin
  7. Comprehending keywords and content
  8. Understanding web pages and posts
  9. How to produce quality content
  10. Finali of level 1 course

Level 2 – Generating your own traffic producing blog 

Level 2 - Generating Traffic

Now that your foundations are embedded on the web it’s time to start the traffic ball rolling for others to admire your wonderful creations. Don’t doubt yourself reading this, my doubts were turned into realism. You will be quite taken aback with what you create here.

You are shown how to produce crafty content displayed with plenty of white space, broken up with alluring headings to keep your audience interested.

What makes any blog successful is the ease of ability for visitors to read content. A block of words is a daunting prospect for the majority to wade through, yours will be made into a spacious document of enchantment to keep an audience attentive and steer towards conversions.

Surrounding your written article you are shown how to display powerful imagery. Images that speak more than words can ever say, creating conversions on their own. A written article promoting your passion designed with delectable presentation captivates guests. Couple this with your helpful content, conversion will become second nature once visitors are rolling through your doors.

Take a look at a recent post I created regarding the Keter Oakland 759 Shed 

Level 2 – 10 lessons for attracting visitors through your doors:

  1. Building your own domain to accomplish your brand’s success
  2. Creating theme-based website content that targets affiliate programs
  3. Setting up your email account
  4. How does traffic work
  5. The power of imagery and how to insert
  6. Using the crafty WordPress Editor to create convertable content
  7. How to implement low hanging fruit for traffic
  8. Personalising your niche
  9. Befriending Google to become your buddy
  10. Boosting ranks within Wealthy Affiliate

Level 3 – How to make money from your website

Level 3 - How to Make Money from Your Website

At this level you understand the process of accomplishing high class content delivered in a helpful manner gaining trust with your guests. You understand the process of how to receive traffic into your blog and you will be gaining recognition from the Search Engines, returned by the favour of higher rankings for all your hard work.

Another important step throughout all these levels is turning your website into the most interactive home-based studio. Search Engines adore interaction and this is where the comment section at the bottom of posts plays an important role in achieving high rankings.

Wealthy Affiliate have designed their platform to aspire members success, creating a give and take thread where you comment on a members post whilst members return the favour on yours. The likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo etc certainly take notice that you’re creating an engaging presence reflecting your status regarding their search results page into the process of gaining momentum.

Amazon Affiliate Program
Amazon Affiliate Program

The methodology of making money online through your established website takes precedence in level 3. How to join the many free Affiliate Programs such as Amazon is described in detail. How to join and set-up is taught in depth.

How to insert affiliate links into posts to generate an income is taught in detail. A very straightforward process, however how many to add per page and whether your advantage is to centralise them is explained. Search Engines do not like posts flooded with affiliate links as they associate this as spam. Wealthy Affiliate are experts in this field showing you the best way to conduct your legitimacy.

Now that visitors are entering to view your exciting articles, registering your website with Google Analytics is taught in order to watch traffic entering in and how long guests stay on your website. This provides a clear understanding regarding visitors habits – An excellent learning curve.

I have finished stages 1, 2 and 3 as I write this post, progressing through stage 4. I am creating quality content with delightful presentation, coming across helpful whilst creating an engaging presence. My rankings are improving wonderfully as I understand the traffic flow and I am earning money simply by people clicking on my affiliate links and purchasing.

In this making money course you will learn:

  1. Understanding how money is earned with your website
  2. How Affiliate Programs work
  3. Choosing relevant Affiliate Programs dependant on your niche
  4. How to add affiliate links
  5. Millions of products are accessible everywhere
  6. How to leverage product reviews in your articles
  7. How to get paid through ads
  8. How to increase conversion to earn dollars
  9. Setting up with Google Analytics
  10. Help leads to a secure future

Level 4 – Getting to grips with Social Media

Level 4 - Getting to grips with Social Media

An important part of affiliate marketing is to become Socially aware, creating your presence to show the world your beautiful creations and what a better active place to start gaining traffic simply by providing blog post links via Social Media.

I am slowly working my way through these steps a I write this post and this does bring traffic into your website, that’s for sure. As I said earlier, the main priority is to achieve the high ranking division with the Search Engines but this does provide the valuable solution of achieving such a status. The more traffic you attain, the more the Search Engines take notice you’re delivering.

Pinterest and Instagram are fab for visual content and this has done myself proud, enticing people into my website to take a peek.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are firm favourites for many bloggers. Everytime I write a post I share a link on these platforms to invite interested parties to have a gander to what I have written.

Personally I am finding Google+ the most powerful for receiving higher rankings as now I am noticing quite a few Google+ links appearing on the first page of Google Chrome results, beating my posts to the top spot thanks to Wealthy Affiliates infamous Keyword Tool that provides the potent touch to create my blog titles out of the exact words people are searching for in the Search Engines.

In this 10 step program you learn:

  1. What will Social Media do for your business
  2. Making your website socially engaging
  3. How to interact effectively on Facebook
  4. Go visual with Pinterest
  5. Become proficient at Tweeting
  6. The power of Google+
  7. The advantage of being social at WA
  8. Creating potent social campaigns
  9. The benefit of the social community at WA
  10. Master at everything? – Nope

Level 5 – Content is King – Produce Content Masterpieces

Level 5 - The Business of Content

I haven’t got to this stage yet but what I’m reading here excites me to keep up my momentum.

Providing unique, helpful and engaging content is the bees knees as far as Search Engines are concerned. Those who are original, write naturally and produce the quality standard Search Engines adore will receive the high ranking pinnacle. This is where making money from your blog runs like a machine.

I certainly see potential but I’m in no mind to rush through the steps. I simply implement every step what’s being shown into my website as all members do. Everyone goes at their own pace working their way through the steps one at a time.

The focus of this course is to produce:

  • Everything from the beginning of the research process
  • Excel in structured and architectural content
  • Producing quality in the layout
  • Increasing engagement
  • Expert techniques to uplift your conversions
  • Scaling content, setting goals and outsourcing
  • Becoming proficient, efficient and effective by scaling your business through content.

The 10 steps in Level 5:

  1. Your business is Your Content
  2. How to set-up Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Speed times and Indexing tutorial
  4. How to produce readable content
  5. A year is a short period of time – Now comes the big move
  6. Creating an expert writing architecture
  7. Writing content that converts
  8. Administer comments with Your objectives
  9. The power of Bing and Yahoo
  10. The procedure for the coming months and years


This is the most prolific step by step affiliate marketing guide on the web. A mountain of 10 star reviews creating a 98% positive review rate.

A helpful approach works wonders
A helpful approach works wonders

Everything blogging related is on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will never have to visit another website for information regarding running an online business.

800,000 members have already enrolled to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate has been established over 10 years and still conducts the same legitimate principles they started out with. Why?  Because this works!

The combination of members including the founders have developed Wealthy Affiliate into the most interactive platform specifically designed to help every member succeed if they are determined and willing to roll their sleeves up to implement into their own website every step in the training program.

2 Free Hosted Websites and Free Starter Training (Level 1) provides the entrance to getting started. This try before you buy package is to authenticate their legitimacy. There are NO ties.

Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program:

Step on board below and learn this powerful strategy:

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Hope to see you on the inside. 100% Genuine

SimonThanks for reading.

If you have any questions regarding these affiliate marketing steps, please drop a comment below.

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10 thoughts on “Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Guide”

  1. Hi Simon,
    There certainly looks to be plenty of detailed information and training in this wealthy affiliate programme.
    As someone who would be coming in new to affiliate marketing, how long does it take to begin making money from this type of business?
    The reason I am asking is that all the reviews I have read about wealthy affiliate say that it can take months before you start to make money yet other schemes out there are promising that I can make money instantly with them.
    It is difficult for beginners to know who to trust. Your article makes wealthy affiliate sound appealing but like a lot of people I am afraid to try something incase I get let down again.
    Could you give me just 1 reason why wealthy affiliate are better than all the rest.

    1. Hi Eddie,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      The timescale regarding making money varies a lot. Some accomplish earnings 6 moths down the line whereas the majority find a year plus whilst some find the process longer, like 2 years.

      The process is all about laying down solid foundations in the form of a website and writing regular quality content as this leads to higher rankings the more you create. This is Wealthy Affiliates focus. There’s no short cuts as the focus is to accomplish first page search results status with posts.

      Once you achieve landing posts on the first page, making money through affiliate links starts to run automatically.

      Eddie, believe me, making money instantly is false, this won’t happen as it takes time to write the amount of content search engines will rank. Over time this is entirely possible for anyone to achieve if they are determined to keep publishing and it is very straightforward to accomplish.

      The trust part is essential and this is why Wealthy Affiliate have opened their doors to allow anyone to come onto their platform with a genuine try before you buy approach.

      Members enrolling for free receive 2 free hosted websites and free starter training where only your name and email address allows for entry. No bank details, no ties. This gives you the opportunity to see if the role is right for you, check out their training and inspect Wealthy Affiliates legitimacy credentials.

      You can’t be any fairer than to check them out free of charge. If you do join Premium, there are no ties either, you can cancel at any time.

      There are plenty of reasons I think they shine above the rest and I would say their help and support for every member is #1 priority in Wealthy Affiliates eyes, so much so, they have designed their entire platform around their members where everyone helps each other succeed.

      I hope I have answered to your expectations, thanks again Eddie,

  2. Hello Simon you have done a great job with this review, I am always amazed at the extend of you post, they are always detailed and filled with great information, all the best to you my friend and keep up the good wok.

    1. Hi Norman,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      I like to provide thorough information for visitors to acquire a full understanding what’s involved. Honesty has always been my route and I understand that Affiliate marketing may be too slow a process for a few, however legitimacy is what this role offers. I have never found any quick routes to make money – lol.

      Thanks again for stopping by Norman,

  3. Hey Simon, and Thanks for this informative article about affiliate marketing.

    I found this article to be very straightforward, educating, and to be honest enlightening.

    I too am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, and the fact that there is a place that covers everything there is to know about online marketing in a clear and honest manner, is breathtaking. I myself love what wealthy affiliate has to offer, and I recommend it to anyone who would like to make a living online.

    I think that you did a great job on this article, and that’s just more proof of the quality that is taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

    All the best Simon. And keep up the good work.
    Shlomo J

    1. Hi Shlomo,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

      I try and write reviews as straightforward as possible, then everyone understands what the role entails. Nothing is hidden here and there are no upsells hidden around the corner either.

      The premise of the program is to simply work through the steps one at a time and implement what’s shown into your website pertaining to your niche. Follow the steps in order and don’t cheat by skipping past a few steps as every step leads you to accomplish a high ranking status.

      Simple really yet does require determination and willing to put in the effort to accomplish the work.

      Wealthy Affiliate only teach the legitimate way, that’s for sure.
      You and I know this Shlomo, All the best,

  4. Hi Simon,

    Affiliate Marketing is the way to go! We’re living in a time where the opportunity is easy to build an online business and make it successful.

    As all of businesses you have to put the work into it in order to succeed.

    Thank you for sharing,

    All the best,


    1. Hi Nam,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      The reason I like affiliate marketing is the hassle free environment it creates at such low cost.

      You have no stock to purchase and hold. No packaging and postage duties to deal with and no returns to sort out either and that’s what I call hassle free. It really does make a mockery of my old traditional job running a shop as far as time and money is concerned.

      However, like you say affiliate marketing does require determination to succeed and this only comes with willing to put in the effort to write quality content on a regular basis yet this job does provide the time so I have no excuses.

      It’s a great role, hope you enjoy your role Nam as much as I,

  5. Hi Simon, your site is live, your presentation is uniquely formulated. You were able to put the images of bootcamps in the way I thought I would be doing butt I was not able to do it, I only had the links. I still have to discover on how to do it.

    The more I am challenged by your work.

    1. Hi Jimmy,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      All I do to add images or banners as a screenshot instead of inserting the link is to use the Windows Snipping Tool. If you are on a Windows computer go to start and search in the box by typing in ‘Snipping Tool’ and you will be presented with it.

      Simply select the image or banner you want, click on the Snipping Tool and drag your cursor around the image / banner, then save it as you wish. I prefer jpeg but everyone has their preference.

      If you have any problems Jimmy please get in touch, I’m always happy to help,

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