Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate Program – Uncovering The Secrets

The Wealthy Affiliate Program uncovers all the blogging secrets to making money online through affiliate marketing, simply by creating a website around your passion, attracting visitors and earning revenue by promoting products within your niche.

Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate ProgramThis is your own business. You are simply taught how to make it successful.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle change and would like the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home, Read on:

If you relish the prospect of creating your very own online business and wish to get involved in the most knowledgeable, progressive and technically advanced online business platform in the world where help and support is #1 priority – This opportunity is for you.

Whether you wish to make $10, $100, $1,000 or more per day, this is entirely possible with determination and a bit of hard work.

Welcome to my review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program where honesty and legitimacy shines through, full emphasis regarding help and support for every member takes precedence and no prior experience whatsoever is required.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Company Name:  Wealthy Affiliate

Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate ProgramWebpage:

Starter Membership:  Free (No Contracts)

Wealthy Affiliate Members:  600,000+

Founders:  Kyle and Carson

Overall Rating:  98%

Experience Level:  Newbies – Expert

Testimonials:  Read them here

Verdict:  100% Legit

Have fun and join The Wealthy Affiliate Program today

If you’re looking for a legitimate company, one that teaches the proper way to run a successful online business in a respectable manner you have landed at the right place.

It’s important to note, we’re not creating a pop-up shop here, rather a serious business opportunity open 24/7/365 days per week on the web. The potential is huge if Wealthy Affiliate’s training is implemented into your own website through the processes shown in the training course.

Hi, my name is Simon. I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a complete newbie having no prior experience in building websites or running an online business, currently working my way through their course whilst earning revenue.

I joined Free when I realised they had over 600,000 members and a 98% positive review rate – What was I missing?

Starter Course teaches How To Make Money Online At Home

Who Are Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate are purely an educational company, an online university set up by the co-founders Kyle and Carson who have a dedicated passion for teaching anyone how to successfully set-up and run their own online business through a website.

Wealthy Affiliate review chartKyle and Carson are experts in this field, the evolution of their university now commands a 98% positive review rate enrolling well over 600,000 members quietly beavering away with their own web based business. Many members have now become successful bloggers in their own right.

This learn as you earn course is pure fun to do, a very straightforward approach to teaching through a process of step-by-step training modules requiring members to work through the steps one at a time accolading the merits for the most detailed comprehensive training program online.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate outstrip their competitors is the way their platform operates. The community all help each other succeed offering help, support, feedback and interaction with each others websites.

Paramount to the success of Wealthy Affiliate and their members these 3 essentials are of paramount importance in the way they operate:

  1. Help and Support 24/7 for every member
  2. How to build an interactive website
  3. Expert training on how to run an online business

I have found their training, help and support invaluable to my journey, the community support really is the powerful piece of the jigsaw.

Who is this opportunity for?

This opportunity is open for anyone across the world to get involved in and learn the ropes to run their own prosperous online business through affiliate marketing all from the comfort of their armchair.

No previous experience whatsoever regarding building a website or running an online business is required. Training operates right from the basics through to advanced level.

How To Make Money From A WebsiteA commitment to your passion is required, willing to write about and communicate within your niche is essential. Don’t be daunted thinking experience in writing skills is essential, it most certainly isn’t. People prefer reading a naturally written post.

This is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme by any imagination, there’ll be no overnight success stories here. The role requires dedication and a bit of hard work regarding writing posts regularly pertaining to your chosen niche.

Over time as your authority and trust increases organic traffic through the Search Engines will be accomplished, this is where the attention is focused. Once organic traffic is achieved, making money becomes second nature.

I joined as a complete newbie having no experience in this field whatsoever. I connect with people daily from all over the world, some just leaving school to many fully retired, those stuck in rut to many who simply want a lifestyle change.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Their training is mightily impressive, organised and current. A simplistic approach to teaching without any technical jargon most throw into the mix, ideal for newbies to get rolling with. Delivered through a video-based platform, you can watch and learn the time it suits you.

You are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert, watch the video, pause and implement into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your chosen niche.

Womens Coats Niche
Womens Coats Niche

Training starts off right from the basics – Choosing a niche to market and building your website around it. Members are hand held throughout every step of the course. Detailed – Yes, but taken in small steps. Just work your way through the course one step at a time

Seminars on allsorts of helpful topics are produced by the most senior members too. These are also recorded to watch in your own time, they cover everything blogging related, uncovering the valuable secrets to help members prosper. It’s amazing what you learn surrounded by successful people.

Members too share their success stories, what’s worked for them. The community is full of experienced bloggers where valuable information is constantly being shared.

I can only describe their training as exceptional, there’s nothing complicated about it yet does require determination to complete each task throughout the course steps implementing into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your niche.

How to Make Money Online – 4 Simple Steps:

The basic premise for running a prosperous online business is delivered in 4 steps:

  1. Choose a Niche
  2. Build a Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue

Step 1:  

What’s Your Niche?

A niche is simply your passion, something you are interested in.

Photography Niche
Photography Niche

A niche can be a sport, a hobby, a pastime, a general interest in something, helping people. Literally anything can be a niche, it’s just something you enjoy talking about, willing to write about and communicate with.

Once you have chosen your hobbyhorse, it’s time to narrow it down towards a targeted audience. Every niche has so many different avenues, it’s paramount an avenue is chosen rather than the main niche. Trying to target too many people at once is why most bloggers fail, ending up with a quiet website.

Examples of narrowing a main niche down towards a targeted audience:

  • Narrow Clothes down to a targeted niche of Womens Outdoor Coats
  • Narrow Computers down into Tablets
  • Narrow Kitchen Furniture down into Barstools
  • Narrow Pets down into Dogs Toys

This powerful method simplifies the process of attracting visitors.

Choose a Targeted Niche
Choose a Targeted Niche – Desktops – Laptops – Tablets – Mobiles

Not particularly interested in something? No problem, Wealthy Affiliate have a predefined Money-Making niche already set-up to get rolling with. Just like the passion niches above you chooses the many avenues within the Money Making niche, narrowing down towards targeting a specific group of people.

Fancy Dress Niche
Fancy Dress Niche

The premise of this business is to become established on the web and authoritative within your targeted niche, an expert where trust is gained from visitors and the Search Engines. It’s a far simpler process than it may seem, a small targeted audience is huge and so is your potential. Millions search within each targeted niche and you only require a small percentage.

Full training is provided for choosing a niche to help get started on the right footing. All members help each other out choosing a niche, this is a community that’s not in competition with one another as we all choose a different path.

I chose Garden Sheds to market, with the help of Wealthy Affiliate I narrowed my niche down into a more targeted audience and chose Plastic Sheds due to their low maintenance benefits. Read my journey here:

Step 2:  

Give Your Niche a Home

Now comes the pure fun part. You are given 2 Free hosted WordPress websites to get rolling with, run on Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform. The purpose is to give your niche a home, a beautiful website to present your passion in stunning detail. This does attract visitors.

Website Template - Athena
Website Template – Athena

You have the option to transfer your website into a dot com later down the line if you would like to take your business to the next level. It’s a seamless process but this provides the gateway to find out how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate are without any silly contracts. There’s no better way than a Free way to get started.

First you choose a name for your website, something enchanting pertaining to your passion. Then choose a theme; there’s loads to choose from, it all depends which you like the style of best, which will show your niche off to it’s full potential.

Training takes you through all the steps regarding everything associated with setting up a website. Initially your website only takes minutes to set-up, followed by separate training sessions on the following:

  • Choose from a huge range of website templates
  • WordPress websites are hosted by Wealthy Affiliate
  • Designed for modern devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Set-up the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugin
  • Over 30,000 ‘add on’ features
  • How to create an About Me and Privacy Policy pages
  • How to create pages and posts
  • How to install menus and widgets
  • How to insert pictures and videos
  • How to install banners
  • How to add affiliate links
  • How to create inspirational posts
  • The list really is endless

Once you have your website up and running these processes are taught in among the next step – Attracting Visitors.

Looking back I’m quite staggered how my website’s developed through Wealthy Affiliates training, the website theme displays my niche with delightful presentation thanks to the training I have received.

Website Themes
WordPress Website Themes

Step 3:  

How to Attract Visitors – The Proper Way

Attracting visitors becomes most bloggers nightmare. The only way is the genuine way as far as Wealthy Affiliate are concerned, they are experts in this field and show exactly how it’s done. Wealthy Affiliate hate spam and scam companies. Legitimacy is Wealthy Affiliate’s route, the way the Search Engines like you to operate and this works.

What’s more, the process is very straightforward, mind you everything legitimate is. It just requires determination and a bit of hard work in writing posts regularly. Wealthy Affiliate aren’t going to do it for you but they will show you exactly how it’s done.

The main fundamentals in attracting visitors are as follows:

  1. Set up the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugin
  2. How to create pure quality content
  3. How to use the most powerful Keyword Tool
  4. How to receive interaction for your posts
  5. How to respectfully share links via Social Media

Register your website with the Search Engines

This is the exciting part. First you are shown how to register your website through the implementation of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin.

Following this, setting up your website with Google Analytics takes place. Here you can see the traffic your website’s received and analyse website data, full training is provided.

The How To of SEO for WordPress
The How To of SEO for WordPress

Setting up a Google+ account is necessary too as befriending Google ain’t going to do you any harm. You’ll be surprised when your Google+ links appear on the first page of Google Search results.

Registering your website as described in these 3 ways starts the process of website ranking with the Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Regularly written posts will provide the benchmark for the Search Engines to take notice your website’s delivering content and interacting, a favour is returned by an increase in rankings. This is why it’s essential to write posts regularly.

I have posts appearing on the first page of Google search results either as my own post or a Google+ link and this is why it’s essential to register your website with a Google+ account. It’s a shock when you first encounter this.

Provide Quality Content to Boost Rankings

Going forward, creating top quality content should be at the forefront of your mind, it’s a lot easier to accomplish than you maybe inclined to presume.

Writing naturally is the key here, putting the subject in your own words whilst placing a personal spin on things keeps an audience engaged.

Content is King
Content is King

Simply by placing one’s selves in the customer’s shoes, writing informative, helpful and descriptive content including answering many people’s concerns regarding the subject simply provides the quality visitors and the Search Engines are looking for. Full emphasis regarding delivery of quality content is focused on throughout training.

Display is vital too. Members are shown how to display content with plenty of white space resulting in information that’s easily read, how to insert pictures that speak a thousand words on their own whilst how to embed videos to show the full potential of a subject takes a post to another level altogether.

After you have a couple of posts under your belt the process becomes very straightforward. You are simply providing high quality content surrounded by delightful presentation to show a posts subject to it’s full potential. Keeping an audience interested, engaged and wanting to come back for more is key, Wealthy Affiliate teach exactly how it’s done.

Wealthy Affiliate have shown me how to create stunning posts with powerful imagery whilst conversion rates increased through the embedment of videos. Powerful stuff. 

Keyword Tool – Boost Your Website’s Success

The Keyword Tool, designed by the University provides a post’s gateway into the Search Engines results page, reason why there’s an abundance of success stories at Wealthy Affiliate.

How To Get Keywords For A Website - Jaaxy
Jaaxy – The most powerful Keyword Tool on the Web

Keywords are simply the words we type into the search bar when searching. We take the same words in the same order to create the title of our post and place them somewhere in the first two paragraphs.

The Keyword Tool shows how much traffic there is on a monthly basis typed into the Search Engines and how much competition there is from other websites using the same keywords.

The idea is to cherry pick high traffic keywords with low competition and create the post’s title from them. A powerful bit of kit.

I love using the Keyword Tool, it’s my favorite gadget. It’s like putting the probability in your favour and predicting the future with amazing results.

What’s Google extremely fond of? – Interaction

Another key component to befriend the Search Engines is showing your posts are engaging, people offering comments. Search Engines adore interaction, returning the favour with higher rankings.

Fortunately the platform at Wealthy Affiliate is geared up to provide interaction, this is where the community thrives. You simply provide a comment on a members post and they reciprocate by returning the favour.

The same applies to website feedback. If you’re unsure of anything regarding your website’s overall display or the way content is provided, ask members for feedback whilst in return reciprocate by offering feedback on theirs. A pure give and take method that works.

I have found the process of offering and receiving comments and feedback invigorating for my journey, it certainly helps in the ranking process.

Social Sharing – Get the traffic ball rolling

Sharing links via Social Media is a sure fire way the get a website’s traffic ball rolling.

The Power of Social Media
The Power of Social Media

Linking this way is taught in-depth yet provided in a respectable manner. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are the favourite sources at present although Wealthy Affiliate is at the forefront of Social evolution; so for anything new coming along, members will be the first to know about it and full training will be provided.

Once accomplishing the registration of your website as a Google+ member, sharing links for quality content with the help of the Keyword Tool can quite easily subject posts onto the first page of Google Search results. It’s quite astonishing when you see this for the first time.

I have received plenty of traffic into my website through Social linking. When you find links to your posts on the first page of Search results through the Google+ method, it’s a mighty fine feeling

Step 4:  

Earning Revenue – Hard Work Pays Off

There are plenty of ways a website can earn an income, these are all covered in the training.

Amazon Affiliate
Amazon Affiliate

Making money online through affiliate links is by far the most popular method. You are shown how to join the many Affiliate Associate Programs to enable earning an income through your chosen niche.

How to add affiliate links, how many per page is respectable before a website is deemed as spam and whether it’s better to centralise them dependant on how many promotional products you wish to earn revenue from. These topics are taught in-depth, crucial learning for todays market.

It’s a great feeling being presented with earnings from your Affiliate Program. My hard work certainly paid off.

Get Trained by the Experts – Don’t Try This Alone 

This is the most comprehensive training platform online – Bar None.

There is a Wealth of information provided for literally anything blogging related to help members accomplish success:

  • Step-by-step training course from the basics through to success – Complete each task
  • An entire library full of training covering everything blogging related
  • Experienced members regularly share ideas – What’s worked for them
  • Recorded Seminars produced by the most senior members covering allsorts of helpful topics.

Course Structure – Phase 1

Starter Course Structure

Wealthy Affiliate Course Structure
Step-by-Step Modules within each Course Structure


Recorded Seminars on everything blogging related



Community Training – Sharing what’s worked for them

Twitter Course

Oceans of Help and Support

Help and Support is paramount for any newbies success, provided in bucket loads by the Founders and the Community. Attained through various formats 24/7, whenever you are stuck – Just ask and receive help. Members are hand held throughout every process upto success and beyond:

There’s always thousands of members on the platform at any time, day or night:

  • Live Chat Box – Get Instant Help
  • More detailed question? – Write a question to the community
  • Entire library full of help and support packages
  • Help and support 24/7/365 days per week
  • Website Support – Ask the support desk

Members questions for the community

Members Questions
Members Questions. The Blue Box Represents Answers Received


A typical question / answer between community members

Community Help
Community Help and Support

Pros and Cons of the Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity


  • It’s fun to work with your passion – A really enjoyable role
  • Simply the best online training platform for running an online business
  • Training is current, up to date without any technical jargon
  • Ideal for Newbies to start an online business
  • Exceptional earn while you learn business opportunity
  • 13+ Interactive Classrooms
  • First class video training – Watch the experts
  • Help and Support for Every member 24/7/365
  • Founder members interact daily helping members
  • Legitimacy shines through – Everything is done in a respectable manner
  • A powerful Community – An abundance of success stories
  • The Free Starter package outstrips most paid for services on the web
  • Thousands of WordPress templates, thousands of Add ons
  • Fast Secure Website Hosting
  • The most interactive helpful community platform
  • Very fair premium membership value
  • Private access to community experts / millionaires
  • Private 1 to 1 support with the Founders
  • Everything blogging related is here
  • A stringent spam free environment
  • 600,000+ members / 98% positive review rate
  • 100% Legit and Genuine


  • Wealthy Affiliate name sounds too much like a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme
  • Information overload feeling when starting out
  • Members receive emails galore

How much does it cost to become successful?

The Wealthy Affiliate membership only entails two types of packages. Free Membership and an all inclusive Premium Membership.

Free Starter Package includes:

  • 2 Free Hosted WordPress Websites
  • Free Starter Training
  • No Contracts, Bank details or Credit Cards – No Ties
  • Only your Name and email address required
  • 100% Legit

Once you have completed the Free Starter training you will have built a beautiful website displaying your niche with delightful presentation and started to attract visitors.

There’s no better way than a Free way to get started. Wealthy Affiliate want to prove to you first that success is achievable.

Now it’s time to consider the Premium Package and take your business to the next level – Success.

Premium Package

  • $49 per month / $359 per year

Your Bonus

After joining for Free, I will be contacting you on your profile with a welcome message, more information and where to get started.

If you’re determined to succeed and wish to take your business to the land of prosperity consider joining Premium where the sky really is the limit. You’ll be shown exactly how to upscale your business to the level most bloggers dream of.

If you join Premium within the first 7 days you will receive a 59% discount off your first month and open the door to EVERYTHING blogging related with full detailed training of exactly how it’s done. All you have to do is implement the system into your own website.

Exciting stuff – Hey!  Hope to see you on the inside.

Start your journey with the Wealthy Affiliate Program:

Membership Structure

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options


Purchase Your Own Domain?

If you wish to transfer your free website into a purchased dot com these are the prices in comparison with their competition:

It’s a seamless process to transfer:

Compare Domain Prices with Wealthy Affiliate

Domain Prices

Final Verdict

The training is structured and current, designed for any newbies to get rolling with today. There’s oceans of help and support for every member, you are hand held throughout every step of the training where no one is left alone.

The choice is yours: If you wish to turn your passion into a successful business or join Wealthy Affiliates money making niche, it’s ready to tap into.

If you relish the prospect of working with your interest and have the determination to succeed – You’re half way there.

Have fun and start today on the Wealthy Affiliate website

On the website they have provided 5 examples of targeted niches:

  1. Learn to Play the Guitar niche
  2. Organic Skin Care niche
  3. A longer Golf Drive niche
  4. A Back Pain niche
  5. A Baby Stroller niche

They explain how to build a website around a targeted niche, attract visitors, join free Affiliate Programs and provide earnings potential for these five niches – To give you an idea.

The potential opportunities for any chosen niche are explained along with the potential products you can promote.

Verdict – 100% Legit    What’s Your Niche?

SimonThanks for taking your time to read.

I hope I have provided enough information regarding getting started to running your own successful online business.

Any questions you may have, please drop them in the comments section below. I will be happy to help.



93 thoughts on “Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate Program – Uncovering The Secrets”

  1. Hi Simon,

    A comprehensive and honest review. Thanks for sharing. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most efficient training program for affiliate marketers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro, WA offers such a quality training which benefits anyone who wants to thrive in the online marketing world.

    1. Hi Sethu,

      Thanks for calling in to read about my personal experiences of the Wealthy Affiliate program.

      WA is a first-class training program to learn how to build a website around your passion, attract visitors, accomplish conversions and earn revenue via affiliate marketing.

      Wealthy Affiliate offer a genuine try before you buy scheme which is free to start, provides a full insight into the role whilst more importantly – enables those interested in building a business online to find out how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate are.

      Thanks again Sethu,


  2. Simon Crowe in Asia

    I totally agree, the Wealthy Affiliate training is very structured. I really liked this when I first joined because I was a complete beginers and I needed a step-by-step.

    I also like the tasks that come with each lesson because it means you’re building your online business as you work your way through the interactive training course.

    I would be very confident in recommending Wealthy Affiliate to anyone looking for a real online business training centre.

    1. Hi Dira,
      Thanks for calling in and reading.

      I’ve tried my best to relay all the information to what’s involved to give visitors a full understanding.

      There’s 5 levels, each level includes 10 steps. The idea is to implement each step of the training and work your way through one step at a time.

      Thanks again Dira,

    1. Hi Kurtis,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      I’m glad I have answered the many concerns you had. This is great news.
      Just follow all the steps in order and implement into your own website what’s shown and over time your website starts building out to the happy days of receiving high rankings and making money automatically.

      Thanks again Kurtis for reading.

  3. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the free to try and that you get full access for 7 days. This was what prompted me to give it a go. Once I’d completed the first few lessons I was amazed how in depth the lesson were and easy to follow, you don’t even need any website building experience. Anyone can do this as long as you have a passion for something to write about. I’ve been a member for 3 weeks now and I loved every minute. For the first time ever I have finally found a real way to learn and build my online business.

    1. Hi Graham,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      Your comment summed me up to perfection before I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program.

      The free try before you buy approach is a real masterpiece that proves to anyone how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate operate. Anyone can come in without providing any bank details nor any ties and fully inspect their services. If you do join Premium, you can cancel at any time, there are no ties.

      The lessons are first class but do require determination to implement each step and it is important to understand your niche, have the will to write about it and communicate with it I do agree.

      Let’s keep climbing the ladder together Graham and see where we are in a years time.

      Thanks again,

    1. Hi Bo,
      Thanks for stopping by and messaging.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ve tried to provide an in-depth review to help visitors understand exactly what’s involved regarding running an affiliate marketing business.

      It’s all about driving traffic into your website, once you master how to achieve it and start accomplishing first page status on Search results, making money runs pretty much automatically and this is what the Wealthy Affiliate program teaches.

      Thanks again Bo,

  4. An amazing review. I really appreciate how you emphasize the FUN aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined myself, just a few months ago. These days, instead of aimlessly surfing the web, or watching TV, I find myself working on my site or just interacting on WA until late at night. My business has turned into my recreation!

    1. Hi Joe,
      Thanks for calling in an commenting.

      I and all the members find the program fun thanks to Wealthy Affiliate designing their platform to come across where all members help each other out. You really have to step inside and see how everyone rallies round each other to help. It make the role really enjoyable.

      Yeah, it’s hard to put into words how involved you become building your website whilst interacting on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I wouldn’t describe it as becoming an addiction but you do become engrossed in developing your website and this only results in achieving higher rankings the more posts you publish. It’s like a win-win situation.

      I’m so happy your business has turned into your creation Joe, I couldn’t put it any better myself.

      Thanks again,

  5. Hi Simon… your site looks so professional and your review so complete. I am amazed at the many things I learn from the answers you give to the questions in the comments section. It’s like reading a tutorial. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Norma,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

      I’m trying to get the message across how powerful this Wealthy Affiliate program is. If I can provide all the information so that nothings hidden it’s a sign of proof how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate are.

      The comment section at the bottom of posts offers the opportunity to ask questions regarding the program and I can answer all the queries people have which makes the post helpful for visitors and provides all the answers people may have.

      I find the comment section makes or breaks a post regarding how genuine the subject is. Hopefully my information is proof how legitimate this step by step training program is.

      Thanks again Norma for your message,

    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for calling in and reading.

      Yes it did take quite a while to piece together but I wanted to created an honest review providing all the details regarding what the Wealthy Affiliate program entails.

      Everything blogging related is on the platform and you’re shown how to accomplish the steps through their training. It’s just a case of implementing each stage of the process into your own website and over time your rankings with the Search Engines start to increase.

      Thanks again Sean,

  6. Hi Simon
    WOW what a detailed comprehensive review.
    I’m a newbie myself to WA, but in my 10 years of spending on the internet I NEVER saw such a program. It is way more than just a program, it is a complete infrastructure for success. Every step of the way the support and inspiration and motivation is there.
    Maybe I missed it in your review, but one of the things that amazed me is light speed support for your running sites.
    I(or should I say they have done it for me) moved all my sites to WA hosting.
    The knowledge both technical and marketing skill doesn’t stop to amaze me every day.

    Thank you for putting together this great review,

    1. Hi Gila,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      Yes, I do like the way you describe Wealthy Affiliate. I was a complete newbie too however the way they have designed their website around the community is mightily impressive as all members help each other climb the ladder towards high rankings and success.

      Help and support is paramount to Wealthy Affiliate and their members success. Members help each other out with answers to questions as well as commenting on each others websites to make every members website engaging as this is what goes towards high rankings too. Once you reach the level of landing blog posts on the first page of Search results making money becomes automatic and this is where WA’s training comes in.

      I started with their Free SiteRubix websites and moved them over to my own websites hosted by them and that was a seamless move without a hitch. I’m glad that worked successfully for you too.

      All the best Gila and thanks again,

  7. Excellent review! You went into an incredible amount of detail and I must say that Wealthy Affiliate seems like a fantastic place to turn any interest into an awesome online business!

    1. Hi Matthew,
      Thanks for calling in and reading.

      I’ve tried to provide a full account in my Wealthy Affiliate review for exactly what’s involved for anyone wishing to move into the blogging world and run their own business online.

      This is without doubt the most thorough learning platform of it’s kind, there’s nothing anywhere near comparable to WA.

      All members do is work through all the steps in the course, just like I do and implement into their own website what’s shown yet pertaining to their chosen niche.

      You are right, pretty much anything you are interested in can be turned into a prosperous business here, simply by inserting affiliate links within written articles. It’s best to narrow your niche down as explained then you are concentrating fully down a particular avenue within a niche making it so much easier to attract visitors and Wealthy Affiliate show you exactly how to attract them in order to make money online.

      Thanks again Mathew,

  8. Men, You can really put everything together very straightforward and to the point.Love Your writing also I enjoyed the review You have done.just fun to read all the info and not get bored.
    Love it

    1. Hi Sergioa,
      Thanks for reading and leaving your message.

      Everything in my book should be written out in a straightforward language – Why complicate things with jargon.

      This is what I like about Wealthy Affiliate, they have cut all the technical jargon out and teach you in a normal way that everybody understands and help you all the way with a ‘no ones better than anyone else’ attitude.

      Well, I’m glad I haven’t bored you Sergioa (ha!) and thanks for your kind words,

  9. Hi Simon, this is a really interesting and detailed review. I was a real beginner to all of this when i started but the step by step training and help from the community gave me the confidence to keep going. I´m glad I did and although I still have lots to learn, I am really enjoying the journey.

    Success to you


    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment.

      I’m so happy to hear you’re climbing the affiliate marketing ladder. It all takes time to achieve the high ranking status successful bloggers have achieved but if you keep working at it the Search Engines will take notice and high rankings will come your way. Once you get to this stage, making money runs automatically.

      I think we’ll never stop learning. The internet evolves at such a fast pace you learn constantly to keep up with the new practices.

      Keep enjoying the learning process, I’m with you all the way.
      Good luck Sean,

  10. Hi Simon,

    I enjoyed reading your review of Wealthy Affiliate – it is very thorough and very insightful…I can tell you are committed to the program and the community.

    Like, you, I joined WA as a newbie. I had no useful knowledge of how and where to begin. Within the first week I had a website up and running – and it was already index by Google. After more training and community interaction, I was able to get several other sites on the playing field – now, I am off and running myself, and I still have more training I haven’t even completed yet.

    Thank you for the awesome review.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for commenting on the Wealthy Affiliate review.

      Committed – you betcha! I’m having a whale of a time, there’s no other program that can compete to show you how to run your own online business and the community is so helpful in the way we all interact and help each other out. One heck of a friendly spirit going on, on the platform.

      You sound like me, joining as a complete newbie. This is the message I’m trying to purvey, anyone is capable of doing this without any prior experience, just like us.

      Interaction is such a big piece of the jigsaw where many bloggers fail to see. If you can show a website is engaging by providing comments like we’re doing here, this tells Google one thing – Interaction and they will rank you for it as they want more people to see this engaging post. But where do you get people to comment on each others posts – Wealthy Affiliate platform, the give and take thread. Powerful stuff!

      Thanks again Paul for messaging,

  11. Hi Simon. I was looking for a good online opportunity and came across your review about Wealthy Affiliate.

    After reading about all the services Wealthy Affiliate provide, it nearly seems to good to be true.

    I think I will give them a try and see where it takes me.

    I just have 1 question. Except for the monthly premium you pay, are there any other up-sells I should be aware of?

    Or is this truly an all-in-one deal?


    1. Hi Rika,
      Thanks for calling in and asking an important question.

      Wealthy Affiliate is split up into two types of membership – A free starter membership with 2 free hosted websites and free starter training to get you fully enrolled into the blogging world. Then you have the option of joining premium membership to take you business to the next level of attracting visitors and making money online.

      There is a keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate for members to use or you have the option of joining Jaaxy, a more advanced keyword tool that anyone on the web can join and do the same. Personally I haven’t used Jaaxy yet as the members keyword tool is sufficient for what I require presently but that’s the only upsell (if you call it an upsell) there is, but it’s not essential.

      This is truly an ALL IN ONE DEAL.

      Thanks again Rika, hope this helps,

    1. Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.
      I’m glad you found this opportunity detailed and informative.

      The whole process is very straightforward where members simply follow the steps one at a time and implement into their own website what’s shown through the excellent training.

      Over time your website builds out to become well established on the web where you become authoritative with your own niche, Search Engines take notice and returning the favour with high rankings and when you start hitting the first page of the Search Engines results, this is exciting as you’re stood there waiting for visitors. This is what makes you money.

      Thanks again,

  12. Thank you Simon for taking the time to do this.
    This really lets everyone know all they need know about wealthy affiliate.

    Great job and keep up the good work.
    Shlomo J

    1. Hi Shlomo,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      Thanks for your encouragement regarding the Wealthy Affiliate program. I have tried to break the steps down to give visitors a full insight into what’s involved if they too wish to build a website around their passion and drive visitors into their website to make money.

      Anyone from anywhere around the world can get involved today.

      Thanks again,

  13. Hey Simon

    I must say, your review is very well written! I love how much you go into depth and the passion you have.

    Keep up the good work because I know it will pay off in the future.

    Your friend,


    1. Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment.

      It’s all about your passion and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to build a fabulous website around it, create stunning posts around quality content, attract visitors into your website and earn revenue through affiliate links and other methods.

      I has to be the most comprehensive program online that trains complete newbies all the way through to success running their very own online business.

      Thanks again Kevin,

  14. As a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I must say this is one of the most comprehensive reviews I’ve read. Wealthy Affiliate really does what it says on the tin. My experience with the training, tools, and support has exceeded all my expectations. Their really aren’t any competitors out there that can compare to WA. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Brett,
      Thanks for your kind words and reading.

      Yeah, Their training really is first class, up to date and organised, all taken in easy step by step modules requiring members to slowly work through the steps one at a time.

      Help and support is their #1 priority placing full emphasis that every member is important and you do feel a sense of this.

      You are so right, all the tools required to lead you to success are on the platform. The only requirement is determination and a bit of hard work.

      I have never come across anything anywhere close to what Wealthy Affiliate offer and I have heard their membership has exceeded to over 800,000 members now so that does say something.

      Thanks again Brett,

  15. You really explained it all in depth. Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer. It is not a get rich quick scheme and you lay out the education and commitment needed in a thoroughly understandable way. Thanks for the great info. I don’t see why anyone would use any other site to get ahead on the internet!

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for reading and posting a comment.

      Thanks for your kind words. You are right when you say this is not a get rich quick scheme, there will be no overnight success stories here. Building a website around a niche and driving visitors takes time to achieve the status of high rankings in the Search Engines.

      Google have made the benchmark that only quality content will provide high rankings downgrading these so called get rich quick schemes into a de-ranked situation with their capture pages so this is the only way forward for a website and rightly so as it provides the legitimate route for any serious honest person to get rolling without any scam or spam procedures.

      Wealthy Affiliate teach the genuine route and is very straightforward to implement, there’s nothing difficult regarding their training, it only requires determination and a bit of hard work which can lead to a wonderful lifestyle.

      Thanks again Dennis,

  16. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program where you can learn how to start your online business. In your review, your are expalining in details the process. If someone has read this post, he knows what to expect from WA.
    Keep up your good work!

    1. Hi Ilias,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      Yeah, the learning process is a very straightforward learning curve, very organised and up to date.

      Members simply work through the steps one at a time implementing into their own website what’s shown pertaining to their chosen niche.

      You’ll be surprised with how much you achieve in such a short space of time, determination and a bit of hard work is the only requirements to lead members on their way to success.

      Good luck with your role,

  17. Wow Simon!

    Great in depth review here. I don’t think you missed a single thing. I definitely agree with all the emails you get from WA. It’s one of the very few cons.

    I love how you implemented so many pictures to show what you’re actually getting as well as text for the great explanation in each step.

    Also think you did a great job explaining a niche. How to sort through a topic and narrow it down to the specifics. Great read.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      Yeah, emails galore come into your inbox and they do take some wading through. You can alter them to receive the ones which you prefer to receive which I have done. I chose only to receive the ones that concern me, like when I’m interacting on peoples posts I want to receive an email telling me they have returned the favour so I can go back and thank them etc.

      Images speak so much by themselves, many times more than words can say and visitors want to be shown rather than told so a few screenshots and pictures around quality content is the way to go. Wealthy Affiliate teach you exactly how it’s done, I have just gone through the training and implemented what’s shown in my website, that’s all – It’s pretty straightforward to do.

      Starting of with a targeted niche is crucial for anyone’s success as you don’t want to be trying to connect to too many people at once. Most people’s misconception regarding a targeted niche is that you won’t make as much money, this is worldwide and every narrow niche has millions searching within it each month, so this is the best route and Wealthy Affiliate help every member start out on the right footing in their free trial.

      Thanks again Sean and good luck with you business,

    1. Hi Nate,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      All that’s required is making sure your niche is targeted and building a fabulous website around it to show your passion off with delightful presentation. Then master traffic.

      Traffic is gained by following the steps through the training and interacting on the Wealthy Affiliate platform with members regarding comments making your website engaging as Google takes notice which leads to higher rankings.

      Making money eventually runs on autopilot but the ground work must be in place first which does take time.

      Good luck and hope to meet you on the inside,

  18. Such an awesome review you got there Simon. Really impressed by the detailed review you got there. Haven’t seen anything like this review before. Very well structured and well planned out. Rather than just telling, you’re mostly showing and that is an extremely important thing to do on your way to success.

    Truly Wealthy Affiliate in the #1 Best Training platform and community on Planet Earth. Uhh, I can assure you that.


    1. Hi Jon,
      Thanks for your kind words.

      I must admit I always prefer to show rather than tell because that’s the way I like to see what’s involved. You seem to get a more in-depth review this way.

      Yeah, it’s truly a wonderful platform that teaches the legitimate way to run a website – It’s the way the likes of Google want you to operate and if you follow the steps in the training for every post you create, higher rankings will come your way because Google is constantly monitoring websites. If yours is producing quality content, engaging with interaction then Google will repay you with higher rankings.

      It all takes a bit of time to produce a high ranking website but this is the way Wealthy Affiliate teach and it works.

      Thanks again for stopping by and posting a comment,

  19. Thank you for posting this information about Wealthy Affiliate! I love the transitions from what WA has to offer, details on what it provides and the overall aspect that involves community. I’ve been looking for so many “get rich quick” websites and I’ve realized this is the only legit website I can count on to be successful!

    1. Hi Lorenzo,
      Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment.

      The overall aspect that involves the community really is what sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the rest. The way the platform gears around all the community members helping each other succeed is powerful stuff.

      Help and support is paramount especially for newbies getting rolling online and this is provided in bucket loads. Ask a question either by ‘Live Chat’ for instant answers or write a more detailed question out for the community. I am always amazed with how many members help me.

      Need website feedback, offer website feedback for someone else and receive yours in return. I have found some of the tips from members so beneficial for my success. There are many very experienced bloggers within the W.A. platform and their advice is really a boost.

      Interaction is also community based where members provide comments on each others posts in a give and take method similar to the website feedback. Receiving comments leads to high rankings, the reason Wealthy Affiliate have set their platform up to make everyone’s website engaging.

      Thanks again Lorenzo,

  20. Hi Simon.
    An extremely well constructed, detailed and comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate.
    I particularly liked what you said about keywords, Google+ and traffic generation, which is all spot on.
    If I weren’t already a member, I’d be signing up.
    Thanks very much for an opportunity to read such a high quality post on the subject.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for you kind comments and taking your time to read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

      The whole process is building a website around your niche to show it off in delightful detail.

      Registering your website is essential as to become fully registered through the SEO Plugin, Google Analytics and Google+ ensure your posts will be noticed and ranked with the major Search Engines. Once you accomplish this step which doesn’t take long it’s time to concentrate on attracting visitors.

      For every written post you concentrate on: quality written posts, interaction, Social Media linking and using the Keyword Tool as this is a sure fire way to start the traffic ball rolling. This leads to gaining authority and trust with visitors and the Search Engines and in return an increase in rankings is achieved.

      Over time the higher you rank, the more visitors your website receives through organic traffic through the Search Engines and then earning revenue becomes pretty much automatic.

      It’s just a matter of following these basic steps for every written post.
      Thanks again John,

  21. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for this very informative and helpful review!

    I’m also a WA member. What I like the most about WA is the helpful and interactive platform. It’s so easy to get help as well as sharing ideas and information. On top of that, the co-founders of WA actually join in with quite a lot of discussions. It’s very easy to reach out to them. This is something that no other platform has.

    Personally, I’m really happy and excited when I saw my first ever online income appeared. You’ve provided a very resourceful review but what about your personal experience? Maybe you could share with us some of your UPs and DOWNs in WA? 🙂

    1. Hi Jerry,
      Thanks for visiting and getting in touch.

      The community is what sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the competition and into a higher league altogether. I too interact daily on the platform offering help to others whilst receiving interaction on each-others posts is where the community thrives as it’s a pure give and take thread.

      If you would like a comment on your post you provide on for them and the same goes for website feedback too, it’s a very powerful system that does increase rankings as this shows your website is engaging as well as receiving visitors. The likes of Google do take notice, it’s a very important part of the process.

      I have also been in touch with Kyle and Carson over some concerns I had regarding affiliate links and their advice to centralise them and how to pursue the task has been so beneficial to my progress.

      You may have missed my link through reading this post of my journey with Wealthy Affiliate and how I have progressed through their training. This post is purely for anyone who like the idea of running an online business to which I have explained in detail. Take a look if you wish as I explain my pros and cons in more detail:

      Thanks again Jerry,

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I am glad you like the Wealthy Affiliate review and you found it insightful.

      The process requires determination and a bit of hard work thrown into the mix. The course is structured with a very straightforward approach requiring to follow the steps and implement into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your niche.

      For every written post the process of driving traffic is outlined above which does take a bit of time but once accomplished and you’re receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines, the sky really is the limit as far as earning revenue is concerned.

      Thanks again Wendy,

  22. Hi Simon. This is as complete as it gets. Your review is spot on and covers all aspects of The Wealthy Affiliate. I like it when you said this is not some pop-up shop but a serious business opportunity. I definitely agree with you on this. I have been doing online marketing for a while now but I still learned a lot from the WA community. It is by far the best learning tool available right now.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for your feedback and taking your time to read.

      Yeah, it’s no pop up shop for sure. This is a serious business opportunity and it does take time to receive organic traffic through the Search Engines, this is purely down to determination to follow the steps in the training course for every written post as highlighted above.

      You sound more advanced than I am and it’s great to hear your views regarding the Wealthy Affiliate platform in the way you describe. Everything blogging related is in their platform to which they uncover all the blogging secrets. Once you master traffic, the sky really is the limit.

      Thanks again Kathy for your input, I appreciate your time,

    1. Hi Ging,
      Thanks for reading and messaging.

      I feel the only way to write a review is to provide detailed information for the role in hand.

      If anyone wishes to change their lifestyle and move into running an online business of their own, they require a full explanation for what is exactly involved.

      The whole procedure really is building a website around your passion which is pure fun, then comes the bit of work that relates to the various steps required for every written post in order to attract visitors into your website.

      The making money part is pretty much automatic really once visitors are rolling through your doors.

      Thanks again,

  23. Hello there,
    I’ve always wanted to get into the online business because it’s full of advantages and just sounds exciting. Plus you don’t need much initial capital. I joined WA a few months back and haven’t regretted a thing. I have read a lot of things and ran into a lot of articles when people explained that they just experienced a “boom” in their traffic on the website. When exactly does that happen and is there any way to fast-forward it ?

    1. Hi Dejan,

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      It’s nice to talk to a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I’m glad you are happy in your role.

      The beauty of this learn as you earn course is you require no capital to start. WA want to prove to you first that you can do this and once you have finished the free starter training and built your free website around your niche you will have received traffic and will have a full insight into what’s involved and your potential which is unlimited.

      The boom in traffic comes further down the line as Wealthy Affiliate place full emphasis on receiving visitors organically through the Search Engines as these are the people who are looking for what you are promoting, they are at the final stages before purchasing and you’re taught how to lead them into your website to read your quality content.

      It all takes time, requiring determination and a bit of hard work implementing these 4 steps written here for every written post. A few people see the boom 6 months in, others 1 year in and some 18 moths in. It all depends how determined you are to keep pushing your niche.

      Once you receive organic traffic this legitimate way, the sky’s your limit.

      Hope this helps, Keep working at it and thanks again,


  24. Hey Simon,

    this is a great review and I can 100% agree to all you have written here. I am in WA myself since a few days. But what I have learned in these short days, I haven`t learned 1/10 of the stuff in the past 4 years.

    Really a great way to start online business!

    All the best,

    1. Hi Markus,
      Thanks for reading and messaging.

      Isn’t it amazing how much you learn in such a short space of time when you are surrounded by successful people.

      I too have found the platform so informative, nothing is too small a question when you are a newbie as far as the community is concerned. Everybody helps each other succeed and you get drawn into the platform in such an engaging way. It’s hard to put this into words until you’re involved.

      So what you have learnt in a few days can be summed up in 4 years – I couldn’t put it any clearer myself.
      Congrats and keep up your great work – Where will you be in a years time – Mind boggles.

      Thanks again,

  25. I couldn’t agree more with your review! Wealthy Affiliate is certainly top notch in both training and the community it created! Not only that, their own affiliate program pays out handsomely. 🙂 It’s a win, win, win!

    If anyone looking to start an online business in affiliate marketing, they should really take on your recommendation and join Wealthy Affiliate as this is the road to success!

    Good luck everyone!

    1. Hi Grace,
      Thanks for commenting and taking your time to read.

      #1 priorities for running an online business is getting expert training in building a website to give your niche a home and attracting visitors into your website. Making money is the easy part once these two fundamentals are in place. Wealthy Affiliate as you know, teach the legitimate method for the route to success here, uncovering all the bloggers secrets for how to drive traffic into your website.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program does pay handsomely, it’s true. All you need to learn is how to create and display posts, then drive traffic to them in order to earn revenue. It all takes a bit of time and dedication but once you’ve got those foundations established you’re away.

      Thanks again Grace,

  26. Hi Simon,

    That was a powerful read and full of robust information. This is really a great review about Wealthy Affiliate. If I may ask, what is the average learning curve for a total newbie who wants to try online business? I wish you lots of success.

    1. Hi Eli,
      Thanks for reading and messaging.
      I’m glad you found my review informative – Thanks!

      Everyone has different results as far as achieving success is concerned in a particular timeframe.

      What the founders recommend you to take onboard is approximately a year. This may work out to be 6 months and then again it may take 18 months+. It all depends how much determination and time you have to write posts regularly.

      2 or 3 posts per week adds up to one heck of a lot of posts in a year, supplying you with the authority and trust the Search Engines are looking for to highly rank you. This is what Wealthy Affiliate’s training is all about – Writing quality content regularly and driving traffic into your website.

      Making money becomes pretty much automatic once you have visitors rolling through your doors and Wealthy Affiliate know the route to success.

      It’s just down to determination and a bit of hard work.
      Hope this helps,

      1. Hi Simon,

        Thank you for the quick reply to my question. I looked at your review again and really really GREAT.

        It’s not only a great review about Wealthy Affiliate but can also be considered as a nice warm up training for those who want to join.

        I just noticed that they have updated the number of members here at WA which is around 800,000. The numbers are exploding.

        You’re a pro Simon.

        1. Hi Eli,
          Thanks for visiting and posting a comment.

          When I joined about 6 months ago the thing which drew my attention was the 580,000 members that had enrolled onto their course and the 98% positive review rate they were achieving. 800,000 members now is one heck of an increase in such a short space of time – Well done Wealthy Affiliate.

          Their course can only described as excellent as you know, it’s very well organised and up to date which is a huge positive in this ever evolving world as web based strategies change so frequently.

          I think the increase is purely down to the fact that get rich quick schemes do not work and now that Google has de-ranked them will Social Media platform follow? I think this is what worries most people, the legitimate way is the only way forward.

          Thanks again Eli for getting in touch,

  27. Hello Simon.
    Very well written and structured review. The part about the niche being too general really got me thinking more about what direction I want to take my own website, definitely a super tip for beginners like me!

    1. Hi Roald,
      Thanks for reading and posting a comment.

      Yeah, the most important part is narrowing a niche down towards a more targeted audience. You don’t want to be trying to target too many people at once as it becomes more difficult to attract visitors as there are far too many avenues with a general niche.

      It’s like Kyle says at Wealthy Affiliate, the dogs toys niche has over 30,000 products for sale on Amazon alone. This is enough for a lifetime’s worth of business so focus on becoming an authority within a targeted niche to gain trust with the Search Engines and visitors.

      Thanks again Roald and good luck with your business,

  28. Hi, Simon, this is the best Wealthy Affiliate I have ever read, it’s so informative I like it.

    I am a member of this wonderful community, and I am learning new stuff every day when I have a question I Immediately ask it because I know I will get responses that will help me fix that problem!

    Thanks for sharing this great review and have a wonderful day 😀


    1. Hi Anis,
      Thanks for reading and your message.

      Yeah, isn’t the help and support provided by the community and founders supportive.

      The options for help are a quick question via their live chat box for instant answers of you can write a more detailed question for the community. Whenever I use these options I am always amazed how responsive the community are, loads of answers come flooding back to help.

      There’s also a library full of help topics and training to help you on your way or you can ask the founder members Kyle and Carson for help, I have done this a few times too and always found their support so helpful when I’m unsure of anything.

      Thanks again Anis and good luck with your role,

  29. Thanks for your review Simon! As a Wealthy Affiliate member, I completely agree with you that it’s not one of those “get-rich-quick” scams that proliferate the internet these days. I’ve found that the program has helped me realise the right way to create my online business. Yes, it does involve work and effort on my part but I’d rather this honest approach than to be scammed again!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yeah, isn’t the internet full of scams these days – They take some wading through for people who are looking to find something legit to get their teeth into.

      Yes, there will be no overnight success stories here, It takes time to build up authority and trust with the Search Engines and the only thing that will get you there is providing regular quality content.

      Once you start writing quality content implementing these steps for every post you write, this builds op trust with visitors and the Search Engines which in return leads to higher rankings. It all takes a bit of time but is definitely worth it because once visitors start rolling through a website’s doors earning money becomes pretty much automatic.

      Thanks again Sharon,

  30. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for providing such a detailed review of all the benefits of joining WA. I couldn’t agree more with everything you have said here, and I would thoroughly encourage anyone wishing to start their own online business to give Wealthy Affiliate a try as I am sure with all that there is to offer they will not be disappointed!
    I am also a member of WA, and also joined with no prior knowledge of creating a business online. The training given is laid out in such a simple way, with very clear step-by-step instructions so you just can’t go wrong!

    Thanks again for this great review Simon, and I wish you much continued success.

    Simmone 🙂

    1. Hi Simmone,
      Thanks for reading and sharing your views.

      You sound like me, joining without any prior experience in building websites or running an online business. Haven’t we learnt something here?

      You are right regarding the training, it’s all broken down into very straightforward steps requiring members to slowly work through them and implement into their own website what’s shown pertaining to their chosen niche. They do have a simplistic approach to teaching, ideal for newbies like myself.

      It’s so nice to hear a fellow member starting out as I did,
      Thanks again,

  31. Very through review. For ease of reading some stuff could’ve been in separate post (Especially 4 steps). As at that point focus was a little bit wondering.

    1. Hi Panu,
      Thanks for reading, sorry it seems a bit confusing to you – I understand it’s a bit long.

      Unfortunately, providing separate pages was not my intention, I wanted to provide this review on one page and there’s a lot of information to provide for legitimacy reasons.

      Step 1 is deciding your business.

      Step 2 building your website is pure fun.

      Step 3 is how to attract visitors and it requires the amalgamation of these internal steps for each post that’s created – This works.

      Step 4 Earning revenue becomes pretty much automatic once these steps are in place.

      Thanks again,

  32. Hi Simon.
    Wow that is a great Review. i think it is the most detailled review I have ever seen. You put a lot time in it and that is good. i see that you like doing what you do 🙂 Focus on your goals , you will reach them.

    1. Hi Damian,
      Thanks for leaving your message and reading.

      I am happy you have found the information provided helpful, I have tried to leave no stones unturned and no questions left unanswered. It has taken a bit of time to prepare but it’s imperative I relay an honest review for all visitors reading.

      Before I joined I wanted to know exactly what was involved and how legitimate the program is. Unfortunately the amount of scams on the internet people have to wade through before they come across something genuine is a sad indictment in the way the web pushes so many false claims.

      This is why Wealthy Affiliate have opened their doors with this free package, to let any potential newcomers come inside have a look around, see how they get on with the training and to find out whether this opportunity is for them first before joining premium. If anyone does join premium there are no ties and that’s how legit the course is.

      Thanks again and focus on your goals too,

  33. Hi Simon,
    this is a very thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate! I am part of the community and going through the boot camp training, which is very detailed. I’ve learned so much in just 2 weeks, today, since I’ve joined. This is the best business decision I’ve made.
    Thanks for your review.

    1. Hi Mae,
      Nice to meet you, I’m glad joining Wealthy Affiliate has been your best decision – Mine too.

      The community is so helpful. Anything you are stuck on, no matter how small, just ask and someone is always there to answer.

      There’s always thousands on the platform at any one time and that’s the beauty of such a vast membership yet there’s one heck of a lot of very experienced bloggers to which I have gained so much experience from in taking their helpful suggestions on board.

      Everyone is there to help each other succeed and you don’t realise how powerful this is until you are a member.

      Thanks again,

    1. Hi Man,
      Thanks for reading and your message.

      I am glad I have provided you all the information required. It really is very straightforward, only requiring members to follow the steps provided whist implementing into their own website what’s shown in the training pertaining to their chosen niche.

      Just follow the steps one at a time. You’ll be amazed with how much you achieve in such a short space of time.

      Thanks again,

  34. Good comprehensive review Of Wealthy Affiliate. Nice page layout, awesome graphics really get your attention. Your review covers in detail how Wealthy Affiliate can help anyone of any skill level. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for calling in and reading.

      I must admit I had no experience in building a website or running an online business before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I thought I’d be walking into a load of technical jargon but that just isn’t the case.

      Anybody who is determined and doesn’t mind a bit of work can make this work for them. Wealthy Affiliates training has a very simplistic approach, you are simply looking over the shoulders of an expert and implementing into your own website what’s show pertaining to your niche.

      Just take it one step at a time and complete each task before moving onto the next. You’ll be amazed how much you achieve in such a short space of time.

      Thanks again Mark,

  35. Hi Simon,
    I think it is a very important head start for newbies to understand what is actually affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate definitely offers that. Anyone can create a website but if it is too general, then it would be too competitive and if it is too specific, we may have too little to talk about, therefore, we should strike a balance and this is what this platform offers.

    1. Hi Jacob,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      A too general niche is not the way to go as there is far too much competition, like clothes for instance. You are trying to compete with every avenue clothes are engaged in. You will never get a foothold in the door.

      Did you know both the dogs toys niche and basket ball shoes niche have over 30,000 products each for sale on Amazon alone. This is huge yet anyone would say it’s a small niche with no potential. Anyone can quite easily create a successful lifetime business out of these niches with content galore to write about.

      It all depends what your passion is, what you are willing to write about and communicate with.

      Jay, one of the most senior members with Wealthy Affiliate did a seminar on Football Snack Helmets as his niche. He showed the entire process over a 5 week period of how to build a website, attract visitors and earn revenue from it. This earns great revenue, yet is an extremely targeted niche but his website is open to America day and night all year round. This isn’t a pop up shop, rather a serious business opportunity.

      If you are unsure regarding your niche, ask the community – everyone is there to help and offer ideas. You’ll be surprised with some of suggestions the experienced bloggers have.

      Hope this helps and thanks again,

  36. Hey Simon,
    This was an excellent read. Things like SEO and its merging with Social media were very informative for me. I’m no stranger to dedication or hard work, but I’m wondering, how long does it take until your website builds up its trust with Google and the like?

    1. Hi JT,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      If you have dedication and don’t mind a bit of hard work, just work your way through the steps in the training because it sounds to me like you’re half way there.

      How long does it take?
      This really does depend on commitment, there is no definitive answer to this and no one knows Google’s algorithm to how they rank websites.

      What I can say however is writing quality content regularly using Wealthy Affiliates Keyword Tool, providing interaction within the comments section and linking posts via Social Media is a sure fire way to boost rankings if you are registered with the Search Engines through the SEO Plugin, Google Analytics and Google+

      I found with my Plastic Sheds niche, rankings took about 4-5 months before I started to see potential. Google+ links are so powerful as you can beat your website links with these and end up on the first page of Google Search. I have achieved this many times with my niche.

      Take a look at My Journey, I have a screenshots of my website link on the first page of Google Search results and Google+ links on the 1st page too, to let everybody understand this is entirely possible even for newbies like myself:

      Keep up your good work and thanks again,

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