How To Write For My Blog

The disconcerting feeling regarding blogging away about a particular subject dawns to challenge one’s self esteem. Will my writing come across favourable towards the subject and guests?  Will visitors appreciate my writing reflecting their appraisal through conversions?

How To Write For My BlogHow to write for my blog can stimulate the daunting prospect for many unseasoned amateurs but I’m here to provide a solution to help break down these dispiriting tasks & negative thoughts, rather turn them into the most gratifying experience.

Why complicate things when the most successful bloggers entertain a strategy that applies basic skills. You can duplicate their expertise by implementing this very straightforward masterplan into action and help aspire your blog towards this seldom talked about path of prosperity.

How the heck did we get into this state?

Were you ever taught at School, College, University, Business School, etc to write in a natural style, come across with an expression of writing as though you’re having a friendly conversation with a colleague, friend or member of your family in order to promote your subject? – Nope!

Write naturally
Write naturally

Rather the opposite materialises through education where the pressure to push sales takes precedence yet does this create affection with customers? – Nope!

If people do NOT like being sold to and are instantly put off by pressure selling, why are we taught to deliver such loathed practices? – Greed!

Couple the pressure sales with misguided information to entice customers into their bargain leads many companies skating on very thin ice regarding their deceiving practices, steering towards harbouring their business down the dishonest route – Yet we all adhere to these crazy ways, it’s something we all have been accustomed to accepting, leading us all to check the small print due to our lack of trust.

Think about it – Why deliver exactly what the customer doesn’t want?  How many companies do you implicitly trust?

Take advantage of this poor behaviour

A landscape has been created by affluent bloggers, what I term as the land of prosperity. An open door provides the entrance for any would-be blogger to walk down this long path presenting a gateway onto this playing field.

Path To Prosperity
Path To Prosperity

To champion this strategy and spearhead your services down this lucrative avenue requires fuel, the energy derived by applying written content on a regular basis regarding your niche.

Determined not to be left out through affiliate marketing, the vast majority of companies welcome bloggers onboard to earn commissions through affiliate links when products and services are purchased via their stores.

So what was once the greed of companies demanding the lot is slowly turning into a shareable world where earning an income is concerned. Those who don’t offer an Affiliate Program are going to find their sales decline, hence their jumping aboard to deliver affiliate services and welcoming members into their fold.

Treat visitors as your friends

I think you’re probably gathering to come across with a sales approach is not the requirement for visitors – Ditch your sales mentality and show respect towards visitors and promotions.

Show Respect towards Visitors and your Promotions
Show Respect towards Visitors and your Promotions

Start your blog post of with a captivating first paragraph to gain instant attraction regarding your subject, entice visitors to read the entire article.

Writing naturally is the adept bloggers formula, explaining your subject with descriptive yet honest information as though you are informing a family member of a particular product or service and what beneficiaries they can derive from joining or purchasing.

An explanation regarding the advantages and disadvantages, pointing out the pros and cons of your subject works wonders. If everything is wonderful, people simply question you. Positives and negatives determine honesty and provide your audience with the subject’s knowledge they are searching the web for.

It’s quite simple really: Supplying correct information is honest. Honesty leads to trust. Once you master accomplishing trust with your guests, this leads to conversions. A very straightforward genuine strategy.

Leverage Reviews and QA’s

Whatever services and products we decide to purchase, online platforms have generated a plethora of reviews, feedback and Questions & Answers (QA’s). This provides visitors with knowledgeable information.

Leverage Reviews
Leverage Reviews

Leveraging reviews and QA’s regarding your subject and relaying this information into web posts is the powerful armoury bloggers behold. This erudite information establishes your authoritative stance on the web.

Equipping visitors with positive feedback provides validity regarding your promotions whereas relaying negative feedback generates an honest approach allowing guests to work out for themselves whether this product or service is right for them.

There is so much knowledgeable information that can be derived from QA’s, it can turn the daunting prospect of providing quality written blog posts into an ease of achievement yet this is honest information readers want to uncover prior to making their decision empowering your ambition 2 fold in accomplishing conversions whilst acquiring trust – Becoming an authoritative power within your niche.

Leverage the bad with the good

Leveraging the poor reviews with the good is the gold standard for bloggers allowing articles to be written no matter how poor the feedback is from a product of service.

Leverage the Bad with the Good
Leverage the Bad with the Good

This opens the door to create a mass of quality content. Search Engines demand regular quality content – Right? Those who deliver receive the high ranking accolade. It doesn’t matter how bad the reviews are – Leverage them.

Providing honest information delivers the trust in their blog. Guests are simply pointed via links to alternative posts representing a better choice, the beauty of blogging.

Which type of promotion a guest prefers isn’t the authors concern, they have simply provided their audience with relevant and genuine information. However, a bloggers main priority is that all conversions are made through them, hence their affiliate links to all promotions, good or bad.

A delightful display creates readable content.

A pleasing environment requires to be designed to keep an audience reading. Those who accomplish visitors to read the entirety of their content, master the plan as this increases conversions – A bloggers incentive.

A block of words creates a challenging task to read. Convert this into a spacious document consisting of small paragraphs and catchy headings to keep your audience interested to read on.

Insert Stunning Imagery
Insert Stunning Imagery

Surrounding the article with stunning imagery generates a bodacious presence – An admirable environment guests appreciate.

When joining an Affiliate Program, members have permission to use all promotional imagery within their blog posts. These are professionally produced images that can turn a bland blog into an article of enchanting detail. The right imagery can make conversions on their own.

Embedding a video if your subject allows, shows the full potential of your promotions one step away from real life viewing. Motion speaks so much more than pictures and words can ever say. Prepare for your increase in conversions as videos are your powerful commodity.

The simple truth

Take the financial sector as an example. What was once presented as an honourable business through legitimate practices has deteriorated down a spiral staircase of pure greed simply because their sales mentality downgraded their presence to lack in confidence and trust with their customers. – Where did this get them?

Experienced Affiliate Marketers ditched their sales pitch to focus on the traditional methods of honesty and relayed this information into their posts providing the knowledge without sales pressure yet allowing their guests to make their own mind up.

Providing honesty leads to trust. It really doesn’t get more straightforward than this. Those who receive trust generate conversions and enter onto the bloggers affluent landscape.

Where’s my proof of Blogging in Affiliate Marketing?

It would be crazy for me to write a post without supplying proof that I am involved in affiliate marketing and I wouldn’t blame you for walking away.

Keter Fusion 759
My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds

My niche is Quality Plastic Sheds for the garden. I earn revenue through affiliate marketing. When someone reads one of my created posts, clicks on my affiliate link and purchases, I earn commission.

I apply these principles I describe here for every written Plastic Shed post I create. I relay reviews, feedback and QA’s into posts, provide pros and cons of the particular shed, surround the written content with images and a video and provide honest information. I don’t try and sell anything.

Here’s a post I created regarding the Keter Fusion 759 Shed:

Fancy learning these techniques?

I learnt this potent strategy from Wealthy Affiliate, an online platform that teaches the proper way to set-up a website around your passion, create blogs, attract visitors and earn revenue through affiliate marketing.

All the tools and methods you will ever require to attract visitors are within the members platform, such as:

Setting up your website with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin so that searchers can find your blogs on the web.

The Wealthy Affiliate famous keyword tool – Provides the exact keywords for the titles of your blog posts to what people are searching for on the web. How cool is this:  The powerful way to accomplish Search Engines high rankings to accompany your quality content.

Determination To Follow The Steps
Determination To Follow The Steps

How to create the most engaging blog. Interaction is key to enter the high ranking division. Wealthy Affiliate members help each other succeed through the most dominant of interacting platforms. This will impress you.

If you have ambitions to walk down the path of affiliate marketing prosperity, hop onboard. No experience is required, everything is taught right from the basics requiring members to work their way through the steps implementing what’s shown.

Oodles of Help and Support is provided to steer members on the route to success.

All what’s required is determination to work your way through these very straightforward steps exposing the blogging enigma.

Here’s a Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program:

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for reading.

If you have any questions about writing for your blog, please ask in the comment section below. Always happy to help.

Thanks again,





8 thoughts on “How To Write For My Blog”

  1. Enjoyed this very much.
    Thank you for sharing the helpful tips. The graphics part is most helpful to me. I’ve just started to blog and tend to shy away from graphics or decorating pages.
    And agree should treat people with respect and build a relationship before try to sell to them.
    People are bombarded by sales ads etc daily.

    1. Hi Shannon,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Adding images brightens up a post rather than looking at a block of words. The idea is to make the read a pleasant journey rather than a task. A few photos and catchy headings whilst writing small paragraphs works wonders to keep your visitors reading.

      Yeah, I keep away from selling altogether. All I do is relay information for my audience to read and let them make their own mind up. This is the beauty of blogging because you can write content promoting the poor reviews and offer your audience the products that come across more favourably. It keeps you equipped with adding content this way, this is what the Search Engines rank – Quality content, written regularly.

      In a nutshell, people do not like being sold to, just relay the info and come across helpful. This leads to trust and trust leads to conversions.

      Thanks again Shannon,

  2. Hey Simon,
    This is an really awesome post with so much valuable info for writing a great blog post FOR YOUR AUDIENCE! We really need to write for our visitors and Google will figure out from there.

    I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate member. I strongly recommend others to join. Like you said, the support and help is simply extraordinary.

    Thanks for this informative post and all the best to you:)


    1. Hi Jerry,
      Thanks for leaving a comment.

      Blogging is all about coming across with a helpful manner and providing positive and negative information regarding the subject and letting a visitor work out whether your subject will work for them, you’re simply helping them make their decision.

      If you can relay information to you audience that will help them make a decision without pushing sales you are creating a more natural atmosphere and trust is gained. Once you gain trust with your guests, conversions will come your way.

      Wealthy Affiliate have taught me all this powerful stuff, helping me ditch my sales mentality and come across in my natural style and it is working wonders plus writing this way takes all the pressure off you. It’s a really enjoyable role.

      Keep up your great work Jerry,

      1. I cannot agree more with you Simon. You are really inspiring and helpful. YES, what I learnt is also the same. The old school way of selling and promoting is no longer valid today. We simply need to put ourselves in the best position to HELP others without expecting any return in mind. Build the trust and relationship with our audience and help them make the best decision for them.

        This also applies to any other business or being a good person. It all starts from the right mindset.

        Thanks for this awesome discussion with you. I appreciate it. Wish you the best of luck. You will get and deserve what you put in 🙂

        1. Hi Jerry,
          Thanks for calling back in.
          It’s a whole new learning curve for me too Jerry but the way Wealthy Affiliate have designed their program to show you the right way to run an online business through a website is quite inspiring.

          I did run a traditional business before joining WA and I must say the principles to the way we ran our business are very much the same as this. Listen to what visitors ask and be helpful towards their decision and treat everyone as a friend. That’s what we did and this is the way here.

          How to write naturally however is new to me and this is what I am learning now. You learn new ways every day.

          Thanks again Jerry and keep up your great work,

  3. I like the Treat Visitors as Your Friend section.
    Too many times people are trying to sell to someone they don’t know, instead of building relationships first.

    1. Hi Edward,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a message.

      Yeah, this is the blogging way, to write naturally as though you are having a conversation with a friend or better still, a family member.

      The reason for this is to ditch the sales mentality and come across helpful with posts. People do not like being sold to. It took me a while to grasp the process but it makes so much sense if you can come across without trying to push sales. Just be helpful, that’s it.

      I agree with your relationship building theory as this is really what it’s all about.

      Thanks again Edward,

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