How to Write Content for a Blog – Content that Converts

The essential element when crafting a web page is to keep an audience interested to read the entire written article. Creating an informative quality post incorporating a pleasant style of writing with a friendly approach leads to conversions to what the written text desires the visitors to do next, after reading.

How to Write Content for a BlogThis post relays my learning process with Wealthy Affiliate. A University that teaches how to choose a targeted niche, build a website, attract visitors and create your own successful online business.

Learning how to write content for a blog is Wealthy Affiliate’s #1 priority.

Providing regular quality content is priority for any online business to succeed. The way content’s displayed is imperative to keep visitors interested, reading all the way to the end of a written article. Once this process is accomplished, making money online becomes second nature.

How to create effective content for a website describes the approach to write descriptive, informative and helpful information within written articles, by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and finding ideas how to write a blog post answering many people’s concerns regarding your promotional product or subject. This creates authority and trust with the audience.

In 5 minutes you will grasp the process

The huge advantage in the creation of successful blog posts is the naturally written presentation towards their audience. People prefer reading a style of writing that comes across in conversational speak rather than some sort of scientific document unless of course the post pertains to a scientific study.

We are all accustomed to reading black or grey text on a white background so why try and alter things . Almost every book you read is written this way so rather than changing the appearance, retain the customary look to keep your audience engaged.

Converse naturally

Most successful blogs write naturally to their audience. They represent a showing rather than a telling approach.

Presenting a post this way not only describes your subject matter, images and screenshots are introduced to show visitors the process to represent their written subject in more elaborate detail.

Trust and Respect

Simply put, if you place yourself in the audiences or customers shoes and relate informative and helpful information answering many concerns, trust and respect will be gained.

Use plenty of white space

A well designed post looks organised in appearance with plenty of white space, presenting an airy feel.

There’s nothing worse than viewing a sea of words in one paragraph or the whole page, this has the uninviting effect that portrays a daunting task for visitors to read, many will instantly leave.

A block of text

Paragraphs in bite size chunks

The way round this is to write in small paragraphs, in bite-sized chunks, it’s far easier to read this way.

Separate paragraphs with catchy headings to keep guests reading. An audience that’s kept interested will read the entire document and absorb the information much easier. At the end of the post is where the Call To Action process is introduced. What are you wanting them to do next?

  • Are you wanting them to click somewhere?
  • Go somewhere?
  • Purchase something?
  • Get in touch?

Excite searchers with a captivating title

Make the blog post title captivating, enticing people to visit in the Search Engine’s results page. The title should represent exactly what the post entails.

Keywords can be introduced within the title and first few paragraphs to accomplish rankings in the Search Engines but never keyword stuff, this instantly downgrades the whole blog post into a poor read that doesn’t make sense, resulting in an uninterested audience that soon leaves.

Don't Keyword Stuff

If a website experiences a deluge of visitors leaving immediately after arrival this tells the Search Engines one thing, the website is producing poor quality content which will lead to de-ranking. So never get into the habit of keyword stuffing.

Create a knockout first paragraph

The first paragraph is the first written piece of an article visitors read. Make it captivating and enchanting, encouraging visitors to read on.

Explain the subject matter to what the blog post is relating to, what you are about to show them and the audiences advantages if they pursue reading on.

Images speak a thousand words

Always use a relevant image within the top fold of a blog post. The image should relate to what the article is about. It’s certainly true, using powerful imagery can speak a thousand words on it’s own. Make sure the image depicts the subject matter. Adding an image this way, breaks up the text creating the appearance of an inviting readable post.

There’s loads of free images available on the web – Use them to brighten up your post.

Better Design -Add Relevant Images

It’s a good idea to keep adding the odd image throughout the document to get away from that daunting effect of an ocean of words to wade through. All bloggers want to keep their guests reading, having a pleasant overall appearance maintains interest.

Videos add more power to quality content

Embed a video relating to the written article. Videos show much more than images providing viewers with an overall look and feel, how it works, what the advantages are, step by step tutorials etc. Videos can promote any written document to another level – Use them.

Embed videos to boost a blog page

I saw an increase in conversions as soon as I started embedding videos into my blog posts pertaining to my niche.

Don’t add too many affiliate links 

Be very careful how many affiliate links you place in a blog post. You don’t want all your hard work to appear as spam. Search Engines de-rank spam content so keep them to a minimum.

Create a friendly sign off

A post is friendlier if signed off with a name and perhaps your photo if your image isn’t on view surrounding the webpost. If visitors can see who has written the blog and their name, a trustworthy appearance is created.

Come across friendly

Always sign off providing help if guests would like to ask a question regarding the post’s subject. The comments section is a great way to create interaction with an audience. Search Engines adore interaction and they will rank you for it.

Fancy creating well designed Crafty Content?

You’re welcome to take the opportunity and learn how to create a successful online venture of your very own.

Wealthy Affiliate are experts in creating online businesses. They will train, help and support you every step of the way until you accomplish your dreams. Then they will help you some more.

No gimmicks. It’s free to start.

SimonThis is how to run a legitimate online business and how I, as a complete newbie got started.

Thanks for taking the time to read,


6 thoughts on “How to Write Content for a Blog – Content that Converts”

    1. Hi Susanne,
      Thanks for your comment.

      Yeah, these tips are pretty basic really but when combined together can be very effective.

      The premise of this post is to create a light and airy feel to produce quality content that gets read.

      If you produce a post this way and get the audience to read your entire article, the potential for any blogging business can be outstanding.

      Most people prefer a naturally written post. An article that comes across personal is as though it’s intended for that particular person reading and this can be effective.

      Thanks for your time,

  1. Hello Simon,
    I enjoyed visiting your site. You are so right about content. Awesome, original content is not optional.
    I also believe that if you are serious about earning money online, Wealthy Affiliate is not optional. A helpful, useful, learning environment for any marketing entrepreneur.

    1. Hi Allan,
      Thanks for taking your time to comment.

      I agree, content is the bees knees for producing a quality blog, this is becoming more essential as time moves on as far as Search Engines are concerned. They rank quality, so it’s up to every blogger to produce this way in order to achieve a successful website.

      The main focus is creating an environment for each web post which doesn’t appear daunting for visitors to read. If an article provides informative and helpful content, well presented in design resulting in an easy read, a website has the potential to become extremely prosperous as your achievement concludes in visitors reading all the text.

      It’s a very simple process yet one that’s overlooked by so many. It’s just a matter of getting a system in place.

      Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate teach how to create a successful website. Their training has already achieved over 600,000 members create success with their online business. This number speaks for itself.

      Thanks again Allan,

  2. Hi Simon,
    Nice website looks very nice and clean very little distractions.
    Quality content is king and the way it’s displayed.
    I too like Wealthy Affiliate it is an amazing platform and one which I highly recommend.

    1. Hi Rick,
      Thanks for taking your time to comment.

      Quality content really is key priority when creating blog posts.

      Do this right and regularly will lead to higher rankings in the search engines. When you get to the point of receiving organic traffic this way, the world’s your oyster.

      The idea is to have your visitors read your entire article as this leads to a successful business, so try and move away from a block of words as this only creates a daunting task for visitors.

      Plenty of white space, headings, images and a video will break all your text up, while having the text in small paragraphs will only benefit you some more.

      Yes you are right, Wealthy Affiliate has taught me all these tricks as they are teaching you. They are experts in this field and I’m taking all their lessons on board.

      Thanks again,

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