How To Write An About Me Page For A Blog

Most people, including myself get worried regarding writing about themselves, it feels like an intrusion of privacy telling the world about your personal situation. Hopefully this will simplify the creation of your About Me page.

About MeYour About Me page is essentially building trust on your website, this is fundamental for any individual blogging and affiliate marketing.

People want to know who you are and gain trust in you. Trust leads to conversions for what you’re promoting in your niche.

Don’t fret about this page being perfect, it’s definitive to you.

There is no perfect About Me page, everyone creates theirs in their own style – just make it personal to you and come across friendly. Write it as though you were talking to a friend, come across willing to help. Written this way portrays confidence with your audience. Don’t over complicate things.

How to create the About Me page – Make it personal and readable

Your About Me page could be titled as:

  • About_your name
  • About_This Website
  • About_Your Journey

I have titled mine,  About Me  but could have been titled About Simon, perhaps this is more friendlier. The decision is yours, there’s no definitive solution to this, just your preference. It can be changed at a later date if you want to give it more personality.

When designing your page, break it down into small paragraphs with headings. Headings foreshadow what you’re going to be talking about. Make interesting headings to keep viewers interested.

Give your page plenty of white space making it readable.

Your About Me page can quite easily lead to conversions if you create trust with your audience.

What to include in an about me page – Your picture

Include a picture of yourself towards the top of your page. This is absolutely essential.

SimonPeople are visual by nature, they want to see who is writing these web posts and promoting this niche.

Including a picture of yourself opens your whole website up to one that is trustworthy and believable. You want to create a feeling that someone is actually speaking to them.

An About Me page with no image becomes faceless, it’s as though you may be hiding something and this damages trust – make sure no-one’s hidden.

I have to admit I hated this part at first, I am such a private person but after a few weeks you get used to seeing yourself. This is something you’ve got to do.

When you include your image, place your name in the ‘alt text’ box, then when someone hovers over your image, they see your name. A huge benefit for the visually impaired.

About Me page ideas – Tell them your story

An About me page describes who you are, how your niche is relevant to you.

Be creative as you want. You can talk about your past, a timeline story, your journey and where you came from but don’t harp on too much – you don’t want to bore anyone.

Talk about things you like to do, what your hobbies are, your interests, but make sure your story pertains to your niche and why this subject is of interest to you, how it’s benefited you and why you are interested in helping others with it.

A lot of people tend to overthink their About Me page , thinking it’s gotta be some sort of set in stone template, but to be honest, there is no perfect About Me page, it’s just about providing confidence for your visitors.

As time goes by, it can evolve as you get more experience within your niche enabling you to keep adding more information to the page.

Here’s a video lesson with Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate

How to create an About Me page

How to create an About Me page

How to write an about me page for a website – Provide inspiration

Tell people why you’re interested in this niche, tell them your story and how it has benefited you. Why has it been so relevant to you and why you are interested in helping others.

This in essence will build a lot of trust on your website, whilst removing the facelessness of it. There’s nothing worse than visiting a website online, having no idea of who’s behind it

At the end of your page offer your visitors a helping hand if they require feedback or support. Ask them to drop a comment below in the comments box. Always make sure you reply immediately – Punctuality is the key here, this gains trust.

Then finish the page off with your signature, First names are much more friendlier, you want to come across in this warmer way. Also,tell them you are the founder of this website as you sign off.

When you have finished creating your About Me page, make sure you place it in the top menu – your visitors usually want to check you out, to make sure you’re genuine.

What is a privacy policy page  – Should you have one?

A Privacy Policy page is a standard page all websites should contain.

The premise behind having a Privacy Policy page is important, it’s something the Search Engines like Google look for on websites because it’s a requirement for things such as Google Adsense, pay per click and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There are loads of free Privacy Policy pages available on the web to use on your website – A search will provide them.

How to create a privacy policy – Who provided mine?

I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and they have provided me with my own Privacy Policy page.

It’s just a case of copy and paste, then alter the website name and email address to your own.

This is the ONLY time you will ever copy and paste any text into your website – Search Engines will de-rank you for copying.

So the most important step here is to make sure your Privacy Policy page will not get indexed in the Search Engines. This is done by ticking the ‘No Index’ check boxes within your SEO plugin. It’s imperative to do this, then you don’t lose your rankings in the Search Engines.

Privacy Policy page example

Wealthy Affiliate show you how it’s done!

Privacy Policy page example

Would you like to learn all this wonderful stuff?

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It’s a pleasurable role and can create a lifestyle to match. It just requires dedication and a bit of hard work but it’s well worth the effort.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello Simon,
    I really enjoyed this page on How to Create an About Me page. It is very informative. I will definitely use some of the information you have provided here for my own About Me page.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Yeah, the About Me page and Privacy Policy pages are very important for a website.
      The About Me page is essential for providing trust with your audience.
      The Privacy Policy page is imperative for SEO.
      Done correctly can boost your online experience.
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  2. Hi Simon,
    Really nice job on your post here. It’s clean, easy to read and understand and informative too – really good.
    I like it so much, it’s inspired me to join.

    1. Hi Felix,
      Thanks for taking the time to read.
      Yeah, the About Me and Privacy Policy pages are essential for any website.
      They provide trust in your visitors and the Search Engines, so it’s worth spending the time creating them.
      Thanks again,

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