How To Sell Jewellery Online – How To Sell Jewelry Online

Hi, my name is Simon, I’m going to be quite frank with you here – My knowledge regarding Jewellery is very limited. On the other hand, for my wife – Well, Jewelry is her best friend.

How To Sell Jewelry OnlineWhat I do understand however, is how to sell almost anything online including how to sell jewelry online. Personally for me, affiliate marketing is my business and I’ve been involved for quite a while now, earning commissions through helping people by pointing them in the right direction to purchase particular items online.

Wealthy Affiliate is the company who teach exactly how marketing online is accomplished.

Many members targeting a Gemstones Niche have joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to sell jewellery online professionally either by means of selling their own Gems or a profitable Precious Stones business through affiliate marketing.

You’ll be surprised – Selling Bling online is easy

Anyone can follow the popular route selling gems through an online auction platform like eBay, alternatively Auction Houses provide a main attraction where people can actually physically view the precious stones prior to purchase. The problem with this as you know, the commissions knock a huge slice off your earnings.

Gems can always be traded in at a Jewelry store but receiving a pittance relative to the real value is not worth the hassle. Peddling precious items through a market stall is another alternative but overheads, time and even weather can depreciate profits rapidly.

You have arrived at this page to learn exactly how to effectively sell jewellery online. Either by making money selling your own Precious Stones or by creating a Gemstones Affiliate Marketing Business. OR BOTH – WHY NOT !

Neither myself or Wealthy Affiliate sell your precious stones for you; rather, they show you 3 very straightforward processes to receive publicity for your jewelry and how YOU can create a prosperous business around your niche from the comfort of your own home.

3 Easy Steps to Sell Your Jewelry Online

  1. Make a Home for Your Jewellery – Build a Website
  2. Exposing Your Precious Stones – Receiving Visitors
  3. Maintaining a Flourishing Gemstones Business – Getting Help & Support

Step 1 

Create a Stunning Website

The first part required is to make a home for your Jewellery by creating a beautiful website representing your gemstones with delightful presentation.

Website Template - Athena
Website Template – Athena

There are some Awesome WordPress templates to choose from, Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to set-up a website in minutes – Yep, things have moved on in the website world and there’s hardly any technical knowledge to learn. This means you can concentrate wholly on your precious stones niche.

Training shows how to effectively connect with people interested in gemstones, how to create the most responsive home-based studio to engage others in your niche. As your website grows, authority and trust embeds your web-based foundations into an authority site leading to a gradual increase in visitors. Traffic leads to revenue and you’re shown exactly how it’s done.

In-order to create an authoritative website, content is required. This is done by creating helpful, descriptive, informative quality posts regarding your promoted precious stones and displaying them in delectable detail by inserting captivating images and perhaps a video from YouTube showing off their qualities.

Wealthy Affiliate are masters in creating quality content, they teach exactly how to perform beauty within a website, create engaging posts with quality content, how to insert images that speak a thousand words and insert videos to show the beauty your niche purveys making your precious stones website compete with the best jewellery websites out there.

Website Themes
WordPress Website Themes

Step 2

Attracting Visitors to purchase your Gems

You have the ability to create something special here, the potential to generate a presence with your ‘Precious Stones’ niche on the web, similar to the most famous Jewellery Stores out there. Your advantage – They have vast overheads and staff wages to pay, you compete from the comfort of your home.

Attract Visitors for Your JewelryTo realise your potential, visitors are required to turn your Bijoux into profit. Just like shops on the highstreet, their necessity requires customers walking through their doors.

Wealthy Affiliate will take you by the hand and show how to effectively attract people searching in the Search Engines.

They teach how to register your website with the Search Engines through an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugin, provide interaction for the posts you create, receive website feedback to accomplish performing to the highest standard, effectively share your delightful posts on Social Media platforms and how to use the most powerful keyword tool to make the titles of your posts generate substantial amounts of traffic.

Your website is the home for your Jewelry, millions of people are searching for jewellery online. Your Precious Stones website is going to provide amazing exposure to these people searching, once they enter your website your earning potential has the ability to grow exponentially.

If your bag is to join a FREE Jewellery Affiliate Company and earn commissions via affiliate links, Wealthy Affiliate teach how this is done.

If you already have a website but not effectively receiving traffic – that’s fine too. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to generate traffic to a whole new level.

Turn Your Jewelry Niche into a Prosperous Business

Step 3

A flourishing Gemstones Business requires Help and Support

Help and support is a pivotal requirement for anyone starting out in the online world, you and your jewelry business are no exception.

The essential requirement of receiving interaction and website feedback to boost your website’s success is where Wealthy Affiliate’s platform excels, members helping each other succeed. No one is left alone.

Wealthy Affiliate have trained over 600,000 members to create a prosperous business around their niche. Thousands are now experienced due to their expert training providing help and support for every member whenever they require it – Anytime day or night. Even the founder members are involved here, helping daily.

So, you will have thousands of experts to help you, ask a quick question in the Live Chat box or ask a more detailed question for the community, you won’t be hanging around long waiting for help.

Providing Help and Support is where most online training courses fail. Wealthy Affiliate provide oceans of support, gearing their entire platform around their helpful community.

How to create a successful Jewelry Business

Let’s re-cap

Wealthy Affiliate are experts in running online businesses, they teach the proper way to effectively connect with people searching online for any niche, including Jewellery.

Help and Support with YOUR Jewellery BusinessA very detailed training course combines: Teaching how to create a beautiful website around your Precious Stones business, how to create delightfully presented web posts with quality content for your gems and how to target people searching for any particular type of jewelry. Once you master traffic, earning revenue becomes second nature.

No experience whatsoever is required, just take the steps one at a time. You’ll be impressed with how simple the process has become and astounded with what you create.

Get started Today  provides details: How to start this Free starter course with 2 Free hosted Websites thrown in. There are 4 parts in creating a successful business online. I have covered 3 here. The first is where most people have difficulty, choosing a niche to market. You already know your niche – Jewellery.

I have written an in-depth review of the Wealth Affiliate Program for more information.

Once you finish the Free course you will have built your Gemstones Website, started to create wonderful blog posts displaying delightfully presented Precious Stones, started to receive visitors and ready for making money online. You may even be making some.

100% Free to Start – 100% Legitimate – 100% Genuine – Only your name and email address required: Get started Today!

Think about an Enchanting Name for your Jewelry Business.

SimonThanks for reading.

If anyone is wondering: Jewellery is the English spelling, Jewelry is the American spelling.

If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments section below. I will be happy to help you.



6 thoughts on “How To Sell Jewellery Online – How To Sell Jewelry Online”

  1. Robert Lawrence


    Thanks for this information. I’m not personally looking to sell jewelry online but my wife and I are currently looking for a way that she can make some extra money online.

    She’s really passionate about jewelry so I thought I’d look around the internet and see if I can find some ways for her to make money from this. That’s how I got here.

    I’m just curious about this Wealthy Affiliate that you’re talking about. Do they only teach people how to make money using affiliate marketing or do they also teach other ways of making money online like email marketing or paid ads?


    1. Hi Robert,

      There are many ways to earn money from a website, email marketing, paid ads, affiliate marketing, making money from ads on your website to even building a website up and selling it.

      Everything is covered at Wealthy Affiliate in order to run an online business, it depends on which route you wish to take.

      Affiliate marketing is such a popular route as this doesn’t entail purchasing and holding stock, postage packaging and time or returns to deal with. The process is like the free route that provides time to build up a website and attract visitors which is what Wealthy Affiliate are experts in teaching the secrets for.

      As far as jewelry is concerned you can either sell your own or take the affiliate method or both simultaneously. The #1 priority is to build a wesite to give the jewlery a stunning home to present the gems with delightful presentation and attrct visitors on the web. Making money becomes pretty much automatic once those two principles are in place.

      Hope this halps and thanks again,


  2. Hi Simon! Thanks for this review. My grandma would be happy if she had this type of selling jewelry in the past. 🙂 It is really interesting how many things you can sell online nowadays.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      It’s funny, so many members I converse with daily are retired people looking to earn some extra income in retirement and what a lovely role to get involved in – something you are passionate about. Your Grandma would have loved this.

      There really is an infinite amount of niches anyone can get involved in building a website around and marketing it to the hilt online. It’s simply your passion, what you like doing or are interested in. Simply write blog posts regarding your subject providing helpful and informative posts, provide a link to an online store and receive commission when someone purchases via your link.

      The beauty is, you can effectively design a website as good as any major online store these days with simplistic knowledge of building websites. Learn how to attract visitors as this obviously is a pivotal requirement. Once you receive visitors, earning revenue becomes very straightforward.

      Thanks again Andrew,

  3. I like the spelling reminder. We say ”nakit” in Serbian 🙂

    I thought at first that you are up to building a website for your wife and to be honest that would be an awesome idea!

    Your review of the Affiliate Marketing is very detailed and useful for everyone thinking about making an online income.
    It’s also very clear that the Wealthy Affiliate is the right place for that since your content reflects your knowledge. Unlike some other ”online opportunities” that promise an overnight income and success, Wealthy Affiliate provides us (members) with a great knowledge which we transfer on our sites. Isn’t that great!

    I can imagine how much Kyle and Carson are proud seeing all those fellow members sharing an awesome experience to the World.
    And one more thing. I remember myself when I signed up, I had no clue about anything and now I can make a debut on affiliate marketing, keywords, SEO!

    So glad to be here, or there, behind the click 🙂

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      I remember walking in Wealthy Affiliate for the first time too. I had absolutely no idea regarding building a website, no technical knowledge whatsoever regarding running an online business. I didn’t even know what a targeted niche was.

      I just started on the course and worked my way through step by step. I soon realized how to narrow my passion down towards a targeted audience and started to create my website around my niche.

      I have to say the course is superb. Just take it one step at a time and implement what they say and that leads you onto the next stage. The community is so helpful as are the founder members. Everyone helps each other succeed, great community spirit.

      It’s great when you are stuck, just type in a question to the community and someone, many times a load of answers come back to help you out. No body is left alone. This really is Wealthy Affiliate’s #1 priority.

      Kyle and Carson must be well chuffed how so many members have become experienced online marketers. Their training is what gets everyone to the top of their game.

      All the best and keep up with your good work,

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