How To Sell Books Online And Make Money – In 3 Steps

Hi, I’m Simon. To be truthful I’m not an avid book reader but like many of us I do appreciate comprehensive Coffee Table Books scattered around the lounge, those that show stunning photography with a sophisticated read. My wife on the other hand has bookshelves full of her interest in books yet my contribution is only a handful in among her display.

How To Sell Books Online And Make MoneyOn the other hand, what I do understand however is how to sell stuff online and this includes books, whether they’re Antique, Collections, Coffee Table Books, Fiction or Fact.

Personally, my bag is affiliate marketing – Why? There’s no stock to purchase, no stock to hold and no postage costs or returns to worry about. It’s like taking the easy route. I just provide an affiliate link from my post to the promoted product, if a customer purchases via my link, I earn commission.

Wealthy Affiliate is the company who teach the legitimate way, how to turn a passion into an online success. They taught me how to turn my niche into an online business. How to sell books online and make money is no exception as this is your passion. Over 600,000 members have already been taught how to choose a targeted niche and market their business to it’s full potential.

You can create a bookstore either from your own collection or through the affiliate marketing process – Or Both.

Your Book Niche – Take advantage, it’s easier than you think!

You have arrived at this page to understand how to effectively make money selling books online:

Your niche is books, whether they are your own hardbacks, novels, antiques, stock you have purchased and want to turn them into a profit or take the easier option, earning commissions by promoting books through affiliate links – Do both, Why not!

If you have a huge collection of books and wish to turn them into money, why let the online auction platforms take huge slices off your profits when you can simply do it yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate will show you exactly how turn Your Book Niche into a prosperous online business either by selling your own books or by means of joining a Free Affiliate Program (eg: Amazon) and inserting affiliate links to facilitate earning commissions if you prefer a more simplistic route. Everything is taught.

You’re not creating a pop-up shop here, rather a serious bookstore business open 24/7, 365 days a week on the same highstreet as the major retailers – The Web.

Your advantage is not having the huge overheads the Major Retailers have, like Premises, Staff Wages, Running Costs, Directors, etc.

Simply tell the world naturally about your promoted books, put your own twist on these novels and why you are so passionate about them, all from the comfort of your armchair. People prefer reading a naturally written post rather than being sold a book – There is a huge difference!

Important: Never think a targeted niche is too competitive. Millions of people search within the books niche online. You are shown how to attract them.

Turn your passion into success

3 Simple Steps to sell books online

  • Build a Website – Make a home for your books
  • Attract Visitors – Expose your promoted books to the world
  • Maintain your Flourishing Business – Get Help and Support every step of the way

Step 1

Create a Beautiful Website

The first cause of action is to create a website to give your books a home. Wealthy Affiliate shows exactly how to delightfully present your website in stunning detail to exhibit your promoted novels, hardbacks, publications, maybe even antiques to the world.

With a choice of over a thousand WordPress templates, it’s simply a case of choosing the theme you like the look of best.

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

You’ll have your WordPress website set-up in minutes without any technical jargon involved. Things have evolved lightning fast over the years and absolutely no experience is required, you’ll be shocked how simple the process has become, leaving you to concentrate on the job in hand – Promoting these interesting books.

Training teaches how to effectively connect with others interested in whatever novel you wish to discus, how to create the most reactive home-based studio to captivate others interested in the hardbacks you are promoting.

How to turn your targeted niche of books into an affluent web-based business entails writing posts regularly. Anything regarding novels, antique literature, hardbacks, whatever books you wish to promote. Put your own spin on things here regarding the content and detail, how the story unfolds, what captivated you, explaining to your audience the benefits for such an exciting read.

Wealthy Affiliate are purveyors in creating quality content, this is their #1 priority. They teach how to create quality content, insert stunning imagery that speaks a thousand words to help promote these interesting reads in remarkable detail. It’s easy to master creating a beautiful blog post, once achieved and writing regularly, the sky’s the limit for your book blogs.

Your Book Blog Website

It’s important to note, a naturally written article delivers so much more than a sales pitch and invites an audience to read. If you are an avid reader, naturally promoting the books you have read, you really are half way up the road to success here.

Step 2

Attracting Visitors – Exposing your promoted books

You have the potential to generate something special here with your bookstore, simply by creating a presence on the web. If you can effectively connect with people and receive visitors the world is your oyster.

Online Book BusinessMillions of people are searching for books online, your website geared around your promoted books is going to receive incredible exposure to these people searching. If any website can master receiving traffic to read their regularly written quality content, earning revenue becomes the easy part.

Wealthy Affiliate have a 5 part process teaching the experienced bloggers secrets for targeting traffic and receiving visitors:

  • Setting up your website with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin. Sounds complicated but it’s just registering your website with all the major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. to enable them to find keywords in your posts to which people search for.
  • Create quality content – Already discussed.
  • Use the most powerful keyword tool for the titles of your blog posts. They teach how to choose high traffic / low competition keywords providing the gateway into the Search Engines results page.
  • Receive comments for your posts. Wealthy Affiliate have over 600,000 members interacting daily on each others posts. Why? – Search Engines adore interaction, in return they increase rankings. Wealthy Affiliate’s platform is geared up for you to take advantage.
  • Provide links to your posts on Social Media. This starts the traffic ball rolling. You are shown how to effectively share links to your created blog post. Many people start to earn revenue in the early stages this way.

If you perform these last 4 stages for every regularly written blog page, this embeds the foundations of your business on the web, over time websites gain authority and trust, in return higher Search Engine rankings are rewarded.

Once you start to receive organic traffic, making money becomes second nature.

Receive Traffic for Your Promoted Books

Step 3

Maintaining your Blossoming Book Business

Get Help and Support 

The most essential requirement for those starting out running an online business is receiving help and support. You and your Book Blogging business are no exception to the rule.

Create you online book storeWealthy Affiliate have trained over 600,000 members already, many to whom have become experts in their own right due to receiving proper training. Members, including the founders help each other succeed. If you are stuck on anything, no matter how small or experienced, just ask and someone will help you. The whole platform is geared around Help and Support with the emphasis – Helping Everyone Succeed.

Instant Help can be achieved through Live Chat, a more detailed question can be written, asking the community.

The training course is very detailed, yet very straightforward split up into modules. Take the steps one at a time. You’ll be amazed with how your website progresses in such a short space of time, displaying all your wonderful books with delightful presentation all from the comfort of your armchair.

Let’s Recap

Wealthy Affiliate are experts in helping people turn their passion / their niche into a successful online business including a niche regarding books.

A detailed training course provides easy step by step training, just complete each task.

Create a bookstoreThey teach how to build a home for your hardbacks – A stunning website, delightfully displaying books around your quality content.

How to target visitors into your website is the crucial piece of the jigsaw and you’re shown exactly how to draw people interested in your post’s subject into your website.

How to insert affiliate links is very straightforward, once shown you’ll grasp the process.

Help and Support on demand for every member, no matter what time – day or night.

You’ll be amazed with what you create with your bookstore website, the process of learning and earning is great fun.

Get Started with Your Bookstore Today

Get Started Today provides the gateway to starting your enchanting bookstore today.

More information – An in-depth Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

The most difficult part for most is choosing a niche – You have already chosen yours – Books

The next 3 stages are: Build a Website, Attract Visitors and Earn Revenue.

Earning revenue becomes second nature once you have mastered the middle two processes.

Focus your attention on building your beautiful website with engaging quality content regarding your promotional books and attracting visitors in order to accomplish a successful business. Enjoy!

100% Free Starter Membership

No Contracts

Legitimate in every respect


SimonThanks for reading.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Drop me a question in the comments section below and I will be happy to help.

Thanks again,



6 thoughts on “How To Sell Books Online And Make Money – In 3 Steps”

  1. Hi Simon,

    I always love to come back to your blog. Each and ever time I return, I get some new ideas for my blog.

    But back to your article. Very valuable informations. I have never thought about selling books, but I take this into consideration now, regarding my niche.

    Thanks a lot for the new idea!


    1. Hi Markus,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Books is such a huge marketing business for the web. So many book stores have closed due to competition and the invent of the Kindle etc but they just can’t compete with coffee table books.

      Affiliate marketing is a great tool to take advantage of this niche, there’s no stock to purchase or hold, no packaging and postage costs and the time this takes nor is there any hassle with returns to deal with. A bloggers dream, providing plenty of time to keep working on their website and driving traffic to earn an income.

      Thanks again Markus, I appreciate your time,

  2. Simon,

    As a fellow WA member, I must say this is a great way to ‘show’ prospective members ‘how’ to build an online business. It really demonstrates that it can be done, and highlights the easiest and best way to do it. Simply by using Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. Hi Brett,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      Literally anything can be a niche, a passion and turned into an online business. It’s all a case of narrowing your niche down into a targeted audience, building a website around your niche to fully present it in stunning detail. Then attract visitors into your website in order to earn an income through affiliate links.

      Books is a great niche. A lot of books are not available in local stores yet they are all available online and what a fantastic niche to be in. Imagine having a dot com called ‘Coffee Table Books dot com’ – That may even be available.

      It’s something that the likes of Kindle and company cannot compete with but you can corner a very small part of this market.

      You are right about Wealthy Affiliate, surround yourself with successful people and learn from them. It’s a great training course and you’re supported every step of the way.

      Thanks again,

  3. Simon, my friend, thank you for this article! You gave me such a great idea for one of my sites I have started. Wow! I am just going to use the idea that you promote here!!! Love it!!! Yes! That’s exactly what I needed!!!! Wow!!!!!
    So excited and happy! Thank you! And thank you Wealthy Affiliate for letting us network and share ideas 🙂

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for calling in and saying Hi.

      I’m glad you have thought of a great idea for your website. This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, where members share ideas and learn together.

      Even Kyle places links to what he regards as great training from other members. There really are some exceptional members at Wealthy Affiliate – that’s for sure.

      Many people think that now Kindle and company etc has evolved, this takes away such a huge market with books but this is not the case. A lot of bookstores have disappeared as they don’t have enough throughput but it’s a massive industry online and one thing the likes of Kindle can’t compete with is the Coffee Table Books consisting of stunning imagery that simply looks sublime in anyone’s home.

      Thanks again for calling in and good luck with your next idea!

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