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The most important aspect for any budding entrepreneur marketing a website online is to learn and understand the process of driving traffic into their blog.

How to rank with the Search EnginesHow to rank with the Search Engines is a very straightforward operation. A blogger who grasps the procedure and implements the traffic methodology into every written post will attract visitors.

Alluring guests organically through web search presence is the powerful piece of the jigsaw, those who master the techniques by promoting their crafty content onto page one of Search results creates a constant stream of traffic.

Once landing written articles onto the first page of Google Search is accomplished, making money runs automatically achieving the Affiliate Marketer’s dream status and Website Owners fantasy.

Turn those aspirations into reality by following this step by step guide for every written post and ballyhoo your website into the land of prosperity.

Make your website into your dream machine

Imagine your website through the enchanting presence of your dream car, doesn’t it look stunning with design features comparable to your blog.

Now assume your website implements the same steps oil transfigures a car into a well oiled running machine. Apart from a mechanic, only a few people understand the relevance what’s running behind the scenes to make your car perform top notch.

Register with SEO

Setting up your website with the SEO Plugin, Google Analytics and Google+ registers a website with all the major Search Engines making it possible for people searching to find your posts.

Make your website into your dream machineSetting up these solid foundations represent the workings of a well oiled machine yet only a few understand what’s going on behind the scenes due to the complicated algorithm Search Engines undertake when administering website rankings.

In order to run your dream machine, fuel is required. Without inputting fuel you ain’t going anywhere, a similar scenario to regularly writing posts for your blog.

Content is the fuel that runs a blog, those who deliver frequent material are the successful bloggers that drive up the main road of the Search Engines attracting visitors.

Once you have registered your website with all the major Search Engines the possibility for people searching to find your blog posts becomes a reality. These are the solid foundations for running a prosperous website, becoming embedded on the web establishing your presence.

The amalgamation of the next processes for every written article is the fuel required to drive your website up the Search Engines main road and create your own established presence on their high street, the web.

Once you master attracting visitors into your web premises, open 24/7/365 accomplishing a free flow of traffic – Congratulations, exponential growth has started, conversions are frequent and making money online becomes automatic.

Apply these processes for every regularly written article:

  1. Delivering Convertible Content
  2. Creating Searchable Titles
  3. Receiving Interaction
  4. Linking Through Social Media

Delivering Convertible Content

Search Engines have now made it possible for any blogger, either newbie or experienced to embed their website on the high street of the web, it’s all about delivering quality content on a consistent basis.

SEOAn alteration of the Search Engines ranking algorithm has taken precedence to kick the ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme operators, once littering the web through capture pages off the high street leaving space for any legitimate blogger to set up shop.

Delivering an estimate of roughly 1,500 words per article provides the quality standard yet this solution has made it possible for literally anyone genuine to get rolling online.

Writing naturally is key, the bloggers modus operandi if you please, a stylistic manner prosperous bloggers behold yet this fashionable way converts with superior effect, easier to read, more desirable, more associated with the majority when compared to the archaic scientific documented structure of years ago.

Before a successful blogger writes an article they take a step back, place themselves in their guests shoes and think what information are my visitors looking for, what will attract them to read my blog.

Delivering Quality Content Supplying informative descriptive information whilst coming across with a helpful approach is the essential requirement to gain trust and authority with visitors.

Providing the positives and negatives regarding a promotion, relaying feedback from reviews and answering the many questions regarding the subject, information that can simply be gained and relayed into posts from review sites and online shopping sites yet delivers the particulars and knowledge people are looking for.

Don’t forget to ditch that sales attitude many of us behold. It’s not required for a blog, people do not like being pushed into sales.

Inserting catchy headings and writing in small paragraphs removes that daunting reading effect. A well presented easy to read post accomplishes a bloggers intention in developing an article that’s read to entirety.

Wrapping text around powerful imagery not only instigates conversions on their own yet provides the professional design visitors admire.

A delightfully presented post showing a subject in bodacious detail, one that’s easily read, perhaps embedding a video to capture the subject’s essence is the potent armory successful bloggers introduce to wrap around their quality content, providing the gateway onto the conversion hotseat.

Take a gander at one of my website posts relating to my passion, Quality Plastic Sheds, here:  The Keter High Store.  Hope this provides you with inspiration that you too can do this.

Writing quality content on a regular basis receives Search Engines rankings

Creating Searchable Titles

How do the successful bloggers accomplish their stance on the first page of Search results I hear you ask:

They use an up-to-date Keyword Tool that provides relevant keywords for their post titles. Keywords are the words you and I type into the Search Bar when searching for stuff. Imagine giving the title of your post the same keywords people are searching for. Powerful stuff – Hey!

Creating Searchable Titles
Jaaxy – The Most Powerful Keyword Tool On The Web

First you think, what would someone type into Google searching for information regarding your newly created article. Type these words into the Keyword Tool and press enter.

You will be provided with a plethora of alternative suggestions. These alternative keywords are popular search terms people are regularly searching with.

Simply choose the keywords relevant to your quality creation and check whether the keywords are of a quality standard, how much traffic rolls through the Search Engines searching these keywords on a monthly basis and how much competition there is from other websites using the same keywords.

The concept regarding choosing the most powerful keywords are to cherry pick the ones with high traffic yet low competition whilst making sure they are relevant to your article. Simply create the post title with them making sure they are written in the same order.

The reason most bloggers fail to reach the entrance onto the first page of Search Results is: Either they don’t use a Keyword Tool, maybe giving their post titles words that are seldom searched or where competition is fierce leaving their blogs either nowhere to be seen or way down the list of Search results.

If you do use a Keyword Tool yet still are not accomplishing first page results whilst providing high quality content on a regular basis, ask yourself: Is your Keyword Tool up to date and is it accurate?

Maybe it’s time you turned your attention towards Jaaxy.

Jaaxy – The most powerful research Keyword Tool on the web.

Receiving Interaction

Want to receive a positive response through a return of high rankings?  Make every blog post interactive, this is what Search Engines are particularly fond of, people commenting on web posts – This provides proof of an engaging environment.

Provide Interaction
Provide Interaction

Receiving comments on blog posts is the successful route to high rankings.

Search Engines want to expose your engaging presence to more visitors, returning the favour by embedding your stance further up their echelon league.

The art to moving up the interaction ladder is to continuously receive comments throughout your website whilst over time the likes of Google certainly take notice you’re delivering high quality material that entices people to engage with.

The Comment section is found at the bottom of a blog post where visitors provide their thoughts and ask the author questions regarding the blog’s subject. An overabundance of comments is usually the sign of an experienced blogger making their article worthy of a read whilst fulfilling the purpose of climbing the high ranking ladder.

Make your website into the most interactive home-based studio 

 Linking Through Social Media

Any seasoned blogger accepts Social Media isn’t the be-all and end-all regarding website survival, gaining a free flow of organic traffic through the Search Engines is priority as this is where automatic conversions come into practice; however, exposing crafty content to the world through Social Media certainly provides traction, placing those traffic wheels in motion.

Social Media Linking
Social Media Linking

Providing links to created articles via Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ etc generally regarded as the most popular at present exposes blog posts to the world and starts the traffic ball rolling.

Once guests start visiting blog posts, Search Engines take notice and the ranking procedure commences. Befriending Google by registering a website through Google+ and linking posts provides the powerful gateway into the Search Engines as Google+ links can appear very soon on the first page of Google Search results, way ahead of blog posts reaching this destination.

The solution to get those traffic wheels rolling is to follow the adept bloggers practices and link your creations regularly this way creating your own eminence, a skill that simply knocks on the Search Engines door demanding for higher positions.

Receiving traffic via Social Media leads to higher rankings.

The Power of Social Media
The Power of Social Media

How does one instigate these practices?

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to my #1 recommendation for transforming your traffic dreams into reality.

Uncover The Blogging SecretsLearn how to set-up the SEO Plugin to become registered with all the major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, etc.

Learn how to register your website with Google Analytics and gain a clear understanding for tracking visitors entering into your website.

Learn how to register your website with Google+ and how to effectively communicate on Social Media to get your traffic ball rolling.

Learn how to create high quality content consisting of a helpful approach rather than having a sales pitch mentality, the adroit route successful bloggers adapt to.

Learn how to wrap powerful imagery and embed videos around your quality writing producing enchanting yet professional design features serving to captivate your audience, keeping them engaged.

Learn how to use the formidable Keyword Tool to provide searchable titles for your posts. It’s up to date, accurate and specifically designed for niche marketing.

Join the most interactive platform where members provide comments on each others posts in a pure give and take thread to accomplish their own highly interactive home based website.

Simply put: Uncover the secrets to successfully run your own online business. No experience is necessary yet an abundance of help and plenty of fun takes place.

100% Legit, Free to start. Everything blogging related is here to learn.

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SimonThanks for calling in and reading.

If you have any website traffic questions, I am always happy to help. Please ask in the comment section below.

Thanks again,


13 thoughts on “How To Rank With The Search Engines – Make Things Happen”

  1. Hi, Simon!

    Great site with a great topic.

    Making money online depends on the TRAFFIC. No Traffic-no customers – no sales – no money!

    SEO is a very important part of getting traffic, you know that already.

    Thanks for sharing,
    keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Igor,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      You are so right, it’s all about traffic. Without traffic there’s no income yet it’s a very straightforward process if you are determined to implement what’s being shown.

      Once you’re set up with the SEO Plugin you’re registered with all the major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is a one step process.

      After that it’s all about amalgamating these steps for every written post:
      Create quality content regularly, use the keyword tool for each post, receive interaction to make you website engaging and share links via Social Media. Accomplishing these steps for every written post will start to bring traffic in and over time as your establishment flourishes, higher rankings will come your way.

      It does take time but once you enter onto the first page of search results with posts, earning money starts to run automatically.

      Thanks again Igor, keep up your great work,

    1. Hi Luc,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

      Blogging is all about driving traffic into your website as this is where conversions take place.

      The nicer the presentation and the quality of your content, conversions will come your way.

      All what’s left to do now is create searchable titles, provide interaction and share the links to your created posts via Social Media to start the ranking process off.

      It’s really all about getting into the same routine for every written post to expose it to the world as best you can. The more traffic you acquire with the delivery of quality content, the higher your rankings will increase.

      Thanks again Luc,

  2. Hi Simon,
    You have created an amazing post here!
    I love the “turn your site into a dream machine” idea. I also always work on my pages until I like them a lot. That’s just how it should be right?

    Love your page! And your site! You got it far far away my friend 🙂


    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      If you provide quality content on a regular basis and wrap it up with delightful presentation through images and perhaps the odd video, come across helpful instead of a selling portal, make your posts engaging like we’re doing here through providing comments, use the power of the keyword tool for your web post titles – Google and the likes will take notice and rank you higher and this is my analogy of a dream machine.

      It’s a lot simpler than you think as well, it’s just a matter of getting into a routine.

      Thanks again Sunny,

  3. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for this information. It reinforces my belief that content is 100% the way to get the very best rankings in the search engines.
    I think to many people tend to think that if they are are on all the social media channels then this will equate to sales.
    Social media is great for driving traffic but you have outlined in great detail why quality content will always be king.
    I will recommend your site to a few people I know who would be well advised to read what you have to say. Cheers

    1. Hi Eddie,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      Yeah, writing original content in a natural way yet regularly is the sure fire way to achieve high rankings with the Search Engines, there’s no doubt.

      I agree with your view regarding Social Media. This is great for getting the traffic ball rolling and making a presence but to hang around all day on it is not the way to go.

      Always remember, when you get to the status of page ones of Search results, making money starts to run automatically. This is where prosperity comes into fruition and when Search Engines become your best friend.

      Thanks again Eddie and good luck with your role,

    2. Hi Eddie,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Yes content is the bees knees in becoming ranked with the likes of Google. Originality and coming across with a helpful manner will do you proud. No one wants to be sold to, just provide honest information and you’re half way there.

      Social media as you say does get the traffic ball rolling. Those who spend all day on the likes of Facebook must have a role like flogging a dead horse because this won’t lead to a vast amount of conversions. Search Engines results page is where conversions come into fruition as this is attracting visitors who are genuinely looking for what your articles are written about.

      Thanks again Eddie,

  4. Hi, Simon!

    This is a great site and post!

    The CONTENT IS KING, of course, and I would like to add:


    Google just love uniqoue valuable content!

    Thanks for the post,
    Best regards,


    1. Hi Igor,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      Yeah, Google appreciate unique content. Be original, write naturally and regularly is the key to receiving high rankings. I wonder what their algorithm for ranking websites looks like – How complicated will that be – lol.

      I’m glad you found how to rank with the Search Engines valuable,
      Thanks again Igor,

  5. Hi Simon,

    Great site and content! Yes, content is KING! As a blogger I know the importance of good low hanging fruit keywords.

    Jaxxy sounds like a great tool to invest in. This will save my time if it works as describe in your post.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    All the best,


    1. Hi Nam,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Content is king you are so right, those who produce it regularly exceed to high rankings.

      The keyword tool provide the gateway into the search engines simply by choosing high traffic keyword with low competition from other websites using the same and as you say if you go for the low hanging fruit and choose the long tailed keywords that few others are using this is the potent strategy.

      Jaaxy is the most powerful Keyword Tool on the web. Designed by Wealthy Affiliate specifically for niche keyword research. It’s up to date and accurate. What more could any blogger wish for.

      Thanks again Nam,

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