How To Rank High In Search Engines

When creating posts for your website it’s imperative to know how to rank high in search engines. This post provides the know-how for every post you create – SEOgiving you the possibility of appearing on the front page with the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

Most marketers use all technical jargon making the process sound so complicated. In reality, there’s nothing complicated about this.


Because it’s legitimate and it’s very straightforward

The 5 steps below are the genuine way, following these steps will lead to a successful home-based business – This is how it should be done.

 5 steps that will boost your Google results

  1. Set your website up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Provide top quality, helpful, informative and engaging content.
  3. Use a keyword tool.
  4. Receive comments on your posts.
  5. Interact with Social Media and provide links for your posts.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, an educational company dedicated to teaching the proper way to market an online business you have access to all these tools, know-how, training and superb community help to boost your success.

How to Boost your Standings – Just follow these 5 steps

It’s so easy to do and good fun too.

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Step 1 – Set up your website with SEO

It’s imperative your website is all set-up for SEO, using the SEO plugin for your WordPress website, ensuring that your web-posts end up within the pinnacle of results returned by the likes of Google, etc.

SEO enables your keywords to be found by the likes of Google when people type in the bar prior to finding results.

It takes time for posts to reach a top grading level, the more posts you write, the more your authority grows. Initially traffic can be attained by providing links via social media and other forums. Traffic gains authority and trust resulting in the establishment of your website’s posts which in return results in recognition from the likes of Yahoo.

At Wealthy Affiliate you are provided with the SEO plugin with easy step by step training on how to set-up and use. Set-up takes minutes.

Step 2 – Provide top quality content

Firstly, it’s imperative your website has an About Me page and a Privacy Policy page – Bing, Yahoo and Google do not like people hidden. This video here will guide you through the steps.

Your posts must contain quality content. Content is king these days as far as Google’s concerned, if you do this correctly the likes of Bing will love you for it and in return, this will lead to better results and higher status.

Initial stages for creating quality content
Initial stages for creating quality content

Posts must be well written, engaging, providing informative and helpful information for your visitors.

Take a look at the manufacturer’s website to find inspiration for the product you are promoting, describe the product in detail. What’s the advantages for using this product, the disadvantages. What’s the positives, negatives – look at the customer reviews and relay them in your post, these people have purchased.

Helpful information can be sought by looking at the Q/A in the online store. Here, you are putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and providing their answers.

Copied content is a big no-no – Google will know and you may be down graded. By all means take inspiration from other posts but write your posts naturally. People do prefer reading a naturally written post – you do not require any type of writing degree for this, anyone can write posts about their passion.

Wealthy Affiliate provide in-depth training regarding writing posts about your passion, they show you how to come up with a lifetime’s worth of writing ideas for any niche, no matter how small.

How to create effective content for a website shows how to create content that converts, is Google friendly and will receive top results.

Step 3 – Use a keyword tool

The keyword tool is probably the most important and quickest way to boost your posts, resulting in top grades with the likes of Yahoo, it’s such a powerful tool.

Home-Based BusinessThe title of a post is just as important as your quality content as far as Google’s concerned. The title for your posts contain keywords, the same words we type into the bar to find information. It’s necessary to get the keywords for your title into the first paragraph too – this all helps the likes of Bing find your keywords. After that just write your post naturally.

How do we choose the keywords for our title?

I’m lucky to be a member at Wealthy Affiliate, they have a keyword tool that enables me to cherry pick great quality monthly traffic / low competition keywords to make-up my title. No post is ever written without using it, it’s so powerful.

Keywords are the words or phrases, you and I type into the Google bar when looking for stuff.

When Google roots through posts looking for the keywords you’ve typed into the bar, it looks for the same keywords in post titles and the first few paragraphs, presenting you with pages of results.

How to research for long tail keywords – This is Powerful

The keyword tool I use enables me to find out how much traffic goes through Google, Yahoo and Bing using my keywords on a monthly basis and how much competition from other websites are using the same keywords.

This is valuable information. I usually spend up to about half an hour to find the best long tail keywords for my post, those showing a good amount of traffic with low competition, giving my posts a decent chance of appearing on the first page of Google. For example:

When someone types in to look for information regarding how to choose a niche online – the keyword tool will show how much traffic is generated on a monthly basis as well as the competition from other websites using the same keywords.

My last post’s title – ‘How to choose a niche online’ resulted in 136 people typing in these keywords per month and provided me with a competition result of 14.

I only have 14 other websites using the same keywords. See how powerful this is, it’s very straightforward to do.

Niche competition

Now my post is complete I will engage on Social media, provide links to my post and over time as traffic increases I will hopefully create premier standings with the likes of Bing. My intention is always to position myself on their first page of results.

The keyword tool is invaluable to me, I use it every time I create a post to increase my chances of success for top Google grades. Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I had no idea a tool like this existed but I use it daily, it’s easy to use and great fun too.

Here’s more information how I use Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool.

Step 4 – Receive comments on your posts

Google loves interaction, there’s nothing better than providing comments on posts. This increases trust and your authority grows.

At Wealthy Affiliate they have designed a very fair system where all members interact on each others posts. In order for you to receive a comment on your post, you must first provide one for someone else.

They have the most helpful interactive community going, everyone helps each other on the route to success..

Step 5 – Interact with Social Media and provide links for your posts

Providing links for your posts through Social Media can be a great way to attract visitors to your blog posts. This gains traffic that can start the ball rolling with top classifications from the likes of Yahoo. The more traffic you have, the better results you will achieve.

Wealthy Affiliate show you how to setup, interact and provide links in the proper manner for Social Media, a real benefit for creating traffic.

This is a very straight forward process.

If you are committed to writing posts regularly and follow these 5 steps, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t create a very successful online business.

Blog to successThe more traffic you create, the more your authority grows, couple that with the interactive comments and your trust increases in Google – this leads to higher positions and more visitors which leads to more revenue.

The quicker route is definitely using the keyword tool as you are able to cherry pick low competition keywords that have good traffic volume. This can be a quicker route to success.

If you use these 5 steps for every post you write, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be categorised towards the top in Bing and Google’s results page – the legitimate way the likes of Yahoo and company love.

Best way on how to increase website traffic – This can lead to exponential growth

  • Write 2 or 3 posts per week – How many posts will you create in a year?
  • Provide quality content for your written posts – 1000 words of quality content is powerful.
  • Use the keyword tool to find peak traffic / low competition keywords for your title.
  • Receive comments for your posts – Get classified from keywords within your comments without even knowing.
  • Provide links to your posts through Social Media.
  • Follow these powerful steps for every post you write – You’ll be amazed with your results.

You will be impressed with the exponential growth your website will undergo within a year writing 2 or 3 posts per week using this method.

This is a free method and a genuine method without the need of deep pockets for advertising. A method Google adores, in return they will position you for it.

Here’s another great post for increasing your website’s ranking.

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow! Such a great article!!!
    For newbies and for the people already working on their websites. Like me for instance.
    It’s a great reminder especially for the Social Networks task, quality content, and the keywords tool!
    It’s so funny that every time when I read articles like this I thank the Wealthy Affiliate for finding them!!!

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for your interest and your comment.

      I had absolutely no experience in building a website or running an online business when I rolled through Wealthy Affiliate’s doors so at first is was quite a daunting thought surviving in this online world.

      I have to say their training has taught me everything to become successful online. You are so right, quality content is #1 priority and will become more so as time moves on.

      Getting the SEO plugin activated, registering your website with Google analytics and Google + is also top priority to enable the ranking process to accumulate.

      Then WA’s tools and the interaction with comments and sharing links respectfully on Social Media is also key for driving traffic to a website and it’s far easier than I ever thought. It’s just a case of working your way through the steps, one at a time.

      Thanks again Sunny,

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