How To Make Money Writing Reviews

Introducing The Definitive Affiliate Marketing Program that teaches how to make money writing reviews. Implement the training steps to attract visitors and create your OWN long-term sustainable online business.

How To Make Money Writing Reviews with Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate stands at the forefront of the Affiliate Marketing space, their entire business is dedicated to coaching members the successful route to online marketing.

Earn while you learn – the course involves building a website to showcase your reviews followed by attracting those searchers seeking more information to what YOU are reviewing – in the Search Engines.

What differentiates this Affiliate Program from the rest?

The heart of the training focuses on attracting Search Engine visitors without the costs of advertising. Champion this free-way – residual income becomes automated.

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Wealthy Affiliate sounds a bit scammy – Can you trust them?

The course is promoted through a FREE Starter Membership which includes 2 FREE websites, an introduction to how online marketing works, the first 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the first 10 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp.

WA’s comprehensive FREE trial oozes trust and provides a thorough understanding of whether online marketing suits your way of working. If you’re happy – joining Premium takes YOUR business to the level of making money.

And, No – there are no contracts, you won’t be confronted with spam emails.

Trustworthy Training


Can YOU genuinely make money writing reviews?

Earning income from reviews is driven by providing trustworthy content and targeting those people probing the Search Engines for knowledge on YOUR particular subject. This represents the heart of the training.

Bridge this gap – anything’s possible with the immensity of the web, however, websites don’t flourish without effort & striving to succeed.

Writing reviews to earn residual income

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate, for instance, your referral earnings equate to $23.50 recurring monthly when they sign-up for Premium Membership.

Multiplying these earnings with Wealthy Affiliate’s goals of referring 300 and 3,000 members in a year may deliver substantial recurring income, however:

Earnings will not stream in overnight – it takes time & dedication implementing the training steps to accomplish these goals. To satisfy dreams, however, Super Affiliates are achieving.

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Promote your own passion

Check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification

Promote Wealthy Affiliate

Check out the Affiliate Bootcamp


What reviews do members write about?

During the introductory course, members have the choice of promoting something they have an interest in, a hobby, pastime or passion.

The course demonstrates how to join free affiliate programs such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc; insert your unique affiliate link and earn revenue when purchases are made from your link.

Alternatively, you can promote another service, a different Affiliate program or your own products/service. In other words, anything you wish to create a stunning website around and ATTRACT visitors to realize conversions.

Members wishing to promote their own passion partake in the Online Entrepreneur Certification. The role involves:

  • Writing reviews about something YOU are passionate about.

Online Entrepreneur Certification


On the other hand, members who wish to earn recurring monthly residual income are invited to promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program by participating in the Affiliate Bootcamp. This task involves:

  • Writing reviews with the objective to promote Wealthy Affiliate

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate - The Affiliate Bootcamp


I initially promoted my own passion and generated 3 income streams courtesy of receiving 200-300 daily visitors – this program works if you’re willing to put in the effort to make things happen.

Despite my website’s success and 2 years of membership, I’ve become aware of members achievements promoting the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

Replacing my one-off sales with recurring monthly income, eased by leveraging this free trial certainly swayed my decision to get involved, it’s the most ethically operated referral marketing program out there.

Anyways, whichever direction you choose, the training’s designed to make YOU a Super Affiliate, thanks to both courses focusing on generating visitors.


Is the process of writing GREAT reviews straightforward?

There are various ways to write about & promote any product or service, however, comparing against the competition provides the potent solution to achieve making conversions for your promotions.

Obviously, you’ll be promoting products, services or Affiliate Programs that are a class above the rest, therefore, it doesn’t matter how good or bad the competition is – leverage YOUR #1 promotion in every written review.

It’s common for members promoting Wealthy Affiliate to write reviews on the plethora of scams dominating the web. It’s an easy referral, especially gifting visitors with a genuine free trial exposing how ethical marketing truly works.


Captivate Visitors with Opinionated Writing

Presenting reviews with small paragraphs, plenty of white space and captivating headlines makes them an easy read.

Every review should be blogged with conversational styled writing, as though you’re explaining the product/service to a friend. A natural style offers so much more than a technical manual.

Highlight the benefits with your audience – does the service/product improve lifestyles? Inserting images & screenshots delivers a show NOT tell attitude whilst embedding the promotional video can be the crowning stroke.

Importantly, however, point out the negatives – nothing’s 100% perfect, only a few of us are gullible – in fact, we’re all getting quite savvy nowadays. Honesty gains trust which fundamentally leads to conversions.


Be Accurate & Informative

A review that succeeds in achieving a purchasing decision is one that provides all the necessary details to HELP visitors make an informed decision as to whether or not the service or product satisfies their circumstances.

Every review should comprise accurate information, the internet is full of resources. Additionally, I find natural feedback from review sites as informative as anything else. You can relay other people’s views, this is the genuine information we’re all looking for – the beauty of blogging.

1000+ words sounds exhausting to newbies but it’s easily achievable in a day and recommended to ensure visitors receive a thorough understanding of what you’re reviewing. Failing to inform will cause visitors to look elsewhere.

The biggest tip I received is NOT to try & sell anything – we all get turned off by pushy sales reviews. Accomplish trust – you’re rolling.

Promote your own passion

Check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification

Promote Wealthy Affiliate

Check out the Affiliate Bootcamp


Writing independent Reviews surpasses advertising

Confusion Advertising, flaunted by most companies, merely portrays all the benefits, they rarely mention anything negative.

Most companies large & small including Affiliate Programs advertise like crazy on Social Media, we’re confronted with them daily on Facebook.

Clicking the advertisement sends us to a page showcasing an array of advantages and Yeah, we may think the promotion fits the bill – is tailored to suit – a masterpiece – an inspiration, BUT what do we do next?

We head off into the Search Engines to seek honest reviews that spill the negatives.

This is where the trustworthy reviews written by Wealthy Affiliate members are located, waiting for us to visit. Their affiliate link then takes priority.

How To Make Money Writing Reviews


The Secrets to positioning YOUR REVIEWS in the Search Engines

The secrets to landing YOUR REVIEWS in the top spots of Search Results is attained by combining Wealthy Affiliate’s Search Engine-friendly features & techniques:

  • Powerfully secure website hosting
  • Law abiding marketing training
  • Purposely designed marketing tools
  • Community Interaction


Powerfully secure website hosting

Websites hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform assures total spam protection courtesy of logging in from the platform, furthermore, the HTTPS encryption service safeguards security.

Enhanced site speed plus an image optimization plugin ensures websites load fast on desktops, tablets & mobiles.

Training walks you through the steps of setting up the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin with Google Analytics to enable Search Engines to rank your reviews.


Law abiding marketing training

The principal requirement for any website is to have a Privacy Policy page containing contact information alongside a description of how visitor cookies are dealt with.

Activating a GDPR plugin to verify processing personal information is now an obligation when guests wish to leave a comment, join an email list or newsletter etc.

Transparency is essential to provide visitors with a full understanding of whether your website earns revenue, therefore an Affiliate Disclosure describing how your affiliate links work is a stipulation.

No need to be anxious; all the necessary templates & know-how are provided – conforming is a one-off process.


Purposely designed marketing tools

Titling reviews with the exact phrases searchers are typing into the search bar pursuing more information to what YOU are reviewing is assisted using Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool – Jaaxy’s configured to deliver Search Engine results.

Choosing phrases with high monthly traffic counts & low competition alongside a prediction score of landing reviews on the first page of Search leapfrogs the competition.

Evading the cloudy confusion of what Search Engines class as unique content is overcome by writing out your reviews on Wealthy Affiliate’s Ultimate Writing platform.

Not only does this WordPad-like platform assist in spell-check, grammar & sentence structure, it examines your writing for duplicate content when you publish reviews into your website.

To triumph Search Engine rankings, reviews have to be unique.


Community Interaction

Leverage the community spirit and make every review highly engaging by reciprocating comments with members. An abundance of comments at the base of your review captivates visitors to take note.

These lively interactive threads contribute to every member’s success. Engagement on websites delivers Search Engine rankings, therefore, no matter how experienced or new you are to online marketing, everybody needs each other to succeed, the reason you’ll find, help is available to everyone.

Furthermore, members are able to build-up immense Social Media followings because we all follow each other. It’s surprising how effective shares and likes assist your website’s success.

Promote your own passion

Check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification

Promote Wealthy Affiliate

Check out the Affiliate Bootcamp


How much is Premium Membership?

These are Canadian $ – convert into your country’s currency.

  • Starter Membership – Free – No contracts
  • Premium Membership – $49 month
  • You can cancel at any time
  • My domain website costs $13.99 year

Free Starter & Premium Membership


The free trial delivers a thorough understanding of how to write Search Engine friendly reviews.

Premium membership combines website creation, hosting & training with an interactive platform to excel your reviews to the level of making money.

Devoid of up-sells – Premium Membership is all-inclusive.

The Wealthy Affiliate program delivers a cost-effective way of starting up and running a global business with unlimited earning’s potential.

I hope this article’s provided plenty of inspiration for writing reviews that make money.

If you have any review queries, a pleasure to help – ask in the comment box below,


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