How To Make Money Writing On A Blog

Relish the prospect of utilizing your writing skills by turning your enthusiasm into something special whilst becoming efficacious in earning outstanding online income.

How To Make Money Writing On A BlogThere has never been a better time to promote a passion and exude those creative juices flowing through a website. Now, imagine surrounding your crafty content with stunning imagery to accomplish display in delectable detail, propelling visitors into your dynamic home based studio to achieve an income worthy of your craft.

How to make money writing on a blog is as simple as joining a free Affiliate Program and inserting affiliate links within articles, there’s nothing complex attributed to this.

If you are passionate about something, would like to wrap your writing skills around it and promote it to the skies whilst being determined in tapping your keyboard regularly, mastering driving traffic into your website is your only concern. Let me explain:

There’s never been a better time to start Blogging

What was once a domination of scams littering the top spots of the Search Engines has now been scrapped with a complete algorithm overhaul in the way websites are ranked. Nobody knows the infinite details of the algorithm, so what does this represent?

Get your writing juices flowing
Get your writing juices flowing

An improved user interface, an enhanced user experience, simplified for any would-be blogger to get rolling today. If you’re bag is legitimacy and have a straightforward approach to produce wondrous written articles , Google welcomes you on board with open arms.

However, what the Search Engines have vocalized in their ranking procedure is purely through the provision of writing regular quality content, a procedure trumpeted loud by many experienced bloggers.

Conclusion: Gone are the days of technically savvy marketers dominating the Search Results pages – Be creative and write frequent is your path to prosperity.

The door is open with welcoming arms for anyone relishing the prospect of building a website around their passion accomplishing an establishment in a fair competitive environment on the same highstreet as the major players – The Web.

Narrow down your niche

A niche is simply your enthusiasm for something, a particular ardour within an alcove in the market – A group of people looking for stuff down that avenue.

This can literally be anything you are passionate about: Like a sport, a pastime, a hobby, an interest in something, something you enjoy doing & talking about, helping others with, teaching people, etc, etc. Almost anything can be a niche and this can be turned into a successful online business.

T-Shirt Niche
T-Shirt Niche

The imperative measure when starting out blogging is to target a specific group of people searching for what you are creating articles about. Many bloggers mis-judge the enormity of the web – Trying to attract too many people will only lead to a quiet website.

The premise behind the solution is to narrow your niche down towards a targeted audience, write blogs regularly exposing your targeted niche to its full potential to become firmly established on the web resulting in the transformation of you and your website into an authoritative stature regarding your passion where trust is gained from your visitors.

For example: If you were searching for T-Shirts in Amazon, this targeted niche would be found under the main niche – Clothing.

If you chose clothing, how many different articles would you have to write about regarding all the various styles and types?  Far too many where you would probably never get a foothold on the web, leading to a quiet website.

However, if you chose T-Shirts you can quite easily become established with the creation of a website purveying an authoritative presence on the web, writing about all the different styles of T-Shirts.

My passion is Garden Sheds. I narrowed my niche down to wholly concentrate on Quality Plastic Sheds.  This is what I write about to generate traffic to create my income.

Build a wonderful home for your niche

Building a website used to be a daunting task for the most experienced tech savvy gurus, yet the elimination of all the technical coding has diminished to such an extent, nowadays you are represented with the most user-friendly experience imaginable. The entire process of creating a home for your dream with a WordPress website is pure fun, you’ll have a ball.

Llorix One Lite Website Theme
Llorix One Lite Website Theme

Imagine expressing your written creation with stunning imagery, images that say look at me, expressing your written article to it’s full potential more than words can ever say. You’ll be amazed how simple the process is regarding inserting powerful imagery around your written document providing an enchanting gateway to increase your conversion rates to another level.

If you become a member of a free Affiliate Program such as Amazon, you are entitled to use their product images within your blog post. Use them as these are usually professionally taken photographs displaying your article with delightful presentation. You’ll be impressed with the enhancement and professional design your website transforms into.

There’s a whole host of free sources regarding pictures freely available on the web enabling you to add that touch of stylistic panache to glossen up your web post, producing your own enchanting environment.

Your article maybe able to entertain a video describing your written subject in motion, a sure fire way to send conversions into another league altogether. Videos can be embedded into your article from YouTube without any hassle with a WordPress website, once shown the process is straightforward.

Adding pages, posts, creating menus, installing widgets, adding banners, embedding videos, inserting pictures and affiliate links, etc has never been made so easy to accomplish these days. The most enchanting website designed to professional standards can be achieved without any prior experience through the ‘Once Shown – You’re Away’ process. You’ll be quite taken aback with what you create.

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

How does a website attract visitors?

Driving traffic into your website is where the work begins, enticing your audience to read your subject is crucial. Turning those readers into conversions is the final piece of the jigsaw. Maser this technique and exponential growth is just around the corner.

Providing quality content is your armoury in becoming ranked in the Search Engines. There is no definitive answer to the amount of words a written post should contain. Many say an average 1,500 words per post but most say vary the amount.

Your website will be open continuously to the world, any small niche becomes a huge market. If you can effectively connect with people, prosperity will come your way.

Create your crafty theme

Blogging is unique to each other as we all have different styles in the way we talk in our written speech, some portray their whacky stance, some more serious. Some viewers will love your style whereas others may soon leave – There is no such thing as a perfect blog – The beauty of blogging. The top tip is to write with your natural style placing your own spin on the detail, it’s advantageous to put your point of view across showing authority in your niche.

Content attracts rankings
Content attracts rankings

Trust is a huge aspect in writing blogs, coming across in a helpful manner rather than a selling portal is the potent avenue to take as people do not like being sold to. Offering descriptive and informative knowledge regarding your subject, answering many concerns including the pros and cons through QA’s and reviews is the powerful method used by the experienced.

Basically, express your subject by standing in your visitors shoes answering their concerns. Honesty moves mountains and visitors will thank you for it. Point visitors towards better alternatives by leveraging the not so good with the wondrous.

How do people find your posts?

Think of the web as one enormous library. Each published web posts represents a book. Although the Search Engines rank words within written articles the most powerful solution is to concentrate on your web post titles as this takes precedence within the ranking structure.

How To Get Keywords For A Website - Jaaxy
Jaaxy – The most powerful Keyword Tool on the Web

The obligatory rule is for your website to become registered with the Search Engines through the SEO Plugin, Google Analytics and Google+ Registering this way enables searchers to find your posts.

When you and I search for stuff through the Search Engines we type into the search bar keywords. Search Engines delve through the web presenting articles with those keywords into the results page.

Here’s where you require a keyword tool: Type in what you think would make a suitable title for your blog post and press enter. You will be presented with a load of alternative suggestions relative to what you typed in. These keywords are what people are searching for on a regular basis – Powerful, hey!

The idea is to cherry pick high traffic keywords, represented by monthly traffic volume with low competition from other websites using the same keywords and make sure your article power is high.

An up to date keyword tool is essential in receiving correct information, it’s like looking through a looking glass predicting future outcomes with remarkable results. High Traffic keywords with low competition provides the gateway through the backdoor of the Search Engines for your posts.

The power of Interaction

What else do Search Engines rank?  Interaction!  If you can show Google people are commenting on your posts, this shows you have provided quality content that visitors want to get involved with. You are returned with higher rankings because they want more people to engage with your posts. It’s like a win-win situation.

The comments section appears at the bottom of a post – The formidable solution for receiving higher rankings.

The Social Share

The Power of Social Media
The Power of Social Media

Sharing links on Social Media is a sure fire way to get the traffic ball rolling up the hill. Search Engines know when posts receive visitors and want you to receive more visitors after the first few have opened the door. Your ranking process begins.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ are the firm favourites at present yet there will always be new Social Media platforms evolving. Use them to your own advantage to start the process of receiving visitors as this leads to higher rankings.

Where will you be in a year?

There’s an opportunity to grasp the moment with both hands and start a blogging career with the most user friendly website creation that’s ever been available, designed specifically for the complete newbie to get involved in whilst the Search Engines have made the whole process fair in the way they rank websites.

Today Is Gonna Be A Good DayImagine creating 2-3 posts per week of quality written blog posts designed with stunning detail, embedding your website firmly into an establishment on the web, becoming authoritative within your chosen niche, gained trust with your ever growing audience and earning an income by applying affiliate links. When someone purchases via your link you earn a commission. These commissions can start adding up dramatically once you have visitors flowing through your doors.

£10, $100, £1,000 and more per day is entirely possible if you receive the proper training how to successfully run an online blogging business. Help and support is paramount to your success as is the membership of an interactive platform where the process of receiving comments and using powerful tools like the Keyword Tool makes your website grow exponentially.

Here’s my #1 recommendation:  Wealthy Affiliate University  – Make prosperity come your way with the most up to date interactive training platform regarding running an online business.

Take a look at one of My Website Posts – I was a complete newbie when I started. This is how Wealthy Affiliate have trained me.

Free Starter Membership available with 2 Free Hosted Websites.

Let Wealthy Affiliate prove to you first that you can do this.

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Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for calling in and reading.

Any questions regarding earning an income blogging I will be happy to help. Please drop them in the comment section below.

Thanks again,



8 thoughts on “How To Make Money Writing On A Blog”

  1. Great work here. You really did a great job breaking down what affiliate marketing is about in an easy to understand way. Love the website look, so clean! And your writing style, fun fun fun! And yes it it! Those creative juices… no other place to down load it than in your own freshly pressed website! Love this! Very helpful, thank you again!

    1. Hi Charienna,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      I couldn’t think of a better role than affiliate marketing to be honest. You’ve no stock to purchase and hold, no packaging and postage duties and no returns to deal with either giving you all the time to concentrate on building your website out to accomplish the high ranking accolade.

      Thanks for saying my writing is fun, I like that, you’ve made my day. I always try and offer an easy explanation. Why complicate things.

      Websites can offer so much, I agree with you. I’m glad you found this article helpful.

      Thanks again Charienna and good luck with your role,

  2. Hi Simon,
    I also find blogging a big fun nowadays, especially during this cold Winter. What else can I do that is better than going through the Wealthy Affiliate tasks and writing a blog about my success?! And also it is so easy to do that since the tools we are having make our writing much easier than it used to be.


    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes the thought of writing simply terrified me when I thought of stepping into the blogging world but with Wealthy Affiliate’s training all my nightmares disappeared.

      Writing naturally is key as though you are having a conversation with a friend. Come across helpful and supply information to help visitors such as pointing out the pros and cons of your subject and relay reviews to what you are promoting as well as QA’a. Providing all this helpful info gains trust with your audience followed by trust with the search engines and this leads to higher rankings. It’s a win win situation.

      There are so many tools to help you accomplish success too, I agree Sunny.

      All the best and keep blogging,

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post. I am always on the lookout for a good keyword tool. I see you recommend Jaaxy. I visited their website and notices all the wonderful features.

    I think my days of searching for great keyword tools are over.

    I just want to thank you for introducing me to Jaaxy.


    1. Hi Rika,
      Thanks for dropping by and reading.

      I am glad you find Jaaxy helpful, It’s a powerful gadget and done me the world of good. Sometimes what you think would be a popular search of keywords are show to be very low traffic whereas other times there’s far too much where it’s uncompetitive. However. Jaaxy is up to date and supplies you with alternative keywords.

      You simply choose high traffic keywords with low competition from other websites using the same and make the title of your post out of them making sure they’re in the same order. Powerful bit of kit, a bloggers dream.

      Thanks again Rika,

  4. I agree that there’s no better time to blog because the tools these days are just so easy to use and you don’t need any coding experience to build a website. The time is now, affiliate marketing is the way to a sustainable passive income stream!

    1. Hi Grace,
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.

      You are so right in what you say regarding how straightforward it is these days to build a website. No knowledge regarding coding is required as WordPress have made their user experience so basic to implement a website build. Anyone who relishes a blogging career has the best opportunity to get rolling today.

      The most experienced successful bloggers all choose the affiliate marketing roue as this provides the best way. You have no stock to purchase and hold, no postage time and costs and no returns to deal allowing you to place full emphasis on creating your website to achieve high rankings with the Search Engines and trust with your visitors.

      Once you get to the position of visitors flooding through your doors, happy days as earning an income online becomes pretty much automatic.

      Thanks Grace and all the best,

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