How To Make Money Working From Home Online

Close your eyes and think of your dream job. Are you reclined in a couch, coffee in hand with a laptop situated as it’s name suggests whilst earning an online income the majority would be envious of?

How To Make Money Working From Home Online
Llorix One Lite Website Theme

Sounds fab doesn’t it? And yes we’ve all heard of those lucky few bloggers that have acclaimed to this stature yet most of us place so much negativity on ourselves that we can’t do this because…………………

OK, let’s check you out:

How to make money working from home online involves building a website around your passion, writing quality content visitors will love and driving traffic into your website to earn revenue.

Has negativity already set in like it did with me initially?  We haven’t even got started yet. Do you have the same flood of excuses I had:

You’ve never built a website, you have no experience in working online or running an online business and have never written for a career, so you can’t possibly do this – Or Can You?

Want some inspiration?

The reason I may be reading your excuses so remarkably well is that I was once stood in your shoes. I had no prior experience whatsoever in building a website, running an online business and the thought of writing for a career simply petrified me. I spent ni on 30 years in the butchery trade – What experience did I have in this world – Zilch!

Get Started TodayThe reason I became engrossed in blogging was through the dissolution of short term contracts, what seemed like the incapability of landing full time work leaving my stance in society with an aura of ‘Not good enough’ – A sad indictment of society today yet so many people are stood in my old shoes.

Yep, I was even told by family and friends that I couldn’t make money online.

I decided to step away from all this negativity returning the favour by binning it and stepped away into a bright new world full of positivity where I learnt a blogging career from scratch through the wonderful platform of  Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Did I choose Wealthy Affiliate?

I certainly didn’t come across Wealthy Affiliate by chance, searching took months wading through scams promising overnight outrageous fortunes yet my #1 credentials were to find a company where legitimacy and honesty shines through to teach me the proper way to run an online business right from scratch all the way up the path to success.

Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate ProgramI joined when I discovered they had over 580,000 members and a 98% positive review rate, membership levels have now soared to over 800,000 which is incredible growth. These members were all unhappy with their previous lifestyle, now quietly beavering away with their own home-based business, many experts in their own right thanks to the thorough training Wealthy Affiliate teach. Millionaire status? Many have!

Wealthy Affiliate told me whether your goals are: $10, $100, $1000 or more per day, this is entirely possible as there is no upper limit to the amount of success you can achieve yet the role requires determination and hard work. No member has ever failed at Wealthy Affiliate that didn’t quit.

Promises of no overnight success stories whilst prosperity will take a year, maybe 2 were carefully explained yet this can lead to a wonderful lifestyle if I am willing to put in the work to accomplish my dreams. A fun learning and earning environment were the promises I can vouch for.

I was told to bring whatever I was passionate about into their platform through their free starter package and they will show me how to turn it into a lucrative business. After a week of discussions with my wife and wading through the opportunity my promises were determination for the role and willing to put in the effort to achieve success. I hopped on board.

What’s your niche?

A niche is simply something you are passionate about, in essence a niche is a group of people looking for stuff. This can be a general interest in something, something you like doing, a hobby, a pastime, a sport, teaching others, helping people, etc, etc.

Carlos Santana Hat
Men’s Hat Niche

They asked what I was interested in, I said I have an interest in garden sheds. Expecting a few laughs, quite the opposite materialised. Great niche came flooding back. Then the founder Kyle jumped in to help me target my niche.

He said the problem with a wide niche like sheds is that you are trying to target too many people at once regarding all the different types of garden sheds. You need to narrow your niche down towards an audience looking down a particular avenue regarding a style of shed.

Are you particularly interested in any specific type of shed? he asked. I answered by saying my interest is leaning towards the plastic variety due to their low maintenance issues when compared to the wooden variety. That’s your niche – Plastic Sheds.

Womens Coats Niche
Womens Coats Niche

Kyle explained: We’ll show you how to build a website around you niche – Plastic Sheds and how to target people looking for all the different types of plastic sheds. Also, how to join a free affiliate company to earn commissions for the Plastic Sheds you promote on your website when people purchase through your affiliate links.

There were a huge array of niches being chosen from members that day, like: Mens hats, Womens outdoor coats, tablets, coconut oil, knitting, dealing with dementia, fishing holidays, holidays in Florida, fridges, earthquake kits, womens lingerie, mens watches, womens watches, kayaking, losing belly fat, weight loss after pregnancy, etc, etc. As you can see, almost anything can be a niche.

Give your niche a home of distinction

I thought I’d be entering into a world of learning technical jargon and coding, rather a fun learning curve without any technical knowledge required. You’ll be amazed how straightforward the structure is to build a website these days. WordPress has made website creation a doddle with their user friendly interface, any newbie can get rolling today with a little know-how help.

Website Template - Athena
Website Template – Athena

You first choose a template that you think will delightfully present your passion in stunning detail, choose an enchanting website name for your niche and get rolling.

We had a ball, all members interacting with each other whilst help from the experienced members exceeded all our expectations in creating the most professional looking website, you’d have thought a skilled web designer had accomplished our website build.

The course structure is video based, you are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert and implementing into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your niche – A case of watch, pause and implement. You’ll be amazed with your professional creation skills. Skills you never thought you had.

You learn how to create posts and pages, install widgets and menus, add images, embed videos, install plugins, enable comments – You name it, everything related to building a website is taught in depth and it’s great fun to do.

This is how Wealthy Affiliate have taught me how to build my website:  Quality Plastic Sheds

Website Themes
WordPress Website Themes

Get your traffic ball rolling

The essential ingredient to attract visitors through the Search Engines is to become registered with all the major players.

Coffee Table Book Niche
Coffee Table Book Niche

You are taught how to set-up the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin to register your website with the like of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You are shown how to register your website with Google Analytics and registering to become a member with Google+

Now you are registered with all the major Search Engines people can find your web posts when searching for stuff within your niche.

Is content important for a website?

You betcha! Providing quality content is top priority as far as Search Engines are concerned. Google were found to be supporting the so called ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes resulting in completely changing their algorithm in the way they rank websites. Capture pages are now a thing of the past whilst providing quality content of approximately 1,500 words-ish per post has taken precedence.

Cycling Wear Niche
Cycling Wear Niche

Providing this amount of words maybe a gut wrenching feeling but this has opened the door for any newbie to get rolling online making it a far easier journey than you may be inclined to think.

Seriously, there really has never been a better time to get involved than now.

Wealthy Affiliate show the most impressive way to find inspiration for writing ideas and how to write descriptive and informative posts regarding any niche. Writing naturally, placing your own spin on things as though you’re having a conversation with a friend whilst placing yourself in the visitors shoes offering helpful content is key here as people prefer reading a naturally written article rather than some systematic document – The beauty of blogging.

By delivering helpful content rather than coming across as some type of selling portal ensures success because people do not like a sales approach. You’ll be amazed by taking this onboard how much you can achieve – This is how the most successful bloggers operate because trust and authority is soon gained by your audience and the Search Engines.

Purposely, Wealthy Affiliate ask you to get 5 posts published straight away without being too critical about them. By the time you approach the 6th post things start to click into place and you’re asked to go back to your older posts and start to make alterations. This is when you realise how much you have learnt. You will laugh at your first few posts and progress to update them. It’s all part of the learning process, furthermore creating 1,500 words is becoming pretty easy to accomplish.

Surround you quality with delectable imagery

Think of the last time you entered into  a website that was just a block of words – Did you just leave – Me too.

Photography Niche
Photography Niche

Now think of the last beautifully designed website you visited where the stunning presence they created kept you reading, admiring their quality. This quite possibly could have been a Wealthy Affiliate member’s website. You too are taught how to create beauty within your website with delightfully presented posts.

Images are the powerful solution where presentation is concerned as the right ones speak volumes, more than words can ever deliver. You’re shown how to source stunning imagery and insert them into posts to delight your audience.

Videos are a terrific source for energising a blog post if you’re written subject can entertain one. Your subject shown in motion can promote your post to another level altogether.

Take a look at one of my web posts where I have inserted images and a video – Powerful stuff!

Getting your post titles searchable

Have you ever thought of how the most successful bloggers are always standing on the first page of Google waiting for visitors. What are their secrets?

Golfing Niche
Golfing Niche

They simply investigate the words people type into the Search Bar when searching. They take those words and place them in the same order as they are written and make their post title out of them. When people search those words, experienced bloggers are waiting for them.

Wealthy Affiliate have created the most up to date Keyword Tool for members to use. You simply type in the words you feel would make a great title and it delivers a whole variety of alternative suggestions for what people are searching for relevant to your post.

The idea is to cherry pick high traffic keywords where the monthly figures are shown yet with low competition from other websites using the same keywords as this is your competition.

The Keyword Tool presents you with a gateway into the Search Engines results page, it’s like walking in the backdoor – Potent stuff!

Engaging posts are what Google adores

Have you vere visited a blog post and noticed below the article an active comment section?  You instantly know this post is worth your attention because so many visitors have commented. Search Engines adore interaction, it’s like a proof of quality, returning the favour with higher rankings for delivering it.

Earphones Niche
Earphones Niche

The way to prove your posts are delivering quality content that’s engaging is to provide interaction where visitors ask questions, suggestions and comment within the comment section below a post. But how on earth do you get people to comment?

Wealthy Affiliate have set-up the most interactive platform online for receiving comments. All members help each other in a pure give and take thread. To receive a comment on your post you reciprocate the favour on theirs.

I am amazed over time from not initially seeing my posts on Google Search, they eventually appear on page 20+ and as more comments are received as my website grows with more content my posts start to move up the results page.

I have written an article regarding my journey with Wealthy Affiliate showing screenshots of my posts appearing on the first page of Google Search – Once you reach the #1 page you’re away.

Link your posts through Social Media

The main focus creating a website around your passion is to become established on the web and receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines as these are the people searching for what you are promoting. Social Media linking is an important step to get your word across.

Baby Stroller Niche
Baby Stroller Niche

Every Time you have published a post, share your links on Social Media as this starts the traffic ball rolling. Sometimes it’s quite staggering how many visitors come flooding into your website from links, other times you may have quiet days, this does vary.

For me Google+ is the most powerful Social Media platform as links to your posts can start appearing on the first page of the Google Search results beating my posts, this is a shock when you first encounter this.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ are the favourites at present and you are shown how to respectfully share links to your posts without any associations regarding spamming. As new Social Media platforms evolve, rest assured you will be the first to know how to operate with them here.

Making Money from all your hard work

Believe it or not this is the easy part once you have mastered providing delightfully presented quality content and traffic flowing into your website. Making money pretty much runs automatically.

You are shown how to join a free Affiliate Company such as Amazon (there are literally thousands of Affiliate Companies to join whatever your niche), insert affiliate links within your posts. How many affiliate links to add per post is critical knowledge to learn and whether it’s better to centralise them dependant on how many products you wish to promote.

Everytime a purchase is made via your link, you earn revenue.

Every post you create has the potential to earn revenue for years to come in the future. Creating 2 maybe 3 posts per week will add up to a considerable sized website within a year, firmly established on the web, become an authoritative power within your niche, gaining trust and respect from the Search Engines and your visitors.

Applying the traffic steps for every written post will eventually take your website into exponential growth by receiving visitors from the Search Engines – This is our main objective.

What about you?

I interact daily with people from all walks of life, some stuck in a rut like I was, some just leaving school, others well into retirement and those who are sick and tired of their circumstances and want a lifestyle change.

Wealthy Affiliate - How To Make Money Working From Home OnlineIf you fancy working with a laptop on your knee, cup of coffee in one hand, reclined on the sofa, doodling away creating a website around your passion – Your opportunity is here.

Expert training, help and support for every member because every member is important and it’s pure fun – Hop on board.

It’s completely free to start with 2 free hosted websites and free starter training. You will require to join premium to take you business to the next level yet this is a proof of legitimacy and honesty that this program is genuine whilst providing the confidence – You can do this

Hope to see you on the inside, joining the 800,000 members already beavering away with their own fun business geared around their niche.

Read the  Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate Program  – Or Join Below:

The most comprehensive training platform for running your very own online business.

What’s your niche?  100% Legit

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for reading.

I hope I have provided you with some inspiration to get rolling online with your niche.

Any questions, please drop them in the comment section below, I’m always happy to help,

Thanks again,



6 thoughts on “How To Make Money Working From Home Online”

  1. An engaging quality post is something that we learn creating by the time. I am so happy when I see my posts now and compare them with the first ones.
    But I have, to be honest here, I love all of your posts.

    Also you use very nice imaginary. Your website is an amazing example of the quality!

    Can’t wait to seeing more 🙂

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for commenting.

      Yes, me too. My first posts were dreadful to be honest but you find that after you have 5 or 6 under your belt you’re improvements are immense. This is what I found and why Wealthy Affiliate ask you to write 5 posts straight away as they know the system new bloggers are up against.

      Then they ask you to go back and update the first few which I have done because they know you have improved beyond belief.

      It sounds like this is the same for everyone, you and I alike.

      Thanks again Sunny. Keep writing your inspirational posts,

  2. Hi Simon,

    I love working from home using the Wealthy Affiliate training! It’s truly one of the best platforms out there. If you want to build an affiliate marketing business, this is the way to go. 🙂 You will make an online income if you give yourself time and the training needed to do it properly.

    You have explained all this well in your post! Thanks so much for your details. 🙂

    To much success to you,

    1. Hi Grace,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment.

      You are so right regarding giving yourself time as this is the key element for how long it takes before rankings come your way.

      This is by no means a get rich quick scheme, rather a serious business opportunity that does take time to build up trust and authority with the Search Engines and visitors.

      The only discipline required is determination, that’s all and it’s amazing how much progress you make in such a short space of time becoming authoritative within your targeted niche.

      Thanks again,

  3. Hi Simon,

    Good thing that you have decided to step away from the negativity or the bad influences and now you are able to show your best in doing online business through Wealthy Affiliate.

    This is a well explained step by step process on how to make money online. I would say that anyone who will read this will love it and will most likely take the action to start their own business.

    Great job,


    1. Hi Eli,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment.

      I think negativity is the main reason people put off setting up their own online business as they think of all the excuses to why not first rather than thinking if 800,000 other people have done this , why can’t I.

      You don’t require any previous knowledge regarding building a website nor running an online business. Neither do you required to have written for a career either as everything is explained how it’s done – You’ll be quite taken aback how straightforward the process is.

      All you have to do is start at the beginning and work through the steps one at a time and before long you will be amazed with how much you have achieved.

      Thanks again Eli,

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