How To Make Money With Your Laptop

Wondering how to make money with your laptop – have you ever considered affiliate marketing?

Wealthy AffiliateAnyone is able to create a successful home based business in affiliate marketing, it just requires dedication and a bit of hard work.

Hi, my name is Simon. I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate – I know the name sounds a bit like a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme but this is definitely not the case.

Wealthy Affiliate are purely an educational company – think of their name as a wealth of knowledge – a university that teach how to build a website and be successful with your laptop online in only 4 steps:

  1. Choose a niche – Literally anything you are passionate about
  2. Give your niche a home – Build a website around it
  3. Attract visitors into your website
  4. Make money by inserting affiliate links

Wealthy Affiliate’s passion is helping people create a successful online business. They are experts in this field. Their expertise is offered through a very detailed course, helping you build your website and attract visitors to accomplish earning revenue. Their#1 priority – Help and Support throughout your entire journey.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

The best way to describe:

Watching TV and an advert comes on, advertising the cheapest holidays, cheapest rooms, beaching holidays or best deals for telephone, broadband, electric, gas, etc. These companies are simply inviting you to their website, you click a link to get the deal you’re interested in and they earn revenue through the link they created.

It’s a very simple process and you can do the same – create the links and earn revenue.

Who’s this opportunity for?

This opportunity is designed for anyone, wherever you are in the world, from those just leaving school to those fully retired, you’re welcome to a free starter membership.

You do not require any previous experience regarding running an online business.

No technical experience for building websites is required either.

Wealthy Affiliate have specifically designed their training with easy step by step modules for newbies to get rolling efficiently.

What does the role entail?

Blog to successThis role requires a keen interest in your niche, willing to communicate and write about your passion.

The role is first, building a beautiful website to create the foundations of your business, then writing posts, promoting products within your niche.

A niche can be almost anything: From making money to helping people deal with dementia, from ladies watches in the jewellery sector to promoting exciting fishing holidays.

Don’t particularly have an interest – no problem. Getting Started explains Wealth Affiliate’s ready made money making niche – just ready to tap into.

The 4 steps to create your home based business:

Get Started

Step 1 – Choose a Niche

A niche is simply your passion, something you are interested in. The idea is to narrow your niche down into a more targeted audience, for example:

If you niche is clothes, narrow down to baby clothes, mens shoes, womens hats, outdoor clothes for girls, sport kits for boys, etc, etc.

Women's Shoes

The biggest mistake most people make affiliate marketing is trying to target too many people, the key to a successful business is to target a small corner of the market and with Wealthy Affiliate’s Help, Tools, Training and Support you are quite easily able to attract visitors within your niche into your website.

Although you may think it’s a small audience – it’s huge!

Take basketball shoes or dog’s toys for example, both these niches have over 30,000 products for sale on Amazon alone – see the potential?

How to become an expert in any niche explains:

How to become an expert in any niche

Step 2 – Build a website

Website ThemesWealthy Affiliate teach exactly how to build your WordPress website, right from scratch through to a stunning design to present your niche in delightful detail, all to attract visitors.

It’s great fun building your website – this is the foundations for your successful business.

You have access to loads of templates and tools galore to design your website they way you want.

Their training is superb, you are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert and following what they do. Watch the video, pause and implement what’s being shown – it doesn’t get any easier than this to create a beautiful website of your very own.

You could also build a WordPress Website Free with WordPress but you won’t receive this training.

Step 3 – Attract visitors

This is where dedication and a bit of hard work is involved.

Your role is to create posts with quality content, describing the products within your niche, you are promoting.

By looking at the manufacturer’s website, online store, customer reviews and Q&As, it’s easy to create descriptive, informative and helpful posts, pointing out the products advantages and disadvantages.

Copy and paste is a big no as far as the search engines are concerned, take inspiration from other websites, everyone does, but write the posts in your own words.

Don’t be put off thinking you need to be an expert writer, you most certainly don’t, write it down as though you were having a friendly conversation. People prefer reading a naturally written post.

Get Started Today

With Wealthy Affiliate’s Tools and Community, attracting visitors to your website is simplified with these steps:

  • How to write quality content to promote your niche to it’s full potential.
  • How to display these posts with delightful presentation
  • How to register your website with the Search Engines through the SEO Plugin
  • How to use the most powerful Keyword Tool to attract people searching
  • Receive interaction within your posts through the comments section
  • How to respectfully share the links to your posts on Social Media

Regularly writing posts following these simple steps will embed the foundations of your website on the Web. Receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines is #1 priority. Once achieved, earning revenue becomes automatic.

Step 4 – Earn Revenue

You are shown how to become an affiliate member of a company for example, Amazon (these are all free), how to create links within your affiliate program for the products you are promoting.

When someone purchases via your link, you earn revenue. Once shown you will grasp the process straight away, it’s very straightforward to implement.

How to become successful

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to set your website up with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plugin which leads to rankings in the search engines.

The more posts you write, the more your authority grows. The more your authority grows, the more your trust increases. This leads to more visitors and higher rankings in the search engines which ultimately leads to more revenue.

Wealthy Affiliate have a superb keyword tool designed to accelerate your rankings in the search engines. Their keyword tool allows you to pick high traffic yet low competition keywords – these are the words you and I type into Google when searching. You are shown how to place them into the title of your posts to accelerate your rankings.

Keyword Tool
 This post has only 14 other websites using these keywords

Why choose Wealthy Affiliate?

They have over 600,000 members quietly creating their own business.

They receive a 98% positive review rate.

Easy step-by-step training is designed for newbies – no previous experience whatsoever is required.

Website templates and tools galore to create your stunning website.

The most helpful community – any questions you have will be answered.

Superb support – just ask, no one is left alone.

A free starter membership – Once completed you will have built the solid foundations for a successful business – ready for earning revenue


Your welcome to come inside, get an overall feel of the community and see for yourself how much fun this role is.

Get Started Today provides the gateway. I hope you’re the next success story.

100% Free to get started – 100% Legit – 100% Genuine

SimonIf you have any questions please ask in the comments section below, I will be glad to help.

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Your Laptop”

  1. Wow Simon, this is a great review of the affiliate marketing.
    A great article! It explains in a simple way every step of the process and it is very easy to understand. Love it!
    I noticed that we are definitely going through the same steps in the training. Lol I can see tasks that Kyle gives us, done on both our sites 🙂

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for calling in and saying hello.

      Isn’t affiliate marketing wonderful? You have no stock to purchase and hold, no postage to sort and no hassle with returns. You’re just left to concentrate on building your website around your passion.

      Affiliate marketing is a very straightforward process really. Simply choose a targeted niche, build an enchanting website around it to give your niche a home, attract visitors into your website and earn revenue through the process.

      What I love about the course is that you learn something every day, you’re constantly evolving as time goes by, there’s always some other new ideas regarding marketing and we’re in the right place to learn this immediately and put our plan into action. It’s all good fun.

      Thanks again for calling in, Speak soon,

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