How To Make Money Selling Clothes Online – It’s Far Simpler Than You Think

Welcome, I’m Simon. I’m going to be quite truthful with you here, I’m as far removed as possible to be considered as any type of fashion guru, consider me a bit like a fish out of water where clothes and fashion are concerned. I have a small partition for clothes in our wardrobe which expands across the bedroom, the rest is dedicated to my wife Tracy, who is a fashion addict.

Womens Outdoor Coats Niche
Womens Outdoor Coats Niche

What I do understand however, is how to sell stuff online in a respectable manner. I learnt my affiliate marketing skills with Wealthy Affiliate, a company who are experts in running online businesses, have a passion to teach others their know-how by uncovering all the successful bloggers secrets.

You have arrived at this page to learn how to make money selling clothes online. I’m going to show you exactly how it’s done.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

The reason I and the majority of the 600,000+ Wealthy Affiliate members choose the affiliate path is there’s no stock to purchase, no room required to hold stock, no postage costs with time taken packaging and no hassle with returns. We purely dedicate our time to building our website around our passion.

I fully understand if you make your own garments and are not contemplating the affiliate route, instead you are looking for knowledge and understanding how to attract customers on the Web for these garments, that’s fine too. Keep reading to uncover the online marketing secrets.

Trainers Niche
Trainers Niche

The 4 step process for selling garments on the web successfully:

  1. Choose a targeted niche within the clothing / fashion sector
  2. Design an enchanting website around your passion
  3. Entice visitors into your website
  4. Earn Revenue from your visitors

Step 1

What’s your targeted niche?

If you choose a niche like clothes to market on the web, how many people are you trying to attract?

Leather Dresses Niche
Leather Dresses Niche

Far too many where competition is fierce down so many avenues. Multiply this infinite amount of avenues together and you’ll probably never get a foothold in any market, this is why so many bloggers struggle. The idea is to narrow your fashion niche down towards a targeted audience, for example:

Boys Outdoor Wear, Lingerie, Girls Dresses, Women’s Shoes, Casual Wear, Gym Wear, Leather Dresses, Swimwear, Printed T Shirts, etc, etc.

By choosing a targeted niche, for example: Swimwear, Wealthy Affiliate will show you exactly how to respectfully target people searching for different types of Swimwear in the Search Engines, driving visitors into your Swimwear Website to read your carefully crafted content regarding the various styles of Swimming Costumes.

Overtime with learning, your Swimwear website will evolve with phenomenal design features enhancing swimwear to it’s full potential, become an authoritative establishment on the web and as trust increases with the Search Engines, rewards of higher rankings will be achieved.

Once organic traffic is attained, earning revenue runs automatically. This is how the successful bloggers operate.

Examples of Fashion Niches from Wealthy Affiliate’s Members:

Here’s two examples of targeted clothing niches from a couple of members:

Fancy Dress Niche
Fancy Dress Niche

One lady has a targeted niche for Fancy Dress costumes. She writes articles on anything associated with dressing up for any laughable occasion.

Leading up to a few months prior to Halloween she wrote fascinating articles regarding different venues where Halloween is prominent, like Whitby in the UK, describing the tours around the haunted seaside village, telling the witches tales whilst introducing her Goth costumes into the article.

Her multitude of posts regarding Goth weekends included affiliate links for Goth costumes to which she earns revenue from.

Another member’s niche is Men’s Hats. A wonderful website where he describes the origins of the Pork Pie Hat whilst introducing affiliate links to the different styles of Pork Pie Hats.

Carlos Santana Hat
Men’s Hat Niche

Another interesting post is the Carlos Santana Hat where he tells Carlos’s life story and introduces affiliate links into his posts for the iconic hat.

Many posts can be written about a Carlos Santana Hat, write about an album, a concert, etc. There’s always numerous ways to write many articles regarding 1 specific Hat whilst introducing the same affiliate link to earn an income from.

It’s a very straightforward process, just requires a bit of determination whist taking inspiration from other websites.

Step 2

Design a Beautiful Website around your Clothing Niche

Once you have chosen a targeted clothing niche it’s time to give your passion a home by creating a stunning website. This is pure fun!

Website Template - Athena
Website Template – Athena

When you join Wealthy Affiliate for Free, their starter package provides you with 2 Free Hosted WordPress Websites and Free Starter Training to get your Clothing Niche established.

Why WordPress?  They’re so User Friendly, requiring no prior experience in building websites. Things have evolved so quickly over the last few years, literally anyone can get rolling online today.

You are shown how to have your website up and running in minutes. First choose an enchanting website name descriptive to your targeted niche and choose from the various WordPress website templates to give your niche a home, simply the theme which you think will make your Fashion Niche the most attractive.

You will be shown from the basics exactly how to implement all the tools related to creating the most alluring website around your niche – It’s fascinating stuff!

Training shows how to create the most effective home-based fashion studio to connect others interested in your hobbyhorse. Building content around your passion is pivotal to your success, you’re going to be shown exactly how to provide it.

Training shows how to register your website with the Search Engines through the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin so people can find your posts when searching. Over time, the more you create posts, a firm establishment on the web is accomplished. Search Engines take notice returning the favour with higher rankings as your trust increases. Higher rankings leads to more traffic.

WordPress Website Themes
Choose from the various WordPress Website Themes

Step 3

Attract Visitors into Your Website

This is the part where all the most successful bloggers secrets are revealed. You can quite easily display the most beautifully presented website with WordPress’s user friendly platform yet without visitors you aint going to earn revenue. Wealthy Affiliate including many of their members are experts in this field, these secrets are going to be exposed to enable you to drive traffic to your clothing website. Believe me, this is powerful stuff.

SEO – Does Google Know You

Once your website is set-up training leads onto setting up the SEO Plugin, setting up with Google Analytics plus setting up a Google+ account to make your website fully registered with the Search Engines. Now people searching can find your posts.

Quality Content with Stunning Display

Training teaches how to write quality content regarding your chosen niche. Helpful, informative and descriptive posts are essential for web search presence, trust and authority. Surrounding your quality content you are shown how to add stunning imagery and insert videos regarding your targeted niche, powerful tools to enhance any blog post. In essence, creating delightfully presented quality content keeps an audience engaged, interested and wanting to come back for more.

The biggest tip to achieve success in the world of blogging is to write naturally and come across with a helpful manner rather than a selling portal. It’s a far easier process than you may think. Once you have a couple of posts behind you, you will grasp the process and accomplish a naturally gifted approach to achieve success in engaging your audience with helpful informative content.

Get Started Today

The Most Powerful Keyword Tool on the Web

You will be shown how to include powerful keywords into the titles of your posts. These are the words you and I type into the Search Bar when searching. Wealthy Affiliate have designed the most potent Keyword Tool on the web – Period!

You are shown how to pick high traffic keywords that have low competition from other websites providing your posts with the gateway into the Search Engines results page. I love using their Keyword Tool, it’s such an easy tool to use.

Social Media – Share Your Links

How to receive traffic by sharing links to your created posts respectfully on Social Media is taught in detail. This can really start the traffic ball rolling here which in return leads to higher rankings in the Search Engines. Many people start earning early through Social Media linking although the main priority is to receive organic traffic through the Search Engines which comes in time.

Interaction – What A Community

What does Google love?  Interaction. This is where the comments section at the bottom of posts comes in. All Wealthy Affiliate’s members interact on each others posts helping each other succeed to higher rankings. Yep, it’s the most helpful community in the world – bar none!

Mens Fashion Niche
Mens Fashion Niche

All these steps require determination and a bit of hard work but This Works if you are willing to put in the effort to create an awesome clothing website.

Step 4

Making Money Online with Your Clothing Website

When the third step of attracting visitors into your website is mastered, which relates to following very straightforward procedures, earning revenue becomes: Well – Automatic really.

Sweaters Niche
Sweaters Niche

You are shown how to join one of the vast amounts of Free Affiliate Programs such as Amazon, being the most popular. They provide you with your own personal affiliate links to the products you are promoting on their website.

Wealthy Affiliate show how to insert the affiliate links into your website, teaching the crucial knowledge of how many to insert per page and whether it’s better to centralise them relating to your niche. You do not want to be considered as spamming – Very Important to learn.

Get Started Today

Fancy Getting Started Today with your targeted niche in clothing?

It’s completely Free to join and be a part of the 600,000+ members already creating their websites around their passion.

Wealthy Affiliate have a 98% positive review rate – Peace of mind. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

I have written a full Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program here if you require more information.

Jeans Niche
Jeans Niche

No previous experience whatsoever is required.

Only your name and email address is required to hop inside, see what you think and learn the proper way to run an online business. Surround yourself with successful people and learn from the most experienced bloggers.

Once you complete the Starter Training you will have built an amazing website around you targeted fashion niche, started to attract visitors and maybe even started to earn money although this usually comes a bit later down the line.

100% Legit – 100% Genuine

Think about an enchanting name for your Fashion Niche.

SimonThanks for reading.

I will be happy to help if you have any questions regarding building a website around your interest and making money on the web. Drop them in the comments section below.

Thanks again,



6 thoughts on “How To Make Money Selling Clothes Online – It’s Far Simpler Than You Think”

  1. What can I say!! I have already read a lot of reviews about Wealthy Affliate and other home making money programs but this was very detailed and well explained. I am a premium member of WA, knowing all its best and still this post touched me. Thanks and keep it up!

    1. Hi Andi,

      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      I’m glad you found my post informative, it just shows what Wealthy Affiliate are all about coming from a member such as yourself.

      As you know the whole structure is very straightforward. It’s all about creating a delightfully presented window to give your niche a home which Wealthy Affiliate’s training will show you how to implement.

      Moving on to attract visitors is the next process and Wealthy Affiliate are experts in uncovering the secrets to drive traffic into your website. It’s a case of implementing the steps for each regularly written post. This formular works because it’s legitimate and the way the Searc Engines would like you to operate, therefore you receive higher rankings the more posrs you create.

      Earning money is pretty much automatis once you have visitors rolling through your doors.

      Thanks again for your comment,


  2. Hi Simon,
    I can tell that your wife is your inspiration 🙂
    It’s good to have her around when you need new ideas for your articles.
    She is definitely your muse and the Wealthy Affiliate is what helps you to make your ideas working.
    One more great article from you! I like reading your posts, other than learning from you, you also inspire!
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for commenting and reading this post.

      Tracy is my inspiration, there’s no doubt about that. She many times reads through and offers her spin on things or a better style of writing and certainly gives me inspiration.

      You are so right regarding Wealthy Affiliate, they have literally taught me how to write quality content, share my posts, attract visitors and earn revenue and I started with no prior experience in building a website or running an online business.

      Almost any passion whether it’s clothes, fashion, a pastime, a hobby or a general interest in something can be turned into a lucrative business model and Wealthy Affiliate show you exactly how it’s done.

      Thanks again Sunny,

  3. Hi Simon,

    Really informative website about selling clothes online. You explain it perfectly and gives a lot of values here. The website look professional and I believe WA is providing you great quality training.

    I’ll come back often and learn more from you. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a place to start an online business.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing this site to my friends. This must be an opportunity that most of us has been waiting for.

    Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Nam,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      I’m glad you found my review regarding making money from selling clothes online informative.

      Literally any passion, interest or pastime anyone has can be turned into an online business venture this way simply by writing helpful and informative posts regarding one’s passion.

      Build a website around your niche and become established on the web. Then master traffic, which does take time but can lead to a flourishing website and a wonderful lifestyle.

      Yeah, come back as many times as you wish and share with your friends to provide some incentive. It’s an ideal business venture as you are writing about what interests you.

      Thanks again,

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