How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing – The Legitimate Way

Let’s get the bad news (for many) out of the way first. This opportunity is NOT a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme. It takes time, determination and commitment to become successful online. Take a look at the most successful bloggers out there, their business certainly didn’t materialise overnight.

Carlos Santana Hat
Men’s Hat Niche

If you are willing to learn the ropes, have fun and implement a very straightforward system, the gateway to earning money is going to unfold before your very eyes.

I’m Simon, I understand how to make money online in affiliate marketing – This is what I do & I love it.

I, like the 600,000+ other members joined Wealthy Affiliate on their Free Starter course to learn from the experts exactly how to legitimately run a prosperous business on the web, all from the comfort of home, for many – their armchair.

Who are Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate are purely an educational company, an online university that teach the genuine way to run a business on the web in a respectable manner.

Receiving a 98% positive review rate has spurred well over half a million entrepreneurial bloggers to learn the proper way to market their niche, now quietly beavering away with their own successful blogging businesses.

They teach these 4 steps to turn your passion into a thriving business:

  1. Choose a niche – Something you have a passion for
  2. Create a website to give you niche a home
  3.  Attract visitors into your website
  4. Earn revenue through affiliate marketing

Their expertise provides tuition in fine detail though a step by step video training course. You are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert and implementing into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your niche.

Fishing Holiday Niche
Fishing Holiday Niche

What’s the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

For me, the benefits Affiliate Marketing behold, it’s hassle-free. You simply join a Free Associate program like Amazon, insert affiliate links into posts and earn a commission when a visitor purchases via on your link. There’s nothing complicated about it once you’ve been shown.

The time and cost saving benefits create a huge advantage: No stock to purchase and hold, no postage costs and no returns to deal with, providing time to wholly concentrate on your business, creating posts.

Amazon Affiliate
Amazon Affiliate

Who’s this business for?

This role is suited for literally anyone who wants to earn money through a website, willing to learn the genuine method and has the determination to regularly write posts pertaining to their chosen niche. It’s a really enjoyable role.

No prior experience in running an online business or building a website is required. Wealthy Affiliate have specifically designing their course for newbies to get involved, taking the approach that anyone is capable of accomplishing this.

I connect with people daily from around the globe, some just leaving school to those fully retired. Some stuck what to do next to those who want a complete lifestyle change.

Step 1: What’s your niche?

Everybody has an interest in something, maybe a pastime, a sport, fashion, a subject, computers, technology, baking. needlework, holidays, model railways, etc, etc. The list is endless yet here comes the crux, this is where most bloggers struggle:

Womens Coats Niche
Womens Coats Niche

The most important factor for choosing a niche to market is narrowing your choice down towards a targeted audience. Failing this rule means you are trying to attract far too many people at once leading to a quiet website with hardly any visitors.

Take a Clothing niche for instance. Here you will be concentrating on and trying to connect visitors down far too many avenues within the clothing sector.

If however, the sector is narrowed down and you choose a niche within the clothing sector like: Sweaters, Outdoor Coats, Mens Shoes, Womens Handbags, Girls Dresses, Boys Outdoor Wear, Jogging Suits, etc, etc – Your potential is huge as your website is wholly concentrating on one particular sector. Overtime you gain authority and trust within your chosen niche becoming firmly established on the web.

Step 2: Give your niche a home

How to create a website around your passion is shown in fine detail. You are provided with 2 Free WordPress websites.

Website Template - Athena
Website Template – Athena

First choose an enchanting name for your niche website and choose from one of the many WordPress templates, the theme which you like the appearance of most.

Simply follow the video training and implement into your own website what’s shown. It’s great fun, you’ll love the process.

Simply put, you are shown how to set your website up from scratch, insert menus and widgets, pictures and videos, pages and posts, everything associated with creating a website is presented.

The next process is to create posts to drive traffic into your website. Visitors lead to earning revenue.

Step 3: Drive Traffic to your website

Here comes the exciting part. The first job is to make the Search Engines aware that you are here.

SEO – Get Registered

Training teaches how to set-up the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin, Google Analytics and become a member of Google+. Registering your niche website through these processes is the definitive solution for people to find your posts in the major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo whilst befriending Google this way certainly increases your search presence.

Now that we’re fully registered for searchers the emphasis is getting traffic into our website

The amalgamation of the following 4 steps is required to implement for every created post to enhance your posts exposure on the web. It’s a very straightforward process. This is the secret to attracting website traffic.

Content is King

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Content is King’ – And it’s true. Wealthy Affiliate will show you exactly how to provide it.

Jewelry Niche
Jewelry Niche

The whole content process regards placing your feet in the customer’s shoes providing helpful, descriptive and informative posts rather than appearing as some kind of selling portal. People prefer reading a naturally written post rather than a scientific document. It’s very easy to produce so don’t let your writing skills put you off.

Display is essential and you’re taught exactly how to present posts with clear writing, plenty of white space, how to insert pictures and videos in among. In essence your content will be displayed with delightful presentation, engaging to the extreme – Your audience will want to come back for more.

Once traffic is generated organically through the Search Engines, earning revenue from promoted products becomes pretty much automatic. One post can lead to automatically earning revenue for years to come in the future.

Create the most powerful titles

Wealthy Affiliate have designed the most powerful keyword tool providing your posts with the gateway into the Search Engines.

Dogs Toys Niche
Dogs Toys Niche

Keywords are simply the words we type into the search bar when performing a search.

The idea is to place the same words in the same order into the title of your post, then searchers will find your post when they search your title’s keywords.

The keyword tool presents how much traffic rolls through the Search Engines on a monthly basis and how much competition there is from other websites using the same keywords. You simply choose high traffic / low competition keywords from the keyword tool results page and give your post this title.

Powerful stuff – Hey! And it’s so easy to use.

What does Google love? – Interaction

Wealthy Affiliate have the most wonderful community where everyone helps each other succeed, providing interaction on each others posts – This is where the community thrives.

At the bottom of posts there is a comment section where people engage with feedback, questions and comments to the author. When you receive interaction Google takes notice as your post is engaging. Search Engines adore interaction and will rank you for it.

Photography Niche
Photography Niche

Link with Social Media

Whenever you create a post, share a link on Social Media. This really does start the traffic ball rolling which in turn leads to higher rankings.

Wealthy Affiliate show you how to effectively share links in a respectable manner. I have found Google+ so powerful using these techniques. To start seeing links appear to your posts on the first page of Google search results in one heck of a feeling. This does bring traffic in.

Step 4: Make Money

Throughout the training you are shown how to join a Free Associate Program pertaining to your chosen niche. How to add affiliate links through the Associate Program to generate an income stream is a very straightforward process. Once you have done it, you’re away.

Sweaters Niche
Sweaters Niche

The crucial part of affiliate links is how many to add per page and whether it’s better to centralise them. This is what Wealthy Affiliate teach – The genuine method for linking.

The likes of Google are becoming very strict regarding affiliate links as are Pinterest. It’s looking like many other Social Media platforms may follow.

The only genuine way forward to run an online business in a respectful manner is to have a website in my view. Search Engines and Social Media Platforms are not keen on capture pages like the many Downline and MLM schemes operate with.

How long does it take to make money?

As I stated earlier this is not one of those ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, rather a serious business opportunity that can lead to serious income potential.

Expect 6 months to a year and beyond – This is what members experience and is the average time to see revenue flowing in.

Coffee Table Book Niche
Coffee Table Book Niche

The purpose is to keep building your website around your niche by writing posts regularly, gaining trust and authority with the Search Engines leading to higher rankings as you become more established. Once the process of attracting visitors organically through the Search Engines comes to fruition, the world’s your oyster.

This is how to legitimately make money online through affiliate marketing. I thoroughly enjoy my role as do the members at Wealthy Affiliate. A wonderful community where help and support is paramount to success. This is delivered in bucket loads.

Get Started Today provides the gateway to learn this system to lead you up the road to success in affiliate marketing.

I have written an in-depth Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program here:

Read My Journey through Wealthy Affiliate’s training regarding my chosen niche.

100% Free Starter Package

No Contracts

100% Legit

SimonThanks for taking your time to read.

If you have any questions, please drop them below in the comments box. I’ll be glad to help.


7 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online In Affiliate Marketing – The Legitimate Way”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate truly is one of the best places to go to to learn everything there is about a proper way to make money online in a good ethical manner. I love it because unlike so many of these scams out there, wealthy affiliate is the real deal. Building an audience, and gaining trust is a real way to make money online. The tools here as well as the support are exceptional, it truly is the place to be!

  2. I wonder if a “Get Rich Quick” scheme ever really worked for anyone? If something is really worth it, it will take some time. That’s why I love affiliate marketing. It might take some time to start earning, but once you get your business going, there is no limit to what you can achieve.
    I wish for you heaps of success!

    1. Hi Elmien,
      Thanks for your input and taking your time to read.

      There are so many so called ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes out there in the wilderness, the internet is littered with them. Whether anyone makes money is anyone’s guess.

      Affiliate marketing is completely different. As you say it does take time to build a website around your niche and attract visitors but the sky really is the limit once a website starts to attract organic traffic through the Search Engines.

      Wealthy Affiliate uncover all the blogging secrets to drive traffic this way, the process the experienced bloggers never tell you. And it’s a very straightforward process to put into practice, only requiring determination and a bit of hard work.

      Thanks again Elmien,

  3. Hi Simon.
    That is a great article. Unfortunately it is difficult to find a legit way making money Online. Too much ppl think the money comes in without work.
    How long have you been in Wealthy Affiliae?

    1. Hi Damien,
      Thanks for reading and your question.

      I have been affiliate marketing for about a year now and really enjoying my role.

      You are right, the money only comes if you are determined and willing to roll your sleeved up and put the work in. Like anything genuine, this role requires working to achieve.

      The beauty about training with Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s a pure learn as you earn course.

      You first step is to choose a niche, build a website around it to give your passion a home which is pure fun.
      Then comes the work part by driving visitors into your website. Once you have visitors the money side of things run automatic really.

      Thanks again,

  4. I always believe that any legit way of making money requires knowledge, experience and making mistakes. The only thing online has an advantage over offline is that it is much easier and less costly for trial error.

    Wealthy Affiliate has been the perfect learning ground for me where internet business is concern. I’ve been a member for a year now and I must say the information and training resources is so vast that some said it’s overwhelming.

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for leaving your message.

      No one ever learns anything without making mistakes. It’s all these mistakes that make you try to perfect.

      Knowledge can only come for learning, surrounding yourself with successful people like the Wealthy Affiliate platform you mention, it’s amazing how much one learns in such a short space of time this way.

      Experience only comes with knowledge and making mistakes in my view, you gain the experience through learning and applying, working tour way through all those mistakes.

      I am so glad you have found the Wealthy Affiliate platform to accomplish your success, there is a vast amount of information there and some very experienced bloggers too who share all their expertise with members.

      Thanks again,


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