How To Make Money On A Website – The Way The Search Engines Love

Wondering how to make money on a website in a legitimate fashion without being associated with any scam procedures?

How To Make Money On A Website Hi, my name is Simon, I was in this position a while back.

Unfortunately there is so much misinformation out there, people are teaching techniques that can negatively impact your business.

Too many of us are led astray never reaching success as a result.

This opportunity requires dedication and a bit of hard work, yet the potential is quite astonishing.

If you are looking for one of those so called ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes you are definitely in the wrong place here.

Sorry About That – You’ll be better off looking elsewhere – Good Luck!


The problem with ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes:

  • Search Engines de-ranked them when they were found to be supporting them.
  • Expensive advertising with little click through rate.
  • Pinterest have already stopped affiliate links.
  • If other Social Media platforms follow – What will happen to these schemes?
  • The only way forward is to legitimately operate a website online.

There is a genuine way to market your online business, one that does not require any deep pockets for advertising, it’s simply about getting established on the web, receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines.

Simply put – Do it Legitimately.

Don’t be daunted, it’s a far simpler process than you maybe thinking. Done right, you will be successful.

100% FREE
2 FREE Hosted Websites with FREE Starter Training

The best bit – It’s fun to do, completely FREE to get started with your very own FREE hosted websites.

You will be amazed how much detailed training is included with this FREE starter membership package.

When you have completed this starter course you will have created the solid foundations for a prosperous online business, ready to earn revenue.

It’s all about getting ranked in the Search Engines, in a way the Search Engines love. Once accomplished, your dreams become a reality.


Don’t try this alone!

If you are looking to create a successful online business, don’t try this alone. Get expert help!

You will need to have access to these 3 essentials:

  1. Expert training throughout all stages for marketing online
  2. How to build your OWN professional looking website – The foundations of your business
  3. Get expert help and support whenever you need it


Who taught me how to make money online?

Wealthy Affiliate is the company who taught me all this good stuff enabling me to work from home running my own business in a job I love.

Looking back I’m quite staggered with what I’ve accomplished so far, it’s certainly given me a lifestyle I never thought I’d achieve.

From the training through to creating your own home-based business is a really enjoyable experience. You’ll have great fun doing this.

Wealthy Affiliate have a passion for teaching newbies the successful way to market a website online. You simply watch how their experts do it and implement what’s shown. They have a very simplistic approach to teaching that comes across in a professional manner.

There’s nothing complicated in creating a successful website online but there is a right way to go about it. Wealthy Affiliate know the right way, this is seldom taught.


Join Wealthy Affiliate FREE

Learn How you too can become successful online

Starter Course teaches how to make money on a website
Simply, watch the expert and implement what’s shown


Who’s this role best suited for?

Literally, anyone from anywhere around the world is welcome to come on board.

Daily, I interact with Mums at home, those stuck in a rut, people wanting a lifestyle change, those just leaving school to those fully retired.

It’s an opportunity for everyone.

You do not require any prior experience or technical knowledge as everything is taught in a very straightforward manner, right from the basics.


Why did I choose Wealthy Affiliate?

After being involved with a few scam companies promising outrageous fortunes, something that didn’t materialise, my attention turned to find an honest company to teach me the proper way, the legitimate way to run an online business and this is what I found:

Wealthy Affiliate credentials:

  • They teach the reputable techniques for making money online.
  • They have a 98% positive review rate.
  • Two FREE websites + FREE hosting to get you on your way
  • Excellent FREE starter training designed for the inexperienced.
  • It’s FREE to get started – no bank details required, no contracts to sign.
  • You can review this opportunity at no cost.
  • More than 580,000 members have already enrolled.
  • Everything blogging related is accessible within the Wealthy Affiliate website.
  • An unrivalled helpful community – The best bar none.
  • Help and support 24/7 is priority – Just ask, you will be answered.
  • Founder members, Kyle and Carson always around helping members.
  • The best training platform to achieve a successful online business
  • Wealthy Affiliate disprove spam and scam companies.
  • Once joined, their legitimacy and honesty radiates.

Honest review about Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate review chart
98% Positive Reviews

There are 4 steps in Wealthy Affiliate’s training program.

  1. Choose an interest you want to market or choose a niche within Wealthy Affiliate’s Money Making niche.
  2. Build your own elegant website – You will be delighted with your creation.
  3. Attract visitors with Wealthy Affiliate’s know-how and powerful tools.
  4. Earn money from the visitors you have attracted to your website.

As you will have noticed in step 1 there are two ways Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money with your website.

Getting Started will show you how to turn your passion into success and earn revenue through an affiliate program.

The rest of this post is purely focused on Wealthy Affiliate’s Money Making niche. Here your affiliate program is with Wealthy Affiliate.

Once joined, you are welcome to do both courses. They are both FREE to start.


Wealthy Affiliate’s Money Making Niche.

This is simply referring people into the Wealthy Affiliate membership, earning revenue every time you refer someone.

There is no cap on earnings so you have unlimited potential. Their commissions are outstanding.

Over days, weeks, months – these commissions can start adding up to an incredible amount. You will be staggered how much you can earn with this opportunity.

But, the groundwork must be in place first:

How To Make Money On A Website
What’s your idea of success?

Step 1.

Choose 3 niches you want to target within Wealth Affiliate’s Money Making niche:

For Example:

  • How to earn money on a website
  • Helping the unemployed earn money
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mums at home
  • Earn money in retirement
  • Work from home opportunities for the disabled
  • Help for those leaving school
  • An opportunity that requires no qualifications

There is an unlimited amount of niches within this making money niche. Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through the process.

It’s all about targeting a smaller group of people within the money making niche.

Too broad a niche is very difficult to receive traffic.

You’ll be impressed how simplified the process becomes when you narrow down into a targeted audience.

Step 2.

Build your beautiful WordPress website to impress your visitors:

This is great fun to do. You will be amazed with what you create.

You will be shown:

  • Choose a website template you like the look of
  • How to setup your FREE WordPress website
  • How to setup for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • How to create stunning pages and posts
  • How to insert menus
  • How to install widgets
  • How to insert pictures and videos
  • How to insert banners to promote your business
  • How to create inviting headings to keep your visitors reading
Website Themes
Attractive designs suitable for all devices

Their training is second to none. Simply watch, pause and implement what’s shown by the experts in this field and you will have built a professional looking website.

It really is straightforward. All the technical processes has been removed.

Step 3.

Attracting visitors is crucial to making money online:

Conforming to the correct online procedures will become more prevalent as time goes by. Search Engines are becoming very strict regarding this, Social Media are now following. It’s nearing the end for these ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, they’re getting squeezed out.

How to attract visitors to achieve earning an income from your website:

  • How to write descriptive, informative posts that provide helpful information. Posts of around 1000 words are essential to getting ranked in the Search Engines. You are taught exactly how to do this and is surprisingly easy once you’ve got a few under your belt.
  • How to find writing ideas – this really impressed me. You’ll never be stuck after watching this.
  • How to use Wealthy Affiliate’s powerful Keyword Tool to boost your rankings in the Search Engines by finding high traffic keywords with low competition from other websites. It’s just those words we type into Google when searching.
  • Where to place these keywords to achieve high rankings.
  • How to link to your website posts through Social Media in a professional manner. A great way to start your traffic ball growing.
  • Interacting with Wealthy Affiliate’s community, providing comments on each others posts. Search Engines love interaction, Wealthy Affiliate provide the way. You will even get ranked for words within the comments section without even knowing about it.

The wealth of knowledge you learn here provides you with all the blogging information you will ever require.

If you’re ever stuck, no matter how small a problem, just ask. We all start at the beginning, it’s the best community in the world for receiving help.

Step 4.

Once you have completed the starter training,  you will have built your very own website and successfully created the solid foundations for a flourishing online business, ready to start earning revenue.

Potential Earnings

It’s common for some members to start earning revenue within the starter training by attracting visitors via Social Media although our main objective is getting ranked in the Search Engines.

This is where your business has the potential to explode, leading to one heck of a lifestyle change.

Potential Earnings

Where will you be next year?

Where will you be next year having written 2-3 posts of quality content per week, using their powerful high ranking keyword tool, linking via Social Media and receiving appreciated comments the Search Engines adore.

You’ll be up there amongst the best bloggers.

This is how they do it but you’re never told their secrets.


Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter membership

Includes 2 FREE Websites with FREE Hosting and FREE Training.

No Contracts, Just your name and email address is required.



SimonThanks for taking your time to read.

Please ask any questions you may have regarding this role in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to help.

Hope to see you in the members area,



8 thoughts on “How To Make Money On A Website – The Way The Search Engines Love”

    1. Hi Junior,
      Thanks for reading and taking your time to comment.

      I always try to make it as clear as possible with display consisting of loads of white space and small bite-size chunk paragraphs. It makes the article clearer and easier to understand.

      This is a powerful referral business which over time can become very lucrative if you are determined and wish to write posts regularly. Or you can opt to market your passion and earn revenue simply by writing posts regularly about your niche and inserting affiliate links to promotional products within your posts.

      It’s great fun to do as this is your hobby – what you enjoy.
      Thanks again,

  1. Hi Simon,

    I love this quote,”It’s nearing the end for these ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, they’re getting squeezed out.” And it’s about time too!

    Oh boy, how many traps have I fallen for…too many!

    I never knew that Pinterest stopped affiliate links! And does Wealthy Affiliate only train to monetise via affiliation or do they also teach others areas of monetization?

    1. Hi Mei,
      Thanks for reading.
      Yes, most of us have fallen into the traps of promised fortunes that never come our way.
      Google de-ranked these ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes when they were found to be supporting their advertisements.
      They have taken measure to de-rank anything that contains duplicate content, so never copy and paste on your website as this will harm you.

      Pinterest used to be like spam city. They have followed the Search Engines.
      You cannot place affiliate links on their website anymore. Pinterest has become a lot better user experience now, you actually go to someone’s website for information rather than to an online store.

      Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to set-up a website professionally and market it which ever way you want.
      They know how to attract visitors on the web and show you how it’s done.
      Affiliate marketing is a good earner if you do it correctly. You will be surprised how many companies we all purchase from yet all they are is Affiliate Marketers.

      Thanks again,

  2. Hi Simon,
    Man you did one heck of a job putting this page together very impressed keep up the good work.
    I even bookmarked your website for a reference your going to show me some of the things you do for your page creation process and how does it usually take you for a page like this ?

    1. Hi Kyle,
      As you go through the training you are shown all sorts of ways to provide content in a very structured way.
      Don’t get daunted, it’s a very straightforward process, just take it one step at a time.
      Done correctly you will learn how to make money on a website and get ranked in the Search Engines – It does take time but is definitely worth the hard work.
      Take inspiration from me and others but never copy and paste – the Search Engines will know and will de-rank you for it.
      To create a page like this takes approx 2 days – I try and create 2+ posts per week and take weekends off.
      Thanks again Kyle,

  3. Hi Simon,
    There is a lot of very good information here – Keep up the good work.
    I’ll give this a go.
    Thanks for your article – How to make money on a website,

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for taking your time to read.
      Yeah, it’s a genuine opportunity and it does require dedication and a bit of graft.
      As time goes on through the year, following these steps will make you established on the web receiving traffic.
      Traffic leads to revenue.
      See you in the members area,
      Thank you,

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