How To Make Money From The Amazon Affiliate Program

AmazonAmazon is the most popular online store, their service offers over 100 million items for sale with timely shipping and very competitive prices.

Amazon have set-up a free-to-join service called ‘Amazon Associates’ where people refer others to the Amazon site, earning a commission when they make a purchase.

Home-Based BusinessIt’s like a free form of advertising for the companies selling products within Amazon, only paying a commission when a purchase is made.

You can become an Amazon Associate wherever you are in the world – USA, UK, Canada, etc but you have to join each Amazon store independently.

If you live in the UK for instance, you can join Amazon USA (, I have done this.

Payment is received by cheque, Direct deposit (if you live in the USA) or by Amazon Gift card.

If you would like to get involved and learn how to make money from the Amazon Affiliate Program – read on:

How does Amazon know I’ve referred someone?

When you join Amazon Associates you are given an identification code which is automatically added to your links. When someone clicks on your link, Amazon knows they were referred by you.

When you are logged in to Amazon Associates, go onto the Amazon site as though you were shopping, you are presented with an ‘Amazon Associate Site Stripe’ at the top of the page.

Amazon Site Stripe

Enter the product page – here you are able to get your personal links by using the Site Stripe, either as text, image or text and image.

For the text and image, you simply copy the link, which is personal to you and paste in the text part of your blog post. You normally edit blog posts in the visual mode but for text and image links you paste in the text mode.

Amazon Text and Image

When someone clicks on your link, they are taken to the Amazon page, where you got the link from. If the customer makes a purchase, Amazon knows this link came from you and you receive a commission for referring them.

At the bottom of this page is a video, showing how to insert the links into your post.

How do I make this work for me?

To make this work for you, you must create a website – this will be the foundations of your business.

Social Media is becoming very strict regarding affiliate links these days. Pinterest used to be like spam city but they will not allow affiliate links anymore – other Social Media platforms are following so the only genuine way is to attract visitors to your website.

If you want to learn how to do this correctly consider Wealthy Affiliate. They are a university dedicated to teaching the correct way – how to successfully run an online business, earning revenue through affiliate companies such as Amazon.

Wealthy Affiliate have taught over 580,000 people to create their own online business. People from all over the world, from those just leaving school to those in retirement. Everyone is welcome to learn the proper way to run a successful affiliate business online.

Wealthy Affiliate have a free starter package which includes 2 free websites with hosting and an extremely detailed course to get your business set-up and rolling.

This course is specifically designed for newbies, wherever you are in the world, requiring no prior technical knowledge of building a website or running an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate website

Wealthy Affiliate University

How will Wealthy Affiliate help me create my successful business?

The 7 steps below shows how Wealthy Affiliate will take you by the hand and help you take your Amazon Affiliate business to success.

Step 1 – A targeted niche = a successful business

First, choose a niche – something you are passionate about, willing to write about, happy to communicate with.

Dogs ToysIf your interest is pets, this is too generic – narrow down to say, dogs, then down again into dogs toys for example.

Don’t think a dogs toys niche is too small, it’s huge – Amazon, alone has over 30,000 dogs toys for sale in their store.

A narrow niche is easy to target online, easy to attract visitors with.

A narrow niche like this has more than enough potential to provide a lifetime’s worth of posts.

If you are dedicated to writing posts regularly, in 6 months to a year’s time you have the potential to become very well established on the web, attracting visitors, earning income. This opportunity can lead to a wonderful lifestyle, providing you with a job you’ll love – it’s really fun to do, just requiring a bit of hard work.

How to choose a niche online  provides more information regarding how to narrow your niche down into a targeted audience.

Potential Blogging Earnings

Step 2 – Build your website – Get your business established on the web

Create the foundations of your home-based business and build your beautiful website. This is great fun to do.

First choose your website template, the one you like the look of best, choose from the vast range.

Simply look over the shoulders of Wealthy Affiliate’s expert and implement into your own website what’s shown. It’s easy to do, you’ll be amazed with what you create.

They have such a simplistic way of teaching, designed specifically for the inexperienced.

You are shown how in inset headings, pictures, menus, widgets, videos – you name it, they show you.

Step 3 – Set your website up for SEO

SEOTo receive rankings in the search engines, it’s imperative your website is set-up for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Once set-up the Search Engines will find your posts when people perform a search.

Set-up is very easy to do and you are shown in a very simplistic way.

Now it’s time to fill your website with posts and become firmly established on the web.

Step 4 – Content is King these days

Content, content, content – this is so important and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to provide helpful and informative posts.

Look in the Amazon page for your post’s promoted product.

Blog to successHere you will find a description – visit the manufacturer’s website for more information and take inspiration from it.

Never copy and paste, the search engines will know, just write your post naturally – in your own words. Most people prefer a naturally written post.

Look at the reviews and relay people’s thoughts and views into your post. These are the people who have purchased this product and giving their view – great info.

What are the advantages, the disadvantages of this product, why is it beneficial, etc.

Look at the QAs. This provides helpful information and you will gain trust with your audience answering their concerns.

The beauty about joining an associate program like Amazon is you have permission to use their photos for the products you are promoting. This enables you to create stunning posts visitors will love.

The information you give through these ideas alone will probably create enough information for about 600 – 1000 words. This is what search engines love – informative, helpful posts and they will rank you for it.

Step 5 – Social Media – Linking visitors to your website

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to attract visitors through Social Media platforms in a professional manner, how to add links to your website that drive traffic to you.

Step 6 – Comments for interaction

The comments section at the bottom of posts is an important feature as far as Search Engines are concerned. When you receive comments, this is interaction and the Search Engines love interaction, rewarding you with rankings.

Members at Wealthy Affiliate are not in competition with one another because we all choose a different niche. Their community platform is set-up in such a helpful way for members to interact on each others posts.

To receive a comment on your post, you must first give a comment on their post – a very fair system and this does work.

Step 7 – Keyword Tool – The most powerful tool for high rankings

When you and I search in Google, the words we type in to perform a search are known as keywords.

When Google searches they look for the same keywords we type in, across all websites on the web. These keywords are found in the titles of posts and in the first few paragraphs.

The key here is to choose the keywords with a high amount of traffic yet low competition from other websites using the same keywords.

Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool shows how much traffic is generated on a monthly basis using these keywords as well as how much competition there is from other websites using the same keywords.

For example:

You may be writing a post on dogs toys that are chew-able:

aggressive chewers

If the post title: Best Dog Toys – Aggressive Chewers fit’s your posts promoted product – this shows there are 142 monthly searches for best dog toys aggressive chewers. This is good and will make a great title.

Click ‘View Result’ and we are presented with this:


Results show there are only 11 other websites using the keywords ‘best dog toys aggressive chewers’ in their posts. See the potential?

Multiply this by all the posts you shall be writing – Just imagine your results in a years time.

Using Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool has helped so many members accomplish their posts on the first page of Google search – When your posts end up here, you have created a successful business and this is the advantage of using this powerful tool.

Step 8 – Earn revenue from your visitors

Wealthy Affiliate will show how to add affiliate links through your Amazon Associate program. Members too help each other out with training.

Here’s a video, one member made to show other members how to add affiliate links to your post through your Amazon Associate program. This is how we all help each other:

How to insert Amazon Affiliate links
How to insert Amazon Affiliate links

When a visitor clicks on your link, they are diverted to the Amazon page to the product you are promoting – if they purchase, you earn a commission.

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how many links to add before your post is deemed as spam, this is important as to keep your rankings high with the Search Engines.

Getting Started – Create your business empire

Getting started provides more information regarding Wealthy Affiliates free starter training program or you can join straight away for free through the Wealthy Affiliate’s website, below.

Wealthy Affiliate website

Wealthy Affiliate University

There are no contracts, ties, credit cards required, nothing silly like that – just your name, email address and you’re in.

100% free – 100% Genuine – 100% Legit

When you have completed the starter training you will have created the foundations for a prosperous business. Then it’s time to consider their premium membership if you would like to take your business to the next level.

Give it a try, If you are dedicated to writing posts regularly this can provide a lifestyle most people dream of, it does require a bit of hard work but hey, everything that’s genuine does but it is great fun to do


SimonIf you require anymore information, please ask in the comment section, below. I will be happy to help.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    In creating your website and providing the content that you have, I think you’ve very successfully been able to turn complex into simple.

    Well done. Great site!

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for taking your time to read.
      Everything looks a bit complicated at first glance but believe me, once you’ve created one link on your website it really is very straight forward after that.
      It’s just being shown how to do it in the first place. Wealthy Affiliate are masters at showing you a simplistic way to add links, they have a straight forward approach to teaching.
      Thanks again,

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