How To Learn How To Build A Website

How to learn how to build a website is an extremely popular search term for those looking to accomplish proper training to successfully make money online.

I’m going to provide the answer because I too typed these words into the Search Engines a while back, eventually finding the definitive solution to this question:

Monograph Theme
Monograph Theme

How To Learn:

Join a company with a step by step training program, one that’s up to date, offers training from scratch, has a friendly approach specifically designed for the inexperienced and offers help and support for EVERY member 24/7.

How To Build A Website:

WordPress websites are the most popular website building platforms, built for viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles, so I gather this is the essential ingredient to get noticed world-wide.

This really is a Once Shown, You’re Away process.

Thousands of WordPress Website Themes
Thousands of WordPress Website Themes

Where is it possible to learn and create a website that champions this calibre?

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate –  A university with a dedicated passion to teach newcomers how to create a stunning website around their interest in a very basic step by step format.

Business Prime Theme
Business Prime Theme

Believe me, Implementing the process is great fun, you’ll be impressed with your creation.

Their program doesn’t just provide the training to build your marvel, they also show how to respectfully attract visitors into your blog and earn revenue through the very straightforward process of affiliate marketing.

This post regards website building. I’ll show you how I got on:

Let’s Get Rolling

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate platform they offer new members 2 free hosted WordPress websites and free starter training. Obviously Wealthy Affiliate want Free Starter Members to enrol onto their Premium Membership however this is purely set-up as a proof of legitimacy due to all the scams littering today’s web.

Only your name and email address entitles you to join.

Imagined Theme
Imagined Theme

This Free Starter package inspired me to join. As a complete newbie into website creation, I expected one heck of a technical trial however quite the reverse transpired.

It’s so straightforward, just follow the steps and before long you’re looking back with admiration at the professionalism you have created.

The free websites offered are run on Wealthy Affiliates SiteRubix platform, their free hosting service. You simply choose your website name and it looks like this:

After your name is chosen, It’s time to select a WordPress theme, one you think will present your niche in delectable style, then click Build My Website and you’re guided through the entire process.

What used to take weeks for the most technically advanced is now accomplished in minutes, making it possible for any newcomer to create a website to professional standards. I was amazed how quick the process has become.

Twenty Seventeen Theme
Twenty Seventeen Theme

If you are a Premium member, further down the line you have the option of purchasing your own domain which I did.

Transferring your SiteRubix website into your own domain is a seamless process and transfers everything you have created, just by a click of a button.

Wealthy Affiliate host your own domains too, all inclusive within their Premium Membership. Mine cost $13.99 year and there’s no price hike the following year, a trick many other hosting services hide from you until it’s time to renew.

Here’s how Wealthy Affiliate have taught me how to create my website:

Quality Plastic Sheds –

Easy Training – Step by Step

Throughout the training you are literally shown everything associated with website building.

Rara Academic Theme
Rara Academic Theme

The training is video based, simply watch, pause and implement what the expert shows pertaining to your business. It really is this simple and it’s great fun too.

Follow the step by step tutorials in order and before long your website starts building out in remarkable detail, a bodacious presence polished to masterful standards, impressive to say the least.

Creating Pages and Posts

How to create pages and posts in taught in detail yet straightforward. Pages and Posts are where your written articles are produced, promoting your passion.

Whether your ambitions are to promote your own products / services or have a desire to blog, entering down the affiliate marketing route to earn revenue or maybe your wish is to participate down both avenues to accomplish a second income – Why not, the choice is entirely yours.

The training guides you through the entire Affiliate Marketing process.

Providing quality content – The bloggers way

Providing quality content regularly is a bloggers incentive, a requirement for Search Engine rankings through a process of delivering descriptive, informative and helpful information.

Vertical Menu Theme
Vertical Menu Theme

Offer pros and cons, relay reviews and feedback from promoted products. Whatever you promote come across helpful because this is where trust is gained.

Writing naturally with a helpful approach is key, ditching that sales mentality whilst luring an audience to read your quality article.

Having a helpful honest approach leads to trust. Trust leads to conversions. These are procedures distinguished bloggers operate and you’re taught exactly how to accomplish.

Inserting Images to Boost Conversions

Where to acquire free imagery, how to use free Affiliate Program photos and how to upload these images into your WordPress website is discussed in detail.

Athena Theme
Athena Theme

How to align left, right or centre in respect of size is shown to effectuate the image process resulting in achieving delightfully presented posts.

Relevant images not only enhances a web post towards captivating an audience to read, they express information much more than words can ever say, increasing the probability of conversions.

Embedding Videos – Conversions Potent Solution

If you think imagery boosts conversions, wait for the effect videos offer. If a post can accommodate a video showing the subject in motion, this is the puissant media to increase conversions to another level altogether.

Giga Store Theme
Giga Store Theme

Whether these are your own videos or you embed from sources like YouTube – Take advantage

The results can be quite staggering. We are all visual by nature, to show your subject in a visual moving way is the power source to conversions.

You are shown how to embed videos into your WordPress website from the likes of sharing services such as YouTube.

Take a look at one of my posts regarding the Keter Fusion 759 Shed:

I have incorporated images around my content to create a nice visually presented post whilst embedding two videos, one showing the advantages of the Fusion range and one showing the assembly.

I’m sure you’ll agree, being able to show my subject this way provides more help towards my audience.

About Me page and Privacy Policy page

Wealthy Affiliate teach how to accomplish your About Me and Privacy Policy pages with a simplistic approach.

Clean Business Theme
Clean Business Theme

Be visible and show the world you’re not hiding is the key to gaining trust with your audience. Search Engines do not like authors hidden and will not rank obscure websites high.

An About Me page simple tells the world about your niche and why you are passionate about it.

A Privacy Policy page is as it’s name suggests provides protection to the author, an email address provides proof of ownership. Provide this proof and rankings will come your way.

Get Registered with the Search Engines

The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin makes Search Engines aware of your presence. Enabling this powerful Plugin creates your existence to the world when someone searches in the major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

Vacation Lite Theme
Vacation Lite Theme

It’s another straightforward process to initiate as everything regarding WordPress is accustomed this way, however this is essential for people to find your posts.

Wealthy Affiliate show the basic step-by-step formula to accomplish this task and these other two important registration measures:

How to set-up with Google Analytics is taught where you can view visitors in real-time and check how many visitors your website receives daily. Powerful stuff!

Becoming a member with Google+ and registering your website is the real benefit to Search Engine rankings. Making friends with the influential Google aint gonna do you any harm, that’s for sure.

Menus and Widgets – Make Your Website easy to Navigate

To produce a better user environment is purely beneficial for visitors navigating around your website. Menus at the top of your website and menus down the left or right hand side through widgets are the effective solution for achieving happy visitors strolling around your website.

Wealthy Affiliate show all the various ways to enable widgets and set-up menus in very straightforward fashion, crucial for your user friendly environment.

Inserting Banners and Affiliate Links

Inserting Banners may sound complicated yet it’s very basic. Once shown, you’re on your way, just follow the step by step process.

Llorix One Lite Theme
Llorix One Lite Theme

Banners can lure visitors towards your promotions with catchy references shown in style yet accompany promotions with dynamic effect.

If you’re rolling down the Affiliate avenue, inserting these conversion links is pretty basic once demonstrated.

You can either highlight the text within a document and insert the clickable affiliate link or insert the link into a photo or copy and insert the Affiliate Advert to what you’re promoting.

When someone clicks your link, they end up in the online store, if they purchase – You earn a commission. Affiliate Marketing is the most popular source of income for adept bloggers.

Do you fancy building your own website?

This is only a small fraction of the Website Building Program. This program covers everything regarding website creation: From masking affiliate links for creating a more user friendly environment to creating Favicons enhancing your website on mobiles and tablets home-screens.

Spa and Salon Theme
Spa and Salon Theme

Attracting visitors in a respectable manner is taught in full. The main focus regards acclaiming to the heights of receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines – It’s most bloggers dream yet this program uncovers all the secrets distinguished bloggers will never reveal.

The Keyword Tool

How to create searchable titles using the exact words people type into the search bar.

The most advanced keyword tool that shows accurate information for how many searches there are per month regarding typed in phrases and how much competition there is from other websites using the same keywords.

Simply create your title from the keyword tool and present your posts with the gateway into the Search Engines.

Scoreline Theme
Scoreline Theme

Get Interactive

Wealthy Affiliate demonstrate how to turn your website into the most dynamic home-based studio through the comment section at the bottom of your blog.

You’re shown how to interact on the most powerful give and take platform to accomplish your success with high rankings.

Accomplishing website interaction is the most overlooked solution for achieving a website’s high ranking status, yet not in Wealthy Affiliates eyes, a platform is purely set up to deliver your engaging presence.

Get Social

Everything you require to learn the ropes to sharing blog post links in a respectable manner via the many Social Media platforms is taught in-depth. This is how to create your website presence to the world and start the traffic ball rolling.

What's Your Website Theme
What’s Your Website Theme?

Get Rolling Today

Getting Started – Building your very own website  provides the gateway into the Wealthy Affiliate platform or find out more information on the Free Starter Membership below.

Start Your exciting venture and show the world your passion. Happy earnings!

Hope to see you on the inside

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for reading.

If you have any questions regarding how to build a website, please ask. I’m always happy to help.

Thanks again,



6 thoughts on “How To Learn How To Build A Website”

  1. Hi Simon, great article on website building.
    It is so much easier now, especially at WA. No coding anymore 🙂 I couldn’t believe how simple they make it. Best of all, it is free to build 2 sites. You can’t get much better than that!

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment.

      Yeah, isn’t WordPress so straightforward. Once you have been shown, you are on your way. I must admit I was expecting to learn a load of technical coding but that’s not the case at all. It’s very straightforward thanks to Wealthy Affiliate showing me the method.

      I too started with their free websites and I transferred them into my own domain which is this one you are viewing. It’s a seamless process, you choose your website name and it tells you if it’s available and transfer – Done in a hitch.

      Thanks again Chris,

    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      My theme’s called Omega. It’s quite a bog standard theme to be honest. Most people go for super stylish themes but I’m finding that you can surround the content with an impressive display using relevant imagery and perhaps a video if your subject can accommodate one.

      Yes, I do like it because it’s simple and gets straight into the content. There are thousands of WordPress themes you can choose from, It just depends which you think will make your niche look impressive.

      Thanks again Sean for dropping by,

  2. Hey Simon,

    I like the layout of your page here. You write your headers so that readers like me have the gist of the message you are conveying in each section.

    This is indispensable. Some people might not have time to read a lot of content…but the can see your headers and get an idea of the forest…as it were.

    It looks pretty good.

    Good luck to you,

    Sean M.

    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      Yes, headers do serve 2 priorities for me. The first is that it breaks a page up so it doesn’t appear daunting to read and if you can make the headlines catchy it inspires visitors to keep reading your content and this is the name of the game because content that’s read leads to conversions.

      The 2nd reason is like you say. We do all have a low attention span these days, so if visitors can have a quick scan of your page, the headers can detail your story like a synopsis which can lead to your content being read. I must admit I always scan a page first.

      The problem bloggers have got is to achieve the high ranking stage, you have to be writing an average 1,500 words per post. I want to deliver this quality to achieve the high ranking accolade so it’s vital my pages are well spaced out with good headings and relevant images.

      Thanks again Sean for calling in,

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