How To Get Traffic For A Website – The Free Way

The daunting prospect for most bloggers – What’s the secret to driving visitors into a website?

How To Get Traffic For A WebsiteIf you’re determined, don’t mind rolling your sleeves up and get into the nitty gritty of things, how to get traffic for a website becomes a very straightforward process by implementing the same procedures for every written post.

And the beauty – It doesn’t cost a thing, provides long term credentials in guests rolling through a website’s doors. Couple the longevity with exponential growth potential, an extremely successful blog can be created.

Hi, I’m Simon. I have been driving visitors into my blog for quite a while now thanks to the training I received from Wealthy Affiliate, a university that uncovers the secrets to blogging successfully, opening their doors to teach newbies to the most experienced bloggers the legitimate methods that anyone can initiate.

I think we all understand, it doesn’t matter how skillful a blogger is creating pure quality content with delightful presentation, if there’s no one entering to view this marvel, earning an income from commitment becomes extremely challenging.

It’s essential that you are not trying to target too many people from a blog. Narrow your niche down towards a more targeted audience will accomplish a far easier game in attracting visitors.

Are You Registered?

Registering a website correctly with Search Engines is of paramount importance, an incorrect registration or bypassing this method is as good as not being connected to the internet as far as people finding your posts are concerned. No visitors – No revenue.

Get Registered with the Search Engines
Get Registered with the Search Engines

The precise implementation of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin is imperative for a blog to prosper, this provides all the Major Search Engines access to your created posts, enabling them to find you when people search.

Registering a website with Google Analytics provides analysis for website data using Google Webmaster Tools yet this leads to being fully registered with the Search Engines, an important step NOT to be missed.

Befriending Google by registering a website with Google+ is such an important piece of the traffic jigsaw too. Sharing links via Google+ is a sure fire way to excel posts to rank higher in the Search Engines. It’s common to have links appear on the First page of Google Search results, a traffic generator for blog posts.

Once a website is administered accurately through these registration processes, potential for prosperity is limitless. Registration is only a one step process, once you have the initial foundations in place, people searching can find these beautifully crafted posts.

I found the implementation of the SEO Plugin, Google Analytics and Google+ registering processes very easy to administer thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s step by step training. Once you have these set in stone you’re away.

Learn how to implement the SEO Plugin and become registered with the Major Search Engines.

Are you creating Crafty Content?

Moving forward, the importance of providing quality content is becoming more prevalent as the web evolves. Search Engines are not fond of scam companies leading people to capture pages and have taken measures to derank them. Spam is disappointing for the majority of web users yet many ways to remove this erroneous behaviour are slowly being dealt with.

Content is King
Be Helpful

There is only one future to accomplish prosperity in a blog and that’s providing pure quality content. Once mastering the creation for top quality posts is achieved, an upsurge in visitors is the only measure required to generate a growing income.

Writing posts naturally, rather like having a conversation with a friend provides overwhelming engagement rather than the uninterested production of some sort of scientific document. You don’t want to bore readers.

Creating posts with plenty of white space providing inviting headings to capture engagement makes a page inviting. The introduction of powerful images can provide visual information words find challenging whilst the introduction of a video offers a post subject’s visual movement in fine detail that many times words cannot compete.

The basic premise is derived by the author standing in their visitors shoes providing descriptive, informative and helpful posts answering the many questions and concerns an audience has regarding the written subject. Being helpful this way gains trust with your audience making them want to come back for more.

Top Tip: Get shut of any sales mentality you may have. Portraying yourself as helpful gains trust which leads to an upsurge in conversions.


Content Tips
Content Tips – Be Yourself and Be Helpful


Search Engines increase rankings for regularly written quality content. Bloggers who show determination to produce consistent high calibre content will be returned with the favour of high rankings in the Search Engines results page.

This is how Wealthy Affiliate have shown me how to write articles promoting my niche, Quality Resin Garden Sheds: Keter Factor 8 x 11ft Shed

Wealthy Affiliate’s training regarding providing quality content with delightful presentation has been so beneficial for my posts success, keeping an audience interested whilst visiting again for more is key here.

Learn from the Experts – How to provide quality content that converts

Are Your Titles Generating Traffic?

Placing prevalent keywords in a title’s post is the powerful solution for people to find you when searching.

Keywords are the words we type into the search bar when looking for stuff. But how do we know which keywords are being searched and how many other websites are using the same keywords because that is our competition?

How To Get Keywords For A Website - Jaaxy
Jaaxy – The most powerful Keyword Tool on the Web

You require a Keyword Tool, one that’s up to date necessary for providing accurate data, an essential requirement for all your hard work.

Wealthy Affiliates Keyword Tool has been specifically designed for their university members to accelerate success with their posts. You simply think what would someone type into the Search Bar in order to find my post. Place the phrase in the Keyword Tool and press search.

In the results page a whole set of alternative suggestions relative to your post’s subject appears. The data shows how much traffic is generated on a monthly basis, whether it’s a good phrase regarding Article Power and how much competition there is from other websites using the same phrase of keywords in their posts.

The idea is to cherry pick high traffic keywords with low competition and make the title of the post using these keywords in the same order. Add the same phrase of keywords, again in the same order somewhere in the first two paragraphs of the post and that’s it, just write the rest of the post naturally.

Now the Search Engines will find your posts when someone types those keywords into the Search Bar.

My favourite part of blogging is using the Keyword Tool. My Journey with Wealthy Affiliate shows my posts appearing on the First page of Google Search results, all thanks to Wealthy Affiliates Keyword Tool..

Learn how to use this powerful gadget for your search presence.

Are You Providing Interaction?

Search Engines adore interaction, it’s a sign of proof, quality content has been delivered, engaging to the extreme where members provide comments, messages and questions for the author regarding their posts.

Interaction - Community Help
Interaction – Community Help

By receiving comments on posts, you are again returned with the favour of higher rankings in the results page when people type into the Search Engines looking for information.

The comments section is below a post’s written subject at the bottom of a page. You can even be ranked for words within the comments section without you even being aware of it.

But how do you receive interaction on a consistent basis – Is this purely by chance?

As a member at Wealthy Affiliate their platform has developed into the most helpful interactive platform on the web thanks to their community where all members help each other succeed by commenting on each others posts through a very fair system of reciprocating. Everyone helps each other succeed.

I have found the interacting platform at Wealthy Affiliate exceptional for my posts achievements. It’s the most friendly and helpful community out there.

Join the community and get some interaction for your posts success.

Social Media Linking

There’s no doubt regarding providing links via Social Media is a gateway to start the process of a web post’s traffic ball rolling.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular, Pinterest and Instagram are purely visual whilst Google+ can be the most effective as far as initiating the ranking process.

Link Respectfully via Social Media
Link Respectfully via Social Media

As trust and authority grows between Search Engines and a Website, the ranking process for newly created posts becomes much quicker, simply because they have gained trust yet to link a post via Google+ has the potential to jump onto the first page of results once authority is gained, quite a shock when you achieve this for the first time.

My journey with Wealthy Affiliate shows how I accomplished my Google+ links on the first results page of Google Search.

The process regarding Social Media linking should be performed in a respectable manner without any associations to spamming or scam. Social platforms are becoming very strict regarding spam and scam companies, Pinterest has already banned affiliate links simply because their platform became downgraded with their overuse. Having a quality website is the only legitimate way forward.

I have learnt so many Social Media linking skills all beneficial to receiving visitors to my website.

Get expert training regarding Social Media linking with Wealthy Affiliate.

Uncover The Secrets To Your Success

If your dredging through the web trying to uncover the secrets how to genuinely drive organic traffic into your website, a way that only costs time and determination:

Take a look at my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate who are experts in accomplishing a steady stream of organic traffic or Get Started below.

Once your website is correctly registered with the Search Engines, the amalgamation of these steps implemented for every written post has the real potential to boost a website’s success.

Over 800,000 Wealthy Affiliate members have already enrolled to learn the legitimate way to drive traffic to their website, many members have become true traffic experts in their own right thanks to this training.

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for reading.

You’re welcome onboard. I hope you uncover the mysteries most bloggers keep to themselves.

Thanks again,



12 thoughts on “How To Get Traffic For A Website – The Free Way”

    1. Hi Darren, generating traffic is all about creating regular unique content that’s engaging and helpful to visitors. Producing it this way accomplishes higher search engine rankings which in return gains more traffic.
      Thanks for reading,

  1. I have been giving this thought the whole day on how you can improve, and I really can’t think of anything! Great content and very detailed, I can sense GREAT success if you haven’t reached it already. Just keep it updated and keep it consistent!

    – Edrin

    1. Hi Edrin,
      Thanks for calling in and messaging.

      I’m glad you found how to get traffic for a website informative. First thing is to get your website set-up with the SEO Plugin, Google Analytics and Google+ as then you are registered with all the Major Search Engines and when people search your keywords into the Search Bar you want to be standing on the first page of results waiting for them to visit.

      Once you’re registered follow the 4 steps of providing quality content, using high traffic / low competition keywords for your title, interaction within your post and linking via Social Media for every post you write.

      In time the Search Engines will notice that you are delivering high quality content that’s engaging and will return the favour of higher rankings.

      It all takes a bit of time and requires determination but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

      Thanks again Edrin,

  2. These are great tips for driving traffic to a website. With Google’s Panda update, we need to lean more towards creating a quality site that will benefit readers. Good content is one of the main ingredients of a good website and we should always aim to give our website visitors a great reader experience if we want our posts and pages to rank. I have never really used Google + as a social media tool. Does it really work?

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Quality Content is the #1 priority, there’s no getting away from this. Wealthy Affiliate provide in-depth information showing you how to provide it. Once you have a few posts behind you, you’ll find the process very straightforward. You have to move away from having a selling attitude, rather provide helpful information producing descriptive and informative posts offering pros and cons for your written subject and placing yourself in the visitors shoes answering their potential questions. Writing naturally is key here, as though you are having a conversation with a friend.

      Yeah, Google+ is very powerful. I am still quite taken aback with how many Google+ links I have on the first page of Google search when I type in a post title into the search bar. My posts may be pages behind yet the links to which I have shared via Google+ are many times there. The main thing to watch out for sharing on Google+ is how many affiliate links are in your post as Google does NOT like too many affiliate links and will de-rank you for their overuse, so go with caution.

      Thanks again Kathy, keep up your good work,

  3. Hello Simon,

    congratulations for the excellent work that you have done. I really appreciated your opinion about the social media network. You could see improvement by sharing?


    1. Hi Roberto,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      Yeah, Social Media is a powerful tool to use, especially Google+ as this is registering your website with the #1 Search Engine.

      I’m amazed with how many links I am accomplishing on the first page of Google search results when I search for the titles of my posts. Sometimes my posts are on pages further down Google’s set of results but my links somehow manage to get on the first page.

      Check my screenshots here?

      Thanks again,

  4. I have to say that these 5 basic tips are vital in getting a good start on website traffic. I’ve tried all of those in my blog and I’m now working on guest posting.

    What are your thoughts on guest posting in bringing traffic into our sites? Considering the effort in pitching and writing a whole new unique post, do you think it’s worth it?

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for reading and commenting and your question too.

      Yeah, these are the main 5 tips that should be adhered to for every post you write. Over time as your authority and trust increases with the amount of posts you create with all the interaction received is going to make you noticed by the Search Engines, meaning you are delivering quality content that’s engaging where people are happy to comment on, hence an increase in rankings.

      Personally I haven’t got to the stage of Guest Posting yet but to write on other people’s blogs is a powerful way to get noticed to get your message across. I would be interested to know whether anyone else has done this as it sounds a mighty fine way to increase traffic to another level in my view.

      Thanks Kenny for your suggestions,


  5. Hi Simon,
    Thank you for sharing such an in depth post on how to generate content that is going to get traffic to my site.
    I haven’t looked into Google+ as a form of social media to get my site noticed. But after reading this post I think I need to make a few changes.
    Thanks again for your hard work

    1. Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yeah, Google+ is more powerful than I thought too. When I started posting links on Google+ to my web posts I was shocked how many links started to appear on the first page of Google results when I searched my title’s keywords into the Search Bar.

      It’s really befriending Google that isn’t going to do any harm. Setting up the SEO Plugin and Google Analytics to register your website is key too then you are fully registered with all the major Search Engines Like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s process is purely down to gearing your website around receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines. It all takes a bit of time but once a website’s foundations are entrenched onto the web and visitors start rolling through the doors, the sky really is the limit. It’s purely down to determination and a bit of hard work – Great fun too.

      Thanks again,

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