How To Get Paid From A Blog – Uncovering The Secrets

The challenging prospect for most entering into the world of blogging is how on earth do you make money online from a website.

How To Get Paid From A Blog
Are You At The Crossroads?

How come the most experienced bloggers undergo exponential traffic growth year on year leaving the majority stuck on the sidelines with only a few visitors dribbling in?

Frustration sets in leaving most bloggers with the #1 underlying question – What’s the secrets to successfully run a website?

Hi, I’m Simon. I have been writing blogs for quite a while now and understand the secrets to running a prosperous website. Fortunately for me, I have been taught online prosperity by the most successful platform on the web – Wealthy Affiliate, who uncover the secrets most affluent bloggers will never tell you.

You have arrived at this page to understand how to get paid from a blog and I’m going to uncover the secrets to you:

Welcome to the new era

Let’s take a brief look back at the evolution of the web. The internet has been dominated by scam companies offering outrageous overnight fortunes, welcoming any fantasist dreamers into their schemes through capture pages. These schemes on the whole only pay the fortunes publicised to the ones who started the scam in the first place.

Anyone can start blogging today
Anyone can start blogging today

Due to the web becoming littered with these scams, Search Engines took action by de-ranking these capture pages to enhance a user friendly atmosphere the web should encompass, in return welcoming any genuine person who relishes the prospect to start blogging legitimately an open door to get rolling.

WordPress evolved to make their website creation user friendly, it’s now possible for any newbie without any prior experience in building websites or any technical knowledge to commence building an online business of their very own today.

We have arrived at an era where there’s never been a better time to start blogging and making money online through a website.

The door is open for anyone anywhere in the world to get involved and no prior experience whatsoever is required. If you relish the legitimate route to earn an online income, a website is the way forward.

I maybe the proof that provides inspiration. I started without any prior experience in building websites and yes I was expecting a load of technical jargon to become acquainted with but that’s not the case. The entire procedure is very straightforward.

How do you earn money through a website?

There are many ways to accomplish a revenue stream from a website including selling your own products or services, a business you already own can be taken to a whole new level and earning commissions through a pay per click basis by advertising companies products and services from banners and adverts displayed on your website.

Amazon Affiliate
Amazon Affiliate – Free to Join

By far the most popular route is through affiliate marketing, a method used by the most experienced bloggers out there, simply by earning commissions through affiliate links. When someone purchases a product or service via your link through your Associate Program you earn revenue.

Affiliate Programs are free to join, Amazon being one of the most popular whereas Referral companies usually require members to hold a premium membership to facilitate earnings. Companies selling their products on platforms such as Amazon and Referral companies adore affiliate marketing as they only pay commissions when a purchase, service or enrollment has been made saving them a huge budget regarding advertising.

I joined Amazon UK, and Ebay to facilitate my revenue stream. The process of joining is quick and easy. Wealthy Affiliate showed me how to create my affiliate links which really is a doddle. Like anything, once shown you’re away!

Is Your Niche Targeted to a Specific Audience?

Trying to target everyone will only lead to a quiet website.

The imperative measure is to narrow your niche down towards targeting a specific group of people.

If I were to create a website with the intention to attract visitors for how to create a blog online, I would look at the avenues associated with this main niche – Blogging.

I would choose 3 avenues to approach people with, for example:

  1. How to create quality content
  2. How to attract visitors online
  3. How to use a Keyword Tool

I would write posts regularly regarding these 3 subjects specifically designed to attract people searching for this know-how in the Search Engines, firmly embedding my establishment on the web gaining trust and respect from visitors and the Search Engines. An authoritative power within these 3 fields would accomplish my goals.

How to Create a Blog Niche
How to Create a Blog Niche

If I were to blog about fashion for instance, my aim would be to target a group of people searching down a particular avenue of clothing, for example:

  • Men’s Hats
  • Women’s Outdoor Coats
  • Fancy Dress Costumes
  • Quality Sweaters
  • Gym Wear
Mens Fashion Niche
Mens Fashion Niche

By choosing one avenue represents your website as an authoritative home for your particular passion within the clothing or fashion niche.

Writing posts regularly regarding a specific niche within the fashion industry entrenches your website as the place to be, anyone looking for items associated within that particular avenue within the clothing sector.

Billions search online everyday, millions within each targeted niche. Your potential is vast if you can effectively connect with people.

I received so much help targeting my chosen niche down towards a specific group of people at Wealthy Affiliate. They help all members start out on the right footing with their chosen niche.

Inspect my website: Quality Plastic Sheds.  Wealthy Affiliate helped me tailor my passion towards the low maintenance Garden Sheds rather than target every type of Wood, Metal, Resin Shed and Summerhouse.

Give your passion a home

Building a WordPress website couldn’t be any easier, designed for any inexperienced potential blogger to get rolling with today.

A website is paramount for future online success these days now that Social Media are clamping down severely on ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes. A website gives your passion a home displaying your niche in stunning detail, imperative to woo an audience to whatever you are promoting. Once visitors are by the plentiful, the sky really is the limit for earnings potential.

Llorix One Lite Website Theme
Llorix One Lite Website Theme

Wealthy Affiliate provide 2 free WordPress websites with free starter training to provide a full insight to what’s involved and how easy it is to create a niche website these days. All the technical coding has disappeared, there’s no technical jargon to learn, you’ll be amazed with what you create and how the ease of build makes the learning progress pure fun.

There are templates galore containing stunning themes to choose from. Any niche can be displayed in delightful presentation. You simply choose the template you feel will enhance your niche the most and Wealthy Affiliate will show you exactly how to build your website around it.

Looking back I’m staggered with how my website has progressed considering I was a complete newbie into the blogging world. I found the whole experience of creating my website a really enjoyable experience thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training.

How do Search Engines know you’re there?

As you’re probably quite aware, a bloggers website requires visitors. A niche website that can effectively connect with people searching in the Search Engines can achieve the status of exponential growth where the sky really is the limit for earnings potential.

Get Registered with the Search Engines
Get Registered with the Search Engines

I takes time delivering quality content regularly to achieve authority and trust with the Search Engines, determination is your only requirement. Expect anything from 6 months to a year, maybe beyond to attain organic traffic flowing into your website from the Search Engines.

These 3 steps are paramount for Search Engines to find your posts. Registering your website with the Major Search Engines is a one step process:

  1. Register with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin
  2. Register your website with Google Analytics (Webmaster Tools)
  3. Become a member & Register your website with Google+

I found the process of becoming registered with all the Major players very straightforward. Once a website is registered this way, the ranking process begins.

How does a new blogger drive traffic into their website?

How To Get Traffic For A Website
How To Get Traffic For A Website

To achieve success a website requires traffic. Period!

The amalgamation of the next 4 processes for every written post starts the ranking procedure for your website’s posts. This is where determination and a bit of hard work comes into fruition.

It’s very straightforward to accomplish, once a post is behind you, you’ll find your automatic procedure for every written post will swing into action.

Uncovering the Secrets. The processes are:

  • Provide quality content
  • Use a Keyword Tool for post titles
  • Provide Interaction for every written post
  • Share links on Social Media

The combination of amalgamating these next 4 processes for every written post has been paramount for driving traffic organically into my website. These are the secrets to online success. It takes a bit of effort in the beginning but surprisingly easy after a few posts are published.

Content is King – #1 Priority

Ask any experienced successful bloggers out there what the key to prosperity within a blog is and they will say provide quality content.

Search engines demand quality these days as this is their weapon to derank the so called ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes who rely on capture pages. Delivering quality content does require effort but hey, this is a blogging business after all and it’s fun writing about your passion.

Content is King
How to write Quality Content

Place yourself in a naturally written environment, this is key. People prefer reading a naturally written article, it comes across more genuine. Trust and Authority can soon be gained here.

Hold off from coming across as a selling portal, people do not like being sold to. Offer descriptive, informative posts whilst delivering helpful content. Show the positives and negatives regarding your written subject, why this could be beneficial for them. Relay reviews in your post, there’s a whole host of writing solutions written in reviews. Go through questions and answers from other websites regarding your article and relay them in your post.

Placing your own spin on things, creating crafty content is how the experienced bloggers operate and this keeps an audience interested wanting to come back for more.

Never copy and paste, the Search Engines will know and will derank copied content. By all means take inspiration from other websites but write it in your own words, everyone does.

Consider wrapping stunning imagery around quality content to enhance the appearance into a professionally designed masterpiece that keeps an audience engaged to read. Images can promote your niche to it’s full potential on their own, many times delivering much more than words can ever say.

Take your niche to the next level by embedding a video to show your subject in motion. If an audience can see the promoted product, a subject or a way something is achieved by showing, this can be the most powerful way to accomplish conversions.

Here’s a post I created delivering quality content:  Suncast Glidetop ShedYou can accomplish the same principles to your niche.

I am amazed with how professionally designed my posts appear with imagery wrapping around my quality written articles and I certainly saw conversion rates increase with the embedment of videos showing my niche to it’s full potential. – Powerful stuff!

The Potent Keyword Tool

The efficacious Keyword Tool is intended to find high traffic keywords for blog post titles that not many other websites are using.

How To Get Keywords For A Website - Jaaxy
Jaaxy – The most powerful Keyword Tool on the Web

Keywords are simply the words or phrases we type into the search bar when searching for stuff. Simply think what would you type into the search bar in order to find your post. Place those keywords into the Keyword Tool and search. You will be presented with alternative suggestions.

The idea is to cherry pick high traffic keywords with low competition from other websites and make these words the title for your post.

When someone searches in the future for your title, you want to be standing on the first page of results waiting for visitors.

Keywords are essential to any website’s success, Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Tool is easy to use and up to date, quintessential for the gateway for searchers to find you and your success.

The Keyword Tool is my favourite part of blogging, it’s like opening the backdoor into the Search Engines for my posts.

Want High Rankings? – Provide Interaction!

Interaction is the most powerful move forward after you have created your crafty content with your potent title.

Search Engines adore interaction. Why? – This means your posts are attracting visitors and are engaging which leads to an increase in website rankings.

Interaction is simply produced by people commenting at the bottom of posts, asking questions and offering suggestions etc.

How on earth does a web post receive regular comments?  Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it’s all geared up with a give and take thread. You simply provide comments on a member’s post and in return they reciprocate, returning the favour on yours.

Here’s a comment I received on one of my posts:

A comment I received
I returned the favour to Robert providing a comment on his post

My method is to write a post one day followed by interaction the day after where I interact with Wealthy Affiliate members providing and receiving comments on each others posts. We all help one another succeed – Powerful stuff!

Start the Traffic Ball Rolling – Social Media Linking

Every time you create a post share a link on Social Media, it’s surprising how much traffic is produced rolling into your website.

Link Respectfully via Social Media
Link Respectfully via Social Media

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are the present favourites and no doubt new up and coming Social Media groups will follow.

Get ready for the shock of Google+ links appearing on the First page of Google search results to the posts you have shared when someone types into Google your post title. Google+ links can beat your posts to the first page – You’ll be surprised, it’s all because we befriend Google by joining and registering our website with Google+

I have found Social Media linking a real benefit to my website, certainly shocked me with the amount of Google+ links I have appearing on the first page of Google when my post titles keywords are typed into the search bar.

How To Get Paid From A Blog

Believe it or not, this is the easy part once you’ve mastered traffic rolling into your website.

Making money online this way is pretty much automatic.

Simply create a free account with an Affiliate company such as Amazon, provide links in your web posts to the products or services you are promoting through your Associate Program. When somebody purchases via your link you earn a commission, these can add up pretty quickly once you master traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate teach how to find an Associate Program, how to insert affiliate links, how many to add before it can be deemed as spam and whether it’s better to centralise them dependant on how many products you wish to promote on your website.

I found joining an Affiliate Program and inserting affiliate links very easy to initiate, like anything, once shown you’re away. It’s great to see earnings being made through your Associate Program – Hard work paying off.

Don’t Try This Alone

Receive the proper training to legitimately run your own business online. Blogging is a great career, writing about your passion all from the comfort of your arm Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate Programchair with a coffee in hand but like anything learning the proper way is the only way forward.

There’s quite a bit to learn but Wealthy Affiliate have a very straightforward approach to teaching, everything is well organised, up to date and taught in easy step by step training modules. Simply work your way through the steps, it’s great fun, you’ll be amazed with how much you achieve in such a short space of time.

You are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert and implementing into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your chosen niche.

Help and Support is Paramount

Help and Support is paramount to anyone’s success including the likes of myself who started out as a complete newbie into this blogging world.

Every member is hand held throughout all the training. Anytime you are stuck, ask at the bottom of each training step, get instant answers through their live chat box or ask more detailed questions to the whole community. It’s amazing how many replies come flooding back offering answers and support. Even the Founder members are involved helping members.

Find out more about the Wealthy Affiliate program here.  Or Join Below.

Join the ever increasing 800,000+ members quietly beavering away on their own blogging business.

Anyone has the potential to do this. All what’s required is determination and a bit of hard work. If you have these 2 elements you’re half way there.

100% Legit – Over 800,000 Members – Increasing Daily

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for stopping by.

If you have any questions please drop them in the comments section below, I’m always happy to help.

Thanks again,



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  1. Hey Simon,
    Very interesting guide about the steps are needed to make for a successful blog. I remembered my first blog. I had followed all the steps you describe but I tried it alone. For this reason, I couldn’t see my mistakes and I was losing much time when I was getting stuck. Obviously, I failed. So, help is important when you build a blog, especially for the first time.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ilias
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Help is #1 priority for creating a successful website and Wealthy Affiliate have provided support to me in bucket loads.

      The whole platform is geared around members helping each other out to achieve success, this is either by virtue through answering questions offering their support through live chat or more detailed QA’s written out to the whole community and where the whole platform really flourishes is through their interaction platform, where members provide comments on each others websites in a pure give and take thread.

      Yeah, I would have been stuck on my own as I was a complete newbie regarding working online. I many times speak with People who were experienced in this field before joining and once they discovered these secrets to success and the way their platform supports members they wouldn’t go it alone again either.

      It’s funny really because the strategy is so very straightforward but you do need a platform such as this to take advantage of.

      Thanks again Ilias,

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