How To Get Leads For YOUR Business

Struggling how to get leads for your business? Wealthy Affiliate teaches online marketers how to effectively attract visitors where research is taking place – in the Search Engines. Master this, you’ll accomplish a stream of conversions.

The most important aspect to achieve online marketing success is to productively connect with people INTERESTED in what YOU are endorsing.

Promoting your business through a website is the potent solution because it COMBINES these two essential services:

  1. Professionally presents the service or product you are recommending, enhanced with images and a descriptive video alongside expressing the advantages it has to offer.
  2. Each web-post can be specifically configured to connect with people probing the Search Engines for more information to what YOU are promoting.

Wealthy Affiliate bridges the gap most affiliate programs ignore by educating this connection service. Training demonstrates how to creatively build a website and attract visitors’ ORGANICALLY in the search engines.

How To Get Leads For YOUR Business


Why are TOO MANY Affiliate Marketers struggling?

The majority of members who enrol on Wealthy Affiliate’s platform are disillusioned Affiliate’s who struggle to get their message across and make conversions.

Most of us get lured into promoting a particular product or service on account of their trumpeted-out advantages & earnings potential, however, although the income forecast may have been achieved before and probably by the owner, it’s simply UNREALISTIC without truthfully describing how earnings are materialized.

What they don’t want you to hear during their promotion is you require a website with regularly written blog-posts to become successful – Why? – This relates to WORK and simply puts most people off. You find this out AFTER you have joined.

Unfortunately, skirting around the most important factor of how to effectively target & connect with people interested in your passion usually ends up with insufficient conversions & disgruntled Affiliates leaving.


Don’t spend all your time Advertising

Companies want you to advertise like crazy on Facebook and the Search Engines to spread the word but in the main, YOUR expense delivers the adverse reaction.

Many will click your advertised link, read the benefits on the company’s website, like the product or service, then head off to do their own research in the Search Engines before purchasing or getting involved. That’s what I do – Do you?

This is where Wealthy Affiliate members websites are waiting.


The trouble with reading a company’s website – you only hear the advantages. Most people think: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

A blogger’s website, on the other hand, is like reading a review and is usually the last step before purchasing or signing-up.

An experienced blogger provides an honest detailed explanation, displays powerful images, embeds the company’s promotional video, is opinionated and points out the benefits including the disadvantages.

Importantly, the blogger smartly comes across helpful as opposed to selling – this gains trust – Trust inevitably leads to conversions.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to successfully blog.


What ESSENTIALS does a Search Engine friendly website require?

  • Powerful secure hosting
  • Law abiding
  1. Relevant Keywords required by Search Engines
  2. Duplicate content checker
  3. Comment interaction
  4. Socially sharing without spamming
  5. Show your website’s interesting & shares information


Powerful secure hosting

To attain high search positions, it’s imperative a website excels in site speed, is configured to load fast & efficient on mobiles, optimizes images, has total spam protection and incorporates the SSL encryption service to secure visitors’ data, shown by the green padlock in the address bar.

To enable Search Engines to find blog-posts, websites require connecting the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin to Google Analytics.

Wealthy Affiliate’s membership includes all this up-to-date know-how & website hosting


Law abiding

Providing an Affiliate Marketing Disclosure, Privacy Policy page and complying with GDPR regulations is essential to enable Search Engines to rank your posts.

Wealthy Affiliate has a thorough understanding of the laws & provides the necessary templates.

1. Relevant Keywords required by Search Engines

To enable Search Engines to find & list your articles, blog titles must contain the identical phrases people are typing into the Search bar seeking information about your promotions.

Using an up to date keyword tool, specifically configured for Search Engines and NOT advertising is crucial.


Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy Keyword tool is optimized for Search Engines – How do we know? – Because these Marketing Gurus created it.


Jaaxy presents accurate estimations of monthly traffic, competition from other websites and includes an SEO prediction score of landing posts on the FIRST page of Search Results, this Keyword Tool becomes your best buddy.

Additionally, placing the same keywords somewhere in the first few paragraphs making sure they make sense provides the relevant information Search Engines require to rank your posts with the added benefit they’re targeting specific searches.


2. Duplicate content checker

Copy & paste schemes and duplicate Affiliate websites have been de-ranked by Search Engines. The only way to achieve top Search positions is by writing unique content BUT what do Search Engines class as unique?

Escaping confusion, Wealthy Affiliate has created a WordPad-like Content Creator where members write out their blog posts and publish directly into their websites.

This Ultimate writing platform checks for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling in addition to verifying your content is unique when publishing.


3. Comment interaction

Search Engines rank engaging websites higher, therefore, it’s essential to acquire comments at the bottom of posts. The community at Wealthy Affiliate has over a million members who reciprocate comments on each others websites.

This Give & Take thread is a lively platform; members who are determined to put in the work, receive a boatload of comments back which additionally makes web posts look like they’re captivating huge interest to visitors.


4. Socially sharing without spamming

Linking back to a website as opposed to spamming affiliate links socially befriends the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Social Media platforms have gotten very strict with regards to spam.

Moving forward, the only way to operate ethically is to link back to a blog post to where your affiliate links are located.

You can quickly generate a huge Social Media following becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member – all members follow each other.


5. Show your website’s interesting & shares information

Search Engines rank interesting websites that share information, therefore, members are advised to place at least one internal link to a previous post along with an external link to another website.

Exposing The Secrets

Just keep repeating

The key to achieving Search Engine success is to regularly write unique blog posts incorporating these 5 techniques into every published post whilst promoting your product or service.

Over time, your website scales out, becomes deeply established and gains higher Search Engine rankings; a process that eventually leads to an automated stream of traffic and conversions.

And, no! – It doesn’t happen overnight, there isn’t a faster route. I encountered an increase in visitor numbers, 6 months onward.

This is how experienced online marketers operate, the same guys who probably presented those inviting earnings figures that captured your initial interest when researching the web – The secrets to online success.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter Membership:

Hope these tips help your quest in driving leads for your business.

Drop any relevant queries into the comment box below – happy to help,


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