How To Get Keywords For A Website – The Most Powerful Keyword Research Suite On The Web

Struggling to get traffic to your website? Consider using the most powerful online keyword tool: Jaaxy – to promote your blog posts effectively towards high rankings in the Search Engines.

How To Get Keywords For A Website - Jaaxy
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Jaaxy is purely a Keyword Research Suite developed by Wealthy Affiliate University to provide results for high traffic / low competition keywords to use for your web posts.

Jaaxy Results are derived from all the Major Search Engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc: Providing a quick and efficient service with accurate results.

Reading this post will provide the knowhow: How to get keywords for a website, providing you with the advantage over your competitors. This is the gateway to boosting traffic into blog posts. More traffic leads to more revenue.

Jaaxy finds so many ‘No Competition’ keywords, how much traffic goes through the Search Engines, how much competition there is from other websites, ‘No Competition Niches’ – Even the Available Domains are shown in the results page.

Jaaxy has become a vital yet powerful tool for the most experienced bloggers for any website within any niche catapulting rankings within the Search Engines.

Start your Jaaxy keyword research today with 30 Free searches

Important when considering purchasing a Keyword Tool

  • Does the tool require installing?
  • Does it guess PPC campaign keywords?
  • Does it use Alexa when deducing competition results?
  • Does it Provide results from just a few Search Engines?
  • Do you have to search a few times to perform a single search?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, results will not be accurate – These are producing guestimate results.

Why is Jaaxy considered as the most powerful Keyword Tool?

  • Jaaxy is developed by Wealthy Affiliate University
  • It’s an integral part of Wealthy Affiliate’s business model – Niche Research
  • It’s up-to date every time you use it
  • Designed for WA members Niche Research
  • Jaaxy results are extremely accurate

What exactly are keywords?

Keywords are simply the words you and I type into the search bar when performing a search on the web.

Google uses these words we type in to find blog posts consisting of the same words in the same order to which they are written. These web pages appear in the results page.

Where do you place keywords in a blog post?

You simply place the words in the same order as your title and fit them in somewhere within the first two paragraphs of a post, again in the same order.

Never get into the habit of keyword stuffing, thinking the more times you insert the words the higher rankings achieved. This doesn’t work, the Search Engines know this process and it’s quite possible to get deranked applying this method. Also, keyword stuffing ends up making a web post a poor read, one that doesn’t make sense. The genuine way is to write a post naturally.

Important to note before we get into Jaaxy

Achieving high rankings in the Search Engines will only result by following these methods:

  • Provide Quality Content
  • Delightful Presentation that’s easily read
  • Receive Comments, they provide interaction
  • Link posts via Social Media
  • Use a Keyword Tool for every post – The gateway into the Search Engines

Content is King

Write quality content regularly. Web posts should provide descriptive, informative and helpful posts. The best way to accomplish this is to put yourself in the customers / visitors shoes, answering all the concerns regarding the written subject.

If a blog comes across helpful towards their audience rather than some type of selling portal, trust and authority is gained from visitors followed by a ranking increase in the Search Engines.

Presentation is Key

Display is important too. A blog post that comes across easy to read, one with small paragraphs in bite size chunks and plenty of white space is a huge advantage in visitors reading the entire article rather than coming across as a task to delve through.

Images speak volumes within a blog as does a video because the subject is being shown. Again, this is helping the audience.

Is your comment engine active?

Receiving comments for written content puts more milage on a blog post’s success. This provides interaction expressing how popular the blog contents is.

Search engines adore interaction, in return they increase a blog post’s stature within their results page.

Get the traffic ball rolling

Provide links via Social Media. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, to name but a few. This commences the traffic ball rolling, Search Engines take notice, this blog is attracting attention – In return, they escalate the web post’s results position.

Use a powerful Keyword Tool – Take your blog posts to the Higher Echelon

For every written blog post provide keywords in the title and somewhere within the first few paragraphs.

Use an up to date Keyword Tool to identify high traffic keywords, those with low competition from other web pages to accelerate a post’s success.

This is like entering an open door into the Search Engines.

How to use Jaaxy – Research keywords for blog posts

First step is to research keywords to use as the title for a written blog post. High grade words to accomplish visitors rolling through a website’s doors.

Type the words into Jaaxy. Click search and you are presented with a list of results relevant to what your keywords pertain.

Results are derived from the major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc

At the top of the results page you are presented with your chosen keywords, for example: Best Colognes men

Jaaxy Results Page

By looking through the results, better alternatives for your article titles will be on display.

You are able to search again easily for alternatives to your chosen keywords found on display.

As one can probably imagine, the amount of variations of keywords is immense as we all type in different phrases into the search bar when searching. Billions search each day, millions within any niche.

Lets go into understanding Jaaxy results to choose the most powerful keywords for your blog post titles.

Understanding Jaaxy results

Understanding Jaaxy


At the top of results is the keywords you typed in prior to searching.

Below is alternatives found by Jaaxy while sifting through results. You can search a preferred alternative suggestion by ticking the box and Finding keywords. Here you will be presented with another load of alternative suggestions to use – One heck of a complicated algorithm going on behind the scenes here.

The process is quick providing accurate results.


This provides an accurate result of how many monthly searches those keywords receive.


This column shows an extremely accurate figure to how many visitors a web post will receive on average if presented on the first page of Search Engines results.

QSR (Quoted Search Results)

This is the ultimate metric figure showing how much competition there is from other websites using the EXACT same order of keywords. You want to be targeting as low as possible. Under 300 is recommended to achieve rankings. I prefer under 100 to zoom my posts quicker into the Search Engines ranking algorithm.

KQI (Keyword Quality Index)

Simply look for the green light as this represents keyword quality. This is the most efficient way to find specific quality words for marketing campaigns like SEO, PPC, etc.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The closer to 100 determines your optimisation power with the Search Engines. The combination of traffic, keyword nature & quality and competition equips results with a super efficient number, excellent for research power.


This column shows what domains are available. This is a great tool for finding a specific domain for targeted niche marketing.

In a Nutshell

  • Search your keywords and find alternatives if required within the results page
  • KQI – Green
  • SEO- Close to 100 as possible
  • Look for a good amount of traffic
  • Make sure your QSR is low

A Jaaxy Research Example

Example below shows the keywords: how to build a free website for a small business

The keywords in that order make sense and will make a suitable title for a blog post with a subject matter relating to how a small business can create a website free of charge.

KQI is green and SEO results are 90

Monthly searches are 496 people searching these words in the same order per month

QSR = 2. There only 2 other websites using these keywords: how to build a free website for a small business

Powerful – Hey!   Isn’t it good to know exactly where you stand with future traffic and how much competition you’re up against?

How to build a free website for a small business

I have a targeted niche website too and look for traffic around the 100 mark and QSR under 30. If posts are written regularly rankings can be achieved through other keywords within the content without you even knowing about it.

Rankings lead to Traffic – Traffic leads to Earning Power

Try Jaaxy for Free. Type in your chosen keywords in the Jaaxy box above and receive 30 Free searches.

This will give an idea of how quick, accurate and seamless the research process has become using Jaaxy – The Most Powerful Keyword Research Tool on the Web.

At the top of the page is a Training Tab providing videos of how to use Jaaxy to it’s full potential. Enjoy!

Getting Started provides the training how to market a targeted niche to it’s full potential online. It’s Free to start and 2 Free websites thrown into the mix.

All the blogging secrets are revealed!

SimonThanks for reading.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments box below. I will be glad to help with any concerns.

Thanks again,



6 thoughts on “How To Get Keywords For A Website – The Most Powerful Keyword Research Suite On The Web”

  1. Hello Simon,

    Great article about Jaxxy. I must confess, I haven’t used Jaxxy yet even though I was given 30 free searches at WA because I was planning to use it later. Right now I am only using the free keyword search from WA but I do have a big plan of getting the paid version now that you’ve shown me the great quality of JAXXY. Which level would you recommend Simon, the pro version or the enterprise?


    1. Hi Eli,
      Thanks for calling in and commenting.

      The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool provides the same results as Jaaxy there’s no doubt however Jaaxy is more streamlined, more advanced and offers more, like searching for available dot coms etc.

      Personally for me the Pro version suits me fine. If you are an experienced blogger which I am not yet, then perhaps Enterprise as it a lot quicker and even more advanced.

      All you are looking for is high traffic keywords with low competition from other websites using the same and make the titles for your posts out of them. Knowing the traffic, competition and how many times people are searching a particular set of keywords is one powerful solution for a title of your post to perform results with high rankings fast.

      All the best Eli and keep using the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool as this provides the same up to date and accurate results.

  2. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your blog on jaaxy keyword tool i think everything you have said about this keyword tool is spot on and because of this blog you have written, I decided to try out jaaxy tool and it does everything you say it does. i would recommend this jaaxy keyword tool to anyone.

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and dropping a comment.

      I’m so glad you have given Jaaxy a try and started using it.

      I get a real kick out of creating my blog post titles using powerful keywords thanks to Jaaxy. You know how much traffic is going through the Search Engines on a monthly basis and how much competition there is from other websites using the same keywords. It’s like having psychic powers, lol.

      It’s very straightforward to use. After a few searches you get the hang of it and realise your potential. One heck of a complicated algorithm going on behind the scenes but you’re totally unaware of it.

      Thanks again Derek, good luck,

  3. Hi Simon,
    As always you are right on the top with your page! Everything explained so clearly and simply! Great!
    WA is simply the best place no matter what you decide to work on, your own niche or promoting the referral program itself.
    And you made a right point regarding the community here. That’s complete truth!
    Thanks again for your feedback 🙂
    I really wish you much success.

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for taking your time to comment.

      The reason I try to get all this information across clearly and simply is: because using this keyword tool is a very straightforward process to implement. It all sound so technical from an outsider looking in but I used to be there before I got involved wondering what on earth these bloggers were talking about.

      I get a real kick out of using this tool as I know I’m producing a post with a high probability of getting ranked high in the Search Engines as I know how much traffic there is going through the Search Engines per month and how many other websites are using the exact same keywords – That’s my competition.

      The beauty of Jaaxy is that it’s the most powerful keyword tool on the web, you know your title has so much potential for your post to reach success.

      Yeah, I agree with you regarding the community. They have all helped me so much. Now I’m getting more experienced I’m helping others in return. Giving some back as they say.

      Much success to you as well Sunny and thanks again,

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