How To Get Comments On Your Website – Regularly!

How to get comments on your website is a regular duty for the most distinguished blogger.

How To Get Comments On Your WebsiteNot only does the action of acquiring comments transform a blogger to become more authoritative within their niche, trust is gained from their audience, a payback through higher rankings is achieved from the Search Engines which ultimately leads to conversions.

Makes sense to take a look at the principles behind the comment section of posts, what benefit can be gained receiving them and how they can be acquired on a regular basis.

I’m not the most experienced blogger by any imagination however I do understand the implications of comments, how to generate the potent touch of receiving them and why creating an engaging presence delivers a blog into a trustworthy environment.

It’s quite simple really, generate trust with visitors and conversions will come your way.

 Think about this – Are you drawn by the crowds?

A while back I enrolled on a course regarding the benefits of website interaction. Although Social Media was high on the list, the comment section on posts accomplished the top spot, quite a misrepresented feature that mesmerized most of us yet has created an ongoing discussion ever since.

Think about the last time you walked through a Shopping Mall to find an abundance of shoppers in a store, crowds of people trying to get in. The initial reaction is to find out what’s on offer, why the huge interest?  We are all inquisitive by nature, leading the majority of us to go check what all the fuss is about.

The same principles lie behind online shopping. If we are interested in purchasing a particular item, we are instantly attracted to the reviews to check the feedback. Those items that have no reviews or very few are bypassed simply because of our lack of trust however these items may be by far the better choice but we’ll never know because our instincts dictate.

Reviews and Feedback
Popular Reviews and Feedback Gain Attraction

I watched a program a while back regarding what’s the best headphones to buy. The program invited guests with a music background to give their opinion. By far the most popular headphones due to their famous brand came way down the list. The best sound came from a little known company with the cheapest pair.

The reason this company isn’t dominating the market with their first class headphones lies solely on trust, they simply don’t have the marketing budget to advertise, have received very few reviews and comments online yet they are probably the perfect choice of headphones for the majority.

What does the comment section represent?

The comment section beneath web posts can generate the same effect that shopping queues and the abundance of reviews in an online store represent. It’s all about creating confidence with your visitors.

Creating Visitor Confidence
Creating Visitor Confidence

Fortunately I can very clearly remember the days searching the web before blogging. I would visit a blog post and quickly scan the page. I was instantly drawn to read the post if there were a plethora of reviews at the bottom. I still am today.

A profusion of reviews represents one heck of a crowd hanging around. An engaging presence is created enticing you to read the written content simply because the interaction justifies you to question – What am I missing, What’s all the fuss about, This sounds genuine.

These are clearly procedures undertaken by experienced bloggers to create an engaging presence luring visitors to read their content. Trust is soon gained due to their plethora of comments. Anyone interested in their call to action instantly feels confidence to go ahead.

Simply put – Once your guests gain confidence in you, conversions increase. What better way of gaining trust than creating a crowd of respect hanging around your blog.

What’s the secret to attaining an abundance of comments?

Fortunately, I joined Wealthy Affiliate to show me how to respectfully operate a website online with my niche Quality Plastic Sheds.

Uncover The Blogging Secrets
Uncover The Blogging Secrets

When I enrolled on Wealthy Affiliate’s ‘Affiliate Marketing Program’ they promised expert training how to accomplish the most interactive home based studio if I was determined to interact with their members.

The purpose behind the benefits of receiving comments were explained:

By creating an engaging presence with an abundance of comments for every created post, visitors and Search Engines gain trust in your website. The likes of Google will reciprocate the favour by increasing rankings as they adore interaction and want others to engage whilst conversions will escalate simply through trust.

This important step, overlooked by so many bloggers, motivated Wealthy Affiliate to turn their website into the most interactive platform for receiving comments by creating a pure give and take thread to spur members onto the successful route.

You simply provide a comment on a members post and they reciprocate the favour on yours. Everytime I publish a post I head over to this interactive platform and engage with other members doing the same.

It’s surprising how much of  an interactive engaging presence can be created in such a short amount of time simply by partaking on the Wealthy Affiliate interactive platform.

What about you?

Have you turned your website into the most interactive home-based studio by generating an abundance of comments within your blogs?

Join Wealthy Affiliate
Join Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate welcome everyone onboard. Whether you’re experienced or a complete newbie, it doesn’t matter as full training from the basics of choosing a niche, building a website around your passion, driving traffic into your blog and earning revenue is all covered in expert step by step tutorials requiring members to implement what’s shown.

Join the WA interactive platform and create a regular stream of comments flowing into your published posts to generate your own dynamic website whilst accomplishing your conversion hotseat.

You can replicate the comment achievements to the standards of the famous in the members area, although they accomplish their interaction success through fame, a little work is required to match their blog presence.

It’s free to start with two free hosted websites and free starter training. You will require going premium but this genuine Try Before You Buy scheme provides a full inspection regarding legitimacy in the way Wealthy Affiliate operate. There are No Ties.

Read my #1 recommendation – The Wealthy Affiliate Review:

Learn how to create your own interactive website below:

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Hope to see you on the inside.

SimonThanks for reading the power of receiving comments.

If you have any questions regarding creating a dynamic interactive website, please ask in the comment section below. I’m always happy to help.

Thanks again,



18 thoughts on “How To Get Comments On Your Website – Regularly!”

  1. Hi Simon,

    Great post! I agree comments are very important for Google search rankings. They also provide feedback for those visitors to the website, but also to the blogger, which can only help them going forwards.



    1. Hi Sean,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Yeah, the comment section can certainly boost rankings, there’s no doubt. Search Engines rank engaging posts so if you can create an interactive presence on your website; your authority, trust and rankings are going to flourish. Once this happens, conversions come your way.

      It is amazing how much you learn from other peoples feedback too. Overtime you can accomplish more detail through feedback within the comment section than the original post. I have found this for quite a few posts I have created, albeit in my early days.

      Thanks again Sean, Keep up your great work,

  2. Hey Simon,
    great post as always, packed with great, essential content. Wealthy Affiliate’s “comment exchange” is one of the most powerful, multi-layered features of the program. And that is just scraping the surface – the same method can be used for social networking and more. It just goes to show how incredibly value-packed WA is, when you start to dig in.
    Keep up the good work,

    1. Hi Janko,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes, I too think the interactive comment thread where members reciprocate with comments on each others posts is the powerful solution to create an abundance of comments to turn your website into an engaging presence and this is what Search Engines are looking for to increase rankings. Those who provide it accomplish high rankings.

      Yeah, there’s no end of quality solutions on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If members are willing to implement each step shown in the training it can prove beneficial in the long term. It’s all about being determined to keep your website building out.

      Thanks Janko and all the best,

    1. Hi Kurtis,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      You will probably always have the odd negative comment as everyone has a different perspective on a subject and that’s the beauty of life.

      I let everyone have their say as you learn from how other people view things.

      Nobody is always right – Hey, I’m far from it – ha! But I am a good listener and that’s valuable.

      Thanks again Kurtis, all the best,

  3. Hello Simon,
    You have covered a very important topic. when I visit a site, I like to look at the comments because many times, there will be a few with a different take on the information being shared. That helps me to think.I like getting comments on my own sites because the comments validate me as a writer–even if the opinion is different than mine.Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for dropping by and reading about the comment section.

      I think the comment section is most overlooked part of blogging. Wealthy Affiliate also agree with this accomplishing a purposely designed platform so that all members have the opportunity to turn their website into a dynamic home-based studio if they are willing to interact.

      There are many different takes on every subject, I do agree and we all learn something every day. I do with my comment section due to visitors valuable input like you’re doing here. Yeah, sharing is learning and this is how powerful blogging has become.

      Not every opinion is going to agree with your thoughts regarding a subject but that’s the beauty of life as we all have a different view on how we see things. I never gave thought to how the comment section validates you as a writer but you are so right, thanks for sharing. You see, I’m learning from you.

      Keep up your great work Kathy and thanks again for stopping by,

    1. Hi Kiss,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      I’m glad you found how to get comments on your website informative. It’s a powerful solution to turn your website into an interactive studio, gain trust with your audience by answering many concerns and you can achieve higher rankings through the process.

      Thanks again for dropping by,

  4. Hi Simon,

    Your posts are always worth the read and this one is full of insights that would help generate confidence and trust to the visitors. It also allows the visitors to ask questions where you can answer, expand and give more details if something needs to be verified. Comments are free contents which can contain important keywords that will help you with your rankings in the search engines. This is an awesome post and love reading it.

    1. Hi Eli,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      You are so right, Blogging is all about gaining trust with your audience. If you can write naturally as though you are informing a family member and come across with a helpful approach you gain trust and authority with visitors and conversions will come your way simply because they trust you.

      The comment section does provide the ability to answer the many questions people have. This can make your blog post expand into a blog roll full of informative info.

      Yes, the words in comments can be ranked, I have seen this happen many times, so by turning your website into an interactive platform can certainly lead to higher rankings, there’s no doubt.

      Thanks again Eli, keep your comment section active,

  5. Simon, awesome read and as usual great content. I see you writing new material all the time, I love it. Guess you said it best up top, get more comments. Get them now, fast, and as many as you can! The deeper I go the more and more I grow. As I’m learning to build my business I get to help someone else on their way as well.

    1. Hi Cedric,
      Thanks for reading and messaging.

      Writing in a natural style and delivering a whole range of different subjects regarding building your own home-based business is the key to get all your information out for visitors interested in enrolling into a blogging career working their way to earning money online.

      Yeah, comments can deliver high rankings there’s no doubt. Look how Wealthy Affiliate have designed their platform around their give and take thread. This is how powerful comments are, simply because the like of Google adore interaction and increase rankings for websites that deliver an engaging presence.

      The comment section is the most overlooked part of blogging but not in Wealthy Affiliates eyes. As you say there’s more help offered down here in the comment section as you are answering peoples concerns. Powerful stuff!

      Thanks again Cedric, keep receiving comments and keep helping as this will do you the world of good,

    1. Hi Alberic,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      Thanks for your kind words. It just shows what a newbie can produce just by going through Wealthy Affiliates step by step tutorials because this is exactly what they have taught members and myself how to create posts that are readable, helpful and informative.

      Then as you say, by brightening your post up with imagery, a bit of colour with the headings takes away the initial bland look and turns it more desirable to read.

      Thanks again Alberic,

  6. Hi Simon
    Great post. I was sent to a medical specialist recently but before my appointment..I checked to see if there were any reviews about him…there was only one. I promptly called and cancelled my appointment…very bad review. That showed me the power of posting comments. Thanks for your insight.

    1. Hi Beverley,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.
      I agree with you, comments can offer so much valuable information before you make a decision.

      To read a blog post containing only 1 comment that turns out to be a bad review says it all really. Decision made.
      I hope you can find a better medical specialist. Good Luck!

      Thanks again Beverley,

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