How To Find Keywords For Website Ranking – The Legitimate Way

Have you ever entered a web address, read a post and it just doesn’t make sense? – We all have!

The reason it’s poorly written – Pivotal words are being stuffed throughout the whole post in order to achieve a high position in the search engines.

Stand out from the crowdThere is a legitimate way to use these words, a way the Search Engines would like you to use – This is imperative for anyone writing web-posts for affiliate marketing and how to successfully accelerate your online home-based business on the web.

If you want to know how to find keywords for website ranking – those with a good amount of traffic yet low competition and how to insert these words into your post in the correct manner, then read on and be the one who stands out from the crowd:

The problem with stuffing principal words throughout a post:

  • They make web-posts a poor read
  • Uninviting for visitors
  • Posts do not make a lot of sense
  • Visitors will soon leave
  • Search Engines know – you will not receive a high search status

In a nutshell – Stuffing leading words is a waste of time – this is NOT the way to go.

Why Use Crucial Words for your Posts?

When I write a post, my whole emphasis is to give it the best possible chance of appearing on the first page of the Search Engines results when someone searches.

Appearing on the first page will attract visitors – period!

How to find the best words for a blog post – The title’s words must be relevant to your post?

When I write a post I think what would someone type into Google in order to find my post?

Take this one for instance – It’s about choosing the correct phrase for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to enable achieving a high search result for my post.

I use a specific Tool to help me find the best possible descriptive words for my content – those which are commonly typed into Google.

The chosen title must make sense and be relevant to your post.

The Tool shows how much traffic there is from people typing these popular words into the Search Engines on a monthly basis.

The Tool also has the benefits to show me how much competition there is from other blogs using the same major words.

The key here is to choose high traffic search terms (those with over 100 monthly searches) with low competition from other web-posts using the same phrases (under 30 usually suits me).

The possibilities for choosing dominant words are endless, there are so many different phrases for any written posts due to the different ways people type into Google when searching.

Choosing the best, most popular search terms for your title, those with little competition from other sites will accelerate your results in the Search Engines.

How I chose the title’s words for this post

Firstly, I decide on the words relevant to my post and type into the Tool to find how much traffic there is on a monthly basis (first result):

Keywords for SEO

768 monthly searches – this is superb – Next I click on ‘View Results’ to determine how many other posts are using these crucial words – that’s my competition:

Keywords for SEO results

My competition is 353 other blogs using the same pivotal words – This is far too much competition which will probably place me on page 20+ in Google Search, taking me one heck of a long time to climb towards the top of the Search results.

I’ll probably never end up achieving the first page of the search engines with this amount of competition.

No worries though, this is where this powerful device helps me:

I type in the phrase – the top line, below:

Keywords for website ranking

This results in <10 monthly traffic searches.

If hardly anyone is searching these words, there’s no point using them.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Instrument Finds High Traffic / Low Competition Words

Within the Instrument’s results page is this post’s title (second one down):

Results shows there are 220 searches per month.

This is people typing these essential words into the Search Engines on a monthly basis.

This is a great amount of monthly traffic.

View results to find my competition:

How to find keywords for website ranking result

Results show there is NO competition.

This is a bit of a Eureka moment. I’ve never found a competition of ‘0’ before. I am usually happy with competition under 30.

My Results!

I have found a popular phrase – that people type into the Search Engines on a monthly basis.
The words make sense.
They describe exactly what my post is about.
Traffic results show 220 searches per month – this is very good.
Results show a competition reading of ‘0’ – it doesn’t get any better than this.

Where do I place this important phrase in my post?

I place this expression as my post’s title. I make it more interesting by adding – ‘The Legitimate Way’ – to grab attention.

I then place the same phrase in the same order, somewhere within the first 2 paragraphs. The words must make sense within your paragraph.

That’s it. I then write my post naturally without stuffing the same words within the written content.

How to Target High Traffic Words – For Exponential Growth

Never try and place targeted words into the written content as this equates to stuffing, resulting in poorly written content that doesn’t make sense – damaging your post.

It’s imperative to understand that Content is the main focus for attaining a successful online business, writing posts regularly is key here.

Over time using this method, writing 2 or 3 posts of quality content per week, you’ll be amazed how your search results increase in the search engines with addition to search terms in your content becoming ranked without you even knowing about it.

Outcome – Exponential growth of your online business.

See the potential and how powerful this device is?  By using high traffic / low competition words, it’s like entering the backdoor into the Search Engines.

In future I want to be standing on the front page of the Search results, attracting visitors.

 How long does it take for your title to achieve top search results?

There is no definitive answer to this. The whole purpose of blogging is to write posts regularly. This is what the Search Engines love, in SEOreturn they’ll position you for it.

Initial traffic can be gained through Social Media, providing links to your posts.

The comments section at the bottom of posts is invaluable as far as Search Engines are concerned, they love interaction and in return will rank you for it. You will even achieve soaring positions for some expressions in the comments section without you even knowing about it.

Over time, the more posts you write – the more your authority grows – this leads to more trust with the Search Engines – in-return this leads to more traffic and higher scale of achievement through searches.

A very simple yet genuine method to receive top search status – a legitimate method the Search Engines love.

How to target High Traffic – Think about this?

If you write 2 or 3 posts per week – how many blog posts will you have written in a year?

If every post you write contains high traffic / low competition search words in your title + getting highly graded for words in your content you aren’t even aware of – Imagine the traffic growth potential for your business.

In a year’s time your web address can quite easily undergo exponential traffic growth with this method. This is by no means a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme but can lead to a very lucrative business model with a lifestyle to match – It takes time in building up your blog site with posts but it’s well worth the effort.

The beauty is – you do this for free without any deep pocket advertising costs.

The 4 Key objectives to consider when deciding which Device to use:

  • Shows monthly traffic – My posts must show over 100 monthly traffic.
  • Shows competition from other blogs using the same phrases – I am happy with a competition reading of under 30.
  • Must be up to date – Many pivotal word instruments are not up to date, providing false information.
  • Join a company who will teach you how to find and use these powerful words. Their Tool should be up to date if it’s an integral part of their business.

Which Powerful Tool do I use to create the Titles for my Posts?

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, a university that teaches how to blog the legitimate way and earn revenue through affiliate marketing.

As a member you have full access to their powerful tool for creating your blog post titles.

The advantages of using Wealthy Affiliate’s tool for creating your title are:

  • It shows monthly traffic.
  • It shows the competition I’m up against.
  • Their instrument is an integral part of their business model – It’s up to date every time you use it.
  • They teach how to find high quality Search Status phrases

Wealthy Affiliate teach how to link posts through Social Media to attain initial traffic and receive comments for my posts from Wealthy Affiliate’s community – a method the Search Engines will rank you for.

Over time, using this device and providing high quality content accelerates your post’s status.

I never write a post without using this gadget, it’s an integral part of my business.

You may get ranked in the Search Engines with other search terms in your post – this is purely a bonus to me,

I never concentrate on stuffing any extra phrases into the text of my posts.

Here’s a video of how Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate teaches – How to use their powerful gadget

Finding Content Ideas From Crucial Words
Finding Content Ideas From Crucial Words

What else does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

Wealthy Affiliate teach anyone, wherever you are in the world, how to turn your passion into a successful online business and earn revenue through affiliate marketing without any prior experience – In these 4 steps.

Get Started

Training is sublime. You are simply looking over an experts shoulder and replicating what they do.

Couple the training with their powerful tools and the best community in the world regarding anything associated with blogging, you can see why over 580,000 members have already chosen Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to turn their passion into a successful online business of their very own.

Have a passion for making money?

Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate’s Money Making niche. It’s all geared up for anyone to get rolling with.

Fancy using their powerful Search tool?

Anyone is welcome to come inside, join their free membership and use their powerful gizmos.

Getting started will show you how to turn your interest into your very own flourishing online business. Want to be their next success story?

Or Jump Straight In

Wealthy Affiliate’s site provides more information. It’s free to get started – no contracts, ties or credit cards required – Jump straight in, just your name and email address is required.


Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

SimonThanks for reading, hope to see you on the inside.

You’ll learn a wealth of knowledge – everything blogging related to make you successful.



4 thoughts on “How To Find Keywords For Website Ranking – The Legitimate Way”

  1. Hi Simon,
    This article was extremely helpful. I have written a bunch of content and have my site up, but have not yet focused on key word searching. This was an excellent tutorial to remind me of the process and what I’m looking for. I pan to implement this now and hope my rankings begin to improve! Thank you ever so much for such a great and useful post!


    1. Hi Maggie,
      Thanks for taking your time to read.
      Yeah, work your way through the training at WA first and you will come across keywords soon – no rush.
      Quality Content is the first priority to make your business become established on the web.
      It all takes a bit of time but it’s amazing what can be achieved in a few months of dedication and a bit of hard work.
      Thanks again,

  2. Hi Simon, your review is fully detailed and gives me many ideas on how I should find keywords for my website. Do you compare any keywords searching tools? which one will be better?

    1. Hi Jacksson,
      Thanks for your interest.
      I have used 2 keyword tools. One is Jaaxy, the other is Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword tool for members.
      At the moment the members keyword tool does me fine but if I am struggling finding keywords I’m happy with or I’d like more details I nip over and use Jaaxy.
      Can’t knock either tool, they provide traffic details, competition I’m up against and most important, they’re up to date which is imperative for this role.
      I haven’t tried any keyword tool out of Wealthy Affiliate since joining which is quite a while now as some tend not to be up to date providing false information.
      Thanks again,

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