How to Embed a YouTube Video on WordPress

Leveraging videos from YouTube onto your blog page can have a huge impact for any promotional product, story or idea your written post is publicising. Learning how to embed a YouTube video on WordPress has the potential to dramatically increase your content’s exposure.

The benefit of actually watching how something is done, what something looks like in motion and how something works can dramatically increase your content’s exposure.

How to Embed a YouTube Video on WordPressThey say a picture tells a thousand words – Videos offer so much more, the reason why YouTube has billions of users per month.

I usually search how to do something on Google, for example:

I searched how to fix a certain type of tap washer. Found a video on YouTube through Google search, watched the video and were given clear instructions exactly how to undo the tap, install the washer and replace the tap. Watching someone actually performing how it’s done gave me clear instructions and the confidence that I could do this myself. Like most things in life – Once shown, you have a clear understanding how it’s done.

I frequently use the web for videos on how to perform certain tasks with my computer. If I can watch someone do this, I usually grasp the process straight away.

The same applies for a blog post. If you can leverage your content with a video you can show an audience so much more detail than written text. I usually search for a video in YouTube in relation to my written post and place the video in my blog.

YouTube is a shareable service meaning you are authorised to copy and paste the video link to embed videos within your blog post.

Leveraging videos with my blog

I built an online business out of my targeted niche, Plastic Sheds for the garden.

Whenever I create a post I search on YouTube for a relevant video to enhance my blog post’s creation providing visual information to my audience, for example:

I created a post about Keter’s 6×4 Plastic Shed.

Keter 6x4 YouTube Video
Keter 6×4 YouTube Video

I searched on Keter’s YouTube channel to find the video promoting their Keter 6×4 Plastic Shed.

I copied and pasted the shareable link and embedded it into my WordPress blog.

Now, visitors have the advantage of reading my written content in addition to watching the video which portrays how the shed looks, step by step detail on how it’s constructed, how robust it is and what it looks like inside and outside, etc.

This is visual information that I couldn’t possibly describe and characterise in the same way a video shows.

My posts were not generating efficiently enough prior to videos but once inserted they have boosted my business success. This may well have been down to the establishment of my website but I did see an increase in conversions soon after inserting videos.

Embedding videos is definitely worth contemplating.

How to embed a YouTube video into a blog post

  • Go to the video you wish to embed
  • Click the Share tab
  • Click the Embed tab
  • Highlight the Embed Code you are presented with and copy

Embed Section

Head over to the backoffice of your WordPress post.

Here you want to decide where to embed your chosen video.

I usually type in a few xxxxxxxxxx

Then drop down a couple of lines

Then place a few more xxxxxxxxxxxx

The reason I do this is because you can only embed a video into the Text Mode of a WordPress blog and not the Visual Mode. The Text Mode represents a load of confusing technical data. Placing these xxxxxx this way enables the chosen place to be found easily.

Select the text mode, highlighted in red, below:

You can see why I place these xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It enables you to find your place easily throughout all this technical code presented in the Text Mode.

Text Mode

Where it says   just means you dropped down a line.

Delete the   right click and paste your code.

Now delete all the xxxxxxx above and below. Once you take the xxxx out, pressing delete will bring your text below up a line.

Go back to Visual Mode and publish to view your embedded video. If you want to centralize your video as I have done with this video, click to the right of the video and use the same centralize button as you would for text.

Refresh your web page to view your video within your written document.

How to make changes to YouTube videos prior to embedding

YouTube allows you to make a few changes to the options before copying the code. To view these options, click on the show more button as pointed out below:

Show More
Click the Show More button

You are presented with these options:

YouTube Options

I usually deselect Show suggested videos when the video finishes as this will provide a selection of videos relating to my competition for people to watch.

I always keep Show player controls to provide my audience with the controls such as: to view in fullscreen or pause etc

I usually keep the Show video title and player actions selected.

The Enable privacy-enhanced mode means that YouTube will store information regarding visitors on your website. I make sure this option is deselected. YouTube will store information IF people play the video.

Now for the tricky coding part

If you wish to alter when the video starts and ends, YouTube allows this option too but involves getting into a bit of coding.

First of all I open Google docs to copy and paste the Embed Code. This is the Embed Code that’s copied and pasted into the text part of our blog post as previously described.

Main Embed Code

I paste my Embed Code, like this:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

To enable the video to start at a pre-defined starting point, start to play the video within the embedding section (where the blue arrow is below)

Use this video to access the code

When it arrives at the part you would like your embedded video to start, pause the video and right click on the video and select Copy video URL at current time with a click of the mouse, as shown below.

Start and End code

Start Time Code

Paste this code beneath the Main Embed Code. We have to insert part of this code into the Main Embed Code

This Start Time Code is part of the main code. After the Q? we have t=42. That’s all we’re interested in.

t=42 means the video will start 42 seconds into the video once embedded.

After the ‘?’ in the Main Embed Code type in start=42

Like this:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

I have made it blue and bold so you can see.

That’s the Start Time Code done.

You can also alter the End Time where the video finishes

Again, play the video within the embedding section until you get to the point where you want your embedded video to stop playing.

Pause the video at the part you want your embedded video to stop playing. Right click on the video and select ‘Copy video URL at current time’ as shown below.

Paste this code into Google docs as shown:

t=312 means the video will stop playing 312 seconds into the video once embedded into the code.

After the start=42 within the altered Embed Code we have to type &end= followed by the number of seconds shown in our new code 312

And we end up with our newly altered code ready to embed in our WordPress blog as show:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Without the bold text:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

All we have done after the ? is place in the start time and end time within the code in this format:


x stands for seconds.

Here’s the finished video

Starting 42 seconds in and ending 312 seconds into the video.

If you want to know how to start an online business watch the top video as I’ve cut half of this video away for this tutorial.

It’s a very straightforward process once you have done a few. A bit confusing at first. It won’t be long before you grasp the code enabling you to put the format and seconds into the Main Embed Code without copying and pasting the Start and End Codes.

Nowadays, my process is this:

  • Watch the video
  • Determine my start point: 10 second
  • Determine my end point: 355 seconds
  • Type in start=10&end=355 after the ?
  • Done!

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