How To Earn Money By Writing Online

The discouraging feeling many would-be entrepreneurial bloggers face contemplating rolling into writing for a living is where on earth do you find inspiration for writing ideas and how the heck do you generate an income providing it.

How To Earn Money By Writing OnlineYou have arrived at this page looking for motivation for how to earn money by writing online. I too lost self esteem and became dauted by the prospect for how this is achieved. Not interested in completing surveys I opted to learn the ropes in affiliate marketing as this is where most affluent bloggers generate their income.

I decided to take the plunge and joined Wealthy Affiliate, a company that teaches how to earn revenue simply by promoting your passion from a website. I became inspired working my way through their step by step affiliate marketing program, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learnt so far.

The beauty for me is you work from home, a cuppa beside you whilst you blog away in a hassle free environment. Wonderful!

What’s your passion?

It doesn’t matter what interest you have whether it’s golf or needlework, there’s millions of people around the world with the same passion you have, all you have to learn is how to effectively connect with these people to accomplish conversions.

What's your niche?
What’s your niche?

As long as you have a keen interest in your niche, willing to write articles regularly and happy to communicate with others regarding it, you really are halfway there.

A targeted niche is the best option. I have a passion for garden sheds but this niche is too wide, I’d be trying to connect with too many people looking for all the various types, whether it’s wood, metal, plastic , summerhouses, she-sheds, man-caves, the list goes on.

My particular passion is the plastic variety of garden sheds as they are low maintenance and have additional values wood and metal sheds lack. My plan is to become authoritative within my niche.

To conclude: I have a keen interest in my niche, I’m happy to write regular articles regarding all the various plastic sheds and low maintenance outdoor storage solutions and I’m willing to communicate with other people relating to my niche.

I’m rolling – What’s your niche?

How do you get inspiration for writing ideas?

Writing about your passion regards offering informative posts to your audience, coming across helpful is the key rather than having a selling approach. Seriously, ditch any sales mentality you have as people do not like being sold to. A top tip from all successful bloggers.

Key West Holiday Niche

I interact with members daily relaying their helpful approach to their audience. One member lives in Key West, Florida and leverages her area by promoting travel, holiday lets, visitor attractions and products on her website. She knows the area like the back of her hand and writes about all the various hotspots visitors wish to know about. Relays restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, beaches. You name it, everything associated with touring around Keywest is written about.

Lake District Holiday Niche

Another member lives in the Lake District UK. He has joined Holiday Let Affiliate Programs to accomplish his revenue and writes about all the walks around the Lake District and popular tourist attractions. He takes his camera walking the famous walks and fills his blog with wonderful photography whilst inserting links for places to stay.

Lake District Niche
Lake District Niche

Mens Hats Niche

Another guy has developed a superb website around his passion, Mens Hats. Promoting all kinds of hats like the pork pie hat. As he says, he is never stuck for writing ideas. Take the iconic Carlos Santana hat for instance: He writes about albums, concerts, tours or a synopsis of his life story whilst relaying the iconic hat in his posts. This is one hat, yet plenty of posts can be written regarding it.

Dogs Toys Niche

Another member has a love for dogs and promotes Dogs Toys as her passion. She uses her camera to display posts with delightful presentation whilst writing about what her dog’s been up to, walkies taken, caring for dogs, dogs health, maintaining a shiny coat, dental care, etc. However in all her written posts she inserts affiliate links for particular types of dogs toys to which she earns revenue.

Basketball Shoes Niche

One guy has a keen interest for basketball and writes about games, basketball stars, results, teams, basketball skills etc whilst inserting affiliate links promoting his niche – Basketball Shoes. It’s staggering to note that Amazon alone has over 30,000 different products for the Basketball Shoes and Dogs Toys niche. This is an overabundance of writing material for what could be considered small niches, they’re huge.

Books Niche

Many members have a passion for reading, whether it’s fact, fiction, coffee table books, making money books, psychology books, life coaching books; it doesn’t matter as millions of people around the world have the same interests as you. Many members choose to write a synopsis of their chosen book, write about the author, how the subject has helped them whilst embedding videos if their subject allows to promote these books.

Coffee Table Book Niche
Coffee Table Book Niche

Making Money Niche

Wealthy Affiliate have created a Making Money niche where your Affiliate Program is with them. You simply refer people to join as a Premium Member and earn revenue through the process.

Creating conversions are accomplished by writing posts in relation to what you are taught in the training steps, like how to drive traffic into a website, affiliate marketing, how to write helpful posts, how to insert images, where to get free images from, how to embed videos, installing the SEO plugin, how to use the Keyword Tool, creating a Social Media schedule, etc, etc. A great program for learning whilst earning.

My Niche

Suncast Glidetop Shed
Read my article regarding the Suncast Glidetop Shed

For my passion, Plastic Sheds, I promote all the various shapes and sizes of low maintenance storage solutions.

I offer descriptive information whilst coming across helpful. I relay feedback from reviews, go through QA’s and provide answers to people’s concerns. I express the pros and cons whilst not trying to sell anything.

Whether the reviews are exceptional or poor it doesn’t matter as I always link to what may be a better alternative.

When a visitor clicks on my affiliate link and purchases, I earn revenue.

Here’s an written article I created offering helpful and descriptive information regarding the Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Shed. This is how I create my income.

How do you generate an income blogging?

The most popular option to earn an income blogging is by virtue of inserting affiliate links into your written articles. You simply join a free Affiliate Program associated with your niche and promote their products or services.

Popular choices for those promoting products are Amazon and eBay. I joined, Amazon UK and eBay for my affiliate programs as my selection of sheds is plentiful and competitive with these platforms . In future I may join other programs.

How to Generate an Income Blogging
How to Generate an Income Blogging

Other members have joined free Affiliate Programs associated with travel, holiday lets, concert tickets, other popular online stores, exclusive online stores. It all depends what niche you’re in. If you type into Google Your Niche + Affiliate Programs you will be presented with a plethora of programs to freely join.

This is the dream ticket for you and the online store. It’s free for you to join and make money and it cuts down advertising costs for the online store, the reason affiliate marketing is a popular service both sides of the equation.

Once you have chosen your Affiliate Program, Wealthy Affiliate show you how to insert the affiliate links into your blog posts, how many to add and whether it’s better to centralise them depending on how many products or services you wish to promote. This is crucial knowledge to learn as you don’t want to portray your website as spam.

When your audience likes what you have written and wishes to purchase your promoted product or service they click your link which takes them to the online store or program. Whenever a purchase is made via your link you earn a commission.

Over time, the more articles you write, the more visitors you gain, the more conversions you accomplish.

Exhibit your niche to the world

Once you have chosen your targeted niche it’s time to stroll down the pure fun avenue and build your personal website to display your passion in bodacious style.

Choose Your WordPress Theme
Choose Your WordPress Theme

Don’t put yourself down thinking a technical challenge beckons, WordPress have made times change fast with their easy user interface. You’ll not only be impressed with how delectable your blogs portray but how easy the process has become.

I’m staggered with the new entrants figure in excess of 800,000 members joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform to learn the ropes in affiliate marketing, their 98% positive review rate speaks volumes how straightforward this learning curve is.

Everything regarding website creation is taught with a simplistic approach, creating posts and pages, inserting images, embedding videos, building menus, adding widgets, inserting banners and affiliate links. You name it, everything regarding website building is taught.

Thousands of WordPress Themes
Thousands of WordPress Themes

How to effectively attract visitors

Driving traffic into a website becomes most bloggers nightmare yet the process is pretty straightforward if you are willing to write articles regularly and implement the strategy into your website.

Register with the SEO Plugin

The first process is installing the SEO Plugin to make Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc aware you are active therefore when people type into the Search Bar your posts can be found. Also registering your website with Google Analytics and Google+ is the imperative measure to become noticed by all the major Search Engines. Powerful stuff!

Learn to use the potent Keyword Tool

For every post you write, your titles want to be created from the same words people are searching with in the Search Bar on the major Search Engines. This is where Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Tool comes into fruition. The idea is to cherry pick popular phrases with high traffic counts yet with low competition from other websites using the same keywords. Here you are uncovering the secrets to attracting Search Engine traffic, secrets affluent bloggers would never leak.

Create your own dynamic Home-based Studio

What else do Search Engines rank? – Interaction.

Make Your Website Interactive
Make Your Website Interactive

At Wealthy Affiliate you can effectively create engaging blogs simply by interacting on their platform, providing comments on members posts where they reciprocate the favour on yours.

You can generate an abundance of comments at the bottom of your posts here, not only does this tell visitors that your post has caught attention, this leads to visitors reading your article.

A blog that’s read leads to conversions. An interactive website receives higher rankings, this leads to more traffic and this is how exponential growth flourishes.

Leverage the power of Social Media

Providing links for every created post is the essential key ingredient when blogging. This creates this course into a learn as you earn program as conversions can quite easily be obtained.

How To Create A Social Media Schedule
How To Create A Social Media Schedule

I was shocked when I first discovered conversions being made. It all started with Pinterest for me then grew through the other Social Media platforms.

The measure is to post a link as soon as you have published on all Social Media platforms as this exposes your website to the world and starts the ranking procedure with the Search Engines.

Once traffic is rolling into a website the Search Engines take notice and you are returned with the favour of higher rankings.

Keep Writing Regularly

Those who write regular articles build their website out generating a presence within their niche. Over time your authority grows to become authoritative within your chosen niche, the place to come for information.

Get your writing juices flowing
Get your writing juices flowing

Imagine creating 3 posts per week, how many will you have created a in a year – 2 years?  See the potential?  Exponential growth can be gained this way. Yep, there’s a bit of work required and determination to keep writing, however a year or 2 down the line a very prosperous business can be generated.

Those who can effectively connect with people on the web accomplish conversions. Wealthy Affiliate are experts in teaching how to drive traffic into a website. Uncover the secrets.

This is the way to accomplish a firm established business on the web, your own business, it’s great fun and hassle free.

Hop inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, it’s completely free to start, free training with 2 free hosted websites. Once you’ve completed the freebie, consider joining premium to uncover all the successful blogging secrets and take your business into the land of prosperity.

Hope to see you on the Inside

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Read About Me

Thanks for calling in and reading. I hope I have provided you with inspiration for creating your own home based business.

If you have any questions, I’m always happy to help. Please drop them in the comment section below.

Thanks again,



4 thoughts on “How To Earn Money By Writing Online”

  1. Hi there Simon,
    Thank you for all of this stellar information. I started a blog back in 2012 or so and quickly found that I love to write. However over time I have found that I lose the drive and the passion.

    So it was really great to read about your passion and how you broke down your ‘niche’ and focused on the smaller plastic shed to focus on.

    I think I can incorporate a lot of what you’re saying here to rekindle the fire, so-to-speak, when it wanes a little.

    I really appreciate the effort you took here to give us some great things to think about.

    Best wishes for your continued success,


    1. Hi Randy,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      Yeah, I must admit, I had never though of writing for a career, but writing articles about what you enjoy and are passionate about makes the job a dream to me.

      The main criteria regarding choosing a niche is to break it down towards targeting a smaller group of people. This way you become established within that particular avenue and attracting visitors and getting ranked with the Search Engines becomes so much easier.

      For me, I only concentrate on people looking for the resin/plastic variety of plastic sheds and low maintenance outdoor storage solutions. My aim is to become authoritative within this small alcove in the market.

      I’m glad you found this article helpful Randy,
      Thanks again,

  2. Awesome article Simon, I specifically liked how you mentioned some sample niches that people can target to start earning cash. I agree with all the points in your article and I would like to add one more; adding a “Hire me” page to your website. That’s one of the best ways to earn fast cash from your blog even before you fill it with articles. Solid tips!

    1. Hi Timothy,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a message.

      These niches I mention here are a few of the Wealthy Affiliate members niches to provide examples for visitors. It really doesn’t matter what you are interested in as long as you target your niche down towards concentrating on targeting a smaller avenue within the main niche. It just makes attracting visitors so much easier.

      Thanks for your solid tip on the ‘Hire Me’ page. Never thought of that, great idea. Personally I am concentrating on building out content for the whole year, becoming more established every day. I will certainly keep you tip in mind.

      Thanks again Timothy,

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