How To Create Effective Content For A Website – Content That Converts

Quality content is the most valuable commodity your website contains. Content attracts visitors, quality content converts to shareable content, this leads to more traffic, the more visitors you gain – the more conversions you accomplish.

Uncover the secrets to make moneyThe more posts you write containing quality content, the more your authority grows. This leads to a solid establishment on the web, trust is increased on behalf of Search Engines which in return leads to higher rankings and more traffic.

If you are contemplating or just starting out blogging, dreaming of high conversions through affiliate marketing, it’s imperative your main focus is providing quality content – content that keeps attracting visitors – this is what the Search Engine love.

Couple quality content with high traffic / low competition keywords for your titles and headings and by sharing your posts regularly on Social Media, you’ll be amazed what is achievable in a year’s time.

It all takes a bit of time – How to create effective content for a website requires dedication and a bit of elbow grease but over time, it’s definitely worth it.

How to create quality content for a website

Daunted by writing quality content regularly – don’t be, it’s a very straightforward process. Once you’ve written a few posts, the process grows on you. Don’t put yourself down thinking you need some sort of degree for this role or have to be an expert writer – you most certainly don’t.

The whole process revolves around putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, describing your product / passion with informative, descriptive and helpful posts – you’re simply helping the visitor with their decision.

Keter Factor 6x4I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, a blogging university, that teaches how to choose a niche, your passion and turn it into a successful online business. When I joined, the niche I chose to affiliate market was plastic sheds for the garden. Wealthy Affiliate showed me exactly how to market my niche to it’s full potential, by providing quality content.

So, for the purpose of this post I’ll show you exactly how I provide quality content for one of the plastic sheds I promoted..

Place yourself in the customer’s shoes

Firstly, your posts have to be inviting, display is essential. Most visitors do not have a long attention span these days. Design posts with plenty of white space, pictures and a video to break the written content up. How to write content for a blog explains in detail.

When you become a member of an affiliate program, like Amazon which I am a member of, you have the rights to use the images for your promoted products – use them to create stunning visual posts – pictures convert.

Write paragraphs in small bite sized chunks, it’s much easier to read, keeping visitors attention.

Separate writing with the use of titles / headings – make them interesting, make them inviting for your audience to read on.

Insert your promoted product’s video – Videos convert very well.

Wealthy Affiliate show you how to use high traffic / low competition keywords for your posts. Insert them for your title and place them somewhere in the first 2 paragraphs, making sure your written content makes sense.

Creating 2-3 posts per week with this method, over time you can quite easily be ranked in so many ways, waiting for people searching in the Search Engines – Done this way a post can lead to a lifetime’s worth of conversions, couple that with the rest of your posts, this can lead to exponential growth of an online business..

Create content that rocks

Let’s take one of my promoted plastic sheds – the Keter Factor 6×4

I visit the product page in Amazon who I am an affiliate with and the manufacturer’s website – Keter.

Keter Factor 6x4 description


Keter provide me with a description of their Factor 6×4 shed to which I take inspiration from. I use their description to my advantage, changing their words to my own by using an online dictionary. I have the online dictionary as an extension below my address bar – I highlight a word, check the dictionary, it gives me a whole variety of words to choose from. I simply describe their shed in my own words.

Never copy and paste – the Search Engines will know and you will lose rankings, put it in your own words, just write naturally.

Advantages / Disadvantages

I point out to the customer, the advantages of purchasing a plastic shed in comparison to a wooden or metal shed.

  • Keter sheds are pretty much maintenance-free apart from a wash when dirty.
  • Easily assembled, compared with a wooden and metal shed.
  • Plastic sheds don’t rot like wooden sheds – the reason they are becoming so popular.
  • Metal sheds do not contain a built-in floor – plastic sheds do.
  • They are a cheaper alternative to wood and metal sheds.
  • Metal sheds are noisy when it rains – unlike plastic sheds.

The list goes on – now the disadvantages:

  • Some would say plastic sheds don’t look as attractive as a wooden shed.
  • Metal sheds are better if you’re concerned about fire.
  • Metal sheds are more secure than wood and plastic sheds.

These are just a few of the positives and negatives regarding plastic sheds but relay them in your post – if everything is wonderful regarding your promoted product – visitors may not believe you.

These posts are about building trust with your audience.

Environmental issues

I point out to the customer the shed’s plastic is environmentally friendly, made from 100% recyclable Polypropylene resin. The plastic is UV protected which prevents cracking and fading in the sun.

Products features

  • Many customers are concerned with environmental issues – let them know.
  • You may have a product that’s child friendly – relay that information.
  • Maybe you are promoting holidays – have they got disability facilities.

This is helpful information that gains trust with your audience..

How to optimize website content – Customer reviews

Keter 6x4 reviewsThe most effective way to optimize your quality content is to link customers to your promoted product reviews. This converts into sales.

Customer reviews are written by the people that have purchased these products, there’s no better review to demonstrate your product’s potential – Point them to the reviews and let your visitors read them.

Wealthy Affiliate show you how to link your post to your promoted products within your affiliate program – You may not have mentioned price with this link but if they purchase reading the reviews via your link, you will receive a commission.

Leverage Q/A’s – This is helpful Information.

I find so much information going through the questions and answers, this is helpful yet powerful information that converts.

Regarding the Keter Factor 6×4 shed:

Will the packaging fit through a door as the customer lives in a through terrace – I let the customers know about the packaging size.

A lot of complaints regarding doors warping in the sun – I offer an alternative which has been answered – build your shed in the shade or point the doors away from the direct sun.

How to clean a shed when it gets grubby – I found some great info on Keter’s website for cleaning dirt ingrained in plastic. I relay this in my own words.

Can the doors be opened another way, can the windows be installed on either side, how sturdy is the floor, do these sheds sweat, how sturdy are these sheds, can you install a washing machine, cat-flap, electrics, etc.

These are common questions asked, the answers are provided – This goes for all products within an affiliate program – Just put the answers in your own words and provide your helpful information.

Provide a link to the Q/A’s too, so people can view themselves. If the customer purchases via your link, you again earn revenue.

Keter 6x4 QAs

So there we have it – After you’ve written this post you will have written 600 – 1000 words easily – this is the way to create a prosperous blog.

A post written in such a way your visitors will find helpful and informative and Search Engines will rank you for – Why? – You have provided:

  • A correctly displayed post that’s easy to read.
  • Looks stunning due to the products images.
  • Descriptive – Describing your promoted product.
  • Informative – Answering many people’s concerns
  • Helpful – Providing the answers to many questions
  • Linking your promoted product via Q/A’s, reviews and price.

Examples for other targeted niches

Let’s say you chose a targeted niche – Men’s Hats:

I may promote the Carlos Santana hat. I would write about a concert, an album or his life story. I would take inspiration from other websites and Wikipedia and relay in my own words. Then I would display the post with pictures and embed a video of him in concert wearing his iconic hat. These are great promotional tools to leverage with.

Let’s take a Juicers Niche:

I would write about different juicing recipes what you could juice with this amazing Juicer. There are hundreds maybe thousands of juicing recipes online. Relay them in your post. Add pictures and a video promoting that particular Juicer. You may find a Celebrity is promoting the Juicer via video on YouTube. Embed the video and leverage it.

Any targeted niche has endless writing possibilities, enough for a lifetime’s worth of business.

Visualise this:

Your website is correctly set up for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Write 2 or 3 posts per week, containing quality content as described above – how many posts will you have written in 6 months – a year?

For every post you write you pick high traffic / low competition keywords for your title and insert them into the first 2 paragraphs of your post – this can lead to exponential traffic growth for your website.These are just words people type into Google when searching.

Link every post you create with Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc.

Receive comments for every post you create – Search Engines like interaction.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Create quality website content – Become the next success story

If you’re dedicated and don’t mind a bit of hard work, anyone can accomplish this.

Become the next success story and turn your interest into a very successful online business in affiliate marketing.

Getting Started will show you how to become a free member with Wealthy Affiliate enabling you to put these powerful steps into motion and accomplish your dreams.

My honest review of Wealthy Affiliate describes my journey in affiliate marketing.

SimonThanks for reading.

If you have any questions, please ask, I will be happy to help.

Hope to see you on the inside,



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  1. A great read… I love how you make this very understandable by splitting the text down into small paragraphs. Also, I really liked how you mentioned answering pre-existing questions about the product you are promoting, because not only does it answer a common question, but it also makes your post much more informative. That was something I had not thought of before so thanks for mentioning it.

    But I have one question… you mention the Amazon affiliate program… does Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to incorporate that into your website? I’m just a bit curious as I’ve only just upgraded to premium.

    Take care,

    1. Hi Ali,
      Thanks for your interest and taking the time to read.
      When you join Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter course you choose either to market a niche of your own or do their own making money niche.
      If you choose to market a niche of your own, your passion – You are taught how to join an affiliate company such as Amazon and how to insert the links to your promoted products through your affiliate program.
      It’s very detailed but they make it such a simple process – it’s great fun to do.
      Here’s a post I wrote earlier regarding the Amazon Affiliate program:
      Hope this helps.
      Thanks again,

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