How To Create A Social Media Schedule

I have just watched the most impressive seminar regarding how to create a social media schedule on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This is going to help me accomplish a hugely effective marketing plan going forward.

How To Create A Social Media Schedule
How To Create A Social Media Schedule

It’s created one heck of a spring in my step!

As a newbie into marketing online I have no schedule at present therefore I’m not organised and not effectively creating a large enough presence with my business. If you’re in the same boat; read on, this may help you too.

Fortunately these Wealthy Affiliate seminars are produced on all sorts of helpful topics, everything regarding blogging, affiliate marketing and running your own successful online business such as this marketing plan. They’re held live yet recorded which is great, enabling you to watch them when it suits you.

Why have a marketing plan?

The idea of creating an organised schedule for sharing links to your posts is simply to expand your traffic, creating your business presence.

Create Your Business Presence
Create Your Business Presence

Once traffic starts flowing into your website you accomplish embedding your foundations, become more established whilst building up your authority.

This has a twofold effect. Search Engines recognise your traffic increase, returning the favour with higher rankings whilst your trustworthy presence escalates through the augment of visitors entering through your doors.

The incentives for creating an organised schedule are as follows:

  • Brings traffic into your website
  • People become aware of who you are
  • You create an engaging presence
  • Encourages engagements through comments
  • Creates your niche authority
  • Builds your website’s authority
  • Builds you, the author’s credibility

The solution’s simple – Create a daily plan that attracts visitors into your website through Social channels. Exciting future hey!

Think about this:

If you share a link to the same post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ on one day and you receive 10 visitors, this is 10 visitors you wouldn’t have received failing to share it.

Link Respectfully via Social Media
Link Respectfully via Social Media

If you share a link to a different post every day of the week with similar results you would accomplish 70 people entering into your website per week. This is 70 visitors you wouldn’t have received having failed to share the links. Simple math but makes a lot of sense.

It’s all about getting your motor running and cruising at a constant pace down the track rather than a stop-start-stop-start approach I am achieving at present.

I have been taught how to register my website with Google analytics thanks to Wealthy Affiliates training and I can see how many visitors I receive per day and where they came from.

Some days it’s quite staggering how many people visit through sharing a link. I have achieved up to 70-80 people from one Facebook link, other days it’s 8-10, this does vary but I can see the potential after watching this seminar regarding creating a planned approach.

How often should you ping a post?

I never knew the answer to this but what I do see shared multiple times per day however is definitely the wrong approach thanks to this training.

Take onboard:  These seminars are produced by the most highly respected eminent online marketers who are experts in accomplishing a heavy stream of traffic. This seminar really got my attention.

What's your Tolerance Level
What’s your Tolerance Level

The tolerance levels do vary for each Social Media Channel according to their audience:

Twitter’s audience has more tolerance levels than facebook due to it being a short meaningless relationship with their audience compared to the more visually engaging relationship Google+ and Facebook behold. LinkedIn tolerance levels are less:

This extensive research is how distinguished bloggers regard the tolerance levels for one post compared with time, shared on these 4 Social Media platforms

  • Twitter can accommodate a link to your article 6 times spread across a month
  • Facebook – Tolerance levels not as high as Twitters – 2 times per month
  • Google+ – 3 times across a month
  • LinkedIn – 1 time because an article lingers in this platform longer than the main 3

Did you know this?  I certainly didn’t.

How many times do you see the same post shared constantly – Does this annoy you – What’s your tolerance level?

Constantly sharing the same link has an irritating approach, creating a poor user experience therefore considered as spamming.

Social Media Growth Plan

This simple schedule works really well and provides anyone new into the blogging world a real leg up against the competition.

Thanks to this training, I’ve set-up a Social Media planner. This is going to be my approach going forward to create a presence that builds up authority and trust with my Quality Plastic Sheds website:

Creating a Social Media Schedule with Google Calendar
Creating a Social Media Schedule with Google Calendar

I’m going to make a habit to share a link to my post on Social Media as soon as I publish an article.

The Social Media platforms I share links to will be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I already have a page of sheds on Pinterest which I update every time I publish a new post. I haven’t yet got started with Instagram, that’ll be further down the line – One step at a time.

A Google calendar is my preferred choice to become organised because it sends email reminders – It’s time to share a link to a particular post.

I have enough posts to fill a months worth of links. My intentions are to link one different post per day on all Social Media platforms.

I have written the order of delivery in my Google calendar equating to a different post everyday of the month. I will receive a daily email to remind me to share the link to the specified post. Each post will be shared on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As soon as I have shared the link, another entry will be written in the Google calendar to remind me via email to share the link the following month.

Moving forward as my posts multiply, this will lead to 2 posts per day and so on, increasing my presence.

Important Factors To Consider 

I received the answer in this seminar regarding posting duplicate content when sharing links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc:

Creating posts on a website with duplicate content leads to de-ranking by the Search Engines however it is ok to duplicate the links message over the various Social media channels without incurring a penalty.

Social Media is a Sharing Service
Social Media is a Sharing Service

Make a habit to share your link on Social Media as soon as you publish an article, then create an entry in your calendar to send you an email when next to share the link.

Social Media’s for sharing right – Do you?

Don’t just send links to your own website, it’s always a good idea to share the links of others.  Why? – Social Media is a sharing service.

When you engage with your audience they are going to recommend you to others by retweeting and re-sharing. This is a natural organic way to grow your audience. Sharing other peoples stuff and commenting on other people’s posts creates growth.

Piggyback off other people’s hashtags. For Example:

Jay, the distinguished blogger hosting the seminar copied a Tony Robbins quote and shared on instagram. He used the Tony Robbins hashtag plus a few other hashtags like Wealthy Affiliate and Internet Marketing. He said the amount of followers accomplished through this very straightforward piggyback method was quite staggering.

If you’re determined to stick to a schedule like this you can exponentially grow your audience. People are simply going to share your stuff, engage with you and your business will grow organically.

Further down the line

There are tons of automated tools to accomplish a planned schedule but not in the early stages, this can be accomplished free just by using a Google calendar.

Over time as the business grows and revenue is being earned it’s time to start looking to purchase an automatic automation posting tool.

Ever wondered how the experienced bloggers operate with their Social Media Automation Posting Tool?

This is how they build their authority respectfully:

  • Publish a post and send it out to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ straightaway
  • Later on that day- Share another link on Twitter and a link on LinkedIn
  • Day after – Share again on Twitter
  • One week after – Share again on Twitter and Google+
  • One month after starting share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • The process starts again with that post

This is my plan further down the line but the Google calendar will organise my Social Media linking to establish authority and credibility in my early stages.

Getting Started shows how you too can learn all this knowledge shared by the most distinguished online marketers of for more information and to join, select the Free Starter Membership below.

Literally everything associated with Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and running an Online Business is taught in very straightforward steps how to accomplish.

Hope to see you on the inside.

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SimonThanks for reading about setting up a Social Media schedule.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below. I’m always happy to help.

Thanks again,



6 thoughts on “How To Create A Social Media Schedule”

  1. This is a great piece of writing. I link my posts when i create them but i never thought about re-posting like this. Thanks for all of the info i will take pointers from this and apply them to my social media sharing strategy !

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      Yeah, I learnt so much from this seminar too. It’s all about slowly getting noticed around the world and like anything it does take time to do it correctly.

      I’m sure you’ve all seen the same link passed out time after time again and yes it does get irritating however the beauty of blogging is that we’re creating posts regularly and these can be linked across Social Media once a month therefore our post tolerance levels won’t be affected. Over time you will have a plethora of posts, linking 2 then 3 then 4 per day over all Social Media channels.

      Makes a lot of sense to me. I have enough for more than 1 different post per day already, the reason I’ve created a schedule for mine.

      Good luck with your Social Media schedule.


  2. Thanks Simon. This was enlightening, to say the least. I must search for that training video. I’m working my way through the WA training myself, but up to now have left Social Media alone, as I don’t really have an online presence. Maybe I’ll have to review this.
    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Thomas.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      I won’t place a link to this Social Media training here as Seminars are for members only. If you look in the left hand menu, there’s ‘Live Video Classes’
      Everything associated with running an online business, affiliate marketing and attracting visitors is trained in these Seminars.

      This is fairly new to me Thomas but when you watch the Seminar, the logic steps in. It’s all about creating a presence on a consistent basis, hence a Social Media schedule.
      I am posting posts daily now. I share links to a few different posts per day with all the major Social Media platforms.

      Over time you become more and more authoritative within your chosen niche and this is where visitors start viewing your posts and trust is gained. It works 2 fold as higher rankings are received due more visitors are entering into your website escalating you authority and trust which leads to conversions.

      Powerful stuff – Worth watching Thomas. All the best,

  3. Hello there, SImon,
    Awesome article about the power of social media. Without a doubt, social sharing is the way to go in a world whose every move is an electronic recording! people are constantly at the computers sharing stories, recipes, pictures, just about everything that’s meaningful to them – and not necessarily to you. That’s the way of the world today. I have a website as well. and I need to re-evaluate my social sharing to maximize my online presence. I will take some notes from you.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      I must admit I am still fairly new to Social Media but I have now got a schedule in place. I think this is imperative after watching this seminar. It’s common sense really but without a schedule you’re not going to be constantly sharing and this is a must to make your presence shown.

      I have already seen a rise in Google Analytics for the number of visitors this website is receiving since starting this schedule so it does show how powerful this method is even in such early days.

      Thanks again Michelle and Good luck with you Social Media sharing.

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