How To Choose a niche Online

Daunted by this term? – don’t be.

How to choose a niche online should be the most exciting decision you make venturing into the world of blogging.

How to choose a niche onlineIt’s basically your passion, what you are interested in, excited to write about and tell the world.

Writing about your interest should not feel like a day job, rather – a wonderful lifestyle.

Everyone has the potential to create a successful online business out of anything they are interested in.

It’s just knowing where to start.

This post provides the gateway  – Learn how to create a flourishing website promoting your passion.

You just require these 3 essentials:

  1. Expert Training
  2. Build a website
  3. Get help whenever you need it.

Take a look how beautifully created these successful blogs are:

Stunning, aren’t they!

These websites have become extremely successful yet started off with an idea – Simply by promoting their passion with delightful presentation

You have the potential to become successful too by designing a similar glamorous looking website promoting your interest. It only requires these 4 steps:

  1. Pick a segment of the market you have an attraction for
  2. Build a beautiful website promoting your passion
  3. Attract visitors to your website
  4. Earn revenue by promoting products within your field

What is a niche?

It’s a specialised piece of the market, an audience – a group of people interested in a particular segment of the market – looking for new stuff.

With literally billions of people purchasing items online, millions within different alcoves of the market place, anyone has the potential to lead their passion into a specialised corner of the market, creating a profitable, enjoyable lifelong business.

You are not creating a pop up shop here, rather a solid business foundation – your website, that’s open continuously, having exposure to millions of people around the world. Your potential is vast if you can effectively connect with people.

Although it’s a scary word for many starting out into the world of blogging, it’s only something you are passionate about – it’s only something you and I search for in Google.

What do you have a fascination for?

Ideally, your passion should be something you are fascinated with, something you will enjoy writing about, talking about, learning, helping others with and earning from.

Steering your interest towards a particular segment within the market place can lead to a life-long profitable business opportunity – an enjoyable job you’ll have great fun with.

How to become an expert within any field

How to become an expert in any niche

An excellent tutorial by Wealthy Affiliate

Almost anything has the potential to become an online success.

Maybe it’s your hobby, a sport perhaps – maybe a pastime, for example: rugby, dancing, football, ballet, basketball, fishing, cooking, ice skating, rounders, knitting, rock climbing, swimming, golf, fishing, etc, etc. The list is endless.

Maybe something you enjoy, have a fascination for – like clothes, history, baking, jewellery, chemistry, watches, biology, physics, makeup, travel, cars, holidays, drones, fashion, motorbikes, languages, bicycles, etc, etc. The list goes on.

Your bag maybe helping others, solving a problem perhaps – like weight loss, back problems, hair loss or helping the disabled, the elderly, the disadvantaged. It can simply be a need or a want.

Making money online is probably one of the most popular interests people get involved in. Helping the housebound disabled, jobless, those stuck in a rut, Mums at home, semi-retired, retired – make an income online.

As you can probably visualise, almost anything imaginable can be made into a success story. It’s just a matter of choosing what you are interested in and passionate about, willing to write about and help others with.

Free starter membership

Once you’ve found your thing, it’s time to narrow it down

Most affiliates make the big mistake of choosing something that’s too broad – too generic. Example – Clothes, Astronomy, Sports, Gardening, Home. If you choose a market that’s too broad like these you will probably never get a foot in the door, there is far too much competition from the big companies. You have to become more targeted towards your audience.

The best way to comprehend this, is to think – what would you and I type into Google when searching for basketball shoes? – Would it be – Sports? – Basketball? or basketball shoes?  Answer – Basketball shoes, you are reaching your targeted audience.

The idea is to narrow down into a smaller segment within the market. Targeting a smaller group of people enables you to get the solid foundations for a viable business online.

The more narrow and targeted you are – the more success you will have as you are approaching a specific group of people in their final stages of the customer purchasing life-cycle – This is powerful. For example:

Narrow clothes down into a smaller segment like: women’s dresses, baby clothes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, girls trainers, boys outdoor clothes, men’s ties, etc.


Astronomy – narrow down into a smaller segment: Telescopes for beginners, telescopes for the experienced, etc.

Sports – narrow it down to basketball – then basketball coaching.

Gardening – make it more targeted: lawnmowers, gardening tools, hedge trimmers, green-houses, perennial plants, plants that grow in the shade, etc.

Home – make this sector smaller – like kitchen equipment – narrow again into: juicers, ovens, fridges, freezers, coffee machines, small kitchen equipment ideas, baking, cooking for beginners, etc.

Travel and Holidays – Head straight to your audience – Like walking, canoeing, hiking, fishing, cycling holidays.

Almost anything you are interested in can be turned into success if targeted correctly. It’s a far easier process than you may be thinking.

Targeting your passion correctly can lead to unlimited potential

There are over 3 billion people searching online, millions searching within each recess of the market.

Take a targeted audience like Dogs Toys for example – there are over 30,000 dogs toys on Amazon alone, same thing applies for basketball shoes.

This is over 30,000 potential posts you can derive from one store – Amazon. See the potential?

Take a look at how Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate prepares a love for Dogs Toys and finds inspiration for writing ideas, ready for creating a successful business

Your Idea and Affiliate Marketing - Is there Unlimited Potential?
Your Idea and Affiliate Marketing – Is there Unlimited Potential?

Wealthy Affiliate University

I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate – a company that’s best described as a university for blogging. They teach how to market your pride into an affluent online venture. I have come across a whole range of different interests from other members, for example:

The founders, Kyle and Carson. They have a passion for helping people make money online – that’s their bag.

Carlos Santana Hat
Mens Hats Niche

Other members have passions for:

  • Men’s Hats
  • Earthquake Kits
  • dealing with Dementia
  • Marketing Coconut Oil
  • Barbecues
  • Football Boots
  • Basketball Shoes
  • Fancy Dress
  • Hockey Equipment
  • Dogs Toys
    Dogs Toys Niche

    Dog Training

  • Kayaks
  • Fishing Holidays
  • Weight Loss
  • Swimming Gear
  • Women’s Earrings
  • Deer Hunting
  • Clothes for Toddlers
  • Making Money From Home

The list really is endless. You can create a life-long prosperous business model from almost anything imaginable.

My niche is Plastic Sheds for the garden

I initially considered Sheds, but once Wealthy Affiliate pointed out to me that this choice is too generic and I would be trying to target an audience that’s far too wide with too much competition, I made my choice to promote Plastic Sheds due to their low maintenance factors when compared to the wooden variety.

Take a look at my Honest Review about Wealthy Affiliate, my story takes you through the steps, how Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to turn my niche into an online business, earning revenue through affiliate marketing by promoting products regarding my passion.

How to choose a niche online

Anything catering towards a precise audience has the potential to become an upscale business

Think about the last time you searched on Google – What were you searching for? – You were the audience.

You certainly weren’t the only one searching, you were among a group of people, millions searching for the same thing you were, although we all type different words into Google prior to searching.

How do you make money from whatever you are passionate about?

There are many ways to earn money online. By far the most popular is to join an affiliate program like Amazon.

Affiliate programsThere is an endless list of Affiliate programs to join. Just type into google ‘affiliate programs + your hobbyhorse’ and you will find a list of them.

Example – Type into Google:

‘affiliate programs + baby clothes’ – this will give a list of baby clothes affiliate programs you can join.

Affiliate programs are free to join because you are promoting the products for them.

You earn revenue by creating posts consisting of helpful information, engaging your audience then guiding them to the products you are promoting via links from your website. If the customer purchases via your link you earn revenue.

Before you promote links and earn revenue it is vital that your website is built correctly – this is the foundation for your business. A website that includes helpful, informative and engaging posts regarding your passion is pivotal for your success.

Quality posts increase your authority and gain trust with your audience, embedding your business on the web.

Then it’s time to link your promotional products within your affiliate program to earn revenue.

As time goes by you create more posts, increasing more traffic to your website which further increases your authority and your trust, making your business more successful but the groundwork has to be in place first.

Once you have chosen what to build your website around – It’s important to understand:

  • You will be creating high quality content – Providing engaging, informative and helpful posts.
  • Happy to communicate within your particular field.
  • Promoting products within your chosen market.
  • Will you enjoy helping people regarding your subject?
  • Your idea has the potential to become a very successful business if marketed correctly.

Should you be worried about competition?

Answer – No!

There are literally billions of people searching for things on the net, millions searching within each fragment. It all depends on what you and I type into the Search Engines when searching for stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate are Masters in this field, they provide the know-how and tools to effectively target these people searching.

No niche is too competitive

Want to learn how to turn your enthusiasm into a successful business?

Now take another look at these enchanting blogs and take inspiration from them. Visualise how creative you could be, promoting your idea within a sensational website:

Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to create beautiful websites like these – In your chosen field.

The course shows you how to drive visitors to your website and receive high rankings in the Search Engines.

You’ll be surprised how straight forward the training is.

Would you like to learn?

If you would like to have a go at a blogging career, Wealthy Affiliate welcome you to come inside and give it a try.

No experience whatsoever is required. This course is specifically designed for newbies starting out.

Wealthy Affiliate have a FREE membership that anyone can join.

In the Free membership you are given 2 free hosted websites and free easy step-by-step training designed for newbies. This will give you a great insight into the blogging world.

Starter Course

If you can’t think of a particular interest – no problem. Wealthy Affiliate have a money making niche, all geared up, ready to tap into.

Once you’ve completed your training you will have created a beautiful website and built the solid foundations for a successful business in affiliate marketing. Then is the time to consider premium membership if you want to take your business to the next level but there is no obligation to do so.

No silly contracts or credit cards, just your email address, name and you’re in.

It’s incredible what you learn surrounded by successful people, this really is a blogging university. They have a fabulous community that all help each other. You’ll get a real confidence boost.

Head over to Getting Started for an in-depth review.

5 Examples of targeted niches with potential earnings

To give an idea of potential earnings, The Wealthy Affiliate Website explains how to make an online success from these 5 targeted niches:

  1. A learn to play the guitar niche
  2. Baby Stroller
  3. Organic Skin Care
  4. Back Pain Relief
  5. A Longer Golf Drive

The possibilities are similar for any targeted niche.

Wealthy Affiliate Website

Thanks for reading

SimonI hope this has provided you with sufficient information how you can literally make an outstanding business out of whatever you are passionate about.

If you have any questions, write in the comments section below – I will be glad to help.

Thanks for looking,



8 thoughts on “How To Choose a niche Online”

  1. Simon, you are so right about choosing a good niche. And narrowing into that particular group of people we choose.

    When I read all of these I am so happy that I understand what you talk about after all the hours I put learning from the WA and had no clue about online marketing before that.

    So I can claim that Kyle and Carson found a great niche and made it work lol
    So many people growing as marketers within their university!

    That’s awesome! Reading your post I just got reminded how much I have improved!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for leaving a comment.
      I always smile when I see adverts saying how to join the most popular niche, they’ll show you how to make money fast, etc,etc.

      All they are doing is leading you down a path to nowhere and it’s disappointing so many people fall for this trick. A popular niche is very difficult to get a foot in the market as so many people are involved – Competition is fierce, no good for anyone starting out.

      All Wealthy Affiliate show is how to target a small audience, become established with a website and market your targeted niche to it’s full potential. Many would say a small niche is not where the money is but they’re wrong.
      Millions search within any type of targeted niche daily and if you’re there waiting for visitors, your small amount of competition means one thing – You are going to be the one who succeeds because you are among only a few waiting for them in the Search Engines results.

      It does take time to build up enough quality posts to achieve high rankings but compared to a popular niche, how many posts will it take to compete with the authoritative websites – A long time, which may never come to fruition.

      It’s all quite a straightforward process but has to be learnt and implemented correctly and that’s what Wealthy Affiliate are experts in – running a successful online business.

      I’m so happy you are improving daily – It just requires determination which you have in bucket loads.

      Good luck with your business and thanks again,

  2. That is a very informative post. I agree with you about not choosing a broad niche. A narrow niche provides you with the opportunity to connect better with your audience but also to write good quality posts. If your niche is too broad i don’t think you can write really informative posts but in a way you will be lost with the amount of topics you will have to cover.

    1. Hi Nikos,
      I agree with you regarding a too broader niche and that’s why Wealthy Affiliate steer you away from this.

      If you narrow your niche down towards a targeted audience you can effectively attract people at the end of the customer purchase life-cycle – Those people searching in Google specifically for a certain product.
      Wealthy Affiliate show you how to target these people and climb high in the search engine rankings to drive visitors to your website.

      Take my niche, plastic sheds for the garden. I am only looking for people typing into the search engines for a particular type of plastic shed – not wood or metal – Plastic.
      I only write posts regarding the different styles of plastic sheds on the market – Those people searching for plastic sheds are my targeted audience.

      Thanks again for communicating,

  3. Hi Simon, Thank you for a really great article, I see there is a lot to think about when building an online business. You have helped me narrow down my options, I was thinking broader.
    I see that you are a big fan of the wealthy Affiliate program I will have a look at the free trial

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thanks for your interest.
      You are correct, there is a lot to think about choosing your passion and making sure you narrow your niche down towards a more targeted audience. You are’t alone, Wealthy Affiliate help you all the way to make sure you start off on the correct footing.

      A too broader niche is too generic, you are trying to convey to an audience that’s far too wide. This becomes quite difficult to get established on the net as you are competing against too many websites including those from big companies.

      A narrow niche has the advantages of a small audience, you are connecting with people at the end of the customer purchases life-cycle, ready to purchase. This is powerful, but don’t think your audience is too small, it’s vast – Millions of people searching within each narrow niche.

      If you can effectively connect with these people, the sky is the limit once you become established. Only one thing will take you there and that’s quality content, writing posts regarding your chosen niche.

      I am a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate. They have taught me the gateway to success in very straightforward steps. Simply take one step at a time and work your way through the course. It’s great fun to do and leads to an enjoyable lifestyle.

      The free trial is what brought me into Wealthy Affiliate. It gives you the chance to get an overall feel of the role and what’s required. You have the time to do your own review of WA at no cost. Great way to get started.

      Thanks again for reading,
      Hope to see you in the members area,

  4. Hi Simon.
    Clearly presented and well laid out website. The knowledge you share on this page should be enough to entice anyone to roll their sleeves up and get into it.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thanks for taking your time reading and thank you for your kind words.

      You are right, this does involve rolling your sleeves up and getting down to putting some work into your project.
      Anyone has the potential to make a viable home-based business through affiliate marketing this way.

      A lot of people’s presume once a website’s set up it will bring revenue in but that’s not the case. It does take time to become established with your website on the web and content is the only thing which will provide this which means writing plenty of posts regarding your passion.

      Once you climb the hill with plenty of quality posts you become established. This can lead to a very viable online business but the groundwork must be in place first.
      Thanks again,

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