How to Build a Free Website Online

How to build a free website online with hosting and starter training thrown in – Interested?

You’re probably thinking that this is a gimmick or some sort of scam but it’s NOT.

How to Build a Free Website OnlineWealthy Affiliate are the company providing all this complimentary stuff. No credit card is required, No contracts, just your name, email address and you’re in.

Build a beautiful website, the foundations of your business.

Create your own blog, promote a passion you are interested in or take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate referral business opportunity – the choice is yours.

Their training will provide you with the foundations for a successful business – your site, ready to attract visitors from the Web.

This will give you an insight into how dedicated and legitimate Wealthy Affiliate are in teaching newbies how to build a professional looking blog and market their business online successfully.

Here’s how Wealthy Affiliate have taught me to build my niche website:

Quality Plastic Sheds

You can do the same with your niche.

Here’s some delightfully presented blogs:

Picture creating your site with stunning presentation regarding your passion:

All these creations started off one day from an idea!

Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to create something special, just like these blogs yet out of your interest.

So what’s in it for Wealthy Affiliate?

Nothing really, they have over 800,000 members and are now in a position to offer this service on the house.

Website Themes
Choose your website theme

They want you to come inside and give you a confidence boost. Show you how easy it is to build and design stunning blogs these days.

Their starter training will teach you how to create beautiful, engaging posts and how to market the niche you are passionate about.

Once you have completed the starter training you will have created the solid foundations for your successful business – It’s the most comprehensive training program regarding building an online business available.

It’s great fun to do, you’ll be blown away with what you create. No experience whatsoever is required, you’ll be amazed how simplistic their training approach is.

IF you want to take your career path to the next level you will then have confidence in Wealthy Affiliate to consider joining their premium membership, their advanced training will enable you to take your business to the next level – Success, but that’s entirely up to you.

Don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate are legitimate, hate spam and disprove scam, they will never push you into joining their premium membership.

We all have to start somewhere, there’s no better way than a gratis way to get rolling.

Choose Your WordPress Theme
Choose Your WordPress Theme

So what are they giving away?

  • You are provided with 2 WordPress sites.
  • Expert training on how to create an attractive looking blog.
  • Training includes uncovering the secrets to successfully run a business on the web.
  • Help and Support whenever you require it

Your site will be run on Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform, Like this:

It’s really easy to set-up and takes minutes – no technical stuff to worry about.

Your blog adapts to the various screen sizes – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, crucial for today’s market.

You have the choice of various themes for the look of your site – it’s just a matter of choosing your preferred style to create your stunning design.

Check and type in to see if your web-address name is available:

Then, Click the blue button


Hosting without charge

Don’t worry about all the technical stuff like back-up and security problems, that’s all taken care of behind the scenes, just get on with creating your own beautiful website.

Superb community

Wealthy Affiliate has over 800,000 members, so as you can imagine there are always tens of thousands of members online in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you have a question, need help or are unsure of anything, just ask the community, someone always answers – This helpful community is what makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out head and shoulders above their competition.

Starter training at no cost

You are offered a beginner training course that is video based and has a very simplistic approach to teaching. You are looking over the shoulder of an expert and following what they do. Simply watch the video, pause and implement what is being taught – it really is that simple.

You are taught from scratch:

Build a website fast
You’ll be up and running in no time

How to set-up your site – this only takes minutes – This video will give you an idea of how fast the process is:

Understanding how to make money on the internet. It’s a very straight forward learning curve.

Choose a niche

Choose a niche or maybe you already have an interest you’re passionate about – Don’t think your niche/interest is too small, there are billions of internet users out there attracting visitors for any niche. OR get rolling on Wealthy Affiliate’s referral opportunity side of the business if you can’t decide on a niche – it’s just ready to get going with. The referral business offers excellent commissions where you can achieve an outstanding income.

Optimising your web-address for SEO

Optimising your web-address for getting ranked in the search engines through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – for Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Sounds really complicated but it’s very straightforward.

Become registered with Google Analytics to see your website’s visitor data; past and in real time.

Befriending Google by becoming a member and registering your website with Google+

How to display and create content

Designing your pages and posts and how to create helpful and engaging content – How to correctly display your posts with pictures, titles and white space making it an enjoyable read.

This how Wealthy Affiliate have shown me how to write and display quality content. This is my Lifetime 8x10ft Shed post:

The powerful keyword tool

Creating titles for your content using Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword tool. This is a great tool which helps you find low competition keywords for your title.

The Keyword Tool shows how much traffic goes through the search engines on a monthly basis using these keywords – those words you and I type into Google when searching. It also shows you how many other sites are using those keywords – that’s your competition.

You then place those keywords/your title into the first paragraph of your post/blog page and this all helps getting your posts ranked in the search engines. Sounds a bit complicated but once you’ve done it, you’ll find this easy.

When you’ve completed the starter course you will have built an amazing site, stunning in design and ready to earn money.

Starter course – Create your own niche website

This is the starter course for any niche/interest you are passionate about.

You earn revenue by joining an Affiliate Company (at no cost). You provide affiliate links from your blog and earn revenue through the process when someone purchases via your link.

Starter Course

Wealthy Affiliate’s Business Opportunity

This is the starter course if you would prefer to market the Wealthy Affiliate Business opportunity – A making money niche.

You earn revenue when you refer people as a premium member into Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s easy to refer as members can enrol for free

Wealthy Affiliate Business Referral Opportunity Course

While you are here, take a look at both courses, there’s a wealth of information you can learn – all in an easy step by step way.

Premium Membership

IF you enjoy your work and want to take your business to the next level consider their premium membership package which offers full training throughout all courses to ensure your success – this really is a university for learning how to legitimately market a blog in the online world.

SuccessOn top of that – full community support and help on demand, whatever your concerns.

Purchase and host your own web domain at a fraction of the price their competition charges. Wealthy Affiliate do not hike the renewal price up like so many do.

Ideas galore and systems that work for the community are posted daily.

Seminars on all sorts of helpful topics from webpage design, to Social Media, marketing etc, etc

You will discover a wealth of information to ensure your business succeeds.

Starter and Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate hates spam

SpamFor peace of mind, you will not be pushed into premium membership – there will be no hassle.

It costs absolutely nothing to join – no contract, credit card, bank details, no ties – just your name, email address and hop inside, you’ll be surprised with what you learn.

If you wish to take your business to the next level you will now have the confidence in Wealthy Affiliate and realise this is an honest and legitimate company that has a dedicated passion to teach newbies how to successfully market their business on the internet – That’s why there’s no charge, to give you confidence in them.

Premium membership does not tie you to any contract – you can cancel at any time.

I have written a very detailed honest review about Wealth Affiliate describing my journey through the wilderness

Getting Started will show you the most complimentary way to get started on the web today. There is more information with this program than most paid for services on the net.

The best bit – It costs you nothing to come inside and give it a go.

You’ll be amazed how straight forward the learning process of turning your passion into a successful business is.

SimonThanks for reading,

Enjoy your freebie.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below.

Hope to see you on the inside,



11 thoughts on “How to Build a Free Website Online”

  1. Hi Simon, thank you for your overview of the process of building a website. I gotta say that the SiteRubix platform provided by wealthy affiliate is beyond silky smooth. I love that they take care of all the coding work so that all I have to worry about is providing quality content to my viewers.

  2. Hi!
    As an Affiliate Marketer, I can just say that Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best choice out there.
    They provide you with everything needed to succeed!
    From training, help, support, building your website, hosting, and much more!
    It is only YOU that has to do the work, and I’m sure that if you’ll follow the training and do what they teach you that you’ll succeed very much!
    Thanks for your great review!

    1. Hi Chanan,

      I couldn’t put what you’ve said any better myself, thanks!

      Wealthy Affiliate will show you exactly how to run an online business through a website leaving no stones un-turned.

      They uncover all the bloggers secrets for how to receive traffic to your quality crafted posts and this is powerful stuff.

      Once you receive organic traffic through the Search Engines, the world is your oyster as far as making money is concerned.

      I all takes a bit of time regarding determination and hard work to become established on the web with a website but once trust and authority is gained from the Search Engines and you are granted higher rankings for the quality of posts you are delivering the sky really is the limit.

      You are so right, there is only you can do this and Wealthy Affiliates role is to show you exactly how it’s done.

      Thanks again Chanan,


  3. Hi Simon,
    Your review is so pure and straight to the point! Exactly explaining all the benefits we have within the WA. Thank you for this amazing promotion of my favorite platform and place to be 🙂


    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      I hope you are enjoying your time as much as I am.

      There’s a great community at Wealthy Affiliate, everyone is willing to help one another succeed.
      Just keep on with going through the steps, I am only just in front of you.

      Just remember every post you write increases your rankings in the search engines. Lets climb this ladder together.

      Enjoy yourself – Here’s to success,

  4. Simon,

    Great post on how to get started and everything that WA provides. I too am a member and I went premium within the first couple days because I saw how great the opportunity was and it was all because I made the choice to create that free account. I haven’t looked back since and have been hooked! Again, awesome post and I look forward to seeing you around the WA community.


    1. Hi Kyle,
      I appreciate your time getting in touch, pleased to meet you!

      The thing that drew my attention to join WA in the beginning was their free starter package. This gave me the ability to go through their training at no cost and give my own review. The best review is your own.
      Looking back, I’m still quite shocked how straightforward the training on how to build a website is. I had no prior experience within this type of role.

      Once you complete the starter training you have built your website with stunning design, created plenty of posts and ready for taking your business to the next level – that ain’t bad for free. Then is the time to consider going Premium.

      I think the figure of now over 600,000 members says it all really. It’s great fun to do.
      Thanks again Kyle,

  5. Hi Simon!

    Thanks for the tips on how to get started for free! I find that setting up a website on my own was pretty daunting. Did you find that to be the case? All the install of WordPress and the plugins. Seems a bit techy.

    Beyond the setup, how does Wealthy Affiliate program help me get started?


    1. Hi Deena,

      Thanks for your interest.

      Your thoughts were my thoughts before I joined. I had absolutely zero experience in this field.

      It’s the most straightforward program that I’ve ever been involved in. You simply watch how Wealthy Affiliate implement and implement into your website what’s shown. It really is that simple.

      They make plugin installs a doddle – I would have had no clue without their help.

      We all choose different templates but all WordPress websites are implemented in the same way.

      They hold your hand right from the start through to advanced level – everyone is important, help is always there for everyone.

      Creating a successful business online is the same learning curve too. The experts show you how to do it and you create content how it’s shown.

      We all choose different niches so our content is different but the strategy is the same for everyone.

      Their keyword tool is my favourite – It’s just the words we type into Google. Their keyword tool shows how much traffic is generated monthly and how much competition their is from other websites. This boosts your rankings in the Search Engines.

      It’s really good fun too, a really enjoyable job.

      Thanks again,


  6. Hi Simon,

    I think Wealthy Affiliate is worth every penny. It has great solutions for how to build a thriving online website/blog.

    I like the fact that they give great attention to every step and implore you to follow along in the certification classes.

    I wish I knew more about marketing services, but I’;; have to advance further into the training for that. It’s a great platform and Kyle and Carson are awesome.


    1. Hi Wil,

      Thanks for taking your time to read how to build a free website online.

      I was really surprised how straightforward their training is. You just follow the training, step-by-step, learning how to implement. You end up with a professional looking website that looks stunning.

      I still can’t believe how much I’ve achieved with their training. Their marketing services is similar to the website building – just take it all step-by-step. In time your website starts showing authority gaining traffic through the Search Engines.

      Kyle and Carson are great – Help and support is always there for everone.

      Thanks again,


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