How To Blog For Affiliate Marketing – Boost Your Earnings

Boost your earnings potential with this ‘how to blog for affiliate marketing’ guide. Setting out these clear fundamentals for every written post is a sure fire way to gain exposure and trust with your audience, keeping them reading whilst increasing your conversion rates.

How To Blog For Affiliate MarketingWriting articles, promoting products within your niche maybe the most daunting prospect bloggers undertake yet the entire process only requires a candid approach in the way you engage with your audience.

Having a friendly approach, one where honesty and trust invigorates a post’s credentials creates a genuine atmosphere providing the sincerity visitors are looking for. Master this style – Welcome to the upper echelon of the blogging world.

Top strategies for every written post that will boost conversions:

  • A friendly approach
  • A helpful manner
  • Ditch that sales mentality
  • Leverage reviews
  • Professional design
  • Catchy headings
  • Searchable titles
  • Providing interaction
  • Linking posts via Social Media

Take inspiration from Mum

About a month ago Mum came over and asked if I could order some kitchen bar stools from a particular website as her internet was playing up that day. The Bar Stool website were having a one day sale and she wanted to take advantage of the offer.

I visited the website and to my surprise this was a targeted niche, promoting every kind of kitchen bar stool imaginable. A fabulous website without deviating from their niche made their blog posts quite enchanting as kitchen bar stools are the only products they promote.

I asked her why she opted to purchase through this website rather than searching through the major retailers. She said the majors are only interested in selling where as this Kitchen Bar Stool website is helpful as they explain the qualities in more detail whilst offering alternatives, show the pros and cons of each type, relay reviews from people who have purchased and answer all the questions I have.

Take heed when blogging – Refrain from coming across as a selling portal. Having a helpful approach is the definitive solution.

Come across friendly

Come across with a friendly approach

Writing naturally is the imperative measure to undertake when writing a blogging article, placing your own spin on things materializes writing into an engaging effect, a style that keeps an audience interested.

Offering your point of view regarding the quality of a subject, product or program shows authority, you’ll be surprised how soon trust is gained by visitors embedding your niche website firmly into establishment on the web.

After a few posts, mastering this style of writing as though you are having a friendly conversation rather than forever pushing how wonderful the subject or promotional item is leads to a successful blogging route, the latter pushes visitors away – People do not like being Sold to.

A helpful approach works wonders

Leveraging Questions and Answers into your written subject regarding promotions champions a blog post with helpful information. Applying this methodology provides valuable particulars regarding the topic yet has the potential to promote a website into a higher league altogether.

A helpful approach works wonders
A helpful approach

Question are what’s rolling around inside your visitors, you have the ability to answer all concerns helping your audience. Take a look at the QA’s regarding whatever you are promoting whether it’s a product, service or program and relay the answers into your posts.

Offering helpful knowledge for a visitor is the most powerful solution to gain trust. If something is poor quality or has problems associated with it, mention it within your review. You’re not downgrading anything here, you are feeding your audience with honest yet valuable information and they will thank you for it.

You can always leverage a poor quality item with a quality item and simply point visitors towards the better alternative.

Leverage reviews – Powerful stuff!

Digest the reviews associated with whatever you are promoting whether it’s a product, service or program and relay them in your post.

Leverage Reviews
Leverage Reviews

Reviews are the powerful piece of the jigsaw in determining a visitors decision. These are the people that have purchased or have been involved; this allows you to leverage their experience into your written document – A potent tool for any discerning blogger.

Allsorts of valuable information can be gathered through reviews, excelling your article into one of distinguished helpfulness, informing your viewers regarding the pros and cons in remarkable detail making your blog roll an authoritative power within your chosen niche. What’s more, visitors will thank you for your service supplying honest information.

Many posts can be written this way, take the poor reviews for example: Leverage those with the awesome reviews and point visitors towards the better alternative.

Express your post with a Ravishing Appearance

Images speak a thousand words on their own and they’re so easy to insert into a post. Use them to enhance your post with delightful presentation. Not only do pictures break up the text to make a wonderful taskless reading experience, they have the potential to promote your subject on their own sending conversion rates into a higher league altogether.

Images speak a thousand wordsIf you are an associate member of an Affiliate Program such as Amazon you are allowed to use their products images for your promotions. These are usually professionally taken images providing the potent tools to accomplish a polished finish to your article, one of masterful design.

If your promotion has no imagery associated with it, there are plenty of free sources on the internet that allow you to glossen up any post in bodacious detail. A professional design creates an engaging theme destined for success.

You maybe fortunate enough to add a video, if any are available on YouTube regarding your promotional products or services. This is the most powerful solution to explode conversions when you have visitors flooding in. A motion video accelerates a product to unbelievable conversion rates when you’re audience sees the subject in action.

Videos are easy to embed within a blog post, so if they are available for your article, use them – You won’t be disappointed, we are all visual by nature. Showing an audience how something works looks and performs is the gateway to prosperity.

Alluring headlines keeps an audience engaged

Writing out catchy headings for a post prior to starting writing is the best way to write an article. Absorbing headings allures visitors to read the next portion, applying this method throughout a web post keeps an audience reading the entirety of a post. Master full engagement and watch your conversions soar, an underestimated powerful method.

Embed videos to boost a blog page
Embed videos to boost a blog page

We all have the attention span of a gnat these days so why bore readers with a block of uninviting words. The last thing you want to appear as is a daunting task to read. Space writing out with H3 tag headings and write in small paragraphs, information is much easier to absorb this way, visitors experience should be at the forefront of every blogger’s mind.

Couple these techniques with images and a video in among, the most professionally designed article can be accomplished, it’s far easier than you maybe inclined to presume.

Are your titles searchable?

There’s no point creating this wonderful masterpiece if nobody’s searching for it. How do we find out whether a post is searchable or not?

It’s all down to the words you create the title from. A keyword tool is the essential ingredient for making your articles web search ready but it must be up to date to present you with keywords that are being searched regularly in the Search Engines. Many Keyword Tools are not up to date presenting false information.

How To Get Keywords For A Website - Jaaxy
Jaaxy – The most powerful Keyword Tool on the Web

Keywords are simply the words we type into the Search Engines search bar when performing a search. Think what would you type into the Search Engines to find your post and place those words in the Keyword Tool – Press Search.

You will be presented with a plethora of alternative suggestions where the Keyword Tool shows how much traffic is searched per month using these words in the same order as well as your competition, other websites using the same keywords in the same order.

Simply cherry pick high traffic keywords that are relevant to your written article with low competition from other websites using the same. Use these words in the same order for your post title and also place them somewhere in the first two paragraphs if you can fit them in to make sense. Never keyword stuff as this will ruin an article. Write the rest of the post naturally.

Now, when someone searches your keywords in the future, you’ve provided the Search Engines a means to find you, presenting your stance on the Search Engines results pages ready to invite visitors into your website to read your quality content.

Interaction ranks posts higher

How do the most successful bloggers get noticed by the Search Engines – Their posts are engaging. Have you ever noticed sometimes at the bottom of a post an abundance of comments, these are eminent bloggers posts.

Interaction through the Comments section is Key
Interaction through the Comments section is Key

This strategy shows to the likes of Google that a post is engaging, people offering comments, asking questions, interacting. Search Engines venerate engaging posts with higher rankings, a return of favour through the provision of quality content that visitors adore so much they want to get involved.

Providing interaction is an efficacious method of entering a post into the high ranking division.

Social Media traffic ball

The most powerful solution to start the process of the traffic ball rolling is by providing links to these quality posts.

Search Engines take notice once visitors start entering web posts, it’s a sign of interesting material has been delivered, they want more visitors to see your quality production returning the favour with an increase in rankings.

Registering a website with Google+ and sharing links on the platform is one of the most potent ways in getting web posts recognised. Google can promote many links into the Search Engines results page when someone types in the title of your post into the Search bar.

Success is Happening

Uncover the secrets to Affiliate Marketing

Techniques that work

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SimonThanks for reading.

Any questions you have I’m always happy to help. Please drop them in the comment section below and make my post engaging – ha!

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10 thoughts on “How To Blog For Affiliate Marketing – Boost Your Earnings”

  1. Wow, Simon! I love the hint your mom gave to all of us writing blogs. Love it!
    That’s so important. For me, it is like getting into some store and as soon as you step in the worker is in front of you with the ”Is there anything special you are looking for?” question. I like more one simple ”Hello, welcome” and then track me as I go exploring and be there for me to sell if I want to buy.
    Most likely I will come back to that store if I had peace while ”shopping”. Of course, unless I am in hurry or tired of looking for something and I ask myself for the help.

    I think that the same principle should be applied to our blogs.

    1. Hi Sunny,
      You are so right.
      To come across as some kind of selling portal puts people off straight away like you getting harassed by shop staff as they are only interested in sales.

      Bloggers simply beat the online stores by writing naturally in a helpful manner and if you are writing about a duff product you have still the winners edge as you point out all the negatives and positives it may have yet you have the power to point visitors to another blog page where there’s a better alternative. You are simply leveraging the bad with the good. This keeps content flowing continuously and is the bloggers armoury.

      Yeah, Mums is a true story, that’s exactly what she said. The big store are only interested in selling.
      Thanks again Sunny, I’m glad I’ve inspired you,


  2. Hi Simon,

    I do agree to that Affiliate Marketing is one huge opportunity and can give massive rewards if you are willing to put in some hard work to it.

    Many fails to go through it, it’s because they have excuses and say: This is too hard, I’m not earning anything etc…

    But you have also people who’s happy with their 9-5 job. They like the security that the job provides them and that’s is okay too.

    If you want to succeed you have to start with yourself! Start with the mindset and keep on going even you meet the struggles. In the end you will succeed!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Nam,
      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

      Affiliate marketing does require working at just like anything legitimate. If you are determined and willing to roll your sleeves up and put in the effort, over time your website will build up to high rankings. Once you accomplish this stage making money starts to run automatically.

      Yeah, I can see why most people stick with their 9-5 jobs. If you’re happy that’s the main thing in my book and security wise, there’s nothing better but what job is secure nowadays. That’s the big question.

      Yeah, I agree with mindset. I set goals to accomplish per day, week and month. This spurs me on to finish my goals every day. It’s amazing how much you accomplish working this way. I had never thought of doing anything like this before but it certainly works for me.

      Keep climbing the ladder Nam and thanks again,

  3. Enjoyed your article Simon, particularly your comments on leveraging poor products. We come across enough them… so no shortage of things to write about. Appreciate you insight.

    1. Hi Jay,
      Thanks for calling in a leaving a comment.

      Yeah, leveraging poor reviews against wondrous reviews is a powerful piece of the jigsaw by pointing visitors towards the better alternative.

      Not only does this build your website out dramatically with posts to increase rankings in the Search Engines it provides trust with your audience providing this helpful alternative.

      Wealthy Affiliate use this method all the time. As they say, no one can beat them, compete perhaps – so why not leverage everyone against them and you’ll find you are in a win-win situation.
      As you say there are a plethora of duff opportunities out there so leverage them.

      Thanks again Jay,

    1. Hi Cedric,
      Thanks for reading and posting a comment.

      I’m glad you found ‘How To Blog For Affiliate Marketing’ informative and easy to understand. Always happy to follow fellow members. Thanks for your follow too.

      Affiliate marketing involves building a website around your passion, attracting visitors into your website and earning revenue through the affiliate links you create within a post.

      The work required is attracting visitors by following these steps outlined within this post. Overtime, the more posts you create the more your authority and trust grows which leads to an increase in rankings. Once you start landing you posts on the first page of Google Search, the world’s your oyster.

      Thanks again Cedric,

  4. Great looking site!
    Excellent advice for those interested in online success. Wealth affiliate is the best! The training and atmosphere of the community is top notch. You are definitely right about the value of help, it can make you stand out in a sea of sellers who are just in it for the sale. Hat’s off to Mum ;).

    1. Hi Joe,
      Thanks for reading and posting a comment.

      Offering help is definitely the way forward in writing an article and if you are promoting something which has got QA’s and reviews, leverage them into your post.

      It’s amazing how much you can write about this way which does provide the content the Search Engines will rank you for and by receiving customer satisfaction through the help you’re gaining a win win situation.
      Many experienced bloggers work this way.

      Thanks again,

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