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Is there such a thing as an honest procedure to generate income online?

The objective to why most people complicate the process of making money online comes across rather baffling to me yet when most affluent bloggers find the definitive solution, spilling the beans and uncovering the secrets for others is seldom shown.

How To - Affiliate Marketing ProgramsMost opportunists delve through the web searching for ‘How To – Affiliate Marketing Programs’ hoping to find the definitive answers to earning an income online. This was me quite a while back – Is this you?

The opportunity to work from home is brought to you by Wealthy Affiliate, a company with a dedicated passion that teaches how to turn any interest or passion into an online business.

My particular interest regards Quality Plastic Garden Sheds and Low Maintenance Outdoor Storage Solutions. I jumped at the chance to learn how to make money from my passion. What’s your niche?

The 4 Aspects to Accomplish Success Online

  1. Members build their own niche website
  2. Write regular articles with helpful information regarding their niche
  3. Drive traffic into their website and receive Search Engine rankings
  4. Make Money by inserting Affiliate Links

Here, Wealthy Affiliate keep things simple and ask you to do the same. The Wealthy Affiliate Program is split up into 5 levels, each level consists of 10 steps. Members simply implement each step of the training into their website pertaining to their chosen niche.

Achieving over 800,000 members. Accomplishing a 98% positive review rate.

I thought, if they can do this why can’t I. I jumped onboard and uncovered the secrets to how money is legitimately made online. There are no overnight success stories here yet over time you can quite easily create one heck of a revenue stream.

If you are willing to strive to learn the process, show determination to put in the effort and implement each stage, success will come your way. It’s just a matter of time because producing blogs on a regular basis is the only way websites receive rankings from the Search Engines.

Rankings are important. Once blog posts are found by people searching through the Search Engines, conversions come your way and making money starts to run pretty much automatically – Exciting stuff hey!

Watch the Wealthy Affiliate video

An introduction to the 4 steps to success

Watch the 4 steps to success process

Step 1: Build your niche website

The first component and the essential ingredient to run an online business is to have a website, without one there’s no real chance of succeeding online and this is why Wealthy Affiliate has facilitated the simplicity of building out a website through WordPress’s easy user interface.

Clean Business Theme
Build your niche website

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, members receive 2 free hosted websites and free starter training providing newbies an open door to see what’s involved running an online business and to inspect Wealthy Affiliate’s legitimacy credentials.

You will require joining premium to take your business to the level of success however this does provide the honest route. There are no silly contracts, no upsells.

It’s surprising how easy the process is regarding getting your own niche website up and running in whatever niche you are passionate about, thanks to this very straightforward training.

Website building is the critical step, it’s important to build something of substance and stature to give your niche a home, creating solid foundations to embed your business on the web.

Creating your unique niche home enables the delivery of quality helpful content that gains trust with your audience, this leads to an increase in rankings by the Search Engines giving you the ability to monetize and make money from your website.

Choose Your WordPress Theme
Choose Your WordPress Theme

Step 2: Provide regular quality content

Get shut of the worries you have to be some sort of expert writer, this in not the case in a blogging world. All what’s involved is relaying helpful information across to your audience, this should be your focus.

Help and Support for Every Member
Trust leads to Conversions

In essence a blogger is a communicator, the most powerful solution is to write naturally as though you are having a conversation with a friend.

To instigate an approach where helpful information is provided works wonders as this attitude gains trust as opposed to having some sort of sales mentality that lacks trust. People simply do not like being sold to.

There are thousands of ways you can help someone out within any particular niche, never think you will suffer some sort of writer’s block. The training shows an impressive way to come up with new writing ideas for any niche.

You are shown specific ways how to display content with plenty of white space broken up with catchy headings to keep your audience reading. Surrounding content you’ll discover how to insert powerful imagery and embed videos to purvey your niche to it’s full potential.

It’s all quite basic stuff yet pure fun to put together. You’ll be amazed with what you create and how professional your blog posts display. The process is to accomplish visitors reading the entirety of your posts as this leads to conversions.

Take a look at how Wealthy Affiliate have helped me create content for my niche website: Quality Plastic Sheds:

Step 3: Achieve the high ranking accolade

So, how do Search Engines find your blog posts?  Search Engines are purely built off website content. When people search they look for websites delivering the highest quality content. Those that deliver it are located within their results

Uncover the secrets to making money onlineFirst you are shown how to install the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin. This registers your website with all the major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Once content becomes indexed, this represents endless opportunities.

When someone types into the search bar, these words are known as keywords. Search Engines delve through the quality content websites provide, returning results to the keywords typed in.

Mastering the Keyword Tool is shown in detail. Here you create the titles of your blog posts out of the exact keywords people type into the Search bar. In future you want to be standing on the first page of Google Search results attracting visitors to view your articles.

Once you reach the Keyword Tool stage the process of how affluent bloggers reach their first page search status sinks in. You are uncovering the secrets to how successful bloggers make money online.

Search Engines adore interaction returning the favour by ranking websites that deliver it. You’re shown the process of achieving this status. The comment section at the bottom of web posts is where dialogue creates an engaging presence. Wealthy Affiliate have set-up their platform specifically for members to create their own interactive home-based studio.

Linking posts via Social Media is a sure fire way to get the traffic ball rolling, you’re shown how to respectfully share links with all the major players.

The whole process regards amalgamating all these steps for every quality written article as this is how to drive traffic, increase authority within your chosen niche, gain trust with visitors and the Search Engines which ultimately leads to achieving high rankings.

Making Money with Affiliate Links

Once you understand the process of delivering and achieving attaining traffic through your content, the sky truly is the limit. Once you reach this point, in order to scale your business success to your desired level, it’s just a matter of regularly repeating the process.

Join Wealthy Affiliate's Earn While You Learn Program
Join Wealthy Affiliate’s Earn While You Learn Program

There are literally millions of different products you can promote online for any targeted niche. It’s simply a matter of joining one of the thousands of free Affiliate Programs such as Amazon to create your unique affiliate links to their online store

The process of inserting affiliate links is pretty basic stuff. You have the choice of placing them anywhere within your written content either through text, image or text & image.

When someone clicks on your link they are taken to the online store. When someone purchases a product via your link, you earn commission. It’s that simple.

You only require 1 targeted niche delivered through 1 website to become full time and very successful online. This is a serious business opportunity with unlimited potential.

Expert training to accomplish success

As you work your way through the certification levels of training, your knowledge will increase dramatically understanding what’s required to effectively build out your business.

The training starts from scratch, choosing a niche, building a website around it, attracting visitors and earning revenue. Members simply watch the step by step tutorials of how how the experts implement each process, then implement the same procedure into their website pertaining to their chosen niche.

There are many ways, different directions and approaches members can take to increase traffic and conversions and these are discussed in detail further on in the program, however these techniques are the fundamental processes that lead to success.

Do members receive help and support?

Members are supported every step of their journey in the following ways:

  • Ask questions under EVERY training step
  • Receive instant answers through ‘Live Chat’
  • Write out more detailed questions for the whole community
  • Members help each other succeed
  • Ask the Founder members for help
  • Explore the most detailed help library
  • Ask questions in the live seminars

Get Started Today

Join the Wealthy Affiliate platform and turn your passion into a successful home-based business venture.

2 free hosted websites and free starter training to get rolling. No contracts, ties or bank details required. Just your name and email address entitles you to fully inspect what’s on offer here and how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate operate.

Do you own review at no cost.

You will require joining premium to take your business to the next level however there’s no better way than a free way to get started.

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for reading.

I’m always happy to answer any concerns. Please drop them in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “How To – Affiliate Marketing Programs”

  1. Hey Simon,

    I wish I would’ve came across your article when I first started trying to figure out what affiliate marketing was all about! Would have saved me some time.

    You really provided some great information in a very simple and easy to understand manner. Affiliate marketing is definitely a great choice for an online business.

    You can’t go wrong with an opportunity that allows you to make, or exceed, your typical full time income working from anywhere in the world!

    1. Hi Jose,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      I’m glad I have offered you some inspiration. You maybe surprised here but when I joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to blog, I was as raw as they come. I knew nothing regarding writing content, building websites and driving traffic, I was a complete newbie.

      All I have done is work my way through the steps in the training one at a time and implemented what’s shown into my website. They teach how to write with an honest approach as this is where trust is gained. Also, the most important part is not try and sell anything, just offer your quality content and let your audience decide for themselves what’s right for them.

      In the training they teach you how to portray your articles with a show not tell attitude which comes across so much better. Why complicate things when you are explaining something, this does put people off, me included. If visitors understand everything they read you really are halfway there.

      Thanks again Jose and keep up your great work,

  2. Hi Simon,

    Great information about Affiliate Marketing! By reading your article, it’s an education itself and understandable for everyone.

    I hope people that read this post know how valuable this article is! There’s a lot of good and free information you have provided here.

    Seems like I have to book mark yet another great article! Keep it up my friend and thanks for sharing.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Nam,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Yeah, affiliate marketing certainly floats my boat due to the hassle free environment it provides. No stock to purchase and hold, no packaging & postage and no returns to deal with either.

      My whole purpose is to relay information to visitors, ditch any sales mentality and be honest as this is where trust is gained. Reviews are the wonder source and inspiration for my writing ideas. I relay this information whether the reviews are outstanding or poor. I provide a link to the better reviewed articles if the one I’m creating is poor. Simple as that.

      Then all I do is apply the odd affiliate link in among. Those who decide to purchase via my link earns me revenue. The more posts I write the more exposed my blog becomes, the more potential for conversions.

      It’s a wonderful career.
      Thanks again Nam,

  3. Hi Simon
    Man you really are “spilling the beans” in this article. And yes I am surely an opportunist, and have lagged in success with blogs before. The reason was that I was into selling something instead of sharing something.

    For me, that’s where the passion thing comes into play. I am great at researching a niche or a topic and writing about it for anyone interested in reading an essay or book report. But without the passion that comes from being involved in what I’m promoting it’s like reading dead leaves.

    Your own writing and sharing what you know from first hand experience is off the charts. I’m hoping to write just like you when I grow up!

    Great article on a great formated website Simon.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

      I understand exactly what you mean when you say you had a selling approach as most of us have, me included in the beginning but you find in the Wealthy Affiliate training that the pure focus regards helping as this is the key to trust. Once you’ve gone through this training it sinks in and you get it – Powerful stuff, basic but most of us do try and sell and it’s the wrong approach to blogging.

      Yeah, you have to be passionate about something however it doesn’t matter what your passion is as there’ll be millions of other people interested in whatever your interests are spread across the world. Most people try and stay away from a small niche whereas Wealthy Affiliate ask you to take this onboard as they are so easy to attract visitors with and gain authority in.

      The 3 principles regarding blogging are: Are you passionate about your niche, willing to write about it regularly and willing to communicate about it with others. If you answer yes to all 3, there’s your niche.

      To be honest, I always write as I think and say it as it is and let people fully understand. I can’t stand guess work or things hidden. Honesty is key to my life, always has been.
      Thanks again Mike,

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