How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work

As you can probably imagine, there’s a few busy people making money online through the immense services Amazon offers. Obviously Amazon’s one, Amazon Sellers are the people that list their products on the platform and ship them, then there’s Affiliate Marketers who gain an income promoting products listed on the Amazon website.

How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program WorkOver 100 million products are sold through Amazon today – Baffling.

How does the Amazon Affiliate Program work?

Simply through a process called Affiliate Marketing. Members join the Free Amazon Associates Program which entitles them to earn commissions when a customer purchases products on the Amazon platform via their website.

Affiliate Marketers are bloggers, quietly beavering away promoting Amazon products in their own natural way. Affiliate links are inserted within their posts promoting a particular product.

When a visitor interested in a promoted product clicks their link they are diverted to the Amazon store to be presented with the product page. If they decide to purchase, the blogger earns a commission.

Once you accomplish a steady flow of visitors into your website, these commissions can start adding up exponentially, an affluent blogger’s incentive.

The entire process is very straightforward once you’re shown how the system works. I have learnt the process and use it whenever I create a post to earn my living promoting all the various Plastic Garden Sheds on the Amazon Store.

The Beauty of Affiliate Marketing

The advantages of Affiliate Marketing this way are:

  • Amazon Associates is Free to join
  • Millions of products to promote
  • You have no stock to purchase
  • No room required for holding stock
  • No packaging costs
  • No packaging duties
  • No postage costs and time
  • No hassle with returns to deal with

Amazon Affiliate Program

Are these Associate Programs Legit?

As you can probably imagine, if Amazon welcome this service, then it is legit.

Associate programs are a well favoured alternative to advertising, best described as a free form of advertising where commissions are only paid when a purchase is made via a bloggers link.

So, rather than companies gambling costs associated with advertising, anyone wishing to write blogs promoting products is welcomed by vertue of a free membership into Amazon’s Associates Program.

Amazon isn’t alone here, there’s an infinite number of companies offering their own free Affiliate Program begging members to promote their products.

Sounds wonderful and it is, however this does require work on the blogger’s behalf before an income is generated. Let’s go through the process:

What is an Affiliate Link?

When you join Amazon Associates you are represented with an identification code unique to you. Everytime you visit a product page when logged in there’s an Amazon Associates Site Stripe running across the top of your web page containing your unique code.

Amazon Associates Site Stripe
Amazon Associates Site Stripe

The Site Stripe is where you copy the affiliate link to paste into your blog post. You have the choice of Text, Image or Text+Image to link that particular product.

The Text version is my preferred choice and you have the choice of copying the Short Link or Full Link. I always choose to copy the Short Link as it’s more user friendly.

I simply copy the code, highlight text within my post and insert the affiliate link. Alternatively I insert the affiliate link into an image.

Text Affiliate Link
Text Affiliate Link

You have the option of copying and pasting the image, either in Small, Medium or Large format and pasting it into the text code of your post.

Alternatively you can opt to copy the Text+Image link with the option to open the link in a new tab and choose whether to show the border, this also is pasted in the text code of a blog.

Text+Image Affiliate Link
Text+Image Affiliate Link

Don’t be baffled with the ‘Text Code’. The process is a very basic Once Shown You’re Away process that’s quick to accomplish.

I have joined both and to promote my niche. I’m from the UK and promote Plastic Sheds on both Amazon stores. I receive income via direct debit from, however I receive revenue via cheque from as I live outside America.

Getting Rolling in Affiliate Marketing

The essential ingredient to become successful in Affiliate Marketing is to choose a passion your are interested in and narrow it down towards a targeted audience, simply because it’s so much easier to attract visitors on the web this way.

My Niche - Quality Plastic Sheds
My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds

My passion is Garden Sheds but this is too generic, I would be trying to convey to an audience that’s far too wide considering all the types of wooden, metal, summerhouses and resin sheds available, then there’s all the different sizes and styles too, it’s just too wide.

I narrowed my niche down to the Plastic / Resin variety of Sheds due to their low maintenance benefits. I only target people searching for Plastic / Resin Sheds.

The next thing you have to ask yourself is: Are you willing to write about your passion regularly and happy to communicate with it because this is key as further down the line you’re going to become quite an authority regarding your niche. Exciting stuff – Hey!

Show Your Passion to the World 

Once you’re happy with your niche decision it’s time to build an enchanting website to captivate visitors to read your promotions.

Who teaches how to build a niche website, drive visitors to view your spectacle and earn money through affiliate links?

Choose Your WordPress Theme
Choose Your WordPress Theme

Wealthy Affiliate is the company that taught me through their very straightforward step by step Affiliate Marketing Program. You’ll be astounded with the professionalism of your creations here and it’s great fun to do.

Literally everything associated with creating a niche website and affiliate marketing is taught in exceptional detail yet with a very simplistic approach.

Don’t be put off thinking this is too technically advanced because I too went down this road. I had no prior experience in building websites, marketing online nor had I ever had a writing career, so if I can accomplish this, anyone can.

Take a look at how Wealthy Affiliate have shown me how to build my website: Quality Plastic Sheds  It’s not perfect yet but I’m only halfway through their learn as you earn program. And yes, I am earning. This works!

An affiliate link looks like my Quality Plastic Shed link above. Instead of diverting you to my website you will be diverted to a product page on the Amazon store.

The thing which drew my attention were the 800,000 members who had already enrolled onto the Wealthy Affiliate Program to build their own niche website. Their 98% positive review rate plus the added bonus of their genuine try before you buy program only requires your name and email address to get started.

This gave me the Free chance to check out the role of Affiliate Marketing, what’s involved and how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate are.

Attract Visitors and Captivate Your Audience

Attracting visitors organically through the Search Engines is Wealthy Affiliates main focus. Building a website’s foundations this way serves longevity for your establishment becoming authoritative within your chosen niche.

Monograph Theme
Monograph Theme

The emphasis regarding the training is to reach the dizzy heights of first page results status with the Search Engines. Wealthy Affiliate are experts in driving traffic into Affiliate blogs. All the tools and processes are provided to turn your passion into an imposing presence accomplishing a grand stature on the webs prominent high street.

Writing naturally offering informative and descriptive posts whilst having a helpful approach is key to effectuate your trustworthy presence. Abandoning a sales approach to transform into an honest, trusting, helpful website is a manner distinguished bloggers operate. Replicate this to create your conversion hotseat.

Imagined Theme
Imagined Theme

Writing this way is taught in depth yet very straightforward, you’ll be impressed with the deliverance of quality training that’s so simple to put into operation.

How to register with all the major Search Engines is shown to enable your creations to be retrieved through the results page.

How use the Keyword Tool to create blog post titles out of the exact words people are searching with. This uncovers the secrets to how experienced bloggers keep landing their posts on the first page of Google. And you can too!

How to fulfill most bloggers dreams in generating a regular flow of comments into your website to pull off the most dynamic home-based studio. Creating an engaging presence promotes a website into the high ranking echelon. You too can accomplish this.

And finally, how to respectfully share links to your marvels on Social Media platforms to start your traffic flowing and become noticed as an authority within your niche.

Become an Amazon Affiliate
Become an Amazon Affiliate

It all takes a bit of time, maybe a year, maybe less, maybe more yet is entirely possible for anyone to reach the accolade of first page search results status if you are determined to implement each step of this Affiliate Marketing program.

Once first page status is achieved, conversions through your affiliate links start to run automatically whilst website visitor numbers flourish exponentially.

Getting Started provides an open door to welcome you into this Affiliate Marketing program or for more information and to join, click the Free Starter Membership below.

There’s no better way than a Free Way To Start. Let Wealthy Affiliate prove to you their legitimacy.

Hope to see you on the inside

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for your interest in the Amazon Affiliate Program.

If you have any questions, I’m always happy to help. Please drop them in the comment section below.

Thanks again,



10 thoughts on “How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work”

  1. Thanks for the info on Amazon Simon.
    I am currently going through the Affiliate bootcamp on Wealthy Affilliate. When I move on to a niche site I will definately be putting Amazon to work for me also.


    1. Hi Terry,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Yeah, I joined Amazon UK, and eBay for my Affiliate Programs as the sheds I promote are plentiful and competitively priced on the Amazon Store so this serves me fine.

      The premise of joining Affiliate Programs especially Amazon is so straightforward and applying the affiliate links is pretty basic stuff once you have been shown what to do. Like most things in life, once your shown the proper training, you’re away.

      Just keep working your way through the steps in the training and the process will all come together.

      Good luck Terry and thanks again,

  2. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for the heads up regarding the Amazon Affiliate programme. I am a member of the UK programme but haven’t joined the US one yet. I will have to do that asap as about 35% of my site traffic comes from the states.
    Being part of an affiliate programme is great but knowing how to use it and leverage it to your benefit is the real key to success. Like yourself I have learned everything I know about this business model at Wealthy Affiliate. The simplicity of the training and the fantastic community support have helped me go from a total newbie to gaining a deep understanding of how to succeed online.
    Love your niche by the way. Thanks again for the info.

    1. Hi Eddie,
      Thanks for reading about the Amazon Affiliate Program.

      I too started on Amazon UK as I live in the UK however I soon joined when I realised so many of my visitors were in the USA. It’s straightforward to join but they are run separately. You receive a cheque from if you live outside America. I think the only major detail apart for my name and address was my National Insurance number. I must have done it right as I had a letter from the taxman a few weeks later – ha!

      You sound like you are striving ahead very well in Wealthy Affiliate, it’s amazing how much you learn in such a short space of time. I think the way they have set-up their training platform via video is very good as you can watch, pause and implement what’s being shown. Help and support too is extra special as every member is important and everyone helps each other succeed, including the founder members.

      Thanks again Eddie and keep up your great work,

  3. That is a great niche you are in 🙂
    I think the hardest part of Wealthy Affiliate is choosing your niche, one which you will be passionate about. You clearly have found that.
    I have recently signed up to Amazon Associates.
    What details do you need to give them so they can pay you? They are asking for tax ID!

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for calling in and reading about the Amazon Affiliate program.

      Choosing the best niche is really something you are passionate about, have an interest for, are willing to write about and communicate with. Then comes the time to narrow it down towards a targeted audience like I did form garden shed to the plastic variety. It’s just so you aren’t trying to connect with everyone.

      The web is infinitely big so whatever narrow niche you are in, there’s far too much scope. We’re talking big numbers if you can effectively connect with people and this is what Wealthy Affiliate teach. How to attract visitors.

      Yeah, I’m with Amazon Associate too, and Amazon UK. If I remember rightly I provided my National Insurance number for the Tax ID. I know I did it right as I received a letter of confirmation the following week from the tax office.

      Hope this helps Chris and thanks again for calling in.

  4. Thomas Greenbank

    Hi Simon,
    A very informative and interesting web page, packed with lots of well-written and easy to read insight. I honestly never knew you could buy plastic garden sheds!
    Cheers, Thomas from Oz.

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for calling in and reading how the Amazon Program works.

      Thanks for your kind words. To succeed as an affiliate marketer with the likes of this Amazon Program it’s crucial that a website is built around your targeted niche in order to achieve earning an income writing articles promoting your passion.

      These articles can be linked via Social Media to start the traffic ball rolling and earning an income but the main focus is to build up organic traffic from the Search Engines as these are the people interested due to them searching your targeted niche. Conversions are higher from visitors coming through the Search Engines.

      Yeah, Plastic Garden Sheds are becoming extremely popular today as we’re all looking for more of a maintenance free way of living, something that wooden sheds can’t deliver at a similar price. That’s my niche.

      Thanks again Thomas,

  5. Simon,
    Thanks for the wonderful read and explenation of affiliate marketing and the Amazon program.
    I hope your doing well with your resin sheds you are so right about honing things down to more specific niche’s.
    I too learned from Wealthy Affiliate and they are without a doubt the best place online to learn to Safely Earn Online!
    Simon, I will look for you inside WA thanks again all my best,


    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a comment.

      The Amazon Associate Program is easy to join and it’s free. Most bloggers join with them to accomplish a revenue stream.

      My shed site is building out slowly. I like to accomplish thorough reviews to provide top quality content which hopefully will become hugely beneficial in the long term. That’s my plan, but I am earning revenue from it already so I’m very happy regarding the early days.

      Choosing a targeted niche from Garden sheds down into plastic sheds is how Wealthy Affiliate suggested would be more beneficial as I am only concentrating providing quality content to target people looking for the resin variety of sheds. As you become more established building out your website this targeted niche syndrome makes perfect sense. I’m glad I’m a good listener – ha!

      Gary, I’ve just followed you inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform so we can now keep in touch.

      Keep up your great work and all the best,

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