How Do You Make Money With Blogging

How do you make money with blogging? – is one of the most popular questions for those wishing to enter into the blogging world.

Making money with blogging is really very a very straightforward process but does require dedication, writing regularly about your passion. The best thing – it’s fun to do.

Blog to successThe more posts you write, the more your authority grows – the more you authority grows the more your trust increases – trust leads to rankings in the search engines, which in-turn leads to more visitors and more revenue.

Blogging is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. If you are dedicated and willing to work it’s common to start earning, roughly in about 6 months (this does vary) but over time this can lead to a very successful business and a wonderful lifestyle but the groundwork must be in place first followed by your dedication.

This process here describes how earning revenue is received through an affiliate marketing process, this is simply promoting products within your niche, linking through your affiliate program – when a customer purchases via your link, you earn revenue.

To become successful in making money blogging, it’s advisable to work with a company that will show you the ropes, starting with your first steps:

The 4 essential blogging steps to become successful

  • Making sure your niche is targeted correctly
  • Building your website – the foundations of your blog/business
  • Attracting visitors – the correct way
  • Earning revenue – by linking your promoted products in the proper manor

Wealthy Affiliate are experts in this field, making blogging a successful business, marketing it correctly. They have set-up Wealthy Affiliate University, a university dedicated to show members the correct way to run an online business, blogging.

Wealthy Affiliate University

What’s the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate? It’s simply the best blogging platform bar-none!

  • They have a 98% positive review rate
  • They have taught over 580,000 members who are now quietly beavering away with their own blogging business
  • Their passion is helping newbies blog successfully – their expertise will show you the proper way to market a blog
  • Training is specifically designed for newbies – taken in step by step modules
  • No previous experience of blogging is required whatsoever
  • No technical experience regarding building a website is required – you are taught from scratch
  • The most helpful community online – just ask and you will be answered
  • They are legit in every respect, you are shown the honest and genuine way to blog
  • How do you become successful blogging ? – Wealthy Affiliate know all the secrets

Wealthy Affiliate have set up a free starter member package. A free thorough training program, teaching you how to successfully create a blogging business of your very own. You are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert and replicating what they do.

Once you complete the free starter training you will have built your beautiful website and created the foundations for a flourishing business. If you wish to take your business to the next level, consider their Premium Member package.

Potential Blogging Earnings

These 4 steps are taught in-depth – not bad for free:

Choose your niche – something you are passionate about and willing to blog about.

You may have already decided what you want to blog about – that’s great, but their training will make sure you have narrowed your niche down to a more targeted audience.

A targeted niche is easy to accomplish a thriving website if you’re committed. Don’t think a narrow niche is too small, it’s huge.

Take the dogs toys niche for instance – this niche alone has over 30,000 products for sale on Amazon, this is just one of the vast amount of affiliate programs within the dogs toys niche you can join. The potential for a narrow niche is mind blowing.

This is crucial for your success.  How to choose a niche online  provides more information regarding choosing a niche.

If making money is your niche, consider Wealthy Affiliates making money niche, it’s all geared up, ready to get rolling with – you can earn outstanding revenue.

Build your website – the foundations for your blogging business

You cannot blog without a website. Wealthy affiliate will give you a free website with hosting and show you exactly how to set your foundations up – you will create a stunning website. You have access to various templates to choose the style of website you require and tools galore with training how to use them.

Setting up for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essential to get rankings in the search engines – it’s a very straightforward process, you’re taught exactly how to implement it.  How to rank high in search engines  shows how Wealthy Affiliate teach to successfully market your blog.

Free starter membership

Attracting visitors to your blog.

This is where your blogging comes into fruition. You are taught how to correctly display posts, with white space, bite-sized paragraphs, pictures, headings, insert Home-Based Businessvideos, etc – to create an inviting read for visitors.

You are shown an impressive way to find inspiration for writing ideas, you will never be short of writing ideas after watching this.

Linking your posts through Social Media platforms is also taught in-depth – a great way for attracting visitors.

Receiving comments for your post – Search engines love interaction and will rank you for it. Wealthy Affiliate’s community help each other, providing comments on each others posts.

Blogging requires dedication and regular commitment to writing posts. The more posts you write, the higher rankings in the search engines you’ll receive, leading to more visitors flowing through your door. If your willing to commit you can create a successful business and create a fabulous lifestyle.

Earning revenue from your commitment.

You are shown how to link products through your affiliate program (free to join). These are simply products you are promoting within your niche. When a customer purchases a product through your link, you earn revenue. The more posts you write, the more visitors you’ll receive, the more your potential earnings.

Interested in blogging successfully?

Head over to Getting Started for more information about this free starter course, free website and free hosting.

SimonThis is a great opportunity for anyone – wherever you are in the world to get rolling in this exciting career.

No experience whatsoever is required, just your commitment.

Thank you for reading.

If you require any more information please ask in the comment section below, I will be glad to help you.

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