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Are you interested in running your own home based business but daunted by the prospect of how on earth do you get started?

Home-Based BusinessIt has never been so easy to create a home based business of your very own, one that anyone can do, regardless of age or wherever you are in the world.

The beauty regarding this opportunity is: you immerse yourself in your passion, write to the world about your interest and earn revenue through the process.

Have you ever visited a webpage, read about a product, clicked a link that’s taken you to an online store, like Amazon, then purchased the product?

This process is affiliate marketing. The person that created the link earns revenue when you purchase the product – You can do exactly the same, it’s great fun and can create a wonderful lifestyle.

Interested? – read on:

My Story

SimonHi, I’m Simon, pleased to meet you. I’m a normal guy living in the sunny part of Bradford in the UK.

I work with a company called Wealthy Affiliate who have taught me how to run my very own home based business.

I was struggling to find work, had absolutely no technical knowledge of building a website, no experience writing for a career and had never run an online business before. This was completely new to me.

Due to the fact 580,000 Wealthy Affiliate members are quietly beavering away on their own successful business drew my attention. I thought if they can do it, surely I can..

I’m so staggered with what I’ve achieved so far, I thought I’d share it with you  – If I can do this – anyone can.

Who are Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate are best described as a blogging university, a company that teaches an honest and legitimate way to run your own business from home, from setting your foundations up all the way through to running your very own successful business.

Wealthy Affiliate Website

Wealthy Affiliate Website

Their training is video based, has a very simplistic approach designed specifically for newbies – you simply watch, pause and implement what is being shown, it’s great fun.

They have a wonderful community, always willing to help each other. New ideas and systems are continuously being taught and shared. You will never need to visit another blogging platform for information, that’s for sure – everything is here.

Help and support is always there 24/7, even the owners Kyle and Carson are helping – just ask and someone will help you.

When you surround yourself with successful people, it’s amazing what you learn.

4 steps to a successful home based business

Step 1. – Choose a niche.    Step 2. – Build a website

Step 3. – Attract Visitors.    Step 4. – Earn revenue.

Getting Started

Step 1. – Choose a niche

Have you got an interest, a passion in something?  This can be anything from a hobby, a pastime, a subject, helping someone – Anything you are passionate about is a niche. A niche is basically a group of people looking for stuff.

For example:

A niche can be a hobby, an interest:

Sport, fashion, football, pets, sewing, keeping fit, skateboarding, hockey, basketball, fishing, jewellery, baking, cooking, gardening, decorating, travel, holidays, etc, etc.

Or a subject:

Chemistry, biology, health and fitness, anything mechanical, history, loosing weight, astronomy, physics, geography, etc.

Or helping someone:

Helping the elderly, the disadvantaged, the ill, the disabled, etc.

Almost anything can be a niche.

No niche is too competitive

Once you’ve chosen your niche it’s time to narrow it down

The problem with sport for example, it’s too generic, too widespread – there’s far too much competition and this is where most people fail as they are trying to target an audience that’s too wide.

You need to narrow your niche down to a more targeted audience.

For example:

Sport – football – football boots. Football boots will give you an excellent niche for a targeted audience.

Fashion or clothes – women’s handbags, men’s hats, girls dresses, men’s outdoor gear – more targeted, great niches.

Fishing – fishing reels, fishing trips, fishing holidays, fishing rods, fishing clothes, etc – all great niches as you have chosen a targeted audience.

Jewellery is too generic, narrow down to ladies watches, girls earrings, etc and you will have an excellent niche with a targeted audience.

Football snack helmets

One member, Jay chose his niche – football snack helmets – he’s made a successful business. This is an additional niche to his collection – earns good revenue and managed to get the #1 spot on Google Search.

More help?

How to become an expert within any given niche will provide some solid inspiration and will give you an idea of how Wealthy Affiliate teach.

If you don’t really have an interest – no problem. Wealthy Affiliate have a making money niche with outstanding commissions already set up for anyone to tap into.

Getting started will give you a full insight into this home based ‘making money’ business opportunity.

Step 2. – Build a website

This is great fun, you’ll love building your own website.

Website ThemesDon’t be put off thinking you require any technical knowledge, you most certainly don’t – anyone can do this.

This is all taught from scratch, pick the website template you like the look of and start the training.

You simply watch a video – watch, pause and implement what is being shown, it’s as simple as that. All taught with a very simplistic approach, designed for newbies.

Remember, you are building your own website here, for your own home based business so we all do this independently as we have all chosen different niches.

You are shown how to build your website, insert menus, widgets, configure for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc, etc – sounds complicated but isn’t – you will have great fun, it’s very easy.

Once your website is built, you will have designed a beautiful website – the foundations for your successful business.

Step 3. – Attract Visitors

Now your website’s built, it’s time to attract visitors.

This is done by creating posts, writing about your passion, your niche – helping your targeted audience.

BlogYou are basically providing the visitor with helpful information regarding a specific product within your niche and pointing them in the direction where’s best to purchase from.

You are shown how to write engaging posts, how to display them with titles and pictures to produce a really enjoyable and informative read resulting in happy visitors.

Content is King these days as far as the search engines are concerned and they will love you for it, in return you will get ranked. The more helpful, engaging posts you write, the higher your rankings which leads to visitors and revenue.

Don’t think you’ll get stuck what to write about, you are shown an amazing way to find inspiration for writing ideas – I was really impressed with this. There’s enough to write about for a lifetime whatever niche you are in.

There’s nothing better than writing about your passion, the beauty about this job is that your visitors have the same passion as you – it’s probably their niche too, that’s why they are reading your post.

These posts initially gain traffic by creating links within social media and receiving comments from within the Wealthy Affiliate community as we all help each other increase rankings.

The powerful Keyword Tool

The keyword tool is probably the most powerful tool you’ll ever use, accelerating your posts within the search engines.

When you and I search for something in Google, the words we type in are known as keywords.

We all type in different words when searching.

The keywords become the title for your post and you insert the same keywords into your first paragraph.

When the search engines search, they use these keywords to find posts.

The keyword tool will show you how much traffic is generated on a monthly basis using these keywords and how much competition there is from other websites using the same keywords.

Niche competition

The idea is, to cherry pick low competition keywords for your title, those with high traffic and low competition. Very simple to use and will accelerate your rankings – See how powerful this is?

Step 4. – Earn Revenue

You’ve chosen your niche, built your website and are now attracting visitors.

You are shown how to join an affiliate program. These are all free to join as you are promoting their products. Amazon and eBay are 2 popular ones but there’s an unlimited amount of affiliate programs for any niche.

If your niche is girls dresses, search  affiliate programs + girls dresses into Google, you will be presented with a huge list for you to join.

In among your training you are shown how to add affiliate links through your affiliate program to the products you are promoting. When a customer purchases a product via your affiliate link, you earn revenue.

Amazon pay commissions via your link whatever the customer purchases, even if they don’t purchase your promoted product – as long as they purchase something via your link you will get paid. I think that lasts for 24 hours.

Affiliate marketing success

Business Success

The more posts you write, the more your authority grows, the more successful your business becomes. Providing high quality content = high rankings in the search engines.

It’s a very straightforward process designed for everyone to be involved in, you’ll never run out of writing ideas, there’s room for everyone, whatever your niche, whatever your age, wherever you are in the world and it’s great fun!

How much does this training cost?

Nothing! It’s free, there’s no catches, no contracts, no credit cards required. It’s 100% free and legit. Just your name and email address and you’re in.

Wealthy Affiliate hate spam and despise scam companies, you will be a member of an honest, legitimate company.

100% FREEYou will be joining the best blogging community bar none, help and support whenever you need it, 2 free WordPress websites with free hosting and excellent free starter training.

When you have completed the starter training you will have built a beautiful website and created a solid foundation for a successful home based business – it’s very easy to do, just work your way through it step by step.

If you’re happy and wish to take your business to the next level, consider the premium package but you have no obligation to do so.

Wealthy Affiliate have designed this free starter membership – Why? – to give you a confidence boost and to prove that anyone is capable of achieving their own successful home based business.

If you would like to be part of the 580,000+ members creating their own successful home based business, take a look around the Wealthy Affiliate Website for more information.

Thanks for reading, hope I’ve given you some inspiration.

If you require anymore information, please ask in the comments section below. I will be glad to help.

Hope to see you on the inside.



6 thoughts on “Home Based Business”

  1. You have done a great job with your website,I believe that online business is one of the best business in the word. The rewards are there once we are willing to put in the time and do what we need to do. The layout of your website along with the amount of information that you have here can and will direct your viewers as to what they need to do. Great job and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Norman,
      Thanks for reading.
      Yeah, I love this role, it’s given me a lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.
      You have to be dedicated and willing to put in the effort but the rewards are definitely worth it.
      I like the way it’s 100% genuine giving everyone the opportunity to have a go rather than been tied to any contract.
      Thanks again,

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for reading.
      You’ll be impressed with the website you create and the training you will receive.
      They have a simplistic approach to training you’ll enjoy.
      See you on the inside,

  2. Hi Simon
    Great site. I like the way your website’s set up, you’ve described what I’m looking for – a home-based business that I can get involved in.
    Could you tell me, will I have to put my bank details in to join as I don’t want commit too early?

    1. Hi Kath,
      Thanks for your interest.
      No bank details, no credit cards, no contracts, no ties.
      It’s free to join – just your name and email address and you’re in.
      Wealthy Affiliate want to prove to you how easy it is to set-up your own home-based business and give you the confidence in them first.
      If you’re happy, consider joining as a premium member but you have no obligation to do so.
      You’re welcome to come inside and give it a try – it’s great fun.
      Thanks again,

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