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Take your passion into the land of prosperity, all from the comfort of your armchair.

Join Wealthy Affiliate
Join Wealthy Affiliate

The most comprehensive program that teaches how to build a website around your passion, attract visitors and earn revenue simply by inserting affiliate links. When someone purchases via your link – You earn revenue.

This is your own home based business. You are shown how to make it successful by uncovering all the online secrets distinguished bloggers will never reveal.

This opportunity is designed for anyone to get involved in regardless of online experience or wherever you are in the world. I engage with people daily – from those just leaving school to those well into retirement.

This opportunity requires dedication and a little bit of hard work but hey – all genuine opportunities do. The best thing is – There’s no stock to purchase, It’s fun to do and can lead to a wonderful lifestyle.

If you are looking for a legitimate, honest way to run your very own home based business, one that’s not a scam, not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme, doesn’t involve spam or associate with any scam procedures, then read on:

The best way to describe this role

Have you ever clicked on a link when visiting a webpage, ended up in an online store and purchased a product?

The person who created the link earns a commission. This is affiliate marketing. It’s a very simple process that works if you’re shown the proper way. To accomplish success requires determination to implement the steps in the training.

Please note: We are not creating a pop up shop here. This is a serious business opportunity open 24/7/365 days per week on the the most profitable high street – The Web.

Those who can master attracting visitors into their website can earn substantial income. Wealthy Affiliate are experts in driving traffic to a website. This program teaches exactly how it’s done.

Whether your dreams are to earn $10, £100, $1000 or more per day, this is entirely possible if you implement all the steps in the program.

My Journey

Hi, I’m Simon, pleased to meet you.

After struggling to find work I decided to search online for something genuine – something I could get involved in and earn revenue from.

I’m Simon

Eventually, I came across an educational company called Wealthy Affiliate, promoting their step by step training course – How to create your own online business.

The thing which drew my attention – Wealthy Affiliate has a positive review rate of 98% and over 800,000 members quietly beavering away with their own home based business. I thought if they can do this, why can’t I.

I had a particular passion for Garden Sheds and thought this could create a fab career earning an income through promoting all the various styles and sizes.

My initial concerns were, I had no experience running an online business, little experience on the Internet and no experience on Social Media or within a writing career.

This course is designed for newbies to the most experienced, training from starting up through to business success and requires no technical experience whatsoever.

Wealthy Affiliate promise these 3 essentials

  1. Legitimacy in every respect
  2. Expert Training that requires no previous experience
  3. Help and Support on demand 24/7

I thought I’d jump on board to see what they offer. Looking back, I’m quite staggered with what I’ve achieved. They certainly deliver these 3 essentials.

I have built my business and created a lifestyle I have always dreamed of. As we all choose different niches, there’s no competition between members – the reason why I’m sharing this opportunity with you.

Legitimacy in every respect

Wealthy Affiliate understand the problems most of us go through wading through the litter of scams on the web. This described me to perfection.

To accomplish trust with visitors Wealthy Affiliate have opened their doors to offer a genuine start for anyone wishing to get rolling online in a blogging career.

Wealthy Affiliate2 free hosted websites and free starter training are given to members who enrol on their free member package. No bank details. No ties. Only your name and email address required to get started.

There’s no better way than a free way to get started. This allows members to see for themselves what the role involves and fully inspect Wealthy Affiliates legitimacy credentials.

To complete the program requires joining their Premium Membership to take your business to the level of success but you will find what’s free here beats most paid for services on the web.

  • There are no upsells.
  • There are no ties with the Premium Membership
  • You can cancel at anytime.
Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options
Free Starter or Premium Membership – No Upsells

Expert Training

The training is split up into 5 levels. Each level constitutes ten steps.

The training is video based where the process of building a website around a niche is taught from scratch through to attracting visitors and earning revenue.

You are basically looking over the shoulder of an expert. Simply watch, pause and implement what’s being shown into your own website pertaining to your chosen niche.

Members simply work through all the steps in the program implementing each step. Over time your website builds out to where high rankings from the Search Engines are achieved.

Once web posts are accomplishing the first page status of Search results, earning revenue starts to flow automatically.

Wealthy Affiliate are experts in mastering traffic and show you exactly how to attain high rankings.

Getting Started

Help and Support for EVERY Member

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has been designed in such a powerful way where all members help each other succeed, even the founder members.

Help and support is their #1 priority and is delivered in bucket loads, designed to help the most inexperienced like myself when I started.

Due to the global nature of Wealthy Affiliate there are literally thousands of very experienced members on the platform at any one time, the reason help and support is 24/7/365.

  • Ask Questions under every training module
  • Receive instant answers through their Live Chat box
  • Write out more detailed questions to the whole community.
  • Explore their full library of help. Everything blogging related is in the library

You will never need to visit another website for anything blogging related as everything regarding running an online business is provided on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Join Wealthy Affiliate
Join Wealthy Affiliate

The 4 Master Steps to Online Success:

  1. Choose a targeted niche
  2. Build a stunning website around you passion
  3. Attract visitors into your website
  4. Earn revenue

Step 1 – Choose Your Targeted Niche

A niche is something you are interested in, have a passion for, best described as a group of people looking for stuff.

A niche can be a sport, a hobby, a pastime, something you like doing, have an interest in, helping people with, etc, etc. Almost anything can be a niche.

Not everyone has a passion and that’s taken care of too. Wealthy Affiliate have created a Money Making Niche designed for anyone to tap into and get rolling with today.

This opportunity is simply referring people into the Wealthy Affiliate platform. When your referrals become a Premium Member you earn revenue.

What’s your niche?

Wealthy Affiliates niche is helping newbies create a successful online business.

My initial thoughts were to promote Garden Sheds but having discussions with Wealthy Affiliate I narrowed my niche down towards targeting a specific group of people.

My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds
My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds

I was told promoting sheds will be too generic. There are too many varieties. I would be trying to convey to an audience that’s far too wide.

They asked what type of sheds am I more passionate about. I said the plastic variety due to their low maintenance values compared with the traditional wooden style.

They said: There’s your niche – Plastic Sheds and explained how I now can effectively target people specifically searching for the various styles of plastic sheds. And they showed me exactly how it’s done.

When you arrive on the Wealthy Affiliate platform there is a discussion thread where members share ideas with experienced members to make sure you have narrowed your niche down correctly. This ensures members start off on the right footing with their choice of targeted niche.

Any niche can be targeted to a more specific audience, no targeted niche is too competitive nor too small.

Step 2 – Build Your Website

Now you have chosen your niche it’s time to build the foundations of your business – Your own niche website. This is great fun!

You will be building the popular WordPress website because they’re up to date, designed for reading on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Website Themes
WordPress Website Themes

WordPress websites have such an easy user interface making website building very straightforward. Seriously, this is a once shown you’re away process.

There’s tools galore and about 3,000 templates to choose from.

Every member creates their own website independently because we’ve all chosen a different niche.

The training is video-based and can only be described as superb, no technical experience whatsoever is required.

You are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert and following what they do. A simplistic approach requires members to watch, pause and implement what is being shown, it really is that simple and it’s great fun too. You’ll be impressed with what you create.

Building your business foundations

First you choose your website name, decide on the theme you like the look of best and build your website.

Starter members start building their free website run on Wealthy Affiliates SiteRubix platform, like this:

Llorix One Lite Website Theme
Llorix One Lite Website Theme

Further down the line you may want to purchase your own dot com which I did. It cost me $13.99 year, transferred seamlessly from the SiteRubix website into my dot com and is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate who do not hike the price up the following year like so many do.

You are taught how to add all the tools associated with website building, such as:

  • Widgets, Menus, Antispam
  • Configure for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • How to add titles, pictures and insert videos
  • How to insert banners and affiliate links
  • How to add engaging, helpful and informative content
  • Create posts, pages with delightful presentation
  • You customise your website the way you like
  • Literally everything associated with building a website is taught

You learn why it’s imperative to have an About Me page and a Privacy Policy page and how to create them.

Search engines do not like people hidden behind capture pages on behalf of scam companies promoting outrageous fortunes, they have taken steps to de-rank them. Social Media is is now following. Having an honest, legitimate and genuine business is the only way forward to market online.

Don’t be daunted, it’s very detailed, taken one step at a time yet is very straight forward.

Take a look at my website: Quality Plastic Sheds. This is what I have learnt with Wealthy Affiliates training. I’m only halfway through their course.

If I can do this as a complete newbie, anyone can. Just enjoy yourself – It’s great fun.

Attract Visitors

Step 3 – Attract Visitors

Now you have chosen your niche, created your stunning website it’s time to attract visitors in these steps:

  • Get Registered with the Search Engines
  • Create quality content
  • Use the most powerful keyword tool
  • Receive Interaction
  • Linking your posts via Social Media

The whole process is to attract visitors organically through the Search Engines as this is the powerful source to accomplish conversions.

Get Registered with the Search Engines

You are shown how to set-up the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin to register you website with all the major players like Google, Bing and Yahoo so people can find your posts in the Search Engines.

Registering your website with Google Analytics is taught. See traffic flow into your website in real time.

Becoming a member and registering your website with Google+ Befriending Google ain’t going to do you any harm, that’s for sure.

Create Quality Content

Content is king as far as the Search Engines are concerned. Those who create quality content regularly will be returned the favour by an increase of rankings with the Search Engines. This is our focus.

How to write naturally is taught in detail. You are shown how to approach your audience as though you are talking to a friend with helpful, descriptive and informative posts promoting your passion.

Trust leads to Conversions
Trust leads to Conversions

The whole idea is to become authoritative within your niche where trust is gained from your visitors. The more posts you create, the more your trust and authority grows. Trust leads to conversions.

This is a bloggers world, people prefer reading a naturally written article that comes across helpful rather than having a pushy sales mentality. Seriously, forget selling and come across helpful because trust is generated – This works!

Surrounding your quality content you are shown how to insert powerful imagery and embed videos to show your subject off with bodacious style. Delightfully presented posts lead to conversions and you’re shown exactly how to accomplish this.

Take a look at how Wealthy Affiliate have taught me how to create posts: Keter Factor 759 Shed

You’ll be amazed with the inspirational ideas you learn and professional standard you create.

Use the most powerful Keyword Tool

When you and I type into the Search Engines looking for stuff, the words we type are known as keywords.

Choose Powerful Keywords
The Gateway into the Search Engines

When you create a post, type into the Keyword Tool what you would think will make a suitable title and you will be presented with a whole variety of alternative suggestions.

These alternative suggestions are popular phrases typed into the Search Engines on a regular basis.

The Keyword Tool shows how much traffic flows through the Search Engines on a monthly basis and how much competition there is from other websites using the same keywords.

Simply cherry pick the high traffic / low competition keywords, making sure they are relevant to your post’s subject and there’s your title.

A bit further down the line as your website achieves the high ranking accolade, you want to be waiting on the first page of Search results when people type in your keywords. This is the gateway – How cool is that.

Receive Interaction

You are shown how to turn your website into the most interactive home-based studio. This is where the comment section at the bottom of posts comes in to fruition.

If you can prove your website’s engaging you will receive high rankings from the Search Engines because they adore interaction.

Wealthy Affiliate are experts in this field and have created the most interactive platform for receiving comments on posts through a pure give and take thread.

You simply provide a comment on a members post and they reciprocate the favour on yours. Everybody helps each other succeed.

An abundance of comments attracts attention to read your article that leads to trust and conversions. Couple this with higher rankings, I’m sure you can see potential.

Linking your posts via Social Media

Social Media is not the be-all and end-all for attracting visitors as the main focus is generating organic traffic through the Search Engines however it does play an important role in getting noticed and building your presence.

Link Respectfully via Social Media
Link Respectfully via Social Media

You are shown how to join Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc, etc and link your blog posts respectfully to start the traffic ball rolling.

It’s imperative these last 4 steps are accomplished for every written post you create. Over time, trust and authority is gained by the Search Engines and your visitors, this leads to higher rankings and conversions to come your way.

Step 4 – Earn Revenue

You are shown how to join the many Free Affiliate Programs such as Amazon which is a popular choice.

How to insert affiliate links into posts, how many to add per post and whether it’s better to centralise them depending on how many products you wish to promote. You don’t want to appear as spamming. This is crucial knowledge to learn.

When someone clicks on your link and purchases a product, you earn revenue. It’s as simple as that.

Once you reach the first page of Search Results status with your posts, making money starts to run automatically and exponential growth starts to flourish. This is the programs objective.

There are plenty of other ways a website can make money. These are shown in the training.

Seminars and Members Training

Seminars on allsorts of helpful topics regarding blogging and running an online business are broadcast live and recorded to watch in your own time.

Experienced members who went through this training have become distinguished and successful bloggers in their own right. This could be you. Once you accomplish this stage you have the opportunity to become an Ambassador with Wealthy Affiliate. Experienced members regularly produce training to share what’s worked for them in this ever evolving online world.

Seminars on allsorts of Helpful Topics

What about you? 

It’s a wonderful feeling seeing your website’s posts ranked in the search engines, traffic flowing into your website and commissions being earned.

It’s created a lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. Anyone can do this regardless of experience. I am proof.

It’s a great way for any newbie to turn their passion into their very own home-based business and that’s what this training is specifically designed to show.

Just follow the training, step by step to accomplish your own business success and create your own conversion hotseat.

I generally write about 3 posts per week, provide links to my website on Social Media and make sure I take weekends off – A really enjoyable job, writing about your passion.

100% Free – 100% Legit – 100% Genuine

Free starter membership
Join Wealthy Affiliate

SimonThanks for reading.

If you require anymore information, please ask in the comment section below, I’ll be glad to help.

Hope to see you on the inside,



66 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Hi Simon,
    This post, no your whole site is amazing. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate too. I like your tip on starting out with writing 2-3 post a week. That actually takes a lot of pressure off me as far as trying to be perfect and creating one everyday. Thanks again!

    Take care,

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your kind words and for reading how to get started in affiliate marketing.

      You sound as new as I was when I started with Wealthy Affiliate. Yeah, 2-3 posts per week is my goal however I do spend all day working on a post as I do try and perfect every post I write. Some people can complete in a couple of hours but that’s not me. I always think that every post you create can run for years, it’s worth the time spent.

      There is no pressure, writing regularly is the key to show the Search Engines your website is active and they will return the favour with higher rankings. The days when I am not writing a new article I spend the time helping other members and interacting on their posts by providing comments.

      If you make your website engaging, Search Engines will rank you higher. It’s a matter of amalgamating all the processes for each post and sharing your links via Social Media to get the traffic ball rolling.

      If you’re ever stuck with anything Dave, give me a shout in my WA profile,
      Thanks again,

  2. Great reivew, I can say first hand that wealthy affilitate really is a great choice for starting an online buisness, Give it a go!
    Thanks for the great review Simon.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Wealthy Affiliate make it very clear from the beginning that this role is about building up solid foundations for business success further down the line. There’s no quick overnight success stories, it’s a case of building up trust with your visitors and authority with the Search Engines.

      Once you pass this benchmark you’re returned with the favour of high rankings and this is where making money starts to run automatically.

      It all takes a bit of time but it’s definitely worth it and it’s great fun too.

      Thanks again Chris,

  3. Simon,
    What excellent information! Your post has given me a better understanding of how to get started with an online business. I’ve read through some of the other comments; it sounds like Wealthy Affiliate is a great community to belong to. All the support and training you get is unbelievable! It does look like it takes a little effort and some time, though. But I guess if you want to build a successful business, you need to be willing to work at it. Thanks for giving an excellent review of how to get started.
    I wish you all the best as you continue to grow your business.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment.

      I’m glad you clearly understand what’s involved through my introduction into the Wealthy Affiliate program. There’s as much information within the comment section as there is in the article, the beauty of comments. They are worth reading as many questions do get asked.

      The support is thorough for every member, no one is left alone. You can ask under each training module, receive instant answers through the live chat box and write out more detailed questions for the community and as everyone helps each other succeed, answers come flooding back.

      The training is superb as you are watching how the expert accomplishes the task and you proceed to implement what’s shown into your own website pertaining to your chosen niche.

      Yeah, determination is required, there’s no doubt. You have to implement each step of the program in order to create the quality content the Search Engines are looking for to return the favour with high rankings.

      We are creating solid foundations here for a successful business later on down the line. Accomplishing each step will drive your business forward to the high ranking accolade. When you accomplish your posts on the first page of Search results, this is where making money starts to run automatically but the groundwork must be in place first.

      Thanks again Kathy for your interest,

  4. Awesome review! I think Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best choice for anyone wishing to start an online business. The fact that you can start for $0 is fantastic!

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Thanks for your kind words, I’ve tried to relay what’s involved to provide visitors with a full insight into this affiliate marketing role.

      The free starter membership with free starter training and 2 free hosted websites is a great incentive for anyone to hop inside and see what this role entails. This is what I did and it allows you to fully inspect how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate are.

      Needless to say, I joined premium the following week as I am very happy with this set-up, it’s the most powerful way to affiliate marketing enabling you to earn an income legitimately online.

      Thanks again Barbara,

  5. Simon,

    I’m James.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in July 2015 so you don’t need to convince me of its advantages.

    How are you doing with the training? At what stage are you now?

    Let me know inside of Wealthy Affiliate if you need any help. I can’t claim to know everything but I do know where to point you and I know who’s who there.

    Cool overview of getting started with Wealthy Affiliate,


    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate for about 6 months now and really getting engrossed with my website creation. They say deliver quality content regularly and I’m delivering what’s required to accomplish the high ranking achievement.

      Currently I’m halfway through level 3 but slowly working my way through as delivery of content is taking precedence. I keep doing a step per week on average. I’m finding the training superb, it’s all down to determination to accomplish each step. There’s no point missing anything out, I implement each step, probably the reason it’s taking me so long.

      Thanks for your offer of help. I am slowly finding out who’s who. There’s some very distinguished bloggers on the platform, all willing to shere their knowledge.

      Thanks for your kind words James and keep up your great work,

  6. Hello Simon,

    I have been interested in doing an oline business for a while now but didn’t know where to start! I’ve read so much information about it and I actually printed out pages and pages of how to start stuff. But I’m struggling to piece it together. I think I’m struggling to understand keywords and SEO. I’ve read some things on those subjects but some of it is written as if I knew about it already. You explained some of it very well, so thank you! Do you think I can benefit and learn more? Are the lessons pretty easy to follow? I work full time so it would be great if I can devote just a few hours per week to learning.

    I look forward to your feedback! Cheers, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thanks for calling in and dropping a comment.

      The whole structure of the course is very straightforward requiring members to slowly work through the steps one at a time. When you watch a course, you pause the video and implement what’s shown into your website pertaining to the niche you have chosen to blog about, it’s that simple and up to date which is pivotal in this ever evolving web world.

      SEO sounds so complicated and most people make it so as to put you off which is baffling. Once you are registered with the Search Engines the role requires writing regularly about your chosen niche. You are taught how to use keywords to make the titles of your posts searchable in the search engines, how to write quality content and display it with stunning detail, get interaction on posts as you’re doing here with commenting and link your posts via Social Media.

      This post explains how to drive traffic into your website:

      Once you start to receive organic traffic through the Search Engines, making money runs pretty much on auto-pilot.

      You may need to put in more than a few hours a week as writing posts regularly is the key to getting ranked in the Search Engines but you can learn this way. Just expect a longer time to achieve success if you’re limited with time. Overtime if you are determined, it’s all possible.

      Hope this helps,

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Hope you are enjoying your role as much as I am.

      Yeah, I wanted to provide as much information as possible to fully inform visitors for what this opportunity involves, trying to leave no stone unturned.

      If anyone wishes to read what I chose for a niche to market to earn an income through affiliate marketing I have written my journey through Wealthy Affiliate’s training, describing the process of building a website around my niche onto attracting visitors on the web to achieve making money online. The link is below.

      Thanks again Amanda,

  7. I myself am a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can vouch for your very detailed review. It’s a great overview of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, and even then there are still so many benefits still left uncovered. I guess the only other way to discover them all is to take the plunge and join!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for reading and taking your time to comment.
      Personally I really enjoy the role as I understand you do. What makes it for me apart from the training is the community help and support which includes the Founder members.

      The day before I wrote this comment I asked Kyle (Founder) some advice regarding affiliate links. He had a thorough look at my website and returned with a detailed report of how I’m proceeding offering suggestion for more interaction on my website to punch towards higher rankings. This overwhelming support is provided anytime you wish.
      I couldn’t ask for any more.

      Thanks again and keep enjoying your work Sharon,

  8. Hi Simon!

    Thanks for this great review on the many benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate. I have never found a review as detailed as yours here so thanks again. I definitely feel confident enough to take the plunge and actually finally start my journey to online success.
    You will definitely be seeing me on the inside, and I strongly encourage anyone else who also wishes to do the same to give it a go with WA, after all it’s also FREE to get started!
    Many thanks again Simon.


    1. Hi Simmone,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      I’m so glad you like my review, it will be a pleasure to connect with you inside the members platform.

      Everything regarding running an online business is in Wealthy Affiliate. You will never have to visit another website for information regarding anything blogging related. I can assure you of this.

      Just work your way through the training step by step, they’re very straightforward modules. Help and support is always there and you can ask me for help anytime and I will support you.

      Thanks again Simmone. Have fun and see you on the inside,

  9. Simon

    You put a great deal of work in here and provided tremendous detail about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. This is one of the most in depth reviews I’ve seen and really gives your readers everything they need to know to take the leap and join Wealthy Affiliate.

    Well done!

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      Yeah, it took a few days to put this post together but I wanted to relay the procedure of what’s truly involved to make money online through a website.

      Wealthy Affiliate are certainly experts in this field and show you exactly how to build a website around your chosen niche and market it online to achieve success.

      The main priority for anyone wishing to become a successful blogger is to receive the proper training, how to build a website and receive help and support every step of the way. There is oceans of support with the most helpful community, including the founder members and this was my main priority.

      It does take time as I relay, but if you’re willing to put in the work this can lead to a wonderful lifestyle.

      Thanks again Jeff,

  10. Hi Simon,
    Wow you have really left no questions to ask. This information has really led me to think that this might be the way to go.
    There was a lot of things explained that removed any thought of this being a scam.

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      I have tried to write an informative post showing the way to run an online business here, providing all the information leaving no stone unturned. I’m glad you have found my review informative.

      This is my no means a scam, rather a serious business opportunity which does take time to evolve as it entails writing content regularly to achieve receiving high rankings on behalf of the Search Engines.

      So, there’s no overnight riches promised, rather quite a lot of elbow grease but can lead to an extremely prosperous business if you have determination for the role.

      Over 600,000 members have already been shown the way and a 98% positive review rate, those figures speak for themselves.

      Good luck with your choice and thanks again,

  11. Hi Simon,
    You have gone into great detail to explain every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s good to find out as much as you can about something before deciding to purchase it. The fact that it’s FREE to start makes it even easier to make the choice.
    Best of luck to you,

    1. Hi Gina,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and leave a comment.

      I think it’s only fair for someone who is interested understands fully what it’s all about, I know I wanted all this information before I joined too.

      The fact that it is Free makes the whole process far simpler as people can come inside, have a go with 2 Free WordPress websites, go through the Starter Training and get a clear understanding for what’s involved.

      Everything is here to make you successful. All what’s required is a bit of hard work, regularly writing posts regarding your niche, going through all the steps in the training and implementing into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your niche.

      This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, far from it. It takes time and determination, maybe 6 months – a year – and beyond before success is reached, but it’s certainly worth it once you start receiving an income.

      Free means you really can do your own review at no cost in the time that suits you.

      All the best and thanks,

  12. Wiener Junior Jean Baptiste

    Hi Simon,
    Veryyyyy in depth and informative article Simon – I can tell Wealthy Affiliate has helped you alot!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for leaving a comment.
      I have tried to produce as much detailed information to provide visitors a thorough understanding to what’s involved running an online business making money from a targeted niche.

      Wealthy Affiliate have taught me everything regarding building a website and running an online business.

      I had no experience in the sort of field before and no technical experience either, not that you need much of that as WordPress websites are so User Friendly to build.

      All what’s required, if you would like to start an online business is work your way through the training in small steps and you’ll be amazed with what you create. Once money starts to come your way, you look back and think it’s all worth the work and determination you put into your project.

      Thanks again,

  13. Hi Simon,
    I’m new to Wealthy Affiliate and I’m so impressed with what you have created here.
    I love you screen shots, it gives you a really good idea of the WA experience.
    So far I absolutely love my experience there and learning so much and it’s really easy, I recommend everyone thinking about starting an online business to join.

    1. Hi Severine,
      Thanks for dropping a comment.

      I am glad you are enjoying your experience at Wealthy Affiliate too.

      Your are right, the training is very detailed but the way it’s all organised in simple step by step modules makes it a dream to work through. Just take it one step at a time and implement into your website what’s shown pertaining to your niche. Before long your website will be building out quite nicely and embedding your foundations. This will gain trust and authority with the Search Engines and start the process of higher rankings.

      Once you start receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines, earning revenue becomes very straightforward.

      Yeah, screenshots do add a bit of style and show an audience what’s going on in visual form.

      Thanks again,

  14. Hi Simon,

    It’s refreshing to now know that a passion or interest can be turned into a successful business – I was beginning to think that everything online was directed at some sort of scam (I have been burned in the wallet territory many times before!). Do you feel this opportunity is set up for everyone – is it a user friendly startup point?

    Thanks, Chris.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for taking your time to comment and ask a question.

      I was thinking on the same lines as you before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I have been burnt before on a scam and it does hurt.

      WA are very aware of such scams people have suffered, the reason they have introduced a Free Starter membership for people to come in, see what they think and whether the opportunity is for them.

      They are legit in every respect, genuine to the core and teach the proper way to run an online business.

      The program is set-up for a complete newbie through to the most experienced blogger. Their training is detailed yet taken in small steps. Just work your way through the course one step at a time. You’ll be amazed with what you create and how your website rolls out in such a short space of time.

      The platform is extremely user friendly, once inside you will find the most helpful community where everybody helps each other out.

      No one is left alone, any questions you have, no matter how small, just ask the community and someone always replies as there’s always 10s of thousands of members on the platform at anyone time.

      Join as a free member and see what you think. They don’t want any bank details, no ties, just your name and email address & you’re in. Do your own review at no cost in your own time.

      Hope I have helped – thanks again,


  15. Hi Simon,
    I couldn’t agree more with your recommendation! Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and build your website on.
    I can’t say enough how much training they have available! I love it there!

    1. Hi Grace,
      I must admit, I searched for ages to find a legitimate company that would show me the online ropes. All I searched for was a genuine way to set about marketing an online business with training throughout the whole process, one that a newbie could get involved in.

      Wealthy Affiliate are one of very few companies out there with this kind of set-up and what’s on offer free here far outweighs most paid for services on the web. If you join premium you will never have to visit another training site for information regarding running an online business as everything associated with this is here.

      You are right, their training approach is second to none. You are simply looking over the shoulder of an expert and implementing into your own website what’s shown pertaining to your chosen niche.
      Help and support is wonderful too. Whenever you are stuck, just ask and someone who knows the answer always replies.

      Thanks again Grace,

  16. Hi Simon,
    Newbie here from WA. I really like the visual impact of your site. And it is well written and explained. I am taking some of these tips back to continue my journey.

    1. Hi Linda,
      I’m glad you’ve taken inspiration from this post, thanks for commenting.

      Welcome to WA. All the best and success with your business here.

      Just work through the steps one by one and before you know it, you’ll have an established website up and running in no time, ready to earn money.

      This isn’t a get rich quick scheme by any means. It takes time to build authority and trust with the Search Engines. Once accomplished, and this can take 6 months, a year + After that, the sky really is the limit.

      It’s all down to how much work and determination you are putting in to your project in order to succeed.
      Good luck – Keep working at it,

      Thanks again,

  17. Hello Simon,
    Overall this was a great review. Very detailed in many aspects of WA. I really liked your placement of the infographics & photos.
    This is one of the best I have read.
    Tyron Henry

    1. Hi Tyron,
      Thanks for reading and your interest.

      Yeah, I’m just trying to get all the details accross here to give others confidence that they can also do this.
      I do like placing images into posts, it makes the whole blog page more fun and readable.

      It’s a very detailed program, yet taken in easy steps. All you do is work through the steps, implementing into your own website what’s shown by Wealthy Affiliate pertaining to your chosen niche.

      I had no experience in this field prior to joining, so if I can do this, anyone can.
      It’s purely down to determination, a bit of hard work and setting goals to achieve. That’s all I do.

      Thanks again,

  18. Great information. There is a lot I can apply here. Wealthy affiliate has a free trail so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The prospect of running a successful online business is a dream of mine….

    1. Hi Carol,
      The prospect of running a successful online business was a dream of mine too before I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

      Anyone is welcome to come inside as a free member and give it a go, that’s just how I started and have never looked back since. They only ask for your name and email address, hop inside and see what you think – Do your own review at no cost.

      You will find the wealth of training is outstanding, all taken in easy steps. Just watch the expert and implement into your own website whats shown, pertaining to your chosen niche.

      If you require any help or support, just ask and you will be answered. This is a very helpful community with experts galore for running an online business.

      Don’t forget, No experience is necessary, you’ll be taken back how straightforward the process is.

      Thanks again,

  19. Great post you definitely went a inch wide and a mile deep with your content which is what you need.
    Very good job.
    See you in the members area,

    1. Hi Rick,
      Yeah, it took a few days to prepare this post but this was essential to get all the required information across for anyone interested in how to make money from a website.

      The training is second to none. Very detailed but taken in small steps. Just go through each step at a time and implement into your own business what’s taught.

      You will find the community so helpful too. If you have a question, it doesn’t matter how small, just ask – someone is always there to provide an answer. There is always tens of thousands on-line in the Wealthy Affiliate website at any one time, so never worry about waiting for an answer.

      See you in the members area.
      Thanks again,

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thank you for reading.
      The whole process of making money online is very straight forward if you are dedicated to following the training steps in order and implement into your own website whats shown.

      The training is best by far on the net to show you how to build a website that earns revenue but does require a bit of hard work to get you on the path to success.

      The best thing – It’s great fun to do and the training is all geared around for those of us who have no prior experience. I was one of those newbies.

      Thanks again,

  20. Hi there. This is a really well written and detailed post. I think it covers the A-Z of an online business. A lot of time must have gone into this.



    1. Hi Adam,
      Yeah, it’s taken quite a few days to write this post to relay all the information.

      The main point I am putting across is:
      If you have an interest in something you want to make an online business success out of or fancy joining Wealthy Affiliate’s money making referral business, the opportunity is here.
      You will be shown exactly how to build a website and market it online to earn revenue.

      Any one is welcome to come inside and review the role at no cost , it’s completely free to start. You will be surprised how much knowledge you will learn here – not bad for free.

      Thanks again,

  21. I was searching online on how to start an internet business when I came across your site. What seems to be an eye opener for me is the possibility of turning any niche into a business opportunity.

    I didn’t know that you can find so much demand for products online. I know some people would shop through eCommerce stores, but I think most people still prefer to shop through physical stores, right?

    How do I know if I have chosen the right niche to pursue? Look forward to your advice.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      The market is huge online, getting bigger everyday. Literally billions of people searching online for stuff, millions within each niche.

      Take a niche like basket ball shoes or dogs toys for example. Both these niches have over 30,000 products for sale on Amazon alone never mind the unlimited amount of other affiliate programs you can join with their products.

      Look at all the high street stores, they are all trading their products online through their websites as well as their shops. It just shows the enormity of trading online.

      I do agree with you that a lot of us like to physically see the product before purchase, me included for some items but the reality is, online has become so big.

      If you take a look at this post. There are videos that will give you a clear idea of whether your niche is suitable – most are.

      The process is all about narrowing your niche down towards a more targeted audience. This has the advantages of reaching out to customers at the end of the customer purchasing life-cycle – Those ready to purchase. You will find this very powerful.

      There is also the Wealthy Affiliate money making niche too. That’s worth a look at. There’s unlimited potential here.

      If you are still stuck, come into the members area – it is free to join. Have a word with Kyle, the founder of Wealthy Affiliate – He will make sure you start off on the correct footing.

      No one is left alone, we all help one another.

      Thanks again,


  22. Hi Simon,
    First of all I would like to appreciate that you thought in a way that will ensure your success “if they can do it, why can’t I”, that’s how winners think and it requires an open mind as well as courage because most people fail since they think “they can do it, but I can’t because..”…
    I am saying because I too thought that way when I joined WA and that particular way of thinking helped me to build a successful online business despite of the fact that I hardly had any prior knowledge about it.
    As you have mentioned, WA undoubtedly has training materials that can teach absolutely anybody how to build an online business.
    People and support here has always played a great role in where my site has reached right now, and I really owe all my success to WA family.
    Choose niche->build site->drive traffic->revenue, that’s really how it is done and with WA anyone can do that successfully.

    1. Hi Hari S Nair,

      Thanks for your interest and taking your time to read my post.

      I agree with you, so many people let themselves down thinking they are not capable of running an online business. I too was one of those people but it staggered me that Wealthy Affiliate has now well over 600,000 members creating their own online success story. So, obviously this role is suitable for anyone.

      I am impressed with their training, it is so detailed but taken carefully in modules. Just take it one step at a time.

      I have been here about 3 months now, although nowhere near as advanced as you, I am quite taken back with what I have achieved so far considering I was a complete newbie without any prior experience regarding this role.

      You are correct, the role concerns building a beautiful website around your passion, writing helpful and informative posts to gain authority with the search engines and gaining trust by receiving comments on your posts as search engines love interaction. This all helps drive traffic to your website.

      Wealthy Affiliate provide all the tools and know how to make it possible for anyone to create success. The process is just down to pure dedication and a bit of hard work to climb the mountain.

      Thanks again for getting in touch,

      Speak later,


  23. Very thorough review. Great content is king these days with over 200 million blog posts being published today. Also driving traffic is a must have skill for online business.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for to learn the fundamentals of doing online business. I’ve been here since 2015 and I have no complaints so far.

    1. Hi Kenny.

      Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate shows you the way to get started online and holds your hand all the way through to success.

      If you provide quality content,

      Use selective keywords for your title – the words people are searching for in Google,

      Receive comments as the search engines adore interaction,

      You won’t go far wrong.

      It’s all things you don’t realise until you are part of a company like this.

      Glad you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

      Thanks again,


  24. Please I couldn’t understand properly and I’m a bit confused with what is a niche and how I can select one. My question is from where do I select a niche from? You mentioned of a niche, but I can not find a place where you have listed niches for us to select from. Please I need your assistance as I’m currently confused and very eager to start my business online.

    Waiting for your reply.


    1. Hi Jose,
      Sorry you are confused.
      A niche is something you are passionate about – something you have an interest for. A niche is simply – A group of people looking for stuff.
      It maybe a past time, a hobby or a general interest in something. Something you are willing to write about and communicate with.

      For example – You may have a keen interest in golf and you are willing to write about it and communicate with.
      Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to narrow your passion down to a more targeted audience – for example, Fishing Holidays.

      A targeted niche is easier to attract visitors to your website as you are targeting people in the final stages of the customer life-cycle.
      Those people searching for fishing holidays in Google. This is who we are creating our website to attract.

      How to choose a niche will hopefully provide you with more information including a video.

      When you become a free member, you are entitled for a 1-1 meeting with Kyle. He will make sure you fully understand and start off on the correct footing.

      Hope this helps,

  25. cesario solorsano

    Building income can be stressful. Very helpful thoroughly written interesting content. I never knew about this software, but your review I explains it in an honest way which makes me want to get access to it. The pictures were helpful in giving a visual and the content was easily understandable and broken up. Thank you for this excellent review.

    1. Hi Cesario,

      Thanks for your words and taking your time to read.

      It’s a really very straightforward course, just take it one step at a time and work your way through it.

      You’ll be amazed with the way they teach – a very simplistic approach that anyone without any experience will understand.

      Hope to see you in the members area, thanks again,


  26. Hey Simon,

    I actually quite enjoyed reading your review, it was quite easy to read and entertaining as well. Since you stated it’s completely free to get started I’m gonna give a try and see how it works out for me. From what I can tell from your review it’s actually a great opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing.

    I’ve been part of other online courses that potentially were either scams or didn’t work, but this one seems to be different. You’ve mentioned that owners themselves do get involved with community and interact with people, that wins a lot of points with me. The programs I’ve been part of in the past were pretty dull and “automated” no any real sense of livingness and aliveness was attached to them.

    I’d like to clarify something before I join in though

    Since we gonna need to create a website do I need to separately purchase a hosting service for my website? because hosting can be reasonably expensive these days they start from about $80 for 12 month contract, I don’t want to pay that now. Does Wealthy Affiliate offer anything to avoid buying separate hosting?

    Thanks for introducing me to this course, looks like a great opportunity to get started and thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully respond to me comment 🙂


    1. Hi Aram,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and your interest.
      I understand where you are coming from with all these online scams – they just want you to join, take your money and leave you with their training – the rest is up to you.
      When you step inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will see it’s a whole new ball game. Everyone is important, help is always there, just ask – And yes the owners, Kyle and Carson are always there to support too – You will feel important. You will find the training very straight forward – It’s great fun to do.
      When you join you are given 2 free websites with hosting and free training – it costs nothing – no ties, contracts – just your name, email address is required.
      If you want to take your business to the next level, consider their Premium membership. As a Premium member you can purchase a at around $13.99 – that’s what mine cost. You don’t pay anything extra for hosting – as a Premium member, everything is included.
      Hope this helps and hope to see you on the inside,
      Thanks again,

  27. I was a little skeptical at first but reading through your site I have learned so much. You have broken down everything you really don’t leave any questions unanswered! It seems like a great place to start a new online business and I love how it is step by step training. I will be seeing you on the inside. Thanks for all the great info I feel confidant anyone can do this.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Thank you for taking the time to read.
      I am glad I have given you the inspiration to join – the same thing happened to me when I joined, it’s been the best decision I have made.
      Blogging does require dedication and a bit of hard work but 6 months to a year down the line, it’s definitely worth it.
      Thanks again,

  28. Wow, All about Wealthy Affiliate in one place. Great screenshots of the training and explanations of the program. I really liked the way you integrated some graphics to show what you meant. How could anyone not want to try it after that!

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for reading.
      Yeah, it’s a very good program that teaches the successful way to run an online business.
      The training is designed for anyone to get involved in, help and support when you need it and the most powerful community that all help each other.
      You really do feel part of an important community where no-one is left struggling – Ask and you get an answer.
      Thanks again,

    1. Hi Rhuelle,
      Thanks for reading. I’m glad the review has answered your questions.
      Feel free to come inside and give Wealthy Affiliate a try.
      There’s no contracts – 100% legit.
      This will give you the confidence in them if you want to take your business to the next level.
      Thanks again,

  29. Simon,
    Thanks so much for your Getting Started post.
    As I read through I realized just exactly why when I compare Wealthy Affiliate to all the other so called Online Business Opportunities WA always Wins!

    Your 1, 2, 3 step approach is spot on, and when you start to understand how to build SEO into what you are writing Google will amaze you with the placement you will start getting!

    Is there any way to Save on the $47/month Premium Membership after the Free Starter Membership runs out?

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks for reading.
      Yeah, it’s amazing what you learn when you surround yourself with successful people.
      The whole training has such a simplistic approach without any technical jargon, really easy to follow.
      Great question.
      If you decide to join their premium member package within the first 7 days you will get a 59% discount but bear in mind you can cancel at anytime, there’s no contracts.
      Thanks again, hope to see you on the inside,

    1. Hi Nikos,
      Thanks for taking the time to read.
      If you are looking for a legitimate company to show the way to build a successful business online, Wealthy Affiliate are highly worth considering. Great training with a helpful community.
      No prior experience whatsoever is required.
      Hope to see you on the inside,

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