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Get Started Today in Affiliate Marketing
Get Started Today in Affiliate Marketing

Choose something you have a particular passion for, learn how to write quality content and build a stunning website to exhibit your interest in delectable style. Administer writing regular articles promoting products within your niche whilst learning the secrets to attracting visitors.

Money is simply made by joining free Affiliate Programs such as Amazon, inserting your unique affiliate links within written blog posts. When a visitor clicks on your link they are taken to an online store. When a purchase is made via your link, you earn a commission. This is Affiliate Marketing.

Rather than promising overnight success stories, quite the opposite materializes here. Instead, you will be creating solid business foundations on the web, generating a presence that recognises your website as the place to visit with regards to your niche.

Over-time, your website builds out to become more and more authoritative within your chosen niche where trust is gained from visitors and the Search Engines resulting in accomplishing your very own successful online business, all from the comfort of your home?

What experience is required?

This opportunity requires absolutely no experience whatsoever, neither in building websites nor any technical knowledge. The program starts from scratch.

Join Wealthy Affiliate's Earn While You Learn Program
Join Wealthy Affiliate’s Earn While You Learn Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate is the company that teach members how to run their own prosperous online business with the most comprehensive training platform online regarding Affiliate Marketing.

Expert training leads you through a step-by-step affiliate marketing program. You are simply looking over the shoulder of an Internet Master and implementing into your website what’s shown pertaining to your chosen niche.

  • 5 Certification levels
  • 10 steps to implement within each level
  • Expert training is video based
  • Simply watch, pause and implement what’s shown
  • Training library consisting of everything blogging related
  • Seminars on allsorts of helpful topics, live and recorded.

Members simply work through all the steps, one at a time implementing what’s shown to accomplish creating their solid business foundations

Over 800,000 members + 98% Positive review rate

Many members including myself start off as complete newbies. You are handheld throughout your training journey every step of the way.

Help and support is Wealthy Affiliate’s #1 priority, provided in bucket loads:

  • Under every training step is the opportunity to ask questions
  • Receive instant answers to questions through their ‘Live Chat’ box
  • Write out more detailed questions to the whole community
  • Receive help and support from the Founder members
  • Explore Wealthy Affiliate’s help library
  • Watch Live Seminars. Interact with live QA’s

I connect with members world-wide from all walks of life, from those just leaving school to many fully retired. Some are stuck in a rut, others want to earn extra income whilst the majority simply want a change of lifestyle altogether.

If you would like to learn how to make money online from the comfort of your armchair, read these 4 steps:

Get Started Today
Get Started Today

There Are 4 Steps to success:

  • Step1: Choose a Niche

Choose a targeted niche. This can be anything you are interested in, have a passion for. Maybe a pastime, a sport, a hobby perhaps or just a general interest in something.

Making Money - Affiliate Marketing From Home
Making Money – Affiliate Marketing From Home

The next step is to narrow your niche down towards targeting a specific group of people.

My passion is Garden Sheds and I narrowed my niche down towards Quality Plastic Sheds due to their low maintenance benefits when compared to the wooden alternatives.

I target people looking for the various styles and sizes of Plastic Garden Sheds. Take a look, how Wealthy Affiliate have shown me how to create my niche website:

Quality Plastic Sheds:

Literally any targeted niche can be turned into a viable online business venture.

Stuck on a niche? Open Wealthy Affiliate’s doors, step inside and get some inspiration.

  • Step2: Build a Website

You are taught from scratch how to build a website to give your niche a home.

Make Money Writing about Your Passion
Make Money Writing about Your Passion

This is the foundations of your business to which you are shown how to promote your passion by providing quality content surrounded by delightful presentation enticing your visitors to come back for more.

Everything associated with building a website is taught throughout the training program, from creating pure quality pages and posts, inserting powerful imagery and embedding videos, creating menus, inserting widgets, banners and affiliate links to your website becoming fully registered with all the major Search Engines.

You name it, everything is taught regarding website building.

Take a look how Wealthy Affiliate have taught me how to produce content for my website:

Lifetime 8 x 10ft Plastic Shed

You will be impressed with what you create here – It’s great fun to do.

  • Step 3: Attract Visitors

No business can survive without visitors and yours is no exception. Training teaches how to create post titles out of the same words people are searching for though the Search Bar enabling Search Engines to find your blog posts.

Make Your Website Interactive
Make Your Website Interactive

Providing an engaging presence is a sure fire way to move up in the rankings with Search Engines. Wealthy Affiliate have set-up their platform with a pure give and take thread where members interact on each others posts.

Sharing links for your created posts via Social Media whilst setting up a schedule to provide this on a consistent basis gets your website noticed and helps in driving traffic to your website.

This training program teaches how to turn your website into a dynamic interactive home-based studio. All the blogging secrets to attain traffic on a consistent basis are revealed

  • Step 4: Earn Revenue

You simply join a Free Affiliate Program, insert affiliate links within your website to the products you are promoting within your niche.

Create Your Business Foundations
Create Your Business Foundations To Accomplish Earning Revenue

Training regarding joining Free Affiliate Programs and inserting your unique affiliate links is taught in very straightforward step-by-step format. You earn revenue when someone purchases via your link.

Once you have visitors rolling through your doors, earning revenue starts to run automatically.

Master Steps 2 & 3 – Step 4 runs on Autopilot.

Whether your wishes are to earn £10, $100, £1000 or more per day, the training is here to achieve accomplishing your dreams. Only determination to implement the training steps stand in your way.

Free Starter Package

2 Free Hosted Websites with Free Starter Training offers the huge incentive to getting rolling online.

Create Your Path To Prosperity
Create Your Path To Prosperity

Due to the amount of scams littering today’s web, Wealthy Affiliate have opened their doors to offer this free starter membership for anyone who would like to get involved in creating their own niche website.

This earn as you learn training program only requires your determination to implement the training steps.

A free way is a newbies best option as this enables anyone to inspect Wealthy Affiliate’s training and credentials.

Find out for yourself, at no cost how legitimate Wealthy Affiliate operate.

Once you complete the Free starter package you will have built the solid foundations for a successful business online. Now’s your time to consider joining their Premium Membership to take you business to the next level – Success!

100% FREE – 100% LEGIT – 100% GENUINE

No Contracts – No Credit Card – No Bank Details

Just your name and email address, come inside and see what YOU think.

Learning and earning is pure fun!

How to start an online business with Wealthy Affiliate

Simply Insert Your Unique Affiliate Link

When Someone Purchases Via Your Link

You Earn Revenue

Click below: Take a look at the potential of these 5 niches. This is how the experienced bloggers operate!

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Hope to see you on the inside

SimonThanks for reading.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “Get Started Today”

  1. Love your information on how to start an online business for free. Wealthy Affiliate is worth a try because you have nothing to lose, just everything to gain.

    Not to mention this Affiliate Marketing is one of the cheapest online business models out there. WA is the best place to start with in consideration that it’s free and see if this is for you or not.

    Thanks for sharing!

    All the best,


    1. Hi Nam,
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message.

      This freebie is how I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I noticed they had over 800,000 members and a positive review rate of over 98%. I thought If they can do this, why can’t I so I joined up to find out more.

      This really does give you a full insight into what the role involves plus you can fully inspect Wealthy Affiliate. I’m so glad I did, there isn’t a company online who can beat how genuine they are. There’s one heck of a community where all members help each other succeed.

      The reason I like affiliate marketing is that you’ve no stock to purchase and hold, no packaging and postage duties and no returns to deal with either – hassle free. The reason I like Wealthy Affiliate is that there’s no upsells and only 2 types of membership are involved, free or premium, that’s it. Couple this with their expert training and helpful community, I’m sure you can see the potential.

      Thanks again Nam for calling in,

  2. Hi Simon,

    Great post, thanks for sharing this information.

    I like how you broke the process down into four easy steps to follow. It’s such an advantage to be able to check everything out without having to pass over credit card details.

    Most other services just start automatically debiting your card after a certain number of days if you don’t advise them otherwise.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

      The whole training is split up into these 4 steps. First choose a niche, build a website around it to show your passion off in delectable detail, then attract visitors into your website to earn commissions from your inserted affiliate links.

      There are so many scams online, Wealthy Affiliate have opened their doors to a free starter package so that anyone wishing to blog this way can have a go building a website around their passion and start to attract visitors.

      Having this free opportunity enables people to see if this opportunity is right for them and fully inspect Wealthy Affiliate’s legitimacy credentials without costing them a penny. You can’t get a fairer introduction than a freebie.

      There are no bank details asked for and no ties or upsells. There are only 2 types of membership, a free membership to let anyone have a go and a Premium membership where you will uncover all the successful secrets how money is made online from a website. Only your name and email address entitles you to join the free membership.

      Even when you join their Premium membership, there are no ties, you can cancel at any time.

      Thanks again Mark,

    1. Hi Terry,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      Yeah, the whole idea regarding this opportunity is affiliate marketing and as I have learnt the ways to promote my passion I thought I’d share links to my website to provide visitors what Wealthy Affiliate have taught me how to earn money online. Maybe, they fancy doing the same.

      It’s like a bit of proof, where members can see how this opportunity can help them make money from whatever interest they have.

      Once you have written your content, affiliate links are inserted. When a visitor clicks on a link they are diverted to the online store and when they purchase via your link you earn a commission.

      The whole process is very straightforward, it’s just a matter of working your way through the steps to attract visitors into your website as this is where conversions come from.

      Thanks again Terry,

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